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Mistis’ Adventures Part 77
Sam was still sleeping, so William, with Robbi’s assistance, went into the bathroom, relieved himself, and stepped into the shower with the younger girl. “Sit back, Lover Boy. I”ll clean you up.” She had, intentionally, made the spray a tiny bit hotter than he usually used. It quickly brought him around, as she scrubbed his body from head to toe. As she soaped and lathered his private parts, she sank to her knees, admiring him, and commenting. “Looks so small and helpless, now. Hard to believe that this little thing could make all of us so happy.” She rinsed the soap from him wiping with her soft, gentle hands, and giving his flaccid penis a kiss. She was tempted to suck it into her mouth, and make him excited enough to give her what she enjoyed, but, decided to wait. They still had much else that they needed to do.

She opened the door and retrieved a towel from the rod, and wiped him, and herself, dry. “Come on, Bubba. Let’s get some clothes on you, before I get tempted too much. I would love it, but we’ve got more to do, today, than screw our brains out.” She pulled his T-shirt over his head, and pulled it down a bit. “Put your hands on my back, and lift your feet so I can pull on your drawers for you.” He lifted his feet, and soon, she had his briefs up and had even adjusted his package, so he would be comfortable. His shirt, a flannel plaid, and his jeans, were soon on him. She pushed him back to sit on the edge of the bed, and she pulled on his sweat socks. “Now your ready. I’m going with you out to the farm, so I got to get dressed, too. Think I’ll leave my bra off, today. Looks like its gonna be pretty nice out. Maybe I’ll leave the panties behind, too. Billy said something about riding the horses, today. I like how it feels to ride naked, or in just my jeans. I can get a nut, sometimes from the saddle rubbing my twat.”

She leaned over and kissed Sam, who had her eyes open, but still hadn’t moved, or made a sound. William gave her another kiss, but, on her lips, where Robbi had kissed her forehead, and quietly stepped out in the hallway. Robbi turned, and kissed William one more time. She put her arms around his shoulders, hugging him to her. “I almost wish that I had met you first, instead of Sharon. She loves you so much it’s almost more than she can believe. I never saw her act like she does with you. What did you do to my big sis, to make her so crazy? Don’t try to answer. You probably don’t know, either. We’ll all just love each other, and do everything we can to make the others happy. Just know that you are one of us ’till the day you die. Just like you had been born a Campbell or a Breen. It’s no accident that Dad and Pop both call you ‘Son.’ They both love you as much as us ladies do. Now go eat, and tell the others I’ll be down in a second. I’ll check on Sam to see if she needs any help before I come down.”

William went slowly down the stairs on still wobbly legs. Sam had drained him, physically AND emotionally. She was something else. The others had dressed, and were sitting in the kitchen, talking about what they had planned for the day. Ben was asking them how many horses they had, and if he and Sam could try riding them. They had assured him that that was one of the first things they would do, after taking care of the livestock. Rick had spent the night with Billy and Cathy, and they were already taking care of the stock. They had explained that they were slow getting out, but they would be there soon. Billy had laughed and told them that they had given Cathy a good working over, last night, and that she, too, was moving kind of slow.

Clara went to the stove and got a plate of sausage and biscuits from the oven, and asked William, “How do you want your eggs, and how many do you want?” He replied that he wanted 6 of them scrambled. Mom asked how many pancakes he wanted, too. He told her that 4 or 5 would be great. She smiled at him. “How long has it been since we told you how much we love you? However long it’s been, we love you as if you had been born one of us.” The others were nodding their agreement. The only one who hadn’t said anything was Ben. He was seated next to William, and leaned over to hug William around the shoulders. “Thank You, for making my wife and I feel so welcome, and accepting us into your hearts. I know what a family does, and this family does it more than I have seen before. Misti and Mike, sitting next to Ben, added, “See Father. We told you that you would be welcome, and be a part of this family. You don’t see everything, YET! There are more friends for illegal bahis siteleri you to meet. We will see them soon. Even our doctor, his nurse, and his office girl are very sweet. I take Mother to see him when I can.”

Clara set the plate of food in front of him, as Mom was turning the pancakes. She looked at the table. “One of you get the butter out of the ice box.” Dave reached over, as he was nearest, and took the bowl out and sat it in front of William. He took another jar from the icebox and set it next to William’s plate. “Try some of this with your eggs. It’s homemade picante sauce. It’s the mild kind. You can try the hot one some other time. Pop loves it, but he snacks on jalapeno peppers.”

The two fathers, and Tod had left for Texas early this morning. There had been an inquiry about the farm, and they were going down to give the herd a final looking over. A truck was going to be there the next morning to take the first 20- 30 head to the sale barn. The next day, they would take 20-30 more, until they were all sold. They had decided to sell nearly 150 head, and, other trucks would move the rest up here to join the herd already here. They had decided to sell an equal amount from this herd. Mr Goodrich had called and told them that he was moving over to where his oldest daughter lived. He had bought a small place, just 10 acres, down the road from her and her husband. They would be out of the house by the end of the week.

Betty was the first to ask her Mom. “What about our horses and the others?” Mom laughed at her oldest daughter. “Dad said you would be the first to ask, and told me that THEY are bringing the horses, and the rest of the riding stock up in OUR trailers. They each will pull a horse trailer with them filled, turn them in to the corral, and go after another load. They figure 2 loads each will take care of them. And YES. Little Popper will be in the first load. He’s just as crazy as you are about that foal. He loves that mule as much as he did his namesake.”

The others, except William, Ben, and Sam, had already been told about the “elder” Popper. They were told how it had affected Pop, and Betty. They had both grieved for a long time over his demise. The only mystery was, what had become of his carcass? They had dug a grave for him, and buried him out near the pear orchard. The next day the grave was opened, and the carcass was gone. He had weighed nearly 500 lbs. A person couldn’t have dug him up, and carried him off in that little time. And there weren’t any tracks of a vehicle, even if one could have got there without being seen. About the same time, a neighbor had lost a yearling calf. It was never found, either. That was the year that they didn’t have nearly as many pears as they usually did. They had, seemingly, disappeared nearly overnight.

Robbi and Sam came down the stairs. Both were looking none the worse for wear, and, in fact, were looking VERY beautiful. They had their arms around each others waists, and were both glowing. Sam went over and kissed Ben, then William. “Thank you, Darling. You, my husband, for marrying me, and giving me a happy life. You, my lover. for making me feel so happy inside, and outside. I hope we can do this all, again, very often.” Both men kissed her once again. Clara asked if she were hungry. She was, but just wanted to eat some pancakes. She didn’t eat that much at a time. That and some coffee would fill her nicely.

They told her what they had been talking about, and what they had planned for them. She laughed and clapped her hands, bouncing in her chair. “I want to do this so much. I see horses in the movies. They are so beautiful, running free, and so smart.” Betty reached over and hugged and kissed her. “We really are soul mates. I love horses and mules as much as people. Sometimes even more. Horses and dogs are never going to hurt your feelings, or lie and cheat you. Some people WILL, and laugh at you when they do. All they ask is that you love, and take care of, them.”

Mom sat a plate of hot cakes in front of Sam, and told her, “Dig in, Sweetie. You’ll need your strength, today. You’ve got another couple, at least, of men, and at least one other girl, waiting to see you. Cathy said she had something special for you. Don’t ask me what. She wouldn’t tell me.”

Ben ate 6 pancakes with sorghum on 3, and maple syrup on 3, and drank 2 cups of coffee. She wanted honey in it for sweetening, and a little cream. She said she liked the sorghum better. It tasted nearly like the cane syrup they used at home. She especially liked the smoky flavor of the tipobet güvenilir mi sorghum. Mom kissed her and told her that she was the same way. She especially liked the “Black Strap” sorghum. They would teach her how it was made, and give her all she wanted in the fall, when they made it.

They cleaned the kitchen, after shooing the men into the other room. In less than an hour they were pulling in at Billy’s farm. The front door was open, to let in the fresh air, and all 3 were on the front porch waiting for them. There was a mad rush to the cars, greeting the visitors. They were re-introduced to Sam and Ben, and led into the house. They were greeted by the aroma of Misti’s soup simmering on the stove. Misti and Sam were invited to give it a taste test, and pronounced it PERFECT. The kettle it was in was set on the counter, and they all went out to the barn. All the decorations had been taken down, and meticulously removed, and stored for another time. They were expecting at least 2 more weddings in the near future.

Ben and Sam were shown Billy’s office. They were surprised that such a young, handsome man was a Doctor. His truck had been pulled inside, and he showed them how it worked. They, then went down to the other barn. All the horses, and the 2 colts were looking at the door, looking at their people coming in. It was a toss up as to which ran faster to them. Betty and Sam both rushed over, hugging and kissing the horses. Billy had reluctantly saddled the stallion. Betty had, in spite of her pregnancy, told him, in no uncertain terms, that SHE was going to ride HIM. He nuzzled Betty like an overgrown puppy. He acted genuinely happy to see her. The others were allowed to touch him, or groom him, but he was completely different for Betty. He seemed to realize that here was a TRUE friend. She took his lead and took him out of his stall. He was so tall that Billy had to give her his hands to reach the stirrup, and shorten them for her to put her feet in them. The others led the other horses out and mounted them, adjusting their stirrups as needed. Misti and Sam needed them shortened a bit, as did Carol, but Ben was as much at home, as if he had been born to a saddle. The weather had warmed up much more than they had figured so they went up to the house and changed into cooled clothing, and hanging up their jackets. It was mid March, and the weather was VERY unpredictable. It had snowed in other years at this time, and been in the 90s in other years. The ladies had borrowed shorts and T-shirts, or halters, from Cathy, and the men had came out in jeans and T-shirts. Cathy, Sam, Misti, and Carol were all wearing halters. The men delighted in the sight of all that boob being in plain sight, so much that Carol and Misti, soon followed by Sam and Cathy, just took theirs off. Nobody objected. Sharon told the others that she, Mom, Clara, and the rest of the guys, would follow on the tractor, with Sarah, pulling the flat trailer. Mom told her that SHE would drive the tractor, but, Rick shook his head. “NO, Mom. I’ll drive the tractor. You can visit with the others. I know where the bumps are, so I can hit them better.” Mom looked at him. “You WILL, too. Okie dokie. I’ll sit in the back, but remember that we have an expectant mother back here, AND a baby.”

They followed to the first, and then to the second pond. All agreed that, with a little fixing up, it would soon be as nice as the home pond was. They were told about them being stocked, and full of crawdads and bullfrogs. The first question Clara had was, “What about water moccasins. I heard they have lots of them in these parts.” Billy told them that, so far, they hadn’t heard about them being a problem. Any that came around were soon eaten by the big bass and catfish. The jacks would soon be here to take care of them, too. Their were also wild pigs that ate them. Ben had perked up when he heard them talking about the fish. He wanted to try fishing here. They told him that they would bring him back in a few days and he could catch all he wanted.

They sat on the dock and dangled their feet in the water until it became too cool. The water hadn’t had a chance to warm up enough to matter. It would take several weeks until it was warm enough to get in.

It was warm enough that the four girls decided to remove their shorts, and, if they were wearing them, panties. None of them were. Ben looked at Cathy longingly. She smiled at him. “Mom told me about you and Carol this morning. Think you can handle another hot, little slut? If you can, and aren’t shy, drop perabet your pants and I’ll be happy to have you.” This, quite simply, was the best invitation he had had. His pants came off, and, to Cathy was surprisingly large. She wasted no time. She came over and embraced him, reaching down to feel a rock-hard pecker in her hand. She led him over to a patch of clover, and sank down, pulling him with her. This was the first uncut penis she could remember seeing. Almost everyone had their baby boys circumcised at birth. Just as they had baby girls, including Sarah’s, ears pierced. They would recover in a few days, and have many less problems. Sarah had tiny gold pins in her ears. They washed them every time she nursed, or now, was fed. Carol had cried when she had seen she wasn’t making milk for Sarah. Dr. Immellmann had checked her and declared that some women just stopped. It was easy to switch her over to formula.

Cathy skinned the hood back and licked his full length. There was still a tiny bit if Carol’s taste on him. She must have been VERY juicy this morning. She knew that he had fucked her very good this morning, and was anxious to have him give her the same, if not even better. He, like the other men in the group, loved, just as much, to eat hot pussy. He enjoyed what she was doing to him, and wanted to return it in kind.

He lay head to toe and pulled her near. There was no finesse to his “attack.” He plunged his face between her thighs, and was licking for all he was worth. He was using one thigh for a pillow, and the other was held up out of the way. He was licking her tiny pussy-lips repeatedly, stopping long enough to suck her clit out and give it a licking, too. Both were breathing in the fresh air like they were getting paid to consume it. Cathy was having her second long series of orgasms. Her first had shook her legs like a rag doll at least 4 times. This time it was even longer. His tongue was now buried deep inside her pussy, and he was lapping her juice like a kitten lapping a bowl of milk. This time she released his cock, and screamed her delight. “OOOHHH MMMMMYYYY GGGOOOOOODDDD!!! EAT MY CUNT!!! OOOHHHH MMYYYYY GOODDDDD!!! IT FEEEELLLSSS GGGRRRRREEEEAAATTTTT!!! SUCK MY CLITTY!!! IT MAKES ME CRAZYYYYYY!!!

She took him into her mouth, again, sucking him even harder. It was his turn to lift his head and groan. He was fighting not to cum in her mouth. Through her fog of passion, Cathy realized this, and sucked even harder, and kneaded his scrotum. He lost the battle and erupted in her mouth, and she swallowed as fast as she could. She continued to suck his dick and soon had him hard, again. She laid back and enjoyed the attention he was giving her. She was surprised ar his stamina. He WAS rather well built, and Misti had told her how sexually active he and her mother were, so it shouldn’t be a surprise. STILL…

He continued eating and licking her, until she was nearly out of breath. She tried to push him away, but he was NOT to be DENIED! He led her through several more, even more intense, orgasms. She wondered how many times she had already cum. She screamed out with this one, her body quivering, and her raised legs shaking on their own. She was loosing consciousness. Her eyes were blurring. All she was aware of was the feeling in her groin and abdomen.

She felt herself being laid on her back. Her legs were being lifted, and a new sensation was coming to her. Something was going inside her pussy. She felt herself being slammed against the ground, and being penetrated to her core. It, too, felt wonderful. Her legs were being held open, and she felt something touching her cervix. Then she felt something very warm going inside of her. She tried to move her legs, but they were being held, so she couldn’t. The warm feeling spread all the way through her. It was indescribable. She had never, to the best of her memory, felt this good. She wanted to lay there and bask in it. The light slowly entered her consciousness. Clover had NEVER felt this soft. She felt a cool breeze touch her, and she felt something warm touching between her legs. Something was also tickling her tummy. There was a slight pressure and it went inside of her. It felt so GOOD! She wished it would go on forever, but soon, it stopped. It was replaced by a cool wet something going between her legs. She managed to open her eyes. There were faces all around her. Dhe recognized all but one of them. It was her family. The other face was a girl’s. She was VERY pretty, and had long, light brown hair.

Hands lifted her up, and she was placed on a blanket. She recognized the trailer. A few minutes more and she was able to sit up. “Wha, wha, What Happened?” she asked. The others were laughing. “You just got screwed silly.” someone answered. “You picked on the wrong guy, and he made you scream, stutter, dance, and sing.

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