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House Guest gets Benefits

We have a large house that has four unoccupied bedrooms. Since our house has been empty except for us, we have at times decided to use a private rental site to make a little extra income. Each of the rental rooms is fully furnished. Our guests have access to a full bathroom in the hallway, use of the kitchen, and living areas. We have an electronic lock on our front door that allows us to program an individual code for each visitor so they can come and go with ease at any time.

So far, the rentals have worked very efficiently and easy, with no issues from any guest. All booking gets completed on the site, and only individuals with past positive rental history can see our listing. Payment is direct through the website, and they charge a fee for each booking. Most of our renters have been short term, couples in town for vacation who stay an average of two nights. Most never interact with us, and we try to give people the room they want without any interference.

A few weeks ago we had a renter who was with us for three nights. He turned out to be a single guy who was here for his job. He was 20 years old and worked for a gym chain that was opening a facility nearby. My wife saw him when he arrived and immediately taken by his looks and charm.

On his first two nights, he was not here much; he was part of the advance set-up team and worked long hours. He came back late both nights and left before we were up. I had fun watching my wife while she lusted after him, staying up late to ensure he had everything he needed and being very flirtatious.

On the last night of his stay, he returned to the house around three that afternoon. The set up was complete, and he was flying out the next day to return home. He asked if he could use our pool, and my wife eagerly told him he could. She went out to check on him several times and even invited him to eat with us that evening. The fact that he was athletic and wore a tiny speedo bikini swimsuit had her güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in heat.

Ryan dined with us and then used the hot tub before he went into his room. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy and was able to converse with us. He thanked us for our hospitality and said he preferred to stay using sites like Airbnb instead of hotels for his job. He said he always enjoyed meeting people and being social. Ryan said he was going to shower before he turned in, and my wife offered to bring him fresh towels. He said it was not necessary, but she insisted. My wife told Ryan she was preparing to wash a load of clothes and asked if he had anything he wanted washed.

My wife showed Ryan where the washer and dryer were in case he needed anything. She was loading the machine after Ryan said he had a few items if she didn’t care to add them. He returned from his room, still wearing his speedo trunks as he handed my wife a few small things. He said he appreciated her washing his items. My wife pulled off her top and shorts, throwing them into the wash and then adding Ryan’s items. She asked about his trunks, and Ryan said it would be nice to have the chlorine washed out and with my wife standing in her panties said he would go to change. My wife said we were not bashful and told him to take them off and give them to her.

Ryan paused for a moment and then slid them down his legs and handed them to my wife. He was now standing fully nude. His dick was decent sized but completely limp and soft under a small patch of black pubic hair. He appeared to be four inches long and with a generous girth. The head of his cock was slightly larger than his shaft. Ryan had a small firm and tight muscled ass. My wife checked him out and then pulled her panties off and added them to the machine. She told Ryan to follow her, and she would grab fresh towels for him. Still sitting clothed, I watched as Ryan tailed behind my wife out of the room both fully naked. tipobet

I knew what my wife was wanting. It was the first time she mingled with a houseguest, and she was as reserved as she could manage. We had a few other male guests over time who hit on her, but my wife never acted on any of the advances. I got up, and in the hallway, I could see Ryan was now still behind my wife, but he was checking her out thoroughly while sporting a full standing ovation. Hard, Ryan’s cock appeared to be just over seven-inches and thick. Ryan had no body fat, and I knew my wife wanted him badly.

I decided to help her by letting Ryan know it was ok to do what he desired. I was not sure how to proceed but said: “I need to run outside to check the pool filter. Why don’t you give Ryan the tour since he has not seen the rest of the house and show him our bedroom? It looks like he might enjoy a little relief also.” I hated to leave, but I knew Ryan was already nervous. I walked to the back door and went outside. I reaffirmed my attitude by saying: “You two have fun.”

I remained outside for about five minutes and then went back inside as quiet as possible. It was starting to get dark out, and I could see the bedroom light on in our room. As I walked slowly down the hall, I could see a shadow and hear the undeniable sounds of slurping, knowing that my wife was enjoying sucking Ryan’s meaty cock. I could hear Ryan moaning ‘oh, oh, oh, oh’ and knew he was enjoying himself. I kept my distance and had to settle for listing and to see the shadows.

I could not restrain myself as I finally ventured closer to the door and peeked around the corner, hoping not to be seen. Ryan and my wife were in the sitting area, and Ryan’s back was to the door. If I remained silent, he would not know I was watching. My wife was on the floor on her knees in front of Ryan. She was giving his dick a sloppy head job as his ass cheeks clenched tightly, and his shoulders trembled and his legs shook. perabet

I watched when my wife held onto Ryans thick cock in her hand, and she turned to face the back of the sofa. She bent over the back and lifted her right leg to rest it on the back, fully exposing her sweet pussy and ass to our houseguest. She held Ryan’s dick, guiding him into herself. The sweet aroma of sex filled the room as Ryan pounded my wife from behind, oblivious to my watching them. A few moments later, Ryan was grunting that he was cumming, and I watched as his body tightened, and he held himself against my wife tightly. My wife was mumbling and soon began to cum on Ryan’s dick still buried deep inside her.

When Ryan pulled out, he was limp and dripping with cum. I announced myself and told him he was very impressive. Ryan began to apologize, but I stopped him telling him it was fine and I knew my wife enjoyed him and hoped he enjoyed her. I got both of them water and then sat as we talked. Ryan had not ever been with a woman and exclaimed how amazing it felt being inside my wife. I moved over and spread my wife’s pussy to observe the aftermath of their fun. Her pussy was puffy and slightly gaped open. I bent down, kissing her stomach and then kissing her sweet pussy. She was so wet and slick feeling. I kissed for a few minutes and could taste the light taste of Ryan’s cum. As my wife sat next to Ryan on the sofa, I stood between her legs. I pushed my pants down and entered her. Ryan watched and commented on it being hot. My wife was incredible, and after six or seven minutes, I added my load to Ryan’s inside her. I went back down and kissed her oozing pussy as I licked her clit to get her off again. When I finished her, my face was covered in cum.

My wife got up, and she said: “Baby, I am going to spend the night with Ryan in his room. I have some things I want to show him and do to him.” She kissed me, and I watched my naked wife walk out of the room following our naked houseguest who was sporing wood again. That night the dark house was filled with the sound of sex coming from our rented room. I was sure our twenty-year-old guest gave my wife an endless supply of hard dick and cum much to her obvious delight form the sounds of her orgasms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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