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My New Project at work
I work in a small engineering office with a female engineering manager who is firm but fair in organizing projects. Ordinary it would be difficult to work for a woman but this lady knows her stuff and beside she nice to look at.
She is not the model type, I guess you would say she is a bit over weight and some would call Her a BBW. But like many woman in her position she carries herself very well and has a certain sex appeal about her. She is not tall only about 5 ft 4 inches and I would guess her weight at 160lbs, portioned very well. Long black hair to about the shoulder blade. All in all a very attractive woman, both in appearance and attitude. I have always been attracted to woman like her, larger than average and confidence in how she looks and acts. Perhaps that is why I try and go the extra mile whenever she asks me to do a job or small project.
One Friday, near the end of the day, she called me into her office. Its no big deal, we sometimes talk about my project or upcoming projects to, sort of bounce ideas around. This started out as a typical discussion, about how my project was coming. She mention that I was a little behind and that güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri marketing already has customers lined up to buy this product.
She then proceeded to get up from her desk, walks over, behind me, and closes the door. This is generally a bad sign, because She only closes the door for two reasons, it a personal matter or she wants to yell at you. So I started bracing for the worst.
She comes back and sits on the edge of here desk and starts talking about how I do work better. My eyes started drifting down from her face. I notice that she was dress very nice in a form fitting dress that showed just enough cleavage to notice her ample breast but not so much as to be over exposed, very tasteful. Her dress can to just above the knee, and being a leg man, I see she is wearing a dark shade of nylons with a garter, I knew this because you could make out the strap buckle through the dress. My eyes drift ever slowly down. I am brought back to reality by a “Are listening to Me” comment from Her.
Turning a bit red from embarrassment, She gives a half, sort of sinister, smile. She then slides back to sit on the desk. Just before casino firmalari she crosses her legs, I try and sneaking a look up her dress, thinking she will not notice. Much to my surprise she blurts out “what are you looking at?”. I keep quiet. As leg legs are crossed, I sneak a look now and then at her upper thigh and can see the top of her nylons. I must have been obvious because she then say “like the view?”, which I reply Yes. Thinking now, she going to call HR and call me up on sexual harassment charge and I’ll lose my job, my like if over. Much to my surprise She says come have a closer look. As I start to stand, She says “No on your knees”. So I crawl over to her on my knees.
She uncrosses her legs and places one foot on the chair I was just sitting in and gives me an excellent view up her beautifully shape thigh to here crotch. “Hows That!?” She says. I reply with a mumble from shock, very nice. Take a closer look she says. Getting closer, I can see she is also not wearing any panties and I can feel her warmth emanating from under her dress.
Slowly I get closer. Sliding my hand up her legs I feel her soft warm skin. From under her dress there güvenilir casino is soft yet tantalizing odor that draws me closer. My nose gently touches the edge of her cunt, the smell is over powering almost hypnotic as it pulls me closer. I kiss the gentle folds of her pussy. My tongue softly lick the outside of her lips, then the tip sides just inside. The taste sends my head spinning my hart racing. She lets out a soft moan as her legs spread wider apart. Moving yet closer, my tongue gos in deeper still, flicking and flipping her clit as my lips suck on its very tip.
Suddenly She pushes me away and lifts her dress up over her hip, turning around She pushes her magnificent ass in my face tells to eat her ass.
Nervous and excite at the same time, I push her cheeks apart and take in the beautiful site of the ass. Still under the spell of her pussy I began licking up her ass cheek to Her hole, swirling my tongue around and around. She pushes her ass hard into my face. My tongue run over her ass hole and then pokes just inside as she let out a whimper and wiggles her ass that drives my tongue in deeper.
She now pulls off me and goes and sits in her office chair. Putting her feet on the edge of the desk, I take my cue and crawl over and begin kiss her legs and thighs. She grabs the back of head and pulls it tightly to her moist pussy. Unable to do any or want anything more, I began to feverishly lick and suck her pussy like a hungry dog……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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