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Match Up
Match Up

George would not impress you as the kind of man who would be successful hooking up at cruising spots. His looks don’t exactly make him a model for Advocate or any of the other gay mags focusing on youth and looks. His look was more of what you would expect from a middle aged trucker, someone who spent hours behind the wheel and ate in the truck stops and paid the price for it. When I met him it was probably unlikely that we would have hooked up but it did happen. I am glad it did.

Late one afternoon I swung by a local older truck stop to dash in for a drink and gas up. As usual the rigs were either lined up at the fuel islands or lined in neat rows in both the front and back lots, idling in tidy formation while drivers slept or otherwise rested themselves between dashes across the hot asphalt of the Arizona summer. I drove in in my fag wagon, and older Subaru and gassed up as I scoped out the local attendance to see if I recognized any rigs or any signs of interest in some afternoon play. After replacing the pump and my gas cap I headed inside to cruise the men’s room and then get a cold drink for the ride home. I planned a short lay over here to check the action before heading off. Knowing it was still late afternoon that layover may have to consume and hour or so to draw any friendly attention but at this place it is generally worth the wait.

When done inside I came back out to the small fuel island and scoped the terrain before getting back in to the car. As I did I noted three rigs parked on the far eastern end of the far lot, parked back toward the southern border and across from the old titty bar. This is the place where guys park with intent to link up so when I pulled out I pulled around the back of the parked rigs and headed back to lot lizard territory. I cruised to the far eastern extent of the lot and then turned toward the southern border. As I did I noted a stare from the driver in a rig parked closest to where I intended to park. Upon reaching the end of the lot I did a quick U turn and pulled up even with the tractor. My friend was watching my every move with interest and as I stopped in position and lowered my windows he reciprocated and sat back and watched me.

I noted the look on his face, interest and intensity and softly gazed back at him as I took a sip from my bottle of soda. I flicked the nipple of the bottle with my tongue just as I would flick a cock and looked back for the reaction. The reaction was a clear signal, a come hither wave with his left hand. At that point I upped my windows, grabbed my waist bag with my lube and rubbers and headed to his rig. As I walked he watched me with intensity but not in an intimidating way. He simply showed a strong interest in my body movements as I walked toward him. I dress for heat this time of year and my nylon sorts and tank top gave him a good view of what he was ordering from the drive thru. I enjoyed the attention as I closed in on his rig and then mounted the passenger side fuel tank. I looked through the window and noted his right hand canlı bahis holding his cock which poked through the zipper on his chinos. I also noted the massive frame of this man. He was not all that tall but he was broad, powerful looking and dark and hairy. He nodded for me to open the door and slide in to the passenger seat. As I did he gave my legs the once over with his eyes and then settled on my crotch and ass. I asked him if he was looking to get cozy and he answered in a strong Tex-Mex accent that he wanted to get off and needed to do so more than once. He looked up as he placed his order and we started the conversation. I asked him if he had ever linked up before and he told me only a few times for hand jobs and once for a blow job from a drag queen in Abilene. But he had more in mind.

We talked for a bit and I kicked my shoes and socks off as we chatted and he maintained his grip on his cock. I turned toward him on the seat and asked him if he wanted head. He turned toward me and presented me with a painfully swollen, deep purple beer can that was obviously in need of attention. As I slid to my knees and over to him he mumbled “don’t make me cum yet.” As I took his tool in my mouth I could see this would be a tall order. He was rock hard and dripping precum as I went to work on him and I knew if I put any suction or real stimulation to him he would shoot immediately. He wanted this to last and so did I. Even the gentle stroking I gave with my tongue and lips brought him to the edge a couple of times so I backed off, let him settle down and then went back to my work. As I worked he was unbuttoning his shirt, kicking off his shoes and appeared to be prepping for the sleeper. The third time he reached near orgasm he gently guided my head back and straightened me up and said “sleeper.”

I got up and crawled back on the mattress and as I did I felt his hands come up to the waist band of my shorts and my satin jock and pull them down. Both slid down to my ankles and then I felt his strong hands guide me on to the mattress face down. When I hit the mattress I felt his knees spread my legs apart and then come up between my legs as he spread my fanny. He came down on top of me with his full weight and said “I need to fuck” as he pressed his beer can against me. I shuffled for position to get my asshole lined up and be able to take him as he applied pressure. I was able to catch his glans in the right position and he pressed in to me with four heavily weighted thrusts. Once in me he relaxed, put the rest of his weight on me and began pumping his tool in to me. I could tell that he was about seven inches plus long but was massively thick. As he pressed in to me he was putting full stroke on to my prostate which got me instantly hot and in the mood for a hard banging. He stroked in and out of me while pinning me helplessly to the mattress with his weight and his legs firmly pressing mine apart. This went on for two minutes as he tried to make his pleasure last but I felt him harden, convulse and then shoot a hot stream of cum tipobet deep in to me. He stroked hard as he came and lubricated the entire inside of my pussy as he did. After five hard shots he relaxed, put his weight on me and held himself deep inside of me which allowed me to use my well trained ass muscles to milk his cock. He continued to stroke in and out of me and remained hard and as he did he had stimulated my prostate to the point where I came. We stayed locked in that position for what seemed like an hour. He had his full weight on me and whispered in to my right ear “stay with me bebe, I need more.”

I moaned yes and he began to take his weight off of me, roll to his left and exit my fanny with a sloppy pop. He reached up on to a shelf and got a can of Handi-Wipes down and cleaned his cock and balls with a couple. I reached for one but he held my hand and said “no, let me see.” He sat up, looked down at my butt and spread my cheeks and stared as his baby batter dripped from me. At that, he grabbed a few Handi-Wipes and cleaned me up.

We laid in the sleeper and half talked, half dozed for a couple of hours. He told me of his frustration in scoring and even making contact with the fags who were obviously cruising the lots for trucker cock. He told me that when he saw me cruise in to the back lot and take notice of him he said to himself “I have to catch that chicken” and set his mind to doing exactly that. I told him that his intense look and physical appearance might have scared off a less experience queen but it was exactly the right honey to draw me in to his trap. He laughed and said he understood and would try to contain himself from now on. We continued to talk until he fell asleep. I rolled over on to my back and I wiped up my little deposit of semen from the sheets and wiped down my tool as well. I then dozed off for about an hour.

I came half awake from the feel of him rolling up against my side and pressing a hard cock against my butt cheek. As I stirred George pushed me once again on to my stomach and rolled on top of me. He spread my legs with his knees and before I knew it he was once again pumping deep inside of me with a firm authority that told me he really needed to cum hard again. His balls slapped against mine as he drove himself in to me and then they retracted in to launch position. I knew he was getting ready to cum again so I slid myself in to a better position to get his full stroke on my g spot. He held me tightly, pinned me with his weight and drove himself in to me like a pile driver. I responded by once again shooting a small load but maintained a prostate convulsion and orgasm for nearly a minute until he once again let loose with a load of hot cum deep in to me. George collapsed on to me and kept me pinned to the mattress until he had regained his breath and was able to push himself up and off of me. Once again his cock exited me with a sloppy pop and we once again did the clean up routine. He wiped himself down and then rolled over to me, spread my fanny cheeks and inspected his tipobet giriş handiwork. Once satisfied that I was fully spermed he allowed me to wipe myself down and once again we both drifted off to sleep.

We slept for another two hours when the tone of George’s cell phone told us it was time to get up. It was now past 9 pm, the lot was dark and quiet save a few idling engines and I naturally assumed it was date over, George to the showers and then back on the road. No. Once again he pushed me on to my stomach, rolled on top of me and entered me with authority. I took him fully inside of me and gave him a little squeeze as he began pounding me once again. This time I was so full of cum I could not give him enough friction to get him to cum soon so we were in for a long ride. He pounded away with me pinned to the mattress and given only enough slack to adjust my position to better take his thrusts. On and on it went until once again I came but shot dry. He noticed my convulsions which only drove him to drive me harder. George was lost in his pleasure as he pounded me and I tried everything in the book to make him cum but he just hung in there and kept pounding. Finally and mercifully he released another load in me and collapsed on top of me. We stayed in that position, with him on top of me, in me and holding me in almost a full nelson against the mattress. I could feel him slowly going soft inside of me as he dozed off.

Three minutes later his phone chirped once again and we both came awake and he rolled off me. Once again his cock exited me with a sloppy pop and we went in to the clean up mode. He inspected me and then allowed me to clean up a bit, pull up my jock and shorts and then slide down to the cab where I put on my shoes and socks. We talked as we dressed and when I sat on the passenger seat and turned to face him he said “phone numbers” to which I responded by pulling a couple of copies of my fag card out of my bag and handing them to him. He looked with satisfaction at my phone numbers and e-mail address knowing that he was now going to get me on demand when he came out West. He asked if I was OK and if I was satisfied to which I answered “I would marry you and have your babies if that is what is in store for me. Yes, I have not been fucked like that for years. You own me!” He laughed and said “OK, but just for fun. I have enough babies” and on that note we parted. I climbed down the tank and on to the still hot asphalt and made my way back to my car.

Once I reached my car I reached in back and pulled out the two clean up towels I keep there. Spreading them on the seat I could now sit down without worrying about soaking my seat with cum on the way home. And I thought how lucky I was to make a clean exit without being tagged by another guy and d**g off to another rig for another work out. I needed my hot shower and shower shot and a couple of Preparation H suppositories to calm my fanny down. As I drove out of the lot I took note once again of George’s rig. Blue Kenworth conventional, nice sleeper, 40’ low boy with a skip loader on it. I noted the company name and other details so he would be easy to spot next time we link up. And it has worked out well. Funny how two such different guys can hook up and be such a match up. Time and again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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