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Mary’s story Part 39
“I see that you are tattooed yourself, Rebecca. Do you know a lady called Imogen?” “Yes, I meet her at the Ecumenical Meetings; I go there with the Rabbi.” “What is the significance of the nipple tattoos? I know that Imogen’s are red, and yet yours are black, so what does it mean?”

“Don’t you know?” Rebecca was blushing now. “I’m sorry, but when I saw that your nipples are tattooed red, I thought that you must be one of the new ladies. Every religious leader is bringing an extra woman to the next meeting. They say that there is getting to be too much work for us to do, and we need more help. Well, the colour is a gambling thing, all the ladies’ nipples and clitorises are tattooed either red or black and when we are serving the food we are all naked, so the men bet on which colour will come through the kitchen door next. It’s as simple as that.”

“So who decides what colour it will be, Rebecca?” “It is chosen by us, we have to pull a snooker ball out of a bag. Either red or black, and whichever it is then that is our colour.” “But surely, if it is left to chance, you might all pull out the same colour?” Rebecca considered this. “Ah, I never thought of that. Perhaps they have a way of fixing it? We never see the other ball, only the one we pull out, so they might put two red or two black balls in the bag to control which we will be.”

“I don’t understand why you need more women, though; the work in getting a meal ready can’t too difficult?” “No, but the sexual demands are increasing as they invent new ways of having sex with us without taking our virginity.”

A squeal from the other side of the room interrupted their conversation. Hazel was laid on her back on the carpet, and her husband was fucking her. Mary could see that he had a very long penis, and Hazel was taking it all into her pussy. Tears were still running down her face. “Take it all in, you bitch.” yelled the Mayor, “Every inch, and then I am going to come right inside your womb.”

From the look on Hazels’ face, Mary could see that Hazel was really enjoying this, and her tattooed body rose off the floor to meet every stroke. Her flowered breasts rocked from side to side. “Fuck me harder, you bastard. Isn’t this better than your slut secretary gives kaçak bahis you?”

Rebecca blushed at this, and looked very guilty. Clearly Hazel thought that she was the Mayor’s mistress. “I didn’t know that she knew about us.” Rebecca whispered to Mary. “Of course, I only let him take my anus.”

Mary wondered if Mike had a mistress. She was still not sure that he was not fucking Mitsumi when he went to Japan. After all, she looked so very sexy, and Mary felt that she was desperate to have sex with her herself. It was all very confusing, and also very embarrassing watching Hazel have sex in front of her.

“From what Imogen told me, I thought that you were all supposed to be virgins?” “Well, yes, we are, but that does not mean that we cannot use our other holes to satisfy men. The tattoo around my anus says Shalom in Hebrew. Peace. But it can also mean that I do not object. It all started because the Catholic priests are supposed to be celibate. But, like all religions, it is open to interpretation, so the Monsignor claims that anal sex is not really sex. I think the other men quite like the idea of us not being able to refuse them anal sex, so we all have to do it.”

Hazel screamed. Clearly she had orgasmed and Mary realised that the Mayor’s penis must have penetrated her cervix. He held it there pumping semen into Hazel. “Oh, God; I hope that you have not made me pregnant.” she screamed. “Well, there’s only one way to prevent that.” said the Mayor, and he turned Hazel over and started to feed his cock into her anus. Hazel was screaming, “No. No.” but the Mayor was too strong for her, and Mary saw his cock disappearing inside Hazel, inch by inch. Hazel passed out then, and Mary expected the Mayor to stop, but he forced his cock all the way in. “He won’t stop now,” said Rebecca, “he really likes it like that. It took me quite a while to be able to take him all the way in, and I had already been trained to do anal sex. It is really very painful to start with, so it is probably better for Hazel if she can’t feel it.”

The Mayor continued thrusting into his wife, until he finally came and his cock softened. “She needed that,” he said, “after showing me up with such a small tattoo. Your Japanese friend has done a good job on her tipobet güvenilir mi today. I think that I will ask her to continue and completely cover my dear wife’s body from head to toe. She will look good down at the lodge.”

“We can’t leave her like that.” said Jaqueline, “Help me get her round.” Carefully, they moved Hazel into the recovery position. She was leaking sperm from both her holes. She started to come round, and tried to stand up, but she fell back. Mary fetched a flannel from the bathroom and tried to clean Hazel up, carefully washing her pussy and patting it dry with a towel. As she parted Hazel’s labia she saw that Mitsumi had been working on the inner labia and clitoris as well, turning them into a body for Paul’s butterfly on Hazel’s outer labia. Again Mary felt very jealous. But, she thought, was she jealous of Hazel’s pain, or of the fact that Mitsumi had been holding Hazel’s most intimate places? Hazel started to moan softly, and spread her legs further. She reached out and touched Mary, tracing the outline of Mary’s butterfly with her finger. “Oh, please don’t stop Mary; I’m just about to come again.” Hazel’s orgasm squeezed the last drops of sperm out of her pussy, and Mary cleaned her again. “You have a very soft touch, Mary. I shall need your help to make sure that my tattoos heal properly. And I will need you to help me shave myself as I can’t let my hairs grow back now. Now, would you help me up, please?”

Mary helped her to stand up. Now that the shock of seeing Hazel’s tattoos had worn off, she realised that Hazel’s breasts really looked magnificent with their new adornments. “Of course, I will help you, Hazel. After all, we tattooed ladies have to stick together. Come and see me in the morning.” She leant forward to kiss Hazel on the cheek, but Hazel turned her head and kissed her full on the mouth, putting her tongue between Mary’s teeth. Startled, Mary began to pull away, but then relented and returned to enjoy kissing another woman in a sexual manner for the first time in her life. Soon, she felt the delicious pain of the stitches pulling in her pussy, and the wetness of her juices running down her legs. “Oh, Hazel,” she whispered, “I will definitely help you. I can’t tipobet wait to try this again when we are both fully healed, and we can touch each other properly.” “And I can’t wait either; I’ve always wondered what it must be like to make love to a circumcised woman. When do they say you can have sex again?” “Sometime next week, I think. The nurses will come to check me every day to make sure that I am healing OK, and then they will take the stitches out.”

Hazel seemed to be alright then, and as Mary relaxed she suddenly felt very tired. “I think that I need to go home.” she said. “I’ll take you,” said Hazel, “everyone else is busy.” Mary looked round and saw that Rebecca was deep-throating the Mayor’s cock. Her lips were actually kissing his balls, and the whole length was inside her. Mary was fascinated to see her throat bulging with every stroke, and wondered how Rebecca could do that without gagging. When they were courting Mike had asked her to try to do it on him, but she had been sick as soon as his cock touched the back of her throat. Rebecca had mentioned some training, but she couldn’t understand how you could train to do that?

Jaqueline’s head was between Mitsumi’s legs, and she was slurping on Mitsumi’s clitoris. “I’m going home, if you are interested, Mitsumi. I’ll leave the door on the latch so you can get in. Come when you are ready.” Mitsumi must have misinterpreted that, for she let out a screech, and her tiny body bucked, throwing Jaqueline off. Jaqueline screamed, as the new rings in her breasts bounced around and her nipples started to bleed. “You go,” said Mitsumi, “I will take care of her.”

Mary and Hazel walked down the drive and out in the road, both still naked. Mary giggled. “I used to think that you were so stuck up, but now I realise that you are just as much a slut as I am! Well, perhaps more so, as I don’t do anal sex!” “We will have to get my husband to do something about that then; I can’t have you thinking that I am sluttier than you are. Anyway, I don’t have any piercings.” “Not yet, so I’ll have to take you to see Linda and get you done.”

They reached Mary’s front door and went in. Hazel helped her up the stairs to the bedroom. “I’m too tired to get in the shower. Will you help me to do my dressings, please. I don’t know when Sue will be back and Mitsumi is busy with Jaqueline.” “Yes, of course, what do I have to do?” “I need to be cleaned with the wound wash, and then put a dressing on so that I don’t catch myself whilst I am asleep.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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