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my gf the tease learns a lesson
this happened long before i met my wife i was going steady with my girl friend and she had a bad habit of teasing me by getting my all worked up that we would have sex before she went home only to find that she had only been teasing me to get off on seeing me with my cock hard as steel then leaving me to find a way to relieve it she knew what i would be doing once i dropped her off and some how got a thrill of playing with my emotions i would often warn her that one day it would all come back to haunt her but she just laughed it off as she walked towards her house when i had had enough of her teasing i decided to leave her for another girl that had just moved into this area and had fallen for me she was very sexy and beautiful but i wasnt sure i wanted another gf like the one i was about to break up with but to get linda’s attention i began talking with lisa and we hit it off instantly but i still had doughts about falling for the same routine as i was about to get out of well a few weeks went by and linda noticed i was spending more time with lisa and didnt much like the idea so every time we went out on a date she would be sure to tease me even more than before in front of lisa she would allow me to reach under her skirt and fondle her ass or under her shirt and play with her tits but it was only to show lisa that i belonged to her
the next day lisa would ask how far i had gotten with linda only to find out she had left my cock hard once again
lisa gave me her number and told me the next time she left me hard i should call her up and she would finish what linda started i didnt believe her but thought what the hell so the next friday linda actually rubbed my cock as lisa looked on we would all meet at an empty lot on the main drag after our date i went home hard as a rock and almost called lisa but though better of it the next morning i head the doorbell i was shocked to find lisa standing there wuith a mad look on her face
she pointed her finger as she said ok did you fuck her or not i replied i hadnt then lisa asked why i hadnt called her so she could help me with my hard cock asa i looked her in the eye i said because you might be just as big a tease as she is and thats to much to handle lisa reached our with both arms and as she hugged me very tightly she whispered in my ear look baby ive wanted to get fucked by you since thsat first day i saw you and if you want to find out if im a tease then after your date tonight meet me at the park by the school and ill showe you if im a tease or notso i called linda up that afternood and asjked if she wanted to go out linda jumped at the chance to tease me once again but i had other plans so i called up lisa and told her where i would be taking linda that night so she could be close by when we got to the drive in to get a bite to eat linda saw lisa smile and wave at me that in turn pissed lionda off and asked why lisa was at the same dive in as we were i laughed as i said i didnt know and after all it was a free country then to make matters worse i called linda lisa as i told her look lisa if she and that was all i got out of my mouth by the time linda was yelling at my for calling her by the wrong name just then we heard lisa yell out hey loverboy as i turned to see want lisa was yelling about so did linda and what we saw made my cock hard as steel and lionda mad as ever there was lisa with her hands on the base of her t-shirt and as we both turned lisa lifted her shirt and bra completly above her big round beautiful tits the first thing i noticed were her hard errect nipples mounted on those big wonderful titties my jaw dropped because there were so many people there i never imagined canlı bahis her pulling that stunt but later i thought about how she had done it and realized she had her back to most of the people and the titty flash hadnt been as long as i thought but in lindas eyes i had taken an long hour look at what she calle flabby tuits but that nded our date and for the first time lisa had gotten the better of linda and i hadnt been teased like so many times before after the date i met up with lisa at the park as she hugged me she said i showed that bitch who has better tits
i replied yes but you never gave her time to tease me so now what is this the wayt you intend to help me with my hard ons lisa was already dropping to her knees as she replied no this is the way and i recieved the best blow job i had ever had then she took me by my hand and lead me to my car and pulled me into the back seat where she fucked my dick raw i came so much that night it took me almost half the morning to clean up the mess i had left behind it was close to 5 pm when lisa called me and told me i should let a few friends know what we did so linda would find out then she said i want you to come over in 1 hour i have something very important to talk to you about
when i got to her house her parents were out to dinner and lisa told me what was so important she said look i love you i want to be with you so badly but as long as that bitch has that hold over you we can never be truly happy so heres what i think you should do now she has left you hard almost everytime right yes i said then dont you think she should be taught a lesson about teasing you i was getting mad thinking of the many times i had to jerk off because of her and i said yeah she should get what she deserves and if i knew how to do it i would but thats when lisa stepped in she said look i know for a fact that after she gets home she calles her boyfriend over her gets to fuck her while you jerk off so what if we make her actually beg for some cock then give her everything she wants and much much more you see her boyfriernd knows my cousin sally he has the biggest crush on her mostly because shes a married woman that flirts with most men what he doesnt know is that sally and john her husband have an open relationship so in order for everyone to get what he or she wants we have to do a few kinky things first ofall john loves to have threesomesand he wants sally to find a guy to be in one i told her you would do it in return sally will get lindas boyfriend to come over to fuck thats where it gets a little tricky while they are fucking ill have you call up linda and ask her to go out and on the way youll get a call from me telling you when to show up now while youre heading that way you’ll find john walking down tghe road and give him a ride and he will find sally in larrys arms fucking and all hell will break lose now everything else is planned out larry and sally will feel threatened by john and eventually jonh willl talk linda into fucking him in exchange for larry but like john loves threesomes he will invite you in as his way of saying thanks for giving him a ride now larry will think hes gettint to stay withsally which will piss off linda and she;ll welcome the chance to get even with laryy and ill be in the background gettint it all on film in case she tries yelling **** later when she finds herself all along with me as your gf larry as salls man along with john and linda will be left all alone then afte a few weeks of torcher ill send her a short video clip of how she was getting fucked not by 1 or two but by 5 guys at once she will never bother us knowing i have the full video
so what do you think all i could say was ok but in bahis siteleri my mind i was thinking better to have her as a lover than an enemy so thats how the planned evening was to happen all we needed now was a date and a time
sally and john already had a plan on how to get lindas parents away for the entire weekend by letting them win a weekend get away raffle the raffle was set for two weeks from the following monday and so it began as a slow week that turned into an even slower and longer second week but finally the day of the raffle was here linda already had made plans if her parents by some long shot won she would have the house to herself and had planbned to spend it fucking larry after each party friday afternoon the raffle was held and ofcourse lindas parents won and were set to leave that night and start the weekend getaway first thing saterday morning some 300 miles from home no sooner after her parents left that linda was on the phone calling klarry to come over for a fast fuck before her first party when sally knew they had had enough time to get warmed up she called larry and asked him to come over now that her husband was out of town working so she could enjoy the entire night with him
well larry almost ran out of lindas house leaving her wet and wanting so who does she call me and me being the sucker that i am came right over by then night had fallen and i had decided to take a drive so she wouldnt have time to tease me and told her so
she really wanted tofuck but it was my turn to tease the bitch so i reached over and rubbed her hard nipples and soft tits for a few seconds and pulled my hand away she got a little upset by my actions and let me know it asking why i had stopped i told her because i already know whats going to happen ill get hard you’ll go home and ill have to jerk off
so no thanks but i will really let you go all the way this time i couldnt before because of my parents but theyre gone for the whole weekend so now we can fuck
just then i saw john walking down the street and pulled over as i did i asked if he wanted a lift john said he did he said he had been walking for over an hr and hoped someone would come by and offer him a ride as ui drove john gave me directions to his house and the reast was mostly chit chat until we got near his house he told me to make a right on the next street and his house would be the fourth one on the left so i turned and when i got to his house i pulled into the drive and waited for him to get out before putting my casr in gear jhohn looked at me and said please let me invite you in so you can meet my wife and give you a little something for your troubles i reluctantly accepted his invatation and we all started towards the door when he unlocked it and opened the door we heard moaning and heavy breathing he looked at us puzzled as he continued to walk in the yelled out to his wife sally honey im home the racket that came from that room was somthing else then larry came running out of their bedroom and stopped instantly when he saw linda standing there sally still nude came ouit next telling larry she didnt know john would be coming home and that she was in love with him and was going to tell john about their love affair as soon as john got home that sunday night in that instant two arguments broke out larry and linda sally and john i just stepped back and watched them going at it sally and johns was not a real fight but linda and larrys was but when john opened the cabnet and pulled out his gun which wasnt a real one but one made of plastic but with all the emotions floating in the air noone really took a good look instead everyone froze and john went after larry telling mine he was going bahis şirketleri to be sorry for fucking his wife sally then out of the blue larry said well since i fucked yourwife you can fuck my girlfriend to which linda almost fainted with shoickthen john ask me isnt she your girlfriend i said i thought til just now i dont know whats going on larry spilled his guts abut him and linda with every word linda heard she grew more and more upset then john said okm if shes yours then have her strip off her clothes and hand her to me to fuck
even though linda was mad at larry she really did love him and agreed to give her body up in order to stop john from hurting larry even when john invited me to join them she didnt try to refuse john instantly started to grope linda and i thought back at the many times this slut got her thrills by teasing me just to end up getting fucked by larry and i began grabbing her all over her body soon john had linda bent over the couch and was skull fucking her while i was taking her from behind dryfucking her hard and rough all she did was stare at larry with sad puppy dog eyes until larry join in making her feel better knowing that he still cared for her she started really getting into it then the doort bell rang it was johns two friends john said he had forgetten to call them back and let them know he had gotten a ride but if they wanted to they could join in as payment for their lost travel time not even then did linda say anything as a matter of fact she was loving getting it from 5 guys at once when my turn came around again to fuck linda i went for broke and put my cock on her asshole and before she could argue i forced my cock hard and balls deep in her ass she tried to scream but had a mouth full of cock and as she tried screaming the guy skullfucking her drove his cock down her throat and began pounding his ball against her chin while she gagged choked and tried her best to push him away from her mouth i wasnt long before she was taking three cocks at once in her while she jerkrd the last two bu hand
it was after 5 am when lisa and i left and they were still fucking her in every way with fingers or toys even had a few vegetables that were to be used very soon linda had been fucked ragged she was as limp as a wet wash cloth but they were still going at her in maby ways she had cum all over her body each had cum in her mouth at least twice and in her ass as well her pussy wasnt even a pussy anymore just a wide gaping hole that was once her cunt her asshole wasnt much smaller after the fisting they had tried to give her her tits had fuck sucks and were so bruised they were almost purple i felt sory for her but she was getting everything she deserved for the many times i had tio suffer it wasnt until lisa ans i drove into her house that lisa told me i was the only one that could have stopped it they would continue until i told them to stop then handed me her cell it was already ringing when i took it when john answered he asked if it was me i said yes please leave her alone now ok less than ten seconds later everything wend quiet and john said they left and sally will care for her until shes well enough to go home ok have a good day ant thanks for the fun and then hung up as i handed lisa her cell she looked me straight in my eyes and said as much as she loved larry is how much i love you i didnt tell you because you would have let her off easy but i didnt like what she did to you so thats why i kept quiet nobody fucks with my lover like that and gets away with it i was stunned at what she was saying but deep in my heart i loved her just as much as she loved my and true to her word two weeks later linda recieved a short video clip from lisa telling her if she ever got near me every person in town would get a copy of her little gang bang adveture and signed it with a picture of her taking my cock into her mout with a little sign that said hes mine you understand whore

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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