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     Looking back I don’t know why or how, but I became his Cum Dump.  It must have filled some need for me as well but I never dwelled on it.  He being Mister Little, the Head Administer at the Spa where I started working.  It started as a City Jobs program but I managed to work in the program off and on for almost three years.  It was where I learned about Man sex and other activities.  How Mister Little and I hooked up, even I can’t remember, but somehow we did and for about a year we’d have these little (some not  so little) encounters, in his office or down in the pool area of the SPA or one of the many supply rooms.  At first he was almost timid our encounter like sexual smash and grabs. but as time went on he grew demanding and the frequency of our encounters grew as well.  Towards the  end our trysts would happen two maybe three times a week.  We seemed to go from, a little head, then intercourse, then both in the same encounter.  He was the first to drive me to orgasm while fucking, I even came once just giving him head.  

     When I think of him I remember him as being a rather large man, tall broad shouldered, not overly muscled or anything, but he had a rather long and fat phallus with a small mushroom head.  Maybe that’s why it was easy for him to enter me as I was really on the smallish side physically, maybe 5″ 6″ and not much over 120 pounds or so.  He came to work at the SPA during my second year there.  I avoided him and the other administrators like crazy,  which was easy as going below, where the pool and sports rooms were was beneath them.   kaçak bahis I did a lot of jobs that other workers avoided, it got me extra hours and “Brownie points”.  I was rewarded with extra hours and wage increases as well.  I also got to use the swimming pool during slack time and since I hoped to make the school team by winter I felt it was win-win.  Using the Steam Room, I watched several encounters between men and eventually got “sucked” into participation, hence my downfall.  It was all new and exciting to me, and before long I became a willing and active participant. 

     I remember once I was putting delivered supplies away and Mister Little came in and asked me if I had the supply keys, so I game them to him and went back to shelving supplies.  He disappeared for a minute then I heard him come back and the keys jingling in the door.  I stopped working for a moment and was reaching for another box when Little came to the aisle and looked at me “Hey Reggie, he says his hand on his belt, wanna take a little break?” I looked at him and laughed, “Maybe later, I say, I don’t have this done before lunch “Ole Toby” will be pissed and not allow mw to work after summer.”  Little Smiled and started opening his belt, let me worry about Toby he said, why don’t you come over here and work on this ?”  I looked at him. you know what happens if we get caught fool’n around in here?  “I’d say they’d have to have the keys to see anything, he said holding them up for me to see.  I walked over to the paper towels and opened one and began wiping the sweat off of me.  Mister tipobet güvenilir mi Little took a seat on the supply cart, his pants around his ankles.  His package was a mixture of white and pink, or rather two shades of pink, the head  a bright almost flaming pink.  It went from being like a limp piece of string to a large candle. 

    Little was watching me intently, his phallus was bobbing with each beat of his heart, I blew on it, went from head to base then back up again.  Then I forgot about him, my attention fully on my prey, I slowly lowered my lips to engulf his head.  Little sucked air in, and held it, slowly I worked around the head allowing my saliva to thoroughly generously cover it, then, opened my mouth widely and lowered to cover at least half of his shaft.  I worked his shaft so that I could run it along the inside of my cheeks. Allowing a buildup of saliva I worked from half point to head and back down.  Slowly, up and down inching on each downward stroke lower and lower until I had all I could of him in my mouth and felt his head at my throat.  His pubic hairs tickled my nose, but there was more that I hadn’t taken in and Little began hunching  his pelvis trying to get that last bit into my throat.  Placing my hands on the cart beside him, when he hunched, I lowered, then worked my lips along that shaft to the head, I’d move in a circle on each upward stroke and lower when he raised his hips, he’d suck in air and release it, moan a low “yes” as I dropped into his lap and repeat.  “Good, he moaned, damn, too good,  and I leaned tipobet giriş back, letting his dick waggle in the cool air.  His eyes came open and he looked angrily at me, I just smiled at him, then leaned in and licked his shaft from base to head.  At the base I traveled south to take in his balls, one at a time, worked them around, then wet kisses up the shaft to again cover the head, Little again started face fucking me, again I counter sucked his thrust and before long he was praying for release.  I too was feeling the effects of our liaison, I’d reached down and released my dick and was stroking it in rhythm to our efforts.  Little reached behind my head and held me in place, “oh, oh, oh, he moaned good, so good.” Suddenly his feet went flat on the floor, he moved forward and stood hunched over me, whole body shaking, his face scrunched as torrents of love juice erupted from his body to mine.  When his climax subsided he flopped onto the cart and stared at me.  “Damn, he said, just damn, there’s grown women who can’t do that.”  I was surprised, there was a puddle on the floor, from me, I hadn’t even noticed my own release,  “ugh, I said and popped up from the floor, I went to get more towels, not even listening to what Mister Little was saying  He walked over to the door  and unlocked it, then came back and helped me unload the cart and put stuff away  we were done in no time.  Just as we finished up one of the Office Ladies appeared on the steps, “Mister Little, there’s a call upstairs from downtown. they say it’s important.”  I pushed the cart into the hallway, Mister Little, slapped me on the shoulder, “well I guess I gotta go now he said, maybe we can do inventory again sometime” and walked past the lady on the way to his office.  She looked at  me, turned on her heel and traipsed up the stairs behind him. 

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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