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How the fun started!
Well it all started a few years ago, after growing up well getting into mid-late teens when after you’ve done the usual, in the bedroom and all around the house, while the parents are out or sleeping…lol 
That we toyed with the idea of doing something extra, which went on for a few months, each of us getting turned on by the fact of it, using what was to hand, then going and getting a dildo, to give some more realism to it, which she loved, and me too – before after and during. We’d already got to the multi orgasms, which she would sometimes pass out from. 
Then one day a friend of ours, whom we both knew very well from school days and we saw now and then for a drink etc., it was the start of the megadrive/play station days. So we all got sore thumbs and bug eyes from playing so much of it…lol 
On one occasion we had a late one well into the early hours, well 1-2ish and from were he lived it was too late to drive back home, well put it this way if I was pulled over, they would have had a field day. So we stayed over in his room, he had a single bed, but had a mattress under it (which his girlfriend would sleep on when she stayed over,yer right lol..) which he pulled out for us to sleep on, we all got undressed to our undies, then in the pitch dark, she took off her bra. 

Then as me and her lay there, my hand started to wonder – sliding under her knickers slowly, making my way down in between her legs, my kaçak bahis finger parting her labia, seeing if she was wet, she was just a little. I removed my hand and then stroked her inner thighs, which she liked, as I did this I moved my head to her breasts, flicking my tongue around her areola, making my way to her nipple, which was getting harder and harder, as I worked on it. 
At the same time I moved my hand and cupped her knickers in between her legs, gently in a rubbing motion, as I started to do this she lifted her hips and removed her knickers, then placed my hand right on her pussy and pushed my finger inside her, which it slipped in, she was wet. 
By now our eyes had got used to the darkness, and you could see just(if you know what I mean). I looked at her with a puzzled look, she turned her head and looked over and a little up to where our friend was lying in his bed, his head was turned away from us, but she motioned with her head to look down, then I saw that his cock was upright, lol well there was a bulge in his duvet. 
I carried on playing with her pussy, and then her clit which was an instant switch, at the same time I yet again worked my tongue on her breast, after a bit her breathing started to get heavier, at the same time she relaxed her legs totally and they opened, just as she was into her plateau I moved in between her legs, which as I did her nipple was all hard, and I could just see the other was casino firmalari hard but not as. I moved my arching raging hardness, downwards to her labia, as I did she opened her legs more so, they were now out of the duvet, well her knees As the tip of my arching hardness pushed against her labia, I moved my tongue to her other breast and flicked and licked all around her nipple, she started to slightly moan, and moved her hips as gently my hardness started to slide inside her, which by now did with o so much ease, just as I managed to get all the way in and mid way into sliding in again, she came all over my arching hardness, which by now I was fighting back to not cum. 
As she finished cumming, she looked at me and moved her eyes to the side, I looked slightly and could see that he had been watching, and working his cock under his duvet, I then looked back at her and in a (if you know what I mean) slightly nodded motion – do you want it, to which she opened her eyes eagerly and nodding slightly. By now the duvet on the side next to his bed, was now down to her thighs. I gave a few more strokes, then pulled out(without cumming) and laid next to her on the opposite side, that I was. 
I carried on caressing her breast and thighs, then making my way to her pussy, which I caressed. Then he placed his hand on her thigh, stroking it then made his way to her pussy, she was moaning by now, and more so as the güvenilir casino both of us caressed her pussy at the same, and then he moved onto the mattress, taking her other nipple in his mouth. I was caressing her clit as he caressed her pussy at the same this was all going on, which made her cum again. As she was cumming she felt for both our cocks, and started to work them, then she opened her leg in between him, rubbing his cock on her thigh…to which I think he got the 
He moved in between her legs with his hardness. She lifted her hips, and at the same time, grabbed my hand that was caressing her pussy. He was sucking her nipple as I too sucked the other still, his hardness was right at the entrance to her pussy. I parted her labia as she held my hand still, then she pushed my hand back to his hardness, which I grabbed and rubbed the tip up and down her pussy, then pushed the tip in, then I let go as I did she let go of my hand, and I parted her labia some more till he was all the way inside her, as he slid in and out of her. 
She carried on working my hardness with her hand. Her nipples by now had merged with her areola, I kept having to hold my cum back, then it wasn’t long before he started cumming, after he’d come he pulled out, and carried on caressing her, then I slipped my pre dripping arching hardness inside her and it wasn’t long before I came. Then we both caressed her till she came again….and then we all went to sleep. The next day it was like did that really happen last night???, When we got home and talked about it, i.e doing it again etc.. then we spent the next couple of days going at it like rabbits over what we’d done…lol 

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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