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Mike Elliot’s Sex Adventures: Kim
I lost my virginity on Memorial Day in 1990. It happened on a camping trip in Michigan with my friend Brent. I went on the trip with him and his mom over the Memorial Day weekend. The girl’s name was Kim.

I met Kim on the first day of the trip. She and another girl practiced volleyball while Brent and I swam in the lake. I felt instant attraction to her. She was nearly as tall as me, I was six feet tall with an athletic build. She also had a toned muscular figure with big tits. She wore a light green bikini with polkadots. Her long fiery hair hung in curls down her back. Freckles covered her exposed alabaster skin.

Brent and I spent several hours Friday evening in the water. It was an overcast and rainy day, but we didn’t care. Periodically, when we swam, I watched Kim on the beach. One time I caught her watching me and waved her in. She looked around as if she thought I was waving at someone else. She returned her attention to the other girl, continuing to play volleyball. I caught her watching us two more times before it was too dark to swim.

The next day, Saturday, was nicer. The sun broke through the clouds around 10:30 am. Brent and I were already back in the lake. Kim and her friend came in around eleven with inflatable loungers big enough for two people to lay on.

“Hi, I’m Kim and this is my cousin, Amy,” Kim said to us, “My cousin wanted to meet you guys.”

“Well hello Kim and Amy. I’m Mike and this is my friend Brent,” I introduced us.

The four of us spent the rest of the day getting to know each other. Kim played volleyball and wanted to be on the American Olympic team in the future. Her fall back was working in computers. I was into martial arts and computers as well, though I wanted to be an author. Amy loved a****ls and wanted to be a veterinarian, while Brent also loved a****ls but wanted to be a chef.

Around one o’clock the rain came back. By this point, we coupled up and just floated on our respective mats. Kim and I were shoulder to shoulder, chatting about ourselves. During one long silence between us, I caressed the back if her hand with my index finger. She shifted her hand interlocking our fingers. She pressed the back of my hand against the warm soft skin of her outer thigh.

I turned my head to face her. The back of her head rested against the pillow like front of the mat. Her eyes were closed as the rain sprinkled her lovely face. She absently caressed my thumb with hers. Using my index finger, I lightly brushed my knuckle against her thigh. A tremor of pleasure passed through her body. Her leg broke out in goose bumps. Her eyes fluttered behind her lids. She tightened her grip on my hand for a second before relaxing again.

As I continued to rub her thigh, she turned her head towards me. Her eyes stayed closed. Our noises nearly touched. Her long red hair fell across her face. I reached over with my other hand and tenderly brushed her hair back behind her ear. As my finger grazed her face, another tremor ran through her body. I moved my head towards her until our lips touched. I slightly parted mine, capturing her lower lip between them. I slowly ran the tip of my tongue along her lip. Her trembling increased.

Kim lost herself in the moment. She parted her lips and sucked my tongue into her mouth. The sensation was electric. My dick went from mildly stimulated to fully erect. She let go of my hand and rolled onto her side facing me. We continued to kiss passionately. I slipped one arm under her while the other went around her. She ran her free hand through my hair when mine caressed her back. Her chest heaved against mine. I held her in my arms and rolled towards her intending to end up on top of her. The raft pitched sideways and dumped us into the lake.

We hit the water together. We both managed not to panic and continued to hold onto each other. The water wasn’t that deep. We maintained the kiss until we hit the bottom. I opened my eyes as soon as we went into the water. I saw that the water was fairly clear and Kim was visible. She opened her eyes as well. I landed on the bottom first with Kim on top of me. My dick was still erect though not as hard as before going into the lake. Kim broke the kiss first and sat up, her head breaking the surface of the water. I sat up as well, surfacing.

“Well that didn’t go as planned,” I said with a chuckle.

“What, you didn’t plan to end up with me on top of you?” she asked could with a little grind of her crotch against mine.

“I planned on one of us being on top, just not under water,” I replied with thrust of my hips.

“You should know,” she began and looked away shyly, “I’m a virgin.”

Gripping her chin, I gently turned her to face me, “So am I.”

“Hey, you guys wanna go have some lunch?” Brent hollered as he and Amy walked towards use pulling their raft behind them.

“Sure, I could go for a hot juicy sausage,” Kim answered looking at me.

“And a slice of cherry pie for dessert,” I said softly to her and kissed her lips.

The rest of the day went by fairly quickly. We ate lunch, during which, Kim invited me to go for a midnight swim. I agreed. After lunch we swam some more but mostly laid out kissing. Amy and Brent disappeared until dinner. Amy and Kim returned to their campsite for dinner. Brent and I went to ours.

That night I told everyone I was sleeping outside. My companions elected to sleep in the camper in case it started raining again. It was warm that night, for a May in lower Michigan. I could see the beach from where I set my sleeping area by the fire. Around eleven thirty, I saw Kim walking towards the beach.

I arrived at the beach wearing a pair of sweat pants and a tank top. Kim wore shirt cutoff jeans and her swimsuit top. We both had towels.

“You wanna swim out to the diving platform” she asked shyly.

“Sure thing,” I replied. I casino şirketleri stripped of my shirt and sweat pants to revel tight fitting swim trunks different from the baggy ones I wore earlier.

“Nice,” she said peeling off her shorts.


Five minutes later, we were hauling ourselves out of the water on to the diving platform fifty yards from shore. We both laid down on the treated wood surface next to each other. We stared at the sky for some time. After what seemed like eternity, I rolled into my side to look at Kim.

Kim laid on her back with her eyes closed. She propped her head up on her right arm. Her left arm laid on her belly with the middle finger just under the waistband of her swimsuit bottoms. Her right leg was bent at the knee her foot pressed against her left leg just below the knee. Her bikini top was unhooked.

I propped myself up on my left arm to get a better angle. I leaned towards her and lightly kissed her clavicle. She inhaled sharply. I placed my right hand on her abdomen just below her ribs. My lips traveled up to her neck. She turned her head giving me access. I slowly kissed up her neck to her mouth.

While my lips traveled up, so did my hand. I gently trailed my fingers up her sternum, between her tits. Her breathing increased and her left hand started shaking. My hand reached the top of her breasts and angled for her left shoulder.

I pressed my lips to hers tenderly. She kissed me back. I slowly parted my lips, tasting hers with my tongue. As she parted her lips and moaned softly, I slipped my tongue into her mouth. The tips of our tongues touch and shot waves of euphoria through me. Her whole body quivered and my dick got hard.

We kissed hard and deep, tongues dancing around each other. My hand found the shoulder strap of her bikini top, hooked it and pulled it slowly down her arm. Throwing cation to the wind, she moved both of her arms to facilitate the removal of her top. Her breasts were free.

Her tits were the perfect size – a little more than a handful, round and perky. Her areolas were small compared to her breast size and she had large, long nipples. Her freckles covered her tits which were also much whiter than the rest of her skin, which was reddish from the sun. Still kissing greedily, I ran my hand down her chest to her breast. I spiraled my fingers around her tit till I reached her nipple. It was rock hard. I caressed the tip of it. She quivered harder and showed her tongue deeper in to my mouth.

I broke the kiss first. She whimpered a little when stopped. I kissed her chin gently. I touched her chin with the tip of my tongue. I trailed my tongue down her chin to her neck. I continued to fondle her left tit with my right hand. As l licked down her throat to her chest, I shifted my position, placing my right knee between her legs. My fully erect cock pressed into her left inner thigh. She wrapped her right hand around my head and caressed my neck below my ear.

By the time I reached her right breast with my tongue, she pressed her crotch against my thigh. I licked around her areola before engulfing her nipple with my mouth. I sucked on it like a lifesaver, flickering the tip with my tongue. She moaned with pleasure, digging her nails into my head. I nibbled on her nipple before moving on to the other side.

As I turned my mouth to her left breast and nipple, I moved my hand to her upper left arm. I gently traced my fingers down her soft arm. Before I reached her fingers, I encountered the waistband of her bikini. Flickering her nipple with my tongue, I slid my hand into her bikini bottoms on top of her hand. Her finger tips rested in her fluffy soft bush. I parted her fingers, slipping mine in between and pulled her hand with mine further down.

Kim’s breathing increased again, my dick got harder, and I continued to suck on her nipples. Our hands came to rest with my middle finger touching her Anus. Her crotch was drenched and had ran down to her ass crack. I messaged her ass hole with my finger. Her body shook violently as more fluid oozed out of her gash. I placed my middle finger on hers and guided it to her Anus. Using her finger, I pierced the exterior of her ass hole.

“Oh, God,” she whisper moaned, “I’ve never done that before.”

I slipped my hand under hers and eased it away from her anus. My middle finger split her pussy lips while my index and ring fingers glided over them. I reached her clitoris and massaged it lightly in circular pattern. She groaned. Her wrist pressed down on my hand as she pushed her finger deeper into her rectum.

I finished sucking her nipple with a harder nibble. I shifted my position so that both of my knees were beside her right hip and arched my back. I slowly licked my way down her torso. I maintained my massage of her clit. Once I reached her waistband, pulled my hand free. Using my thumbs, I peeled her bikini bottoms off. She lifted her butt then brought her leg back to help the process. I kissed down to her clit, pulling her arm out of the way. She whimpered softly as her finger came out of her ass.

I wrapped my arms around her waist, grabbing an ass cheek in each hand. I flipped her on top of me. Her head ended up in my crotch. At that point, my dick was so hard it was poking out of my speedo. She gingerly licked at the tip of it. Pleasure shot through me, making my body quiver. She grabbed my swim trunks and peeled them off. Meanwhile, I went to work on her clit with my tongue and mouth alternating between licking and sucking.

Kim seemed to hesitate when she got a good look at my cock. My dick measures out to about 5 3/4 inches in useable length and 2.25 inches in diameter. That’s a little over seven inches around. This has given several girls pause in the past. I started nibbling on her clit. She squealed with surprise and delight. She wrapped her hand casino firmalari around the base of my cock and stuck the head in her mouth. She sucked on the head of my dick like a popsicle, sliding her mouth down to the crest, then sucking in as she moved back up. Each time she went up, intense euphoria shot through me.

I abandoned her clit. I parted her pussy lips and ass cheeks with my hands. Using my tongue, I licked between her lips until I reached her vaginal opening. I twirled around the event horizon with my tongue several times before plunging into it. Her pussy was tight. I timed my entrance with her downstroke. As my tongue pierced her vagina, she gasped with pleasure and her mouth slid down my cock to her hand. I fucked her pussy with my tongue for a minute while she moaned with pleasure and sucked my dick with gusto.

I felt the pressure rising towards ejaculation. I quickly decided that tonight would be sex without intercourse. And we were both going to finish. I gave up using my tongue and switched to my fingers. With my hand upside down, I slowly pushed my index finger into her super tight pussy. She stopped mid suck to moan and quiver. Once the last knuckle reached her opening, I slid my thump up to her clit. Once there I massage with circular motion while moving my finger in and out of her pussy. As I moved, I could feel her getting better as her pussy juice flowed down my finger.

She sucked my dick with determined need as I finger fucked her cunt. Her moaning increased in volume and frequency. My pleasure built though I tried to hold it back. I massage her anus with my pinky for a few seconds before gently but steadily pushing it into her ass while at the same time adding my middle finger to my index in her pussy. She tried to jerk her mouth off my cock, but I thrust my hips up shoving it deeper into her mouth. I pushed my fingers into her up to the knuckles. My pinky was well lubricated with cunt juice and move in and out smoothly. She was still very tight. She moaned her ecstasy, moving herself in time with my hand thrusts.

I felt myself reaching climax. Kim sucked harder and faster on my dick, shoving her ass into my hand. I quickly pulled my pinky out of her ass and inserting my ring finger. I started to peak as she moaned loudly against my dick. I came explosively. I felt Kim sucking it out and swallowing. As I came, I slammed my fingers into Kim I time with my cum. Her body shook violently, gushing fluid out of her vagina.

Spent, I gently pulled my fingers out of her. Kim slurped up whatever cum was left and released my dick from her mouth and hand. She turned around and laid on my chest.

“That was…” she began.

“Intense,” I finished. We laid there kissing until she started shivering from the cold. We quickly swam back to the beach and dressed. We parted ways for the night at the beach with a long passionate kiss.

The next day, Sunday, went the same way as the previous day. Brent and I met the girls at the lake and we spent most of the day in the water. Kim told me that there was a dance that night and I asked if she wanted to go with me. The clouds vanished and the sun shone all day. We ate lunch together again, this time at her camp site. I met her family. We parted ways around three thirty in the afternoon to get ready for the dance.

The dinner and dance hosted by the camp ground staff started at five o’clock. The girls showed up at our campsite at twenty after five. I was dressed as nicely as possible in a pair of blue jeans a Hawaiian shirt, and sneakers. Kim wore a white sun dress with yellow flowers on it and a pair of sandals.

We walked over to the pavilion as a group. Kim walked beside me with her arm through mine. The pavilion was a decent sized area. It consisted of several concrete slabs under a peaked roof held up by four by four posts. The end closest to us as we walked up, held the DJ booth. A large section in front of the booth was cleared for a dance floor. Then there was a line of folding tables set up from one end to the other with a walkway between them. These tables held the food, plates and utensils. Beyond that sat three lines of twelve picnic tables. The woods encroached on the area from the back side. Beyond the tables was a grassy clearing with woods on one side and the lake on the other. Several vehicles were parked along the tree line.

For the first hour, Kim and I hung out on the pavilion. We grabbed some food first and sat down to eat. Sitting across from each other, we ate and talked about ourselves and our lives. Half an hour later, we hit the dance floor. We both knew how to dance, she took ballet, contemporary, and ballroom dancing lessons, while I was proficient in ballroom, hip-hop and breakdancing. We were a hit on the floor. We finished with a song I requested, Unchained Melody.

Shortly after we started slow dancing she said, “I’m not wearing panties, by the way.”

“I’m not either,” I replied dipping her.

After the song ended, Kim and I decided to take a break. We walked off to the end of the pavilion and talked for a few minutes. When we were sure no one was watching us, we disappeared beyond the cars. We dipped into the woods a little way till we found a small clearing. We could still hear the music from our little sanctuary.

As soon as we stopped, Kim was on me. She stepped right up to me and licked her lips with mine. I rested my hands on her shoulders while she unbuttoned my pants. She grabbed my cock and started stroking it. I pushed down on her shoulders. She stopped kissing me and dropped to her knees. She shoved my partially erect penis into her mouth, and sucked it with enthusiasm. Within moments my cock was fully erect.

While Kim was sucking my dick, I kicked off my shoes and dropped my pants to the ground. As soon as it was ready, I coaxed her off and knelt down in güvenilir casino front of her. As I lowered myself to the ground, she peeled off her dress. She threw her dress to the side and laid on the ground with her knees up and her legs open. I moved to go down on her, but she grabbed me but the shirt and yanked me down on top of her.

I propped myself over her with my left hand, my left knee that I had drawn up to her thigh, and my right knee. My body was turned to the left such that my right side didn’t touch her body. I reached down between us and grasped my cock. I moved towards her with my hips, guiding my dick to her pussy. Using the head of my cock, I parted her lips, caressing between them up to her clit.

With her whole body shaking, she said, “Stick it in me, NOW!”

I slid it back down to her hole and pushed the very tip inside her. She groaned. I grabbed her left leg with my elbow and pulled it back and over as I gently, but firmly inserted my cock into her tight wet cunt. She dug her nails into my arms and bit down on my shoulder as my dick stretched open her vagina. As soon as I touched her pelvis I stopped. I waited a few seconds for her to release my shoulder before drawing back.

I slowly pumped my hips back and forth. After a few seconds, her grip on my arms loosened slightly and she her moans sounded more from pleasure than pain. Euphoria built in me as I moved my dick inside her. Her vagina filled with fluid and she started moving her hips in time with mine.

“Ohh, yeah,” she moaned as I sped up my pace.

Her body shook as her pleasure mounted. I shifted my position slightly giving myself more leverage. My thrusting increased as the pleasure mounted.

“Oh God, yes!” she yelped, “Harder. Faster.”

I obliged her. I jackhammered my cock into her cunt. She pulled my head down to her neck and buried her face against mine.

“Ohmyohgodohyeahyeahyeah!” she moaned into my ear.

I felt her body tensing she rose towards climax. As I neared the peak of my euphoria, I slowed my thrusts to maintain a high level of excitement for both of us. She whimpered slightly as I pulled most of the way back and stopped. I held us at the precipice of climax for several seconds like a rollercoaster at the top of the first hill. When the euphoria became so intense that I started growling involuntarily, I rammed my dick as deep into Kim’s vagina as I could.

We roared our ecstasy in unison as I rocked her with my thrusts in the with my ejaculation. She plowed her hips up to meet mine, matching my rhythm. Once the as we finished together, I released my hold on her left leg. She wrapped her arms and left leg around me, trying to flip me on my back. I helped her.

Now straddling me, Kim sat up and started riding me. My dick softened some after cuming, but with the change of position it started grow again. Kim moved slowly at first as we synced up our movements. Once she felt comfortable, she increased her speed. I felt the energy building in us again. Kim’s moaning became fevered again as her body tensed and shook. A rush of fluid and her eyes rolling back signaled a second orgasm.

My cock was fully erect again. Before she finished cuming, Kim got up on her knees letting my dick pop out of her pussy. She grabbed it in both hands and positioned it on her anus. She gently lowered herself down. I felt the tip of my cock compress as it pierced her anus. She inhaled sharply and slipped, pushing the head of my dick into her rectum.

“Oh, fuck!” she screamed, “Help me.”

I grabbed her hips and bent my knees to help hold her in place. My dick reached a point in her rectum where it seemed as though it wanted to both push me out and suck me in but couldn’t decide which. With a look of both incredible pain and unimaginable pleasure on her beautiful face, Kim tried to lower herself further onto me. Kim took a deep breath and released it, relaxing somewhat. That seemed to do the trick because she suddenly slid all the way down my dick.

“Oh fuck,” we both moaned in unison.

She slowly rode my dick with her tight little ass. Her moaning grew loader. The ecstasy intensified as she increased her speed. I thrust my hips in time with hers. Her moans turned into groans as her body tensed for a third time. I felt myself rising to climax as well. She bounced on my cock faster, leaning back and slamming her ass into my pelvis. I lost myself in the euphoria, pounding into her with matching force. I finally peaked and the release felt explosive. We howled out as waves of ecstasy shot through us violently. I sat up rapidly and without stopping weaved my arms under her legs and rolled her onto her back. She locked her fingernails into my shoulder blades as I pounded my cock balls deep into her ass, spuing cum with each jab. With the last of her body tremors, I pulled my dick from her as gently but quickly, and collapsed on the ground next to her.

We laid there listening to the music from the dance, cooling down. As soon as I laid on my back, Kim rolled onto my chest. We kissed a few times, tenderly, basking in the afterglow.

“Well, it’s official, I am no longer a virgin,” Kim said, “And ruined for life.”

“What do you mean by that?” I asked.

“Well now I’m going to compare everyone I am ever with to you,” she explained, “And no one can match that.”

“I am honored to be your benchmark, but darlin, I’m sure someone will rock better than I did,” I countered.

She giggled, kissed my chest and said, “I was k**ding. While this was amazing and I will remember you and this experience for the rest of my life, it’s not the best I will ever have.”

We lapsed into silence for a little long before getting up. We got dressed and headed back towards the music. We spent the rest of the dance talking, laughing and dancing.

The next day, Memorial Day Monday, the four of us spent the morning laying on rafts floating on the water in the sun. At around eleven in the morning, we all had to leave and go back to our normal lives. Kim and I exchanged information, but this was in the time before cell phones and internet so we didn’t stay in touch. But what a weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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