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My GirlFriend Fuck’s Me Pegged
It all started when she would rub my ass while she sucked me off which felt so good. Then it progressed into her fingering and massaging my prostate which felt even better still. In fact, That’s how I discovered the “anal orgasm”. I didn’t even know that existed until she gave me my first one. I suppose orgasm isn’t the perfect word for it as there is no ejaculation. However, it is so intense and it sweeps across my whole body. I can’t think of another word to properly describe it. I can only assume that most men are totally unaware of how many nerve ends surround their asses. She knows exactly the right spot to massage. During her hand jobs, she rubs my asshole sometimes giving me 10 or more orgasms. It is exhausting but feels absolutely amazing. My legs are wobbly and I can barely stand up afterwards. We call them AOs.

“Damn, Baby, You’re killing me!” I tell her. “I can hardly walk.”

She laughs with pride and says, “You know you love it!”

It has since escalated into her buying a strap-on cock. And damn, she looks fantastic with it on! Her beautiful curvy figure with a hard cock standing tall from her pink panties. Sexy and obscene at the same time. She seems to assume a different personality when she puts it on. When we started out together, I was the dominant one but little by güvenilir bahis şirketleri little she took control.

Even her lingerie has changed. She used come to me in a lovely bra and panty set or a thong. But now, she shows up in various corsets, fishnets, thigh high stockings, catsuits and the like. She told me that wearing the strap-on makes her feel empowered. Her newfound confidence is immensely obvious. A wave of submission sweeps over me when we are together now.

Another change is her language. She talks rough and dirty and calls me names as she fucks me.

“Take my cock, take it all, Faggot!” she hisses. “Tell me you love my cock!”

Surprisingly, I found the degrading talk very exciting. My heart pounds as she takes my ass for her pleasure. She pulls my hair and slaps my ass cheeks until they red. All the while barking obscenities at me and punishing my asshole with her artificial yet beautiful cock. She has two different size cocks. Both of them look and feel very life-like. One that is 8 inches long and average thickness and one that is 9.5 inches long and very thick. The latter she uses after she’s loosened me up.

Sometimes I watch her in the mirror when she has me bent over. Thrusting back and forth, causing her breasts to bounce. It thrills me to watch her working her cock in perabet güvenilir mi and out with such fervor. What a wonderful sight and feeling! I love it! I’m such a slut for her and her toys.

When I see others couples together, I wonder if they have similar bedroom activity. I find it hard to believe that we are the only ones that enjoy this extreme type of role reversal. It’s not like that’s all we do though. We still frequently have traditional sex. Loving, romantic sex that is quiet and sweet as well as hot, sweaty, hair pulling sex that is loud and rough. Both kinds have their place. I love either. But then there’s this other thing that has found it’s way into our repertoire. I find it thrilling, to say the least.

She makes me suck it before she penetrates me too.

“Come over here and suck my cock, Bitch,” she said. “It’s going balls deep in your ass so you better get it wet.”

I crawled over to her. She lifted the huge cock and offered it to me. I leaned forward and slipped my lips over the spongy, bulbous head.

“Oh yeah, that’s right. Suck it good for me.” she responded. “You’re my little cocksucker!”

I usually have my hand under the strap-on rubbing her clitoris as she fucks my mouth. I adore looking at her while my mouth is stretched wide. She has an intense look on her face. tipobet Her lustful stare absolutely mesmerizes me.

“Suck it hard!” she growled. “Take it deeper.”

Those words make me feel so good and I try harder to please her.

As I worked feverishly on the erection standing from her lace panties, she smiled in approval and lovingly caressed the back of my head.

“Ooo, Baby, you really do love my cock in your mouth,” she cooed.

I tried to pull my mouth off of her cock to speak but she gripped the back of my neck.

“Did I tell you to stop sucking?” she asked.

She pushed my head back down on her cock. As she pivoted her hips back and forth, she pushed it deeper into my mouth with each stroke. I let my hand slip under the big hanging balls. She was dripping wet. I rubbed her clit in rhythm with my head action. When my fingers eventually worked their magic on her clit she yelled out that she was cumming. She grabbed the back of my neck and pushed her cock as deep as it would go in my throat.

“Swallow it, you goddamn cum drinker,” she groaned.

I unsuccessfully tried not to gag as tears streamed down my face. I felt my own cum blast from my dick. She squealed in orgasm as my cum splashed on her bare feet. As her climax subsided, she slowly pulled the cock out of my throat. As it fell from my lips, I rested back on my hands and tried to catch my breath.

“You do that so good.” she exclaimed. “We’re gonna have to find you a REAL cock to suck,”

Her hand stroked up and down her saliva covered cock.

“Now, don’t get too comfy.” she said. “I’m ready for that ass. Bend over.”

And I gladly did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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