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Hot Bi ‘n Trans Stories- 3. Workplace Har-Ass
Hot Bi and Trans Short Stories

These short stories are kinky-hot tales that fit in with The Prelude Stories and the My TV Sex Adventures. They are from a variety of time periods beginning, like this one in my teens and extending to probably last week or so. Enjoy and comment, particularly if you’ve had similar experiences!!!

3. Workplace Harassment

As a k** I had a paper route and mowed lawns. I developed a work ethic and enjoyed getting a job done. As a teen I knew I wanted to have a car and be able to drive. While that is pretty common, a big part of the reason I wanted to drive was because of the freedom and access to kinky sex that having my own car would open up to me.
I’d been sexually active for a few years, starting with my next-door neighbor and expanding to a dominatrix he’d introduced me to and then a few trips to adult theaters and arcades, and at this point to other friends of my next door neighbor. Sex was a huge motivator for me.
When I was old enough, I went through a couple fast-food jobs before being hired at a nice local steak house as a busboy and then made into a dishwasher after some guy in his thirties, who obviously had d**g issues, quit. I was only a week into my new job and started liking it. I gained respect despite my youth because I would help out and do most of the odd jobs around the kitchen. I did well enough to receive a significant raise after six months and actually liked my job. It was close to home and was relatively easy and never boring. The place was closed on Mondays and I usually had either Thursday, Friday or Saturday off also. I was about a year too young to drive and was doing all I could to save and be able to afford a car when I could have it legally.
On my days off I was still occasionally seeing my neighbor, he’d just returned from a term in custody for things with other guys my age, but not related to me, so back then they would get to go home and sort themselves out. After a while we started fucking again, but it was never as hot as it had been before.
While he was away I’d had started to see a few of his sex-circle friends more often. I was totally obsessed with sex and dressing up to be a dirty gurl. I’d done a lot to that point, but I was still learning and unprepared for a lot of adult situations. In some ways I was mature, in others very gullible and naive.
I was so good and naïve about work that occasionally, I was called in on a day off. While I wasn’t especially happy to be called in on a day off, it seemed some-what honorable to be on the call-in list – like I said, gullible and naive.
On a Friday I wasn’t scheduled to work I was partially dressed as a gurl and about to leave for a rare session over at my next-door neighbor’s house when, like a dolt, I got a call from my boss who needed me to come in because someone else had quit. I stripped off my bra and my foundation and pulled the plug from my ass.
For no particular reason, I kept my t-bar panties on and headed off to work with my loose black pants and my white t-shirt. I tired to ease my disappointment by seeing the positive I the situation – thirty more dollars or so closer to the car. I was really looking forward to school being out for the summer and how I would be dressing up almost every day to fuck myself or others. I pedaled to work imagining how great next year in high-school might be this fall. I went through all manner of fantasies, expectations, hopes and even some kinky locker-room desires as I rode my bicycle to the restaurant.
I arrived finding a thankful head cook and huge stack of dishes awaiting me.
As I got caught up and was settling in for the shift, I found myself starting to be a bit pissed off. I wasn’t going to have a week-end fuck session and likely wouldn’t be able to play as a gurl until Monday. I’d been incredibly horny all day, and now couldn’t satiate my desires. I would be working tomorrow and probably Sunday also.
About two hours into my shift, near the end of the dinner rush, my boss, Fredrick (never, ever, “Fred”) came in and watched me work for a while. Later, he told me that he’d planned to just come up and say thanks for coming in, but when he came up behind me, he saw my black work pants had lowered just enough, and my white t-shirt had raised just enough, to expose the top few inches of my black panties. With light-red, dirty blonde hair, I was never really able to tan, so the contrast of black lingerie against my white skin was probably intoxicating.
At some point I turned away from my huge washer and saw his six-foot tall slender figure, tanned complexion, his brown with blonde high-lighted hair, and generally manicured appearance. He was well known to be gay, which at the time in Southern California, being ‘out’ was a rarity, but was not exactly a surprise in the restaurant industry.
Fredrick said, “I came by to thank you for coming in. Thanks for your reliability and hard work. I will make sure we take care of you when the time for a raise comes around. Its almost here again isn’t it?”
I wasn’t really sure, but seized the opportunity, “I think so. Thank you.”
He smiled at me and said, “Your paying for a car right now aren’t you?”
I turned to face him and leaned against the warm washer as it went through its wash and dry phases. I looked my boss over as he was leaning against a shelf and looking me over. I wondered if he was a top or a bottom and what his story was. Well, I didn’t want to mess with my job so I put my sexual curiosity about him aside. I answered him, “No, not yet, but in a few months I will be.”
He smiled and said, “Well good. We’ll see about that raise and get you to those wheels as soon as possible. School going well?”
I was an awful canlı bahis student, but was doing well enough to pass my classes and still have time for intense sex and working at the steak house. “Great, I start high school next year…” We chit-chatted a few more minutes and then I worked steady throughout the night.
As I finished the closing cleanup the head chef came by to give me about five or six bucks of his split of the tips. He handed the tip to me and told me that I needed to stay behind because Fredrick had told him to have me sweep and mop out the huge walk-in refrigerator before I left. I was secretly pissed, but accepted it. Another 20 minutes would go into my shift at least and I wouldn’t be home till about 11:30! Then he smiled weakly after delivering the demand, and told me he’d see me tomorrow and that the head waiter, the boss and me were last ones in the place.
I smiled at the usual update and thanked him for the tips. I went to get a broom and get started. As I walked back to get started, I was really pissed me off. I’d been ready to go home and jack off a few times with my favorite anal probe. In fact, my mom was probably working late at the hospital so I could probably watch a porn before she came home.
I went to the walk-in and as I moved my first box off the floor, Fredrick surprised the hell out of me and said, “Hey, leave that till tomorrow. Come on over to the office.”
I wondered why he’d changed his mind but did as told. He was far enough ahead of me that he said, just go in and have a seat I’ll be right in.
Before I could imagine what this was about, Fredrick came saying over his shoulder, apparently to the head waiter, “Thanks, just leave it, Ill see you tomorrow.” Then he came in and sat on the edge of his desk a few feet in front of me. He took off his warm-brown sports coat, tossed to his shiny-brown leather high-backed chair, and was down to a salmon colored shirt and a Leopard-spotted tie, that he began pulling loose as he exhaled like the day was over. He looked down and over at me with his deep brown eyes and said, “So, remind me, you are going to buy a car and then be able to drive your girlfriend where ever she wants right?”
I smiled sheepishly and said, “Well, I am going to buy a car, but I don’t have a girlfriend.”
Fredrick smiled and then peered at me as he shifted his posture to spread his legs wide and pull his feet up off the floor. He swung his feet back and forth, enjoying himself. “Oh, yeah. Why? No, don’t bother, none of my business. I think I kinda know anyway…it’s so hard to find someone who meets your needs. So, then let me ask you something else, and I want to you know that I just want to make sure I know my employees as well as possible, so… whose panties are you wearing?”
I was mortified. I frowned and must have looked a mess. I was nowhere near being open sexually even if he was gay, I didn’t want anyone knowing about my many improper relationships with adults. I breathed hard and my heart beat raced.
Fredrick shifted again and he pressed the sides of his pockets outward showing his cock beginning to form a tent in his trousers.
He caught me looking at him and then back up at his eyes. I stammered, “Uhmm well, they are, uhhh, I didn’t have any uuhhh…clean…”
“Are they your mom’s?”
“Well then, you have no girlfriend, and I am pretty sure you are an only c***d, so, they must be yours. They certainly fit you well.” He leaned forward and in a graceful smooth movement he stood and stepped half the distance to me and then bent forward with his hands on his knees and faced me very close. His right arm extended outward and hit the edge of the office door to close it.
“I think you have a secret and I think it is the kind of secret that you need to protect… Not with me of course, your secret is perfectly safe with me, I want to make that crystal clear. No, not with me, but with the other workers, or you need to keep the secret from the other workers. You see, its ok for the boss, for me, to be out and be as queer as I want to be, I’m the boss. I hire and fire people, well, you know that. But, a… queer dishwasher, well, that could be a problem. A real problem indeed. How would Harland, you know the really nice big black waiter, who has been to jail I might add, how might he feel about a panty-boi like you? I just don’t need that kind of drama. I doubt you do either, of course, I could be wrong.” He paused and I was speechless. He stood and said, “You aren’t denying anything, so I am pretty sure I am hitting it right…on…the… head. Right?”
I was speechless.
“Well, I have to confess, that part of the reason I hired you is because you are so cute and, I am not ashamed to say that I have wondered about you, but today, I was certain. Tell me I’m wrong and you aren’t a panty-boi that plays for my team, you know, the boy’s team…”
I looked up at him and slowly started to calm a bit. His intent still hadn’t dawned on me, I was young and didn’t think like that, yet. But, he wasn’t firing me, so far, so I calmed a bit.
Fredrick looked down at me and said, “The main thing here is to make sure everyone is happy. And now that I know you are a bit queer, well, I’m not happy. You see, I want people, young guys like you, customers, people I see all the time, I want them and can’t do anything about it. I have wanted you since the day I hired you on some level. I cute white boy from the suburbs. If I am being honest with myself, I probably hired you because I wanted you. And, why wouldn’t I? You have a hot ass and you are clean-cut and fit. And now that I think about it, you occasionally have a bit of a femme manner every now and then.” He continued, “But now that I know about you, I am not happy. And, you know what, bonus veren siteler I think you’re not happy. So…how do we fix this? I know how I want to fix this, but I am not sure you are willing to do what you need to fix this…. Are you? No. I doubt you’d have the courage and maturity to do what you need to do… I bet you don’t know how the world works… No, I can’t expect that of you. But, I bet you know someone more mature would fix this…”
As he went on, I saw my car and my potential freedom, my dreams and desires slipping away. I liked the job and it paid much better than I was likely to find. I was desperate. “I am. I can. What can I do?”
Fredrick, the deliciously evil son-of-a-bitch, knew he had me. Appearing despondent, he went back and forth with me about my willingness to do what was needed to set things right for another minute or two.
At the end I was sitting up and adamantly saying, “I will make it right!”
Finally, with nothing more than vague innuendo and a rousing emotional appeal, and no mention of sexual favors, Fredrick said, “Fine, then prove it.” Then he stood, unbuckled his belt, opened his expensive silky trousers and dropped them to the floor. His un-cut cock was semi-hard and sticking out through the pee-hole of his silky boxers, precum was leaking out of the foreskin. He looked down at me, seated on the couch a mere foot in front of him and nodded as if to say, “get to work, bitch-boi.”
I realized exactly what he wanted and noticed as I made my choice that my heart was still pumping, but now in anticipation of hot sex. The degradation of the moment only partially registered and I didn’t care. In fact, it turned me on. I looked up, u*********sly licked my lips to wet them, and spread my feet wide as I eased myself over the edge of the couch and then forward and down onto my knees. My face and mouth were pointed upward toward Fredrick as I opened my mouth and did as I had been urged, but never told to do.
I used my lips to push his foreskin down his ample shaft and slid my tongue along the underside of his cock. I began sucking him off.
Fredrick said, in a low voice, “Yesss, that’s it, do a good job young man…”
I felt my cock strain up and out of the waistband of my favorite panties, just like when I was dressed up. I sucked him deep and his cock grew past the foreskin, revealing an arrow-shaped cockhead that was popping into my throat almost every time. I figured he was about eight inches, maybe not quite, but a nice meaty cock. I reached up and pulled his boxers down and my face away just long enough to push his underwear down to his ankles.
I sucked him deep and he urged me on. “That’s it, that’s my boy, do me like that…oooooo, you are really a good…” He paused and then added “…cocksucker.”
At one point he leaned back against his desk and pointed his cock toward the ceiling. I was too short to be in the right position for this so I came up off the floor to stand, bent at my waist, and take him deep. After the compliment on my skills, I was encouraged and wanted to please him and show off a bit. I began making his cock pop into my throat and then a minute later I began deep-throating him as I’d been taught by my next-door neighbor and his friends.
“Ohhh, fuck, you are a great little cocksucker. Fuck…meee…ahhhh, yess… What talent! What a natural!”
I sucked him deep and occasionally and deep-throated him, pausing to squeeze his cockhead with my throat muscles. He had a nice cock and I was cock-crazed now. I found myself dropping my pants and pushing my panties to the side to release my cock. I began stroking my nice seven inches in time with my blow-job.
Fredrick leaned back and I looked up at him to see his eyes closed and then sporadically opening them to peer down at me as I pleasured him. I saw him look over my head and notice my bare white bubble ass, no doubt swaying as I sucked him off.
Fredrick looked down at me and then back at my ass and seemed to be calculating something. The he leaned upward just a bit and, using his full adult-size long arms he reached down my young body and firmly gripped my ass and pulled it slightly open. His hands shifted and I felt a pointer finger enter me. I wasn’t ready, but even dry, it went in and was hot. Then Fredrick removed the hand and, though I couldn’t see his face any longer, I knew he was wetting his fingers. His hand returned and a wet slick finger went into me and pulled upward a few times.
As he flexed his finger in my ass Fredrick asked, “Do you take it up the ass?”
I moaned “Umm-hmm” as I sucked him.
“Good, ‘cause I want that ass.”
He stood, pulling his cock from my mouth and rotated me back toward the couch and pulled my soiled work t-shirt off. He caressed my mostly-naked young figure and then bent down and spread my cheeks. He knew what he was doing and had a unique sensuality about him. He pushed his warm face into my ass and then used his lips and fingers to spread me open so he could penetrate my ass with his strong tongue.
I was in ecstasy. I’d had analingus only about twenty times by that point, and it was always sooooo amazing. His strong long tongue worked into me and swirled and felt wonderful. He stayed down there for a minute or so, and I could see him jacking himself off. I was busy holding myself up-right and enjoying his tongue, but my cock desperately wanted attention. Then Fredrick reached under me and pulled my cock back and into his mouth. He sucked me and showed me his amazing skills as a mature, sensuous, dominating top.
He sucked me a moment and then stood, saying, “Don’t move.” I peered at him as he went to his desk and brought a small shaving kit pouch over and unzipped it. He grabbed something out and set the pouch to my right. deneme bonusu I saw three anal plugs of differing sizes and colors, about 20 condoms, a book for phone numbers, some baby-wipes, and three new medium-size tubes of K-Y jelly. Then as I was still peering into the bag, another almost empty large-tube of K-Y plopped back into the bag. At the moment the tube landed in the pouch, I felt the familiar cool-smooth feeling of someone putting K-Y into my fuck-hole. Then I heard a condom wrapper open and the magical fingers inside me pulled out. In a second later I saw a condom wrapper Frisbee away into the darkness of the office and then I felt Fredrick’s hands return to my ass cheeks.
Without words, he paused for me to ready myself and then he pushed his cock, hand-free, into me slowly. As his mature cock bullied over my prostate g-spot, sending instant erotic euphoria to my inner whore, and then hit my immature anal curve, sending white-hot pain through me. I raised up and instinctively and pulled forward and away, but only slightly. He pivoted and changed his cock angle and pushed in further, and so it went until I felt his crotch against my ass and had his whole adult cock in me.
He was firmly in me and he let me adjust for about ten seconds before saying, “Yes, this will fix things around here nicely.” Then he pulled partially out and began a slow pumping motion. He slow-fucked me a few seconds and then said, “Oh fuck you are so fucking tight…” I thought he was about to cum, and he knew he was. I felt him begin a ramming-speed-hard fuck of my tight young ass. Bam-bam-bam-bam…bam-hold……..Bam-HOLD!!! …And he came in my ass.
I looked down at my cock and, with his weight shifted back onto his legs, I took one hand from the leather couch and simultaneously pushed myself down on his throbbing cock. He was against my g-spot and felt indescribably euphoric. I was in, or possibly just past an anal orgasm, but I wasn’t sure because of how good everything felt. The area below my cock was already pooled with pre-cum from being fucked up my ass, so I figured I must have partially cum. I grabbed myself and stroked my pre-cum-soaked cock to orgasm in only five smooth strokes. I dropped my head as I came and pushed myself back into my bosses still hard cock as I spurted. I dropped my gaze to see my cum-shot fly into the shiny leather of the couch.
Fredrick knew what I was doing and egged me on, slowly pushing his cock deeper into my ass. “Yesss, good boy, that’s right fuck yourself on my cock and cum…you are a good little fucktoy aren’t you…”

Nothing was said as we cleaned up. Then, as he put his sport coat back on, he said, “Well, I am glad we had this little talk and I look forward too many more. You know, it occurs to me that positive and genuine thanks would be better, much better, then you being worried about your job or being angry or desperate. So, I am gonna put in your raise a bit early and, you know what, I think I will tip you for your hard work too…” He dug into his coat pocket and pulled out a five and a bunch of dirty ones. “Here uhhh…twenty…six bucks to add to you nightly tips. While we probably can’t have talks like this every night, I sure will look forward to them and I am sure we can continue to work out a great tipping arrangement for this extra job performance…umm assessment and ummm, security.” He looked at me to make sure I ‘got’ what he was saying without saying it. I smiled and indicated I would be happy to fuck for more money, and the unlikely need of on-the-job protection.
Fredrick went on, “So, when you are in the mood for more, ahh, of this advice, you let me know by showing me your panties again and I’ll let you know by…well, I am sure you’ll know.”

After work the next day I had to stay late to clean the store room and found myself in his office, face down over his desk, and then on my back with my legs on his cream-colored shirt. Then on Sunday I was asked to come in early to tidy up the parking lot and found myself naked and riding him in one of the family-size booths in the main room till one of the cooks called the main restaurant line to ask for the doors to be opened. I hid and snuck back into work a half hour later with a wet, cum-filled ass and had to explain why my bicycle was already there. Eventually the cook figured it out but never said anything. So did Harland, who, it turned out LOVED the fact that I am a hot little bitch boy that has always been into hot black cock.
Fredrick fucked me everywhere and soon he started asking about me being dressed like a gurl and about how I’d started. I told him what I could to keep him separated form my neighbor and the small circle of his friends, but I did tell him about the dominatrix and some of my adventures in the adult theaters.
About ten times, up until I got my car, he invited me to his home on a Monday- the day the restaurant was closed and we had what became my model for a play-day. We would fuck all day long as long as either one of us could stay. Not every Monday, but spaced far enough apart that they were like a special sex-treat.
He loved to see me ride him, straddling his cock, bouncing up and down in ecstacy and pouring anal-orgasm cum out of my cock. He would use his strong physique and size to move me up and down on his cock until he wanted to use my ass to cum.
We stopped using condoms about a month into summer and he was amazed at how much I loved to go ass-to-mouth. I am not sure if he realized that I was both super kinky, but also trying to keep as little of his adult cum pout of my insides as possible.
Each time I saw I him at home he gave me a sexy gift. Every time I fucked him at work, he gave me a nice tip. It was the best work place sexual harassment I have ever had. I saved pay and earned enough tips to buy my car the Monday after my birthday and found myself driving to a cul-de-sac trail that led to his house that night, panties and garter belt on under my jeans, to thank him for being such a caring boss.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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