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Mary’s story Part 40
Mary lay on the bed with her legs apart, and Hazel looked at her closely. Very gently, Hazel followed Mary’s instructions to clean her wounds and apply the dressings. “I did not really look at your pussy properly before, I was too upset about being tattooed last night. They really have removed all of your inner lips, and your clitoris hood. Your clitoris looks huge. What does it feel like?” “I can feel the stitches prickling a bit, and it is sore when I get aroused with my pussy juice getting into them. But I like the way that my outer lips are closer together; it looks so much tidier without my inner lips sticking out. The only downside is that my pussy leaks juice down my legs now when I get aroused. I can still be fucked they have told me, but I don’t know whether Mike will want to fuck me anymore looking like this.”

“What will happen with your piercings? I have seen that Jaqueline and Rebecca are wearing rings in their nipples tonight, and Ruth has studs, but you have tubes in yours.” “I have to wait until the holes are healed. I have seen my rings, and they will be much larger than anything that you saw tonight.” “Why? I don’t understand why you want to have such big rings. Surely they will be very heavy and drag on the holes?” “It is not what I want. I am a slave now, so it is what my Master wants. I have agreed to let them do anything to me that my Master orders.”

“But who is your Master Mary? I still don’t understand.” “You won’t believe this, but I really do not know. I thought at first that is was Bob, as he introduced me to the fetish clubs, but it seems that it is not him. Part of me wants to know, but it is quite exciting not knowing as well. Bob says that I have a submissive personality, so perhaps that explains it. I suppose that you are submissive to the Mayor, as you don’t seem to mind him fucking Rebecca.”

“Oh, I have known about her for a while. He has been trying to have anal sex with me for a while, and I have always said no. Then he stopped asking, and wanted me to get my nipples pierced instead. I thought that Rebecca had pierced nipples as I could sometimes see the outline of rings through her summer tops, so I assumed that something was going on there. Tonight was just a confirmation.”

“Perhaps he will be asking Rebecca to get herself tattooed like you now? I think that he really likes what Mitsumi has done to you.” “Well, whether he likes it or not does not really matter to me. I plan to get a lot more tattooing done now; I can’t hide this easily at the swimming baths anyway, unless I want to look as though I have converted to be a Muslim, so I might as well let Mitsumi cover me completely.”

“We might look like twins then. I have asked Mitsumi to do some more on me. I would love to be completely tattooed like her.” “Ah, but will your Master allow it, Mary? I don’t think that you have canlı kaçak iddaa a choice in the matter from what you have told me.” Mary realised that Hazel was right. She did not know what her Master would be having done to her next. She knew that he had arranged for her so far, but Linda had said at the beginning that the work would take a long time, several weeks she had said. What if she was still having work done when Mike got back from Tokyo? She had an excuse for what she had had done so far, in that every woman that she knew had a tattooed pussy, so she could claim that she had followed the fashion. Then she thought about her circumcision, she did not know anyone who had had that done. Well, it was too late now; she could not have the lips sewn back on. She knew that too much skin had been punched out of her outer labia for those holes to close up without more surgery, so she would probably have them now until she died. Mike will have to get used to it.

“I’m too tired to think about what my Master wants. I need to go to sleep now; will you let yourself out, Hazel?” “If you like, I’ll wait downstairs until Mitsumi comes back. Anyway, I really don’t need to rush home to watch my husband fucking his secretary’s arse.” But Mary was already asleep.

“Come on, sleepyhead.” She looked at the clock on the bedside table. She had not been asleep very long. “What do you want, Mitsumi? I had just gone to sleep.” Mary turned over to find Sue in bed with her. She did not remember Sue getting in the bed. There was a blinding light as Mitsumi opened the curtains. “It is supposed to be me who has the jet lag.” she laughed, “Come on, get up. You have slept the clock round, and you need to take your antibiotics quickly. I could not wake you for the last dose, so I rang Dr Ruth and she said to let you sleep. She is coming round to see you after she finishes morning surgery.”

Mary remembered last night. Quickly she got up and went to get showered. She wanted to look her best before Dr Ruth arrived. Carefully, she removed the dressing pad between her legs and stood under the water. Sue came in, “Sorry, I am bursting for a pee; I’ve got to go!” Mary could see Sue crouched over the pan, and she watched as a stream of piss burst out of Sue’s butterfly. Sue finished and stood there with the last drops dripping off her inner lips.

“That looks very sexy, Sue. I’ve not watched another woman pissing since I left school.” “You will have to let me watch you as well. I wonder what difference it makes with you having no inner lips now.” “Sorry, but I have just had a pee in the shower, so you will have to wait.” Sue got into the shower with Mary. “Move over and I will do your back.” Mary could feel Sue’s nipples pressing into her from behind, and almost instinctively she reached behind her to touch Sue. “Careful, that is my pussy.” Mary spread her fingers tipobet and felt for Sue’s clitoris, caressing it with her finger tip.” Sue let out a low moan, and spread her legs. Mary slipped one of her fingers into Sue. “That is not fair. I can’t feel you up until you are healed. Or are you practising on me ready for Dr Ruth? From what Jaqueline was telling me last night, Ruth’s husband has had her sealed up with piercings, so you will be out of luck there.” “I know that, but she has milk in her tits, and I really would like to suck them, I admit. Jaqueline and Hazel drained her last night, and I was very jealous.” “Well, she will be here soon, so you had better stop playing with me and get ready. I shouldn’t bother getting dressed, she will want to examine you naked, anyway.”

Mary got out of the shower and carefully dried herself between her legs, letting the towel soak up the water without rubbing. The pain had almost gone, and some of the stitches were starting to itch. Mary had forgotten that she had stitches before, when she gave birth. Itching then had been a sign that the wounds were healing, so she knew that her pussy was on the mend. She decided that she would leave the dressing off for today, and let the air get to it.

She normally took a lot of time doing her makeup, but her eyeliner and lips needed no doing now, and the lip colour had settled to look like a normal red lipstick. If she had known that it would turn out to look this good, she thought, she would have it done anyway, Master or no Master. Her nipples had settled to the same colour as her lips, perhaps Linda and Paul had used the same colour ink? Something at the back of her memory seemed familiar about her nipples, and then she remembered once watching a porn film with Mike, where the women were putting lipstick on their nipples. Now she thought about it, it did seem to turn him on at the time, so he might appreciate her coloured nipples. But of course, she could not wash this off.

“Mary, Mary.” It was Jaqueline. What was she doing here? “I need a wee, and I can’t work this thing. My bladder is bursting. Oh, God, why did I agree to have this done?” Mary opened the bathroom door, and there stood Jaqueline, stark naked and very distressed. Her lower stomach was distended, and she was holding the catheter in both hands. “Be careful, I don’t want you pissing all over my bedroom carpet. Come in here.” Jaqueline came into the bathroom, and Mary tried to calm her down. She remembered what she had seen Chris do with Fay in this situation, so she put the catheter in her mouth and opened the tap. A stream of Jaqueline’s hot piss hit the back of her throat and instinctively she swallowed. There was a look of intense pleasure on Jaqueline’s face as the pressure on her bladder was released. Actually, it does not taste too bad, Mary thought, and she continued swallowing tipobet giriş until Jaqueline was empty.

“Now that really is Holy water.” said Sue, who had just got out of the shower. She dried herself and started moving things. “What are you looking for?” said Mary. “I’m looking for a razor, my head needs shaving.” “Mitsumi has mine. Go and ask her for one.” Sue went off to find Mitsumi, leaving Mary and Jaqueline looking at one another. Mary could see that Jaqueline’s nipples had stopped bleeding, but there was a crust of scab on both sides of the hole. “Are your nipples alright, now?” “They are very sore, but Mitsumi stopped them bleeding last night. I hope that you don’t mind, but I stayed over last night in case they started bleeding again.”

“Where did you sleep?” “With Mitsumi in her bed; I can’t get over how tattooed she is. She was showing me how far it goes up inside her pussy. Apparently, they open it up with a speculum so they can get right up. Even her cervix has been done. And it has to be done again every six months as that skin does not hold the ink very well. I can’t imagine how painful that must be.”

Mary had a mental picture of Mitsumi’s tiny body laid on her back, with her labia forced apart by a steel speculum whilst the tattooist worked on the insides of her pussy. She knew how painful it was when Paul was working on her inner labia, so she imagined that inside would be even worse. She decided that she must talk to Mitsumi about it when she could get her on her own.

Sue came back with a razor and shaving foam, and started to shave her head. “Wait a minute, you have missed a bit. Let me help you.” Mary quickly finished Sue’s head and rinsed it off. She dried it and then covered it in body lotion. It felt very strange, her hands slipped over Sue’s scalp. “Be careful, Mary, you will make me come if you carry on doing that. I am already aroused from you fingering me earlier on, so I am almost there.” Mary carried on, and her friend had an almighty orgasm, causing Sue’s pussy juice to run down her legs. “Let me get that,” said Jaqueline; and she reached out and scooped up the juice with her fingers, trying to push it back inside Sue’s pussy. Mitsumi came back then and caught them. “Oh, I did not realise that I was staying in a house full of lesbians.” “We’re not lesbians, it was just an accident,” said Mary, “I was shaving Sue’s head, and it made her come.”

“It did not look like an accident to me, and Jaqueline was all over me last night, looking up my pussy with a torch to see the tattoo on my cervix, so what am I to think?” “I’m sorry, Mitsumi, I didn’t mean to upset you; it is just so fascinating.” “Well, the whole point of tattooing the inside is to be fascinating, and I only had it done so that I can show it off. Fully tattooed women are not uncommon in Japan; in fact there are three others in our office like me, so a tattooed cervix makes me stand out. I love showing it off.” Mary felt a stinging between her legs. “Oh, please stop talking about it, Mitsumi; I am dripping on the carpet. My stitches will never heal if I am wet all the time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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