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My female FWB
I believe my profile states that I am married, and you’ve read my stories about my friend Kristin. But nothing has been said about about my female FWB. Her name is Dani. I see her several times a month and we have regular sex. I subsidize her rent and phone I don’t write about our time together because for the most part it’s just vanilla sex. However this weekend I was feeling like I wanted a kinky adventure. On Saturday I texted her and ask if she was up for some kinky fun. She said sure and what did I have in mind. I asked if she ever went to a glory hole and she said no what is it. I first thought was “perfect”.

I briefly told her about it and would she like to go with me on Monday. She agreed and we decided that I should pick her up around 11:30 am. I told her we would video each other sucking cock. The ABS is about half hour from her apartment so we started down the highway. After a few minutes I took her hand and put in on my crotch. She rubbed me and when I was getting hard she took my cock out and stroked me as we drove. I came close to cumming but told her to stop, as I wanted to wait until we got the glory holes.

We get there and I pull around back and park, there are a few cars there. We go in and I go to the counter and change some bills for singles. In the back we go and there are a few men just standing around waiting. Now, I’ve been to this place a number of times and I never once saw a female. We walk illegal bahis siteleri down the isle and pick an empty booth with a hole in both sides. So we go in and I secure the door. I put $5.00 in the machine and a porn video starts playing. She amazed and I show her how to change the channels and see the different videos.

I then pull my pants down and start to stroke my cock. She looks at me and asks if she need to get naked. I told he no, but maybe take her shirt off so her tits were exposed. Shortly I hear the door close on the booth next to us and immediately I see a face at the hole. I tell Dani to bend over and let him see her tits. He reaches thru and is playing with her tits for a minute then gets up and puts his cock thru the hole.

His cock is hard and cut and Dani looks at me kind of looking for an approval, I just say go for it. She gets down and starts to suck on this cock. She licking around the head and up and down the shaft and then takes him in almost all the way. She’s sucking him and he starts to move his hips to meet her mouth. Then she stops and says she wants to see me suck a cock.

I get down next to them and I take him in my mouth. It’s already wet with Dani’s saliva. I sucked on it for a few minutes and the guy pulls out and said he wanted to fuck Dani. I looked at her and she nodded to me. I said ok but he had to use a condom, which I happen to have with me. He takes the condom canlı bahis siteleri and Dani takes her pants off so now she’s naked. She bends over and backs up to the hole and guides his cock into her pussy. He’s moving in and out of her and I move the chair over in front of her and sit down. She puts her hands on my legs to steady herself and is now looking straight at my hard cock. I gently pull her head down and she starts to suck my cock while being fucked by some stranger. I wasn’t long before I was ready to cum and I told her I was going to soon. Before I did the guy fucking her stated that he was going to cum soon. Dani pulls off my cock and said she wanted to take the guys cock in OUR mouths.

We quickly get down and pull off the condom. We then start licking his cock from both sides. Taking turns sucking him into our mouths. Eventually he’s ready to cum and we are on both sides and he starts to shoot ropes of cum. Some went on our tongues but most ended on the floor. When he was done Dani took him in her mouth and cleaned him up.

We both stayed there on our knees for a minute when there was a knock on the door. I opened it about three inches and a guy was asking if we wanted company. I let him in and he finds Dani completely naked and me with my pants down to my ankles.

He then takes off his clothes until he’s naked, at that time I figure I should loose my pants and now I’m naked from the waste down. bahis firmaları To my surprise he doesn’t go to Dani he grabs my cock and starts to stroke me and I’m getting hard again.

Now it’s really crowded in this small booth and I could see Dani off to the side fingering her wet pussy. This gut then gets down and starts sucking my cock. I wasn’t long before I was ready to cum so I told him that and he just kept going until I came in his mouth. He swallowed it all down then went over and French kissed Dani so she could taste my cum. He now is playing with her tits and she starting to get worked up. She hadn’t been satisfied yet so I said to the guy we need to get her off. He gets down and starts to go to town on her pussy. He must have doing a good job because she was moaning and moving around pretty good.

Dani then says she wants him to fuck her. He stands up and grabs his cock and I stop him and tell him I don’t have a condom. Dani says it fine just don’t cum in her. She turns around and leans toward the wall with his ass to him. He moves in behind her and aims his cock right for her pussy. It side right in and he’s now giving her a pounding. I can hear his balls slap against her ass. She’s moaning and shaking and before long she has an orgasm. He keeps fucking her and I’m sitting in the chair watching and playing with my cock. He real close and pulls out of her and turns and sticks his cock in my mouth. I suck on him for about a second and he shoots his load for me to swallow.

We all stand around for a minute catching our breath before we get dressed and leave. On the way back Dani said she would like another sexy adventure. So now I need to come up with something to top this.

Any Ideas.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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