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How to Eat Your Own Cum
My Tips On Learning To Love Your Own CUM

First off – I’ve found (both through personal experience as well as input from others) that it is quite normal to have a desire to slurp your own CUM, but to lose the desire right after you actually jizz. In fact, many guys get really grossed out by the thought most of the time…only having a “good” feeling about it when their brain is in a “sexy” place – while looking at porn, masturbating, or having sex…but before actually shooting their load. All other times, the thought grosses them out. That’s quite normal! So the very first thing to do is not be so hard on yourself – as conflicting as it is, feeling that way is totally normal, and there’s nothing “wrong” with you.

Further, this holds true for gay, bi, and straight guys…this has nothing whatsoever to do with your sexuality, but everything to do with whatever turns you on. If you look back in my “asks” section, you will see a few posts from straight or bi guys who like to slurp up their own CUM; it’s not “a gay thing”…rather, it’s “a guy thing”.

So, if you accept that there’s nothing wrong with indeed wanting to slurp your own CUM, and you truly want to do it, then it becomes a matter of extending the time you can hold onto those “want-to-slurp” tuzla escort bayan feelings. You need to figure out how to overcome the “grossed out” feelings you may have about it most of the time.

I think my secret is…practice! It takes a few times to force yourself over that immediate post-CUM “grossed out” feeling and hold onto the “horny-want-to-slurp” feelings. Try looking at porn right after, and see if within 5 minutes the “want-to-slurp” feeling returns…if it does, then you’ve got a fresh load right there ready for you. Also, if you can manage the positions, shooting right into your mouth will help with getting used to the taste of your jizz. Or, you can shoot into your other hand, then very quickly after you CUM (maybe even while the last shots are still spurting from your cock) slurp up your jizz from that hand; that as well can help you do it before you lose the desire.

As this blog is all about food and CUM, then that method as well may help you…the flavor of the food will dilute the intensity of the jizz taste, and perhaps help you to get used to the actual CUM flavor. But, to really get yourself along in the process, I do recommend that you regularly slurp your jizz without anything else…the flavor and texture can be intense, orhanlı escort and really getting used to it requires taking it just as it is when it spurts out from your cock, without anything to dilute it.

Here’s a few pieces of advice that I got from others who submitted/asked me here on Tumblr:

Try freezing a block of your hot nut juice, a load or 2…or 3. Then take it out and suck on it. Not only does it let you get used to the taste of wad, but it lasts longer for those of you like me that already eat your spew. Soon you’ll be asking your buds to wank in your ice.
Try cumming in a glass of lemon water. Eventually reduce the amt of water, then eventually the lemon. Soon you’ll be cocktailing your own spew. If the taste alone doesn’t suit you but you want to eat it still (that’s normal), then try something tart like apple slices. A granola bar works well too if you like those. Something that has its own flavor and maintains texture; but nothing soggy.

Beware – the first few times you do it, you may well actually hate it, even if you manage to do it while still having the intense “want-to-slurp” feeling. In fact, it may even cause you to throw up (or nearly so). Don’t feel guilty or bad about that…for that too is quite normal. Think about it – aydınlı escort how many people really loved the taste of hard liquor the first time they tried it? So many things in life are “an acquired taste”, and your CUM is no different; like so many enjoyable things in life, what it requires is your desire to continue trying, so as to get used to it, and eventually truly enjoy it.

So, you may indeed have to force yourself and keep practicing – eventually I hope you will discover that you can hold onto the urge to slurp and never again experience that grossed out feeling at all. Indeed, if you keep at it, you may eventually really like the taste of your jizz, and never want to waste any without slurping it down. At least, that’s how it went for me; I really can’t recall the last time I didn’t slurp up my jizz! Oh – and if you are with someone else when you CUM, and if your partner wants your jizz, you can have them save it in their mouth (or, indeed, anywhere), and you can have a wonderful cummy kiss, licks, and even experiment with the fun of snowballing (to really share your CUM with each other). Partners who jizz-share are oh so sexy (IMHO).

OK, so now to my last bit of advice – no matter which method you use, be sure that you force yourself to slurp up EVERY LOAD. Don’t waste any of them. Any that you don’t slurp will actually put you backward in your practice regimen. Now that I think about it, this may actually be the MOST IMPORTANT piece of advice.

Cheers and keep stroking, squirting, and slurping!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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