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Chapter One – Kim

Mike was the prototypical playboy. He went out to the clubs and parties on weekends and every time he would get a woman drunk, take her back to his place and bang the hell out of her. However, that isn’t the problem with Mike, the thing that I hate about him most is what he does after he bangs them. Mike gets the clearly wasted women to sign a bull shit form allowing him to tape the sex. Then he places the videos online and adds stupid and degrading sound and video effects. To other guys he is a god, but most of the women hate his guts. It was a few weeks ago that I fell victim to this prank, I was at a party celebrating the end of the semester so like everyone else I had been drinking a lot. I am not sure what happened but the next morning I woke up on the front lawn in front of my dorm building. I was wearing nothing but a pair of black pantyhose. After a shower I went to check my email and there it was, a mail with a video attachment entitled Kim’s pantyhose orgasm. Mike had struck again, in my video I was of course drunk out of my mind and a masked man who I assume was Mike was pleasing my pussy with various sex toys through the black hose. I of course had multiple orgasms before passing out.

“That’s it!” I screamed aloud, “It is time to teach this asshole a lesson!” I got dressed and left. At the time I did not know what to do but just as I was about to settle on egging his new car someone behind me tapped my shoulder. I turned around to see a woman standing there, she was about 6’1 or so and had long flowing black hair that looked as if it had just been curled. She was wearing a black knee length dress along with 3 inch open toe heels and black pantyhose.

“I believe I can help you my dear,” she said. “You are the woman from the online hose orgasm if I am not mistaken.”

“You’re not,” I replied, “that was me but to be fair I was hammered.”

“I know,” she said, “and I am sure you want to get back at that jerk, come on in, I have just what you need.”

I followed the woman into a small shop called The Mystic Arts. She led me to a small room in the back and right there in front of me was a large cauldron that looked like something straight out of the movies. In this large cauldron was a red, soup like liquid.

“Drink it my dear,” the woman said, “the elixir is the key to your revenge.”

“What is it?” I asked.

“It is a little mix of this and that,” she replied, “I call it the Hose Craft potion.”

“Hose Craft? What is that?”

“I have to admit,” the woman said, “I have a fetish for pantyhose, I love the feel of the soft nylon caressing every inch of my lower body. When I started doing witchcraft I decided that is was only fitting that I incorporate my love of pantyhose into my magic.”

“Ok,” I said, “but what exactly will this stuff do to me if I drink it?”

“The potion will give you the power you desire, you will become a nylon succubus of sorts. First your lower body will be forever encased in silky, sexy pantyhose. The nylon will enhance every curve of your legs, it will also line the inside of your sex creating a pantyhose pussy. This is where your power will come from.”

“Explain more please,” I said, now intrigued.

“First of all,” she said, “as soon as a man touches a single inch of your hose he will be like putty in your hands, you will in essence have him under your spell. Second of all, a man you fuck with your nylon encased pussy will slowly turn into what I like to call a Hose Drone. After the first fuck hose will magically appear from his feet up to his upper thigh, he will still be in your power but you can then let him go about his day, the next night you then have sex with him again, this time the hose will advance from the upper thigh to just under his nipple. Finally on night three you will fuck his now nylon encased manhood and the end result will be the total nylon encasement of his whole body, he will no longer exist as Mike, he will be a hose drone forever. At that time you will bring him to me as payment for your powers.”

“Let me get this straight,” I said, “all you want for this power is Mike when I am done turning him into a drone?”

“Yes,” she replied, “but not just him, I will require you to turn more men into drones and also turn other females into pantyhose witches.”

I pondered for just a moment and then signed the witches contract. After removing all my clothes I drank a vile full of the red elixir. My lower body then began to glow. The witch then came to me with four colored fabrics. Black, tan, white, and dark brown.

“Take a fabric,” she said, “and that will be the color of your hose as well as the color of the hose of the slaves you make. You can change colors once a year.”

I grabbed the white color and within seconds the glow stopped and there was my lower body encased in white pantyhose, I had never felt so sexy or horny in my life. My now nylon lined pussy was pulsing with desire. I thanked the witch, redressed and returned to my room. I casino siteleri was now a powerful pantyhose witch and I would soon use my powers on Mike.

Chapter Two – Mike

I woke up the morning after the party pleased with what I had done. Once again I had shown that I was the king of the campus. After uploading the Kim pantyhose video I went to the campus café to meet up with my buddies and get some grub.

“Once again a job well done,” my friend John said as I walked in, “this has got to be the best video yet.”

“I know,” I replied, “I am the king!”

We all laughed and then started to plot the next plan. “Ok,” I said, “tonight I think we should hit the club, all the campus parties are done for a while.”

“Good idea,” John said, “do you know who you want to target yet?”

I scratched my chin and replied, “I really want to take Kim again, she was so much fun it is worth a sequel.”

I was about to lay out the plan when Kim walked in, or at least I thought it was her. She was wearing a sexy blue belly shirt with an equally sexy denim mini skirt. She completed this sexy look with blue heel boots that went to her upper calf and the most sexy, silky white hose I had ever seen. To top it off she had her long blonde hair in pigtails which happened to turn me on. It was all I could do to suppress the erection that was growing in my pants.

“Hi boys,” she said as she walked over, “I know it was you that made the video of me Mike.”

“I don’t know what you mean Kim,” I replied, “I was with these guys all night.” As always my pals backed me up but somehow I don’t think she bought it. The appeal of Kim was her mind, unlike other women I had seduced and taped she seemed to trump them all in the brain department.

“Oh well,” she said, “I know it was you but I just don’t have the energy to argue.”

As she turned to leave she brushed her nylon clad leg against my hand, a sensation ran through my body like nothing I had ever felt before. My erection could no longer stay down, I was so rock hard that I could have broken the table with my engorged cock. The feeling did not leave either, in fact the more I tried to get that hose out of my mind the hornier I got. I finally slid out of the café and back to my room. Since my parents were loaded I had a room to myself which was nice right now because no matter how much I jacked off I couldn’t get my erection to go away. Just as I was about to try one more time a knock came at my door. It was Kim, she was still wearing the same outfit as earlier.

“May I come in?” she asked.

“Sure,” I replied, “come on in.”

Kim sat in the lounge chair and crossed her legs. The sight of that made me drop the towel that was hiding my enlarged dick.

“I see that you like my legs,” she said in a calm and seductive voice, “I know you can’t look away from them, see how my nylon covered legs just slide off one another.” She kept crossing and uncrossing her legs, I was like a moth to a flame, I couldn’t look away, the hose seemed to call my name, beckoning me to them.

I was just about to fall over when she spoke again, “Stand at the side of the bed and remove your clothes.” I did as I was told, she then got up from the chair and slid onto the bed like a serpent ready to strike. I was getting so aroused, my member was throbbing and growing. Just when I thought it couldn’t get better Kim attacked my enlarged manhood like a ravenous predator. Kim’s soft and wet lips moved up and down, covering every inch of my cock. I was just on the cusp of exploding when she stopped.

“No, no,” she said,” I’m am not done with you yet.” She then pulled me onto the bed and straddled me. As she slowly pulled the blue dress off I could see the silky white hose that encased her lower body. “You have been a very bad boy,” she hissed, “I must teach you a lesson.” Kim then lowered herself onto my waiting dick. I noticed right way that her pussy itself was lined with nylon as well, it felt so good.

“Give in to the hose,” Kim moaned, “let it take you over, let it become you.”

“I..I can’t,” I said as I tried to resist, my mind was being bombarded with images of pantyhose and servitude. “No, I can’t give in, I won’t.”

“Oh you will,” Kim replied, “you will be one with the pantyhose.” The pantyhose seductress then began to grind harder then ever sending my manhood deeper inside of the nylon pussy. I couldn’t resist anymore, my mind went blank and I came like never before.

“Good boy,” Kim said as she dismounted, “now I have another surprise for you.” It was at that moment that my legs began to glow, Kim placed her white nylon foot onto my glowing legs and when the glow was gone my legs were encased in sheer white nylon from my feet to my upper thigh.

“This is just the beginning my pet,” Kim said as she began to dress, “you belong to the hose now, and in a couple days it will take you completely.

“Yes mistress,” I said, “I am the hose, I will obey the hose.”

“Good,” she replied,” now you go canlı casino to sleep and I will return tonight to play some more.”

Chapter Three – Shauna

I finished my classes for the day at 3 and decided to pop in on my friend Mike. Most of the females on campus thought he was a jerk who used them but I knew different, Mike and I had been friends since Middle School and I found his antics to be harmless jokes. As I checked my mail via my cell phone I noticed that I had a new video from Mike, it was the video I had heard about all day, Kim’s pantyhose orgasm, I thought it was hilarious.

“Hey Shauna,” I heard someone say, “what’s up?”

I turned around to see Mike’s friend Max. “Not much,” I replied, “what’s up with you?”

“Not a whole lot,” he said, “but have you seen Mike today? He wasn’t in any classes.”

“I was just on my way over there,” I answered, “I am sure he just got into one of his take the day off moods.”

“You’re probably right,” Max agreed, “anyway, I have to work tonight but let me know if you can’t find him and I’ll help look.”

“Cool,” I replied,” see you later.” With that Max walked away and I continued my way to Mike’s private dorm room. Since we were friends I had a key to get in because more often than not I was the one who brought his drunk ass home from a party. As I entered the room I could smell the fragrance of sex, that probably explained Mike’s absence, he must have been having a good time all day or late into the previous night.

“Mike,” I said, “you here?” I was now next to his bed, just then I felt something hit my head, then everything went black. When I woke up it was dark out and the dorm room was lit by about 6 scented candles around the room. As my vision got less blurry I saw Mike laying on his bed with what looked like thigh high stockings on his legs.

“What the hell are you wearing!” I said, “and why am I tied up?”

“Don’t worry,” Mike said in a soft monotone voice, “the mistress will explain everything when she gets here.”

“What mistress!” I yelled, “what is going on Mike, tell me now!” But Mike didn’t speak another word. I tried to get him to talk for a solid hour before I heard the door open. I turned to see Kim standing there in sexy blue lingerie with white pantyhose encasing her lower half.

“What do we have here,” Kim asked.

“She was here looking around,” Mike said in his monotone voice, “I captured her for you my mistress.”

Kim walked over to me and brushed her finger across my mouth. “Good boy,” she said as she looked at me, “I have a perfect use for her.” Kim then pulled a small vile of liquid from her purse. “Shauna, don’t you get tired of men treating you like their personal maid. You clean up after them, drive them to parties, and bring their drunk asses home after. Don’t you ever wonder what it would be like for them to serve you for once?”

“You’re sick,” I said, “of course I want those things but I am not going to turn a man into some kind of mindless drone to get it.”

“My dear,” Kim replied, “that is the only way.” Kim then turned towards Mike and barked an order to him. “Mike my pet, show Shauna what it is like to be serviced by a man.” Mike rose from the bed, naked except for the stockings. He then came over to me and despite my attempts to resist he removed my jeans and panties. I was about to scream for help for the millionth time but when Mike’s tongue drove into my moist sex I lost my thought. All I could think about was the orgasmic feeling of Mike eating my pussy like it was on the menu at pizza night. His tongue swirled inside me like a cyclone of pleasure, he was hitting every spot and pushing all my buttons. My thoughts of resistance began to melt away and in their place I had new thoughts of desire and passion.

“Ok my pet,” Kim said, “you can stop.”

Mike stopped and returned to his position on the bed. His tongue was now gone but the remaining tingles of pleasure still clouded my head. It was then that Kim knelt down next to me and showed me the vile.

“This liquid is what you have always wanted,” she said, “if you thought what Mike just did was good wait until you can get even more from him and others like him. This vile is your ticket to sexual bliss.”

I don’t know if it was the high from being serviced or the smell of my own juices but I took the vile and downed the liquid. As I did my lower body began to glow. Kim then produced four fabrics from her purse and told me to pick a color. I took the black fabric and when I did the glow went away and in it’s place I saw my entire lower body encased in soft, silky black pantyhose. The nylon felt so good, it even felt as if my pussy was lined with the wonderful hose.

“Now Shauna,” Kim said as she untied me, “I want you to help me finish converting Mike into a hose drone. Take his hard cock into your mouth and warm him up for me.

I did as I was told, I attacked Mike’s rock hard cock like a ravenous animal, his moans of pleasure only intensified my actions and kaçak casino at the same time I could see Kim rubbing her own nylon pussy. Just before Mike was going to cum I pulled away and let Kim mount him. I remained on the bed and straddled Mike’s mouth with my own nylon lined sex. As Mike fucked Kim’s pantyhose pussy and licked mine I could feel his energy grow and grow, then as if on cue he came harder than I had ever seen a man cum. Kim and I immediately dismounted him and that is when his body began to glow, from the top of the stockings that already encased his legs to just below his nipples his body glowed. Kim placed her white nylon foot into the glow and suddenly the glowing stopped and Mike was now encased in sheer white hose from his feet to just below the nipple. His rock hard manhood was also surrounded by the sheer hose, Just like with our pussies Mike’s cock would remain in it’s aroused state encased in nylon for all time. The hose had positioned itself so his member stuck out from his body like a flag pole ready to enter any waiting pussy.

“Now my pet,” Kim said, “you are one night away from becoming a total hose drone, I will return tomorrow to finish the deed.” Kim and I then left the dorm, once outside she turned to me and said, “you have done well, now go out into this population of men and make more drones for the hose witch.”

Even though this was the first time she had mentioned the witch I knew what she was talking about, thoughts of the witch and her mission had been implanted in my mind when I had turned. I was now a hose witch myself and no man would ever use me as his maid again.

Chapter Four – Conclusion

As I said I would I returned to Mike’s room the next night. As he had been the night before my pet was laying on his bed. I decided that as this was my last time of fucking him before turning him over to the head witch I would really milk this.

“Ok my pet,” I said, “get up and let your mistress lay down.”

“Yes mistress Kim,” he answered in his monotone voice.

“I want you to eat my pantyhose pussy,” I ordered, “don’t stop until you have consumed a gallon of my juices as they flow through the nylon.”

“Yes mistress,” he replied, “I live to obey the pantyhose.” Mike dove right into his task, his tongue twisted and twirled inside my hose encased sex, my juices ran like a river into his mouth and with every orgasm I had I could also feel his pantyhose encased manhood grow larger and larger as I taunted it with my feet. After he ingested a gallon of my sexual juices I turned the tables and began to feast on his nylon member. It was different but the taste of the hose along with the thickness of his cock was a party in my mouth. As always I stopped before he came, but this time instead of going right to mounting him I decided to fuck him in a couple different positions. First I had him plow me doggy style, it was poetry in motion as he thrust his hose encased cock in and out of my equally encased pussy. I then had him lift me and fuck me against the wall, the motion of my sex falling deep onto him was almost more than I could bare. Again, just before he was going to explode I stopped him. I had now came 5 different times that night and was ready for one last time. I mounted Mike on the bed and like in the 2 nights previous I rocked back and forth on his member until both he and I exploded into an almost endless orgasm. I then dismounted him, the glow returned and covered the parts of him that hadn’t been converted yet. I placed my nylon clad foot in the glow and the sheer white hose completed it’s journey as it now covered him completely. In front of me stood the man that had once been Mike. He was now encased from head to toe in the mystical nylon, he was now a hose drone.

“Come drone,” I said, “it is time for you to meet the head witch.”

“I am the hose,” he said now in a semi-robotic voice, “I will obey the hose.” The drone threw on a dark hooded coat and followed me to my car. After a drive across town we reached the small shop where this had all began.

“Welcome,” the witch said as we entered, “what do you have for me?”

“I have a drone for you mistress,” I said, “he is fully encased and ready for you.”

“Good,” she replied, “you have done well, drone, go to the back room and wait there for me.”

The drone did as he was commanded, when he was beyond the curtain the head witch turned to me and said, “I also hear that you have converted another female into a pantyhose witch.”

“I have my mistress,” I answered, “her name is Shauna, she has chosen to encase her beautiful dark skin with black hose, she will serve you forever just as I will.”

“Good job Kim,” the witch said, “I am pleased with your aggression towards your tasks, in three days you have delivered me a complete drone and a new witch. I now wish for you to transfer to the University in New York, from there you will make more drones and turn more women. I will send a truck to pick up new drones in 2 weeks.”

“I accept this task,” I said,” What do I do with the new witches I turn?”

“Send them to me and I will assign them to cites and towns of my choosing, if all goes well we will take over this country in two years. Now go and serve me well.”

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