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HouseWife introduced to sex toys
The city I live in, like any other large city, has a number of sex stores. One of them, my favourite, is a female-exclusive store that is aimed at giving women a relaxed and protected atmosphere when shopping for toys, since we tend to be shy and embarrassed around men when it comes to our intimate desires. I love visiting there on occasion, because I’m always curious to experiment with new and different toys, find some stimulating “material”, and also because it’s the place where I get encounters like the one I’m going to talk about here.

She came in by herself, the girl behind the counter greeting her cheerfully. “Hello and welcome, feel free to look around and if there’s anything I can help you with just ask.” Her name’s Gina and she’s a cute little student who seems to enjoy working here to some extent. The woman just smiled at her shyly, unsure where to look and what to do, then just walked slowly down the aisles. I was standing at a corner where the dildo section ended and magazines began (my favourite place) and was just browsing through a few titles, a little bored, watching her as she walked closer.

Unlike most other customers she didn’t bring a friend along to giggle and relax her, so I thought there must be a real need for sexual satisfaction in her life to take on this bold new step, as embarrassing and unfamiliar as it seemed to her. She was dressed in a long coat, which she closed all the way up to her neck and which didn’t give away much about her figure. Her face was nice, and round, with rosy cheeks and not a lot of makeup, her wavy brunette hair cut mid-long and d****d over to one side. She seemed to be a few years younger than me, maybe in her late 20s, but her conservative attire made her look older than she actually was.

She was fixated on the assortment of dildos in front of her, careful not to look at me or anyone else as she just went from one model to another. I could see she really didn’t even know where to start. “I like that one,” I said as she kept looking at one of my favourites, a shiny smooth black vibrator with a fairly strong motor. Startled, she looked at me as I smiled friendly back. “You can’t really see it, but the vibrations are quite powerful, better than most others,” I said, trying to be helpful. “I see,” she answered, not sure what else to say.

“You know, finding the right model is a lifelong pursuit,” I started again, trying to ease her by joking a little. “Just like it is with a real partner.” She finally laughed a little and replied: “Ain’t that the truth,” then sighed. “So… you think this one is good for… starters?” She asked. I shrugged. “It really depends on what you’re into,” I said. Knowing how hard it is for many women to talk about their sexual preferences I tried to give her some hints and added: “If you prefer anal, you may want to start with something smaller, when it comes to vaginal, I found that having a vibrator that’s penis shaped and a little rough gives me the best stimulation, and if you’re just looking for a quick clitoral satisfaction, just pick one with strong vibrations, like this one.”

She nodded, but still seemed a little lost. “You know,” she said, “I… I don’t even know. Isn’t that pathetic?” She smiled sadly. “I haven’t been with anyone for months since my husband… well, even before that there wasn’t much going on, and so… I don’t really know.” She looked around even more lost than before. I smiled and rubbed her arm gently, trying to ease her mind a little. “Well,” I said, “maybe I güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri can help you with that.”

She stared at me for a moment, as everything in her wanted to protest and run away. Still, in the end curiosity overcame her fear, and maybe something told her to just go with the flow this time, so she just nodded and smiled as I took her by the hand and went with her and the black vibrator to the counter to pay. The girl wished me, or us, I wasn’t sure, “lots of fun” as we went towards the exit.

Unlike most other sex shops this one didn’t have any porn-booths, but instead a separate area filled with lingerie, where my new friend and me were headed. I headed for the dressing rooms as she followed me quietly, afraid and aroused at the same time, as I could tell by the look on her face. We took the room at the far end of the section and I pulled her inside with me and closed the curtain behind us. Quietly, I unpacked the dildo.

She stood there, unsure of what to do next, when I just put a finger on her lips, motioning her to be quiet as I put the tip of the vibrator on my own lips, and slowly wrapped them around it, licking it as I turned it in my mouth to get some saliva all over it. My other hand moved from her mouth down her throat to her collar and started to pull open her coat. Underneath, she wore a neat white embroidered blouse and a knee-long brown skirt. From what I could see, she was neither slender nor chubby, but had a soft feminine body that didn’t get much training, but was also not too prone to put on weight. She was an inch or two shorter than me, and since I’ve got a much “rounder” figure, she looked quite small next to me, as I saw us in the dressing room mirror.

I rested my hand on one of her breasts and grabbed it through the blouse, feeling it warm and full underneath the fabric. Her nipple was hard and pronounced and grew even larger as I began rubbing and pinching it. “Turn around,” I whispered as I slowly sank to my knees in front of her. She swallowed hard, trembling from excitement and fear, then did as I said and faced the mirror. When I pushed up her skirt, she leaned forward, thereby pushing her butt further out so I had nice access to the area between her legs.

She wore stockings and a nice green garter belt under the skirt. I guess she wanted to feel sexy when going to the store, and it actually gave her figure a nice shape and something… hot that was not readily apparent. I grabbed her panties, which matched the garter in fabric and colour, and quickly pulled them down before she could protest. Some sweet clear-white sticky fluid had already gathered in them and glistened as I pulled them down around her ankles.

I parted her soft, nicely shaped buttocks with both hands to get a good first look at her holes. She took good care of herself, despite her apparent lack of sexual encounters. Her brunette pubic hair was neatly trimmed at the sides, but still full enough to give her pussy a sweet feminine look and smell, and she kept both of her entrances clean and tasty, so I finally couldn’t resist any longer and started pressing my face between her legs, my tongue lapping at her damp labia.

She tasted wonderful, and the thought of being probably the first woman to suck on her pussy turned me on even more. I must’ve had a similar effect on her, because she started to squeal gently and got considerably more wet very quickly. Concerned that somebody might notice us, I made her step out of her panties and stuffed them into her mouth, so she canlı bahis had something to bite on and moan into that would muffle the noise, while my fingers rubbed between her legs, caressing her clit and labia. The thought of her sucking on her own pussy slime made me even more hot and aggressive, and so I finally went back down on my knees and inserted the tip of the dildo between her labia.

She was tight. Tighter than me, definitely, but even a little too tight for the vibrator that I picked out for her. I twisted and turned it, trying to screw it inside her pussy, little by little, inch by inch as she squirmed and moaned, pushing her hips back at me. She wanted it now. She didn’t seem to care anymore where she was, who I was and what we were doing, she was just a horny wet cunt hole, wanting to be fucked.

I moved the vibrator in and out, going faster and deeper every time as she wet the shaft with her pussy slime, which oozed thick and plentiful out of her. While I worked her with the dildo, I didn’t quite have enough of her taste yet, so my tongue went to work again as well, licking between her buttocks at the strong and spicy taste of her anus.

Once she felt me there, warm and wet, and realized what I was doing, she came immediately, her legs trembling so hard she could no longer stay upright but sank to the ground in front of me, panting and moaning softly. “That’s how you use it in your cunt,” I whispered close to her ear as slowly pulled out the dildo, now covered with the sweet, thick slime that collected in her vagina. I ran my fingers across it, feeling it slick and slippery like any of the best lubes, so I began rubbing it between her butt cheeks onto her tight little anus, pushing the tip onto her rosebud until it started to slide in.

“And now,” I whispered again as she lay spent on the floor with only her butt sticking up, “I’m going to show you how to fuck yourself like the dirty little asswhore you are.”

She moaned and panted, sweating, as I pushed the vibrator hard with both hands inside her unused asshole, spreading it wider than she had ever felt. When I moved it in and out of her, finally fucking her as hard, deep and dirty as she needed to be fucked, she began to show how horny she could really be. Thick drops of juice came running out of her pussy and started stringing down between her legs, collecting on the floor. She bit the panty so hard that her whole face turned red, trying hard not to scream as she could see the feet of women walking by outside of our stall from underneath the thick curtain.

I grinned, enjoying the power I had over her, being able to use her like this without her being able to defend herself as she was too nervous to be noticed. I fucked her ass raw with the vibrator, harder than I would and probably should have done if we were in a “normal” situation, but in this moment, she was my little, secret fuck bitch and she deserved to be abused for trying to be so proper when she was such a slut underneath.

I let on when I felt another orgasm shake her, her legs practically covered in juice by now. I gave her a minute to recover, but left the vibrator inside her tight anus as it clenched around it. She just stayed there, bent over, panting and gasping for air, then finally turned around and smiled at me wide. She had a beautiful smile when she was happy, it brightened her whole face.

“T-h-a-n-k y-o-u,” she formed the words with her lips, but made no sound. I nodded in response, getting back up and stretching myself. Another satisfied güvenilir bahis lover.

She stayed there, looking up at me, and I knew she wanted to repay the favour, but was unsure about what to do. So since tasting her and using her little holes left me hot and stirred up myself, I finally smiled and unzipped my pants.

I wore comfy pair of checkered red and orange cotton pants that I loved, just because I’m a sucker for bright and unusual clothes, but they also fit nicely around my soft round hips and butt. I’m a full-bodied woman, rather tall and chubby, but still with the right proportions. I don’t have a particular body ideal and instead try to look like the woman I’d want to fuck myself. After all, I’m fucking myself most of the time anyway.

So I try to look sexy, but feminine, keeping a soft round body shape and just a sweet light air of sin about me. I’m proud of my deep auburn red hair which falls in thick curls down my back; so much so that I cultivate a thick bush of the same colour between my legs, which was the first thing my new lover saw of my pussy when I pushed my pants down.

She stared at it, but didn’t say a word, even when she finally took the panty from her mouth and leaned in. Something must’ve triggered inside her, because without hesitation she began licking my pussy, sucking on my clit and slurping the wetness that started to pour from inside me, rubbing her nose against my pubic hair and overall getting a good mouth full of bush. I was taken aback and leaned against the wall, my legs spreading slightly more to give her better access.

She seemed to have forgotten all about the vibrator inside her ass and focussed exclusively on my hole, licking and lapping and sucking and seemingly enjoying every bit of it. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head even harder against my crotch, burying her face between my legs as I wanted her more, and deeper.

I could feel her trying to enter me with her fingers, so I let go of her a little to give her room to breathe and get them even further in. She pushed, with two fingers outstretched, far up my pussy, not quite sure how to do it, but determined to give me satisfaction. Her fingers were quite short and she seemed surprised at how wide I was, as she looked up at me somewhat clueless.

I pressed my fingers tightly together and showed her, and she seemed to get the message, because a moment later I could feel my pussy get finally stretched by all four of her fingers entering at once. She drilled them in deeper and further, and I could feel the rings she was wearing rubbing nicely against my insides. Still, she seemed to be unsure about how far she could go, so finally I reached down and grabbed her arm, pushing it violently up inside me.

Now she understood. She pushed upwards inside my hungry wet cunt hole until her whole hand disappeared between my soaking labia and hairy mound. I sank slightly down against the wall while she pushed up inside me, almost as if she was boxing my twat. It was just what I needed, a good strong fist deep up inside my cunt, pounding and pumping inside me, giving me the fuck I deserved to finish me off.

Finally I came, shaking all over my body, my hair on end, filled all the way up to my cervix. I gasped for air and stayed trembling and panting against the wall as she pulled out her hand, followed by a gush of juice. It ran all the way down her arm and covered it in cunt slime, which she seemed to treasure, because after I got dressed again and she straightened her skirt, leaving the vibrator still where it was, she giggled and licked my juices off her fingers as we walked out of the store, smiling at me and waving at the girl by the counter.

I later found her wedding ring still inside my pussy, and maybe she left it there as a gift for the vibrator, and the new life as a slut.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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