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I do what I’m told – post #1
I do what I’m told. Anything he says. Everything he says. It’s been like this since day one. It’s like nothing else I’ve ever experienced in my life. I never knew how one persons absolute control could make me feel so calm and be such a stress relief. It’s becoming something I crave. His dominance is reserved for me and my submission is for him. Only. No one else gets that from me. No one else sees that side. Only him. I am his to control and his to own. He knows what I need and some how, some way knows when I need it. As we explore our Dom/Sub roles, the limits have expanded to our unique situation. I am married, but take my commands from my Dom. He decides when and how I fuck my husband. This morning, I reported the completion of my task in story form…for what I thought was my Dom’s eyes only. His next instructions were for me to post it. I do what I’m told. Enjoy!

I woke up in a fog, not sure of the time…still dark out so I’m tempted güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to just go back to sleep…out of habit I reach for my phone and the muscle memory sequence of my fingers lands me on the Kik app and my Master’s name.

There’s a blue dot telling me there’s a new message from him. I’m instantly awake. All senses on alert. My mind quickly cycles and confirms this is the first, middle of the night/early morning message I’ve received from him.

I’m ready.

I read my instructions: “Suck your husband hard while he’s asleep”. I give my response. Yes sir. Always, yes sir. Anything, yes sir. Everything, yes sir…

Without a fraction of hesitation, I turn to my husband…the instrument that will assist me in completing my task. I move my hand to his cock and grip it hard. The early morning testosterone boost helps my assignment and he’s hard almost instantly. I slide under the covers pulling his boxers down, my mouth following, canlı poker oyna kissing and licking as I go. I stroke him, squeezing his cock harder and lick up the length of him. Closing my eyes…the image I see is the one I usually do…my Master’s mouthwatering cock that I can’t get enough of…this time it’s drenched in sunlight and shadows, pure perfection.
I lower my mouth down and begin to suck…hard…taking in every bit I can. My husband begins to move, just incase his reaction is to stop me, I grab both of his hands with mine and pin his wrists to his sides and continue my sucking, licking, devouring…thinking of my Master. Imagining it’s his gasps each time my mouth sides up, taking in air and then back down again…everytime I lower my mouth, I take him deeper down my throat, sucking him harder. Hearing my Master”s moans, feeling my Master’s thrusts as I stop my movements and allow the thrusts of his cock, fucking my mouth, fucking my throat. internet casino Hands still pinned. I move again, gagging, gasping, licking, drooling, getting lost in the early morning control my Master chooses to exert over me. I let his hands go and he grabs my head and continues to throat fuck me, mumbling words that I don’t hear. All I can hear is the words of my Master “good girl”, “I love that you’ll do anything that I tell you to, and you will won’t you?” And all the dominatingly errotic things that are said at the days end, when there is nothing but the commander and the one he commands. I suck harder. Like I would if it was him, so he will give me my reward… the cum I want to taste so badly….and he does..his muscles tense, grabbing my hair, he holds me to him and cums in my mouth…and I see it behind closed eyes…just like I have so many times on replay, spurt after spurt, warm thick cum shoots to the back of my throat and I swallow every drop of pleasure. Knowing how much my Master will be pleased with my obedience…and with that knowledge and barley a brush of my fingertips to my clit, I cum. With his dick in my mouth, your dick on my mind and contentment washing over me. Such an amazing way to start the day…with you!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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