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Lost in the wood. (Hmong)

I and my wife Gaolee had been married for almost 10 years. We had two c***dren, a boy, and a girl. After she had our firstborn our sex life turned stale and just barely able to conceive the 2nd c***d, due to stress from work and family that partially contributed to the lack of sex.
The other reason is simply I lost interest. It is not because she isn’t attractive. In fact, she is very attractive, for a Hmong woman she is what black guys call ‘thick’ in a good way, you know, like fat in the right places. big tits small waist and big round ass.
Gaolee needn’t wear much makeup because she has that natural glow with long brunette hair which she mostly had in side-swept bangs style, beautiful eyes, cute button nose, and soft full lips. And the clothing styles she wears, oh my god, are so sexy. She loved wearing shirts, flannels, fitting T-shirts to show off her awesome cleavage, for pants she mostly wears flex leggings because she said is comfortable and that accentuate her ‘thick’ booty like it was painted on it.
Gaolee had always been open-minded about sex, she loves to tease me even when she is not. The ways that she teases me just drives me nuts. When we are still young we had sex every chance we get, even though most of that 10 years of marriage. We had done some kinky shit, like fucking in the crowded park and nearly got caught, or role-play.
Been the cock-tease as she is, my wife always had men and boys hit on her constantly even old men, at the store, gas station, or at the park. When she teased me by telling me that some of them she actually finds cute. I got jealous and mad, and I would say things like “If you think they’re cute why don’t you let ’em fuck you” and then followed by amazing sex. That was one of her little ways of getting me kaçak iddaa to punish her for being a bad girl. We had had always joke about experimenting with another individual but never have we take it seriously. It was mainly just bedroom talks. But the unexpected event that was about to unfold forces us to such situations.
A week ago we got into a heated argument. That argument got started when I got home from a bad day at work with my bully of a fucking white trash supervisor. Stressing out I emptied bottle after bottle of beer, Gaolee came into the room wearing a very sexy one-piece lingerie. She crawls on top of me, rubbing and touching me. She whispers “Hun, I need your hard cock, like right now”.
I told her I’m not in the mood and would brush her off. That’s how our argument got started. It’s true, I have been neglecting her womanly needs for about two weeks. Now when I think about it I felt stupid as shit. I should have put my stress and frustration on good use like fucking that sexy ass of hers instead of arguing.
I still loved my wife a great deal after all of those years together I wasn’t about to throw it all away, especially knowing that men and boys will line up far and wide just to be the one to please her.
We had come up with a plan to take off a day from our hectic lives and just spend the day together hiking through a state park. Me and my wife are in our early thirties and hadn’t been hiking together since many years ago. We had planned everything out in advance as We had a map of the different areas of the state park. It was nearly a perfect day as the sun shined brightly and the temp was around 75 degrees, warm enough for her to wear cut-off jean shorts that show her sexy legs and a pair of hiking brown boots, a red and black stripe oxford shirt kaçak bahis and a white tank underneath.
We had a backpack filled with our lunch and water bottles as we set off into the depth of the dark woods together. The scenery was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. We took a number of pictures of wildlife and selfie pictures as we stroll deeper into the woods. Me and Gaolee would talk and laugh as we talk about old times, we walked several miles into the woods before stopping for lunch.
Both of us had found a small clearing as it looked out over a cliff. It was the perfect setting for our lunch as We spent a good hour just enjoying the views and being together. It brought back the old days when we used to do this a lot.

30 minutes after lunch we then once again headed back out onto the trails as the afternoon started to go by quickly. Before we knew it was now early evening. Both of us had been so involved with our nature hike together that neither one of us had noticed how late in the day it actually was. It was to be dark soon so both of us headed back to our car. I pulled out our map and began to navigate the different paths that would lead us back out of the woods. It was shortly after that We realized the trails We were on were going nowhere and to add to the problem both of our cell phones are out of battery, so we couldn’t call for help.

We seemed to be going only deeper into the woods as it was becoming apparent that we’re now lost. The sun was now beginning to set as the temperature began to fall. It starting to get cold and now began to realize We’re not going to make out of the woods before darkness arrives. I began to ponder the thought that we may need to spend the night outside in the cold elements with no protection other than our clothes. Both of güvenilir bahis us had walked for a good half an hour not knowing where We were going when Gaolee noticed smoke up ahead.
We quickly hurried until We had come upon a campsite. There stood two white men in their mid 40’s, one of the men had a beard and a little overweight the other men is clean shaving, dirty blonde, with good physique they both sat around the campfire talking and laughing. We approach their camp cautiously.
When the bearded guy saw us he stood up and walk toward to meet us.
“What do you guys want?”.
Gaolee step forward and said to them, “Can you please help us? We are lost and don’t know how to get back to our car. Do you know which way we need to go?”
He looked at her and reply.”That depends on where you guys park, but if you’re just looking for any trails then just head west from here. However, the closest camp terminal is a good ten miles from here.” The way he looked at her it was the look of lust, I didn’t like it one bit.
“Can you give us a ride to that terminal?” I ask.
“Sorry we can’t do that, it’s dark and we’re ready to settle for the night. It will be dark in thirty minutes. It gets extremely cold at night, so I wouldn’t advise you two to go on foot” The bearded man replied back.
“Is it possible for us to stay here for the night?”.I then asked
He looked at me then to my sexy wife, he observed her from head to toe and licked his dry lips. I don’t like it one bit.
“We got only one tent but I’m sure we’ll figure out something”. He leered at her.
“Come and sat by the campfire with us” He added.
I looked at my wife and she too looks at me with concern yet a relief to find help. I reach out to grab her hand and follow him to his campfire.
Gaolee and I sat on the opposite side warming ourselves to the fire. She rubs her lushes legs with her hands to keep them warm as the men fixate their hungry eyes at her legs.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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