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my mom fucked and degraded by my bully
Some boys grow up jerking off to porn some boys grow up seducing girls and women and having sex. the ones who grow up jerking off only jerk off to porn and dont get actual sex while the other boys their age are having sex instead.
I was one who grew up watching and jerking to porn while the k**s who used to pick on me were flirts and playboys who were having sex regularly. They are obviously more desirable to any woman despite their behaviour. This is one such tale that reminds me of my mom and my school life where I was this k** watching porn while some of my bullies and classmates were having sex with the girls and some teachers from school and milfs like my mom too.

I never looked at my mom’s ass but one day it happened. Like any teenager, I went through the porn phase. I’d watch porn every chance that I got. Skipping class so I could stay home alone and jerk off again and again while stoned. Being home alone most of these days I’d watch numerous videos and masturbate. I read sex stories too, which were always erotic.

A few pornsites I liked needed paid membership. I convinced my mother to let me use her credit card although she didn’t know the reason. I signed up successfully and decided to spend a nice day at home watching those videos. I smoked 2 spliffs and removed my clothes. Sat back and started watching porn. 2 hours passed and I had cum twice. Once while reading a sex story and once at the end of this super hot milf video. Milf porn was my favorite. It was so sexy to think about mothers risking their marriages and c***dren just to cheat with another cock.

I sat back watching this full length video with the volume quite loud. I was so engrossed at watching this Milf get fucked by a pool, I didn’t realise that a car had pulled in. I heard the door and footsteps and I knew my mom was back, I threw back my t shirt and shorts and just closed the browser the moment she opened the door. “Hi mom” I muttered worried as I didn’t clear history as I always did. “I’ll be needing your computer for an hour or so, gotta send some mails and do some other work stuff.” She said. “What happened to yours?” I asked, “it crashed, now come on we bought the computer for you, you gotta share” was all she said. I had no choice but to comply. I handed her the computer. My hands shivered. She noticed this but didn’t say anything. She left and closed the door behind her.
Ten minutes later I’m called to her room, “Porn. I can’t believe it you skip school just so you can sit at home and watch porn!” Mom yelled. “Is this why you wanted my credit card number?” “You are in so much trouble mister!” She shouted again. “Come on I was curious besides every teenager watches porn, look I’m sorry,” I said. “No arguments, You will be punished for this. That I can promise you.” was mom’s cold reply. I walked out without saying a word. Went straight to my room and crashed on my bed. I hoped this nightmare would be over when I woke up.

I woke up after a long nap. I was home alone again. A lot of time seemed to have güvenilir bahis şirketleri passed. I searched for my computer but couldn’t find it. I figured it was probably locked up. Or with my mom at work. My mom was strict with an air of authority around her. I could really never argue with her. Some of the senior k**s in school used to tell me my mom was a Milf, I never really cared for what they said cuz she was never like those seductive milfs in those videos I watched. on a few occasions the senior k**s have told me that they jerk off to her and that they hope to have her some day. I watched tv and had supper a while later. Mom returned she didn’t say a word. She went straight to her room. I finished supper and did the same.

The next Saturday morning as usual I woke up late, parents weren’t at home. I stepped out of my room and went into the kitchen. I heard my mom in her room and decided it would be best to talk to her now, try reasoning with her or something. I knocked at her door, she told me to come in.

I opened the door to this sight. My mom sitting on the bed and my junior from school Tarun standing nude in front of her. Tarun was an athlete who used to playfully bully everyone. Tarun also used to tell me that he would one day put his cock into my mom’s ass. I used to laugh it off but now I couldn’t believe it. “You were right son, a lot of teenagers watch porn. I know sex is interesting and rightly so. And just like how some boys like you want to watch porn, boys like Tarun here need more. They need actual sex. You’ve been watching so much porn on that damn computer of yours, now you can watch real porn. In the flesh. I told you there would be no escape from punishment.” said my mom. Tarun smiled at me and said “Better get used to this, from now on my friends are gonna be dicking your mom too. We’re gonna have her like the slut she is wherever and whenever.” “What the fuck?” I stammered. Everything was happening too fast. “You will watch this” said my mom as she started to stroke Tarun’ cock. His massive cock. Tarun started smacking his cock on mom’s face, she stood up and then they both started kissing. Tarun’ nude body pressing against my mom’s clothed body. His hands groped on her ass and breasts as he sucked her tongue ferociously. He pulled off mom’s top exposing her huge tits.

He sucked her nipples and squeezed them. My mom screamed as he squeezed harder. He pushed her onto the bed roughly and then ripped off her track pants and panties. He pulled her by her hair off the bed, He then turned me mom around baring her ass to me saying “Check this out loser, the only piece of ass you get to see” he smacked and squeezed her ass. “Youre still a virgin who jerks off to porn and heres me going to fuck your mom like the randi bitch she is and take her anal virginity” Tarun took his phone and clicked my mom’s nudes. “I’m gonna send this out to everyone in school you little shit, but only after I fuck your mom out” He went down on his knees and buried his face in my mom’s ass. She moaned in perabet güvenilir mi pleasure as Tarun’ tongue licked her pussy passionately. He smacked and licked her ass cheeks before spreading them. Showing me mom’s tight asshole and massive cheeks Tarun boasted “I’m gonna tear this hole apart. Your dad has never touched it but I will and I will make sure everyone else knows about it too.” “Everyone will know how i broke your moms ass while her virgin son cried and watched”Tarun laughed and pressed his face in her ass again this time his tongue was working mom’s asshole. Her moans were getting louder with each lick of his tongue. He pressed his tongue into her asshole making her moan and shake too. I couldn’t control my boner. Watching a school bully, lick my mom’s pussy and ass was just too hot. I could feel pre cum oozing out.
“Get on your knees bitch!” Tarun snapped at your mom, she obeyed. “Open up” he said tapping his dick on her lips. Mom opened her mouth and Tarun spat in it. “Your mom is a slut boy, I’m just treating her that way” he snickered as she started sucking his dick. Mom gave a really wild blowjob. She licked his tip over and over so slowly and then sucked it and moved along the whole shaft. She sucked his cock in such a hungry way. While she sucked his cock, Tarun called her abused and degraded her verbally. He kept giving me this triumphant look. I was pissed yes but horny as well. This felt even better than porn. Tarun pulled my mom up and told her to lie ass up on my parents’ bed. My mom’s massive ass was in the air. Tarun rubbed his cock on it. He slowly rubbed his cock on her pussy and then pulled her hair as he pushed it in. Once in, Tarun started fucking my mom like a monster. Each thrust was fast and f***eful, Mom yelped and moaned with every thrust. Tarun pulled her hair and slapped her ass again and again. He grabbed mom by her hair and head and started smashing her face up and down on the pillow as he started pumping her her harder. “DUMB FUCKING SLUT!! FUCKING BITCH!!WORTHLESS CUMBUCKET!!” Tarun shouted as he pounded her pussy and smashed her face on the pillow. Watching mom get degraded was hot, I was actually enjoying this now. I knew Tarun was enjoying it.

Tarun pulled out and shouted that he needed to take a piss. He dragged my mom by her hair into the bathroom. His cock was still rock hard. I went closer and looked in. Tarun was pissing on my moms face and in her mouth making her drink his piss. Tarun finished taking a leak, “bitch suck it clean” was all he said and my mom took his cock right into his mouth. She didn’t seem to care that he had just pissed all over her in front of her son and that he was regularly filming it and taking photos to expose her, she sucked his cock like she was in love. “Now I shall do what I have always told you I’ll do, I’m gonna fuck your mom up her ass” Tarun said as she sucked his cock. Mom was once again face down ass up this time on the bathroom floor. She spread her ass for Tarun who wasted no time. He pressed his cock into tipobet my mom’s ass. My mom yelped. “Your mom is a tight bitch today but she wont be for long” Tarun boasted again. He started fucking my mom anally. Her screams and moans were louder. She enjoyed it. He enjoyed it and was as rough as he could be. “Lick my piss off the floor bitch, lick it up let your son know that you have surrendered to me to be used as I please ” Tarun grunted as he hammered her ass. “Lick it up you slut let your son and everyone who i show these clips too that even a married mother can be seduced and fucked like a whore let your son know that your desires for sexual pleasure is more important to him than your love for him as a mother you bitch” Mom licked his piss of the floor as he continued pounding her. I came in my pants twice now. Yes my mom had completely surrendered herself. She let him degrade her in all ways possible. And she enjoyed it. Tarun smashed her asshole harder with every stroke. “Hey loser should I come on your mom’s face or should I come in her butt? This is your chance to be a man sport I will keep tearing your mom’s ass open till I cum, so tell me where do you want me to cum?” I was speechless. “Hey I’ll give your mom a black eye you little shit, I asked you a question now answer me before I take it on your mommy and break her face and nose” Mom just kept moaning in immense pleasure. “Her f–a her fac- her face!” I choked. “What was that you pussy? Speak up or I’m gonna smash your moms face and head in after I’m done and make sure she never leaves the hospital for a month” Tarun snapped as he continued fucking my mother. “Her face” I stammered louder “There was that so hard?” he giggled again. He pulled out my mom’s ass. Mom’s asshole which at first was tight was no gaping. Tarun pulled her face back towards his cock before he stuffed it down her mouth again.
Tarun pulled out of mom’s mouth and ejaculated a huge amount of sperm on my mothers face. There was sperm in her hair, on her forehead, on her cheek, on her lips, in her mouth too. Tarun clicked another picture again. Mom’s face covered in cum was so hot. “Your mom looks hot loser but she looks hotter with a dick in her ass and sperm on her face, I shall send her sperm covered face to all my friends and your friends too along with the rest of the school and neighbourhood” Mom licked the cum off her fingers. “Hope you liked that son, real porn for you, now be a dear and go get milk and water for Tarun and I as you can see we’re exhausted” mom said and laughed. “Oh and son bring all your stash here right now after we smoke it all Tarun and I will fuck again and again until your father gets home. Oh and yeah you can’t watch again. This is the first time for you and the last time too. I dont think you will ever see a naked woman in the flesh again son you really are a loser. You’ll be seeing a lot of Tarun and his friends though, I shall fuck them whenever they wanna use me.” I got them the water, milk and stash too and gave it to them. Tarun and mom lay besides each other their sweaty bodies rubbing against each other. Tarun of course told me what a slut my mom was and that he finally did fuck her ass just like he always said before I left the room. I went back to my room and jacked off again recalling the entire scene which happened earlier.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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