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Hooked from the Start
I was 30 years old and had been married to my first wife for about 6 years. Unlike our courtship and the first year of marriage, our sex life had fallen off gradually but steadily until it was only missionary-style on Saturday nights, it seemed. I loved her, but I had (and still have) a huge sex drive, so I needed more.

The internet was in its infancy at the time, at least in my area of the world, but it didn’t take me long after we got our first computer to find porn. It started off as “normal” (man-woman) porn, but I soon found “other” types of porn (group, bisexual, and man-man). For some reason, the bisexual and man-man type is what I seemed to gravitate toward more and more.

From my internet exploration, I found out about adult book stores; particularly the type that have video theaters and booths in them. I had to try one out, and the first one I went into was an amazingly arousing experience. The idea of watching porn, in a dark little cubicle, stroking my cock while I knew there were other people in the adjacent booths was an incredible turn on for me.

I travel for work fairly often, so I started the habit of stopping in an adult book store whenever I saw one as I was driving. There was one a couple of hours from where I lived, that happened to be on a route I drove frequently, so I stopped there a number of times. It was the fifth or sixth time, I’d guess, that an event occurred that had me hooked from the start.

I went into the store and got tokens for one of the video booths. I walked past all of the videos & sex toys to pull the curtain aside to enter the booth area. It was dimly lit, but still light enough to see a couple of guys hanging out in little hallway between the rows of booths. One was a stocky white guy with jeans and a t-shirt; and the other was a taller, muscular black guy wearing shorts and a tank top.

I made my way past them and went canlı bahis into a vacant booth, and closed and locked the door. I fed my tokens into the video machine, and scrolled through to a bi-sex video as soon as the screen came on. After unbuckling and unzipping my pants, I settled back and started stroking my cock as I watched a man and a woman in a 69, while a really well-hung guy fucked the woman from behind, occasionally pulling his cock out to let the guy who was eating her pussy suck his cock clean before going back to pounding her.

Just as it got to a point where it looked like the guy fucking her was getting ready to nut, I heard a soft cough and noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head, and in the glow from the screen I saw a hard white cock poking through a hole in the wall.

A million thoughts flashed through my mind, the first of which was wondering how many booths I’d been in had holes like that, and I’d never noticed. All thoughts left me, though, when I saw the cock flex and jump a little, and heard the soft cough again.

My hand reached out slowly, and I wrapped my fingers around the first cock I’d ever touched other than my own. I marveled at how hot it was, and how smooth and soft the skin was while so rock-hard underneath. I stroked slowly, gently, just entranced by the look and feel of it.

“Don’t just stroke it, suck it,” I heard in a muffled whisper through the wall, and I didn’t even have to think. I just turned, dropped to my knees, and wrapped my lips around the head, sucking gently as my tongue swirled softly around it. “Oh yeah, just like that,” I heard again, which turned me on even more.

They say you never forget your first one, and the memory of that one is definitely burned into my brain. The smell and taste and feel of him, every bump and vein along its 6″ or so length, nice and thick but not so thick I couldn’t get perabet giriş my mouth around it – I remember it vividly.

I kept my lips tight around him as I eased my head forward, taking him in until I felt his balls on my chin and his pubes tickling my nose. I held there for a moment, but I couldn’t hold for long – I knew what I wanted, and how to get it.

I started moaning around his cock as my head started to move, bobbing back and forth fast and hard, sucking harder with each stroke but easing the pressure of my mouth when I felt the tips of my teeth graze over the ridge of his helmet. By the feel of his hips moving in time with my head, and the sound of his moans, I knew I was doing it right and that he wouldn’t last long.

He didn’t last long… I had just started to taste and feel his precum when I felt his cock swell suddenly and heard him cry out, causing me to pull back until just the head was in my mouth again. He spasmed over and over, flooding my mouth with his cum, the consistency of warm peanut butter, and salty-sweet. I sucked on the head and swallowed until he finished, jerking his cock back through the hole as I settled back onto my knees.

I stayed there on my knees, listening to him zip up and hearing the door to his booth open, my mind going in a thousand different directions. I was officially a cocksucker now, even though I’d never once thought I had a bisexual bone in my body, but as I thought about it I knew I was okay with it.

I didn’t even notice that the booth next to me was no longer vacant until I caught movement at the hole again. I looked up and muttered a soft, “Oh god,” when I saw a thick black cock that, while still soft, was bigger than the one I’d just serviced.

Again, my body was on autopilot. I leaned forward and took the head in my mouth as I wrapped a hand around the shaft, stroking and sucking slow and soft, my other hand perabet güvenilir mi reaching up to gently cup his balls and roll them soft and slow.

“That’s it boy, get that black cock good and hard so I can feed you,” I heard through the wall, and the dirty talk coupled with the thought of him wanting to use me as his plaything spurred me on. I felt his cock growing, surging, getting hotter and harder the more I sucked and stroked, swelling until my mouth was stretched as wide as it could go without my teeth grazing into him before, thankfully, it stopped.

I have no idea how long I sucked on that sweet black meat, but it seemed like hours and mere seconds at the same time. Unlike the first guy, when he started oozing precum, it wasn’t a signal that he was close, so I got to coat his cock with a glaze as my head rocked up and down, moaning around his dark shaft, my tongue pressing into the thick vein on the underside.

When I heard, “Here it comes, boy,” through the wall, my hand dropped from his balls to wrap around my cock and start stroking, my other hand staying wrapped around his massive cock so I could stroke him fast and hard while I sucked so hard on the head that my cheeks caved in.

He grunted, then grunted again, and it didn’t take long until my cheeks weren’t caved in any more – they were swollen out from his cum literally exploding in my mouth, filling me until I couldn’t hold it all and it leaked out around the corners.

As soon as I tasted his seed, mine erupted from me at the same time, splattering all over the wall and the floor. I was gasping for breath, sweating, nostrils flaring, still sucking and stroking until I felt him shudder to a stop. I leaned back, watching the last little bit of his cum ooze from the slit in his head as I swallowed, his cum thicker and saltier than the first guy’s, but still delicious.

I stayed there on my knees as I watched his cock disappear into the hole and listened to him fix his shorts. When I saw the light as he opened his door, I stuck my mouth to the hole and murmured a soft, “thank you,”, and listened to him chuckle as he left.

Like I said, I was hooked from the start.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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