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Late Night Train
Good Day, All – well, I stumbled into another delightful, sensual, sexual experience. For those who’ve followed me for short or long periods of time, you’re aware I enjoy sharing particularly exciting times of a sexual nature.

I worked a shift that I rarely – if ever – work. It was a 3 p.m. – 11 p.m. time frame, and I ended up working an additional 1/2 hour. As such, with the lateness of the hour, I ended up taking a very late train to the Park & Ride. As it turned out, the serendipity was enormous – the timing perfect.

Because it was nearly midnight when I boarded, the train was all but empty. I settled in for a 35 minute ride, anticipating an uneventful – quiet ride. The next stop was very quick, and a lone individual boarded the car in which I rode. She was ~20 – 22 years of age, dark hair, shoulder length, sandals up her ankles, and a mustard yellow dress with very short skirt. She sat approximately 10-12 feet from me, across the aisle, at a 45 degree angle to my left. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, as her lithe form was most attention-getting. When she sat, she shifted her legs not unlike Sharon Stone in “Basic Instinct.” That is to say, she uncrossed and crossed her legs, parting her thighs all the while. Since I’d been continually looking at her, my eyes were aligned to watch her every movement.

The dress was a buckskin-looking frock, with a scalloped hem. As she shifted her legs, her thighs parted more than I believed was necessary. With that, her entire crotch was exposed. Yes, of course, she was panty-less. Better still, though young women almost universally shave their cunts, this fine young lass – with alabaster skin – did NOT shave her love portal. A very generous tuft of pubic hair was very visible. After making herself settled güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in the seat, it was clear she loved exposing herself – for the base of the left ass cheek was also quite visible.

Try as I might, it was nigh on to impossible to look away. Every glance away resulted in a more extended glance back at her – with 3-4 times the duration. We made eye contact, and that continued as a cat and mouse game. In spite of her youth, she clearly embraced her sexuality. When making another eye contact, it was more prolonged. I was palpitating, and my mouth was dry. I parted my lips to lick them, and she apparently took it as a commentary of desire, for she smiled – licked her lips – and pointed down to her nether regions. Her face went from a smile to a non-verbal question, as if to say “Is this why you are staring?”

I took a chance that she was reading me with approval, and I licked my lips once again. I nodded, and she immediately parted her thighs very wide. There, in its glistening glory, was that mound of mons moss – glittering in the light of the train. It appeared she was at least somewhat wet. I licked my lips once more, then fluttered the tongue tip as a direct, unmistakable invitation. Her hands went to her cunt, with one set of fingers spreading her cunt lips open – and the fingers of the other hand simultaneously rubbing her clit and penetrating her wet portal.

I felt my cock begin to pulsate, stiffening and growing immediately. I reached down to my groin, and grasped my now-hardening member. She nodded in seeming approval, and worked a bit harder and faster on her woman flesh. I was growing harder and longer by the second. Soon, I was massaging my hard cock while she performed internal and external stimulation güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri of that beautiful, hairy cunt. It lasted for 3-4 minutes.

She suddenly stopped, and signaled with the toss of her head to go to the back of the car. There, we found a longer bench v. double seats. I dutifully followed her, and we sat facing each other on the seats. She resumed her masturbatory magic, and I quickly opened my pants to grasp and stimulate my very hard cock. We faced each other, within arms reach, and masturbated our respective genitalia. She was beginning to moan, as was I. Within a couple of moments, she moved one of her hands to the bodice of her laced-front dress. Pulling at the strings, she pulled apart the two sides of the bodice,, and exposed her tits. I would guess her to be a 32-34A. Lovely, though not huge. Now, she was doing herself above and below.

I increased the length of my stroking, but maintained a slow and steady speed. It was an exceptional ride, to be sure. When I leaned forward, shifting my weight, she shook her head side to side – a signal to stay where I was. I nodded, and maintained the arm’s length distance. We diddled our sex organs with great delight. I could tell she was edging, as her breathing reached a respiratory crescendo, as I was edging my cock to near-orgasm. We would each pause, to allow the urge to dissipate, then resumed and resumed.

After a few more moments of carnal excitement, she whispered “NOW” as she spread her legs even further apart. This I took as an invitation to advance – closing the gap between us. We got close enough for our legs to lay across each other. We were close enough to see the beads of sweat on each others’ face, and I could smell the lovely, musky smell of her cunt güvenilir bahis şirketleri juice. We continued, with my being so close, I could clearly hear her breathing. It was self-pleasure heaven.

We were nearing the end of the line of the train, so had to make a decision on how this would end. I leaned very close, and put my ear to her mouth. Softly, but clearly, I heard her say “Spray my cunt!” I needed neither urging nor clarification on this one. It was not a request, but a directive. I slid my ass cheeks slightly more close to her crotch, and said, “Let’s do it together!” She shook her head up and down rapidly, as she closed her eyes for just a bit.

I generally am pretty loud with my orgasms, but – under the conditions – decided to keep myself muffled. At the appointed time, I whispered “Now” as I reciprocated my cock strokes in rapid succession. She increased the speed of her penetration and massage of her sex button. I began to spew my jizz on her beautiful hairy cunt – with some of it getting on her fingers and hand. She responded promptly with a like orgasm. We both remained pretty silent, but the effect was the same.

After our orgasms subsided, she used her index and middle fingers to trowel off my cum, and inserted those two fingers deeply inside her tunnel of love. After letting them soak for a bit, she withdrew them – I opened my mouth – and she inserted the now very wet fingers (with a mix of her juice and my jizz) and put them into my mouth. I sucked them like a calf sucks and udder of her mama.

The engineer announced “Last Stop.” We had to quickly pull ourselves together, lest someone enter while still in our “condition.” Pants closed up, bodice strings covered her tits, but – as she pulled down the hem of her dress – she made no move to mop up the liquid leaving a rivulet of sex down her legs.

We exited the train car together, but she went left and I went right. I did not look back – it would not have been appropriate. I do not know if she looked or not, and I truly don’t care. It was simply the best sex I’ve had in a very long time. A VERY long time!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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