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My trip to Paris
This is what I can remember from my last month’s business trip to Paris. It was on a rainy day, when I strolled around the streets of St. Germain, when I came by a kind of old-fashioned hairdressing salon. As I passed it my attention was drawn when I saw an older but still very attractive lady in a chair near the window. Her bouffant hair was being teased and sprayed with lots of hairspray. I didn’t dare to stop walking and stare in the shop because I had already drawn attention slowing down my pace.
As I continued walking the street I decided to go back and check if I had seen right that the sign on the window said “Salon de coiffure, Dames et Messieurs”. I could do with a haircut and decided to try and have an appointment for the next day. When I entered the door I realized I was coming into a salon, completely in fifties style, decorated mainly in pink.
It was bigger then I had noticed from the outside and I could see some heads turning my way. The lady I had seen from the outside was just being helped into a lovely pink mackintosh raincoat. It suited perfectly with her enormously bouffant pinkish grey hairdo hidden under a soft lilac organza headscarf. I smiled at her and she greeted me.
I noticed all the hairdressers in the shop where somewhat older ladies, most in their fifties, with very similar hairstyles as the lady just leaving, but with very well built figures. They looked very elegant, dressed in soft pink shiny nylon dresses, buttoned on the back with pretty large white buttons. The lady behind the counter had to ask me twice if she could help me before I noticed. I could hardly speak from excitement of this wonderful display that normally only occurs in my dreams.
In my best French I asked if it was possible to have my hair cut the next day and she starting looking on her schedule. I am sorry she said but we are fully illegal bahis siteleri booked for tomorrow; the only opportunity we have is 17.00 but it could be possible that I might have to wait till 17.15.
“Oh that is no problem,” I said, very lucky to stay in this salon for fifteen minutes longer, and set the appointment.
I had trouble falling asleep that night as I constantly had the view of this salon in my mind with these well figured ladies dressed in their pink dresses and white pumps. I could even see the contours of some corsets through the thin nylon fabric and I knew for sure they were all wearing stockings instead of pantyhose.
The next day I found it very hard to concentrate on my work and went to the salon at 16.45.
“Oh you are early Monsieur, I am afraid you will have to wait a little.”
“Oh, I don’t mind,” I said, and I really meant what I said that moment.
I was placed in a chair near a table with some magazines on it. I was glad to have a chance to look around the salon for a few minutes and couldn’t help staring at the beautiful hairdressers. They where all wearing a similar type of dress in thin shiny nylon buttoned in the back and with a binding belt around the waist. Only today these were all soft lilac and instead of the short sleeves of yesterday. They all had long sleeves now with cuffs.
I could see some elegant looking ladies in somewhat darker lilac capes under the dryers and another line of chairs with ladies being combed out and having perms set. Ever since my early c***dhood I can remember looking at these displays when my grandmother took me to her hairdresser every Friday. I had always had dreams about it ever since and got very aroused with my remembrances. I could feel my titillation now and even felt a wetspot from precum. My only worry was it would show though my clothes.
A gorgeous fifty year old lady risksiz bahis veren siteler with dark auburn hair came towards me and when she was near me I could see that she was quite heavy. She was very tastefully made-up with a touch of rouge on her cheeks and very nicely outlined strawberry lips. She had beautifully formed nails in exactly the same color and I wondered how she was able to work with these long nails. As a crossdresser I was used to long fingernails but always found it hard to do chores with them. The lady introduced herself as Yvette and asked me to follow her to the dressing room. I followed the clicking sound of her four inch spike heeled white patent pumps. I had a wonderful chance to glimpse her nicely shaped legs and I noticed she was wearing tan fully-fashioned seamed stockings as I already had thought the day before.
She asked me to stretch out my arms and held out of dark lilac smock for me. I didn’t think it was strange at that moment because I had only seen women customers in the salon. I was only too glad to have covered my arousal. She buttoned it up on my back and I was asked to follow her again to the sink for a shampoo. I took my place on a reclined chair that was connected to a sink. Yvette started to rinse my hair an lathered it with a nice smelling shampoo. She massaged my head very softly for a long time and I became so relaxed from this feeling that I must have dozed off probably due to the lack of sleep the night before.
Suddenly I awoke, hearing Yvette, “Follow me please to the chairs, Madame” I didn’t even notice her calling me Madame, until I heard another pair of high heeled pumps clicking and saw two ladies in lilac in the mirror. One was beautifully coifed and the other with a towel around her head. I could hardly recognize myself as I was wearing a rather similar kind casino siteleri of makeup as Yvette. I couldn’t imagine what had happened to me but the feeling in my groin made it clear that my arousal was still there, although I looked very much like a woman.
I was seated on a chair and Yvette started to roll the perm rods into my hair in very nice rows. It seemed my hair was somewhat longer than I could remember. This was the first chance I had to have a thought about what had happened to my body, but I didn’t have a clue. Maybe my wish had come true I thought and relaxed. After all the perm rods where placed on my head a scarf was tied around it and a hairdryer was pulled over my head. Yvette gave my some fashion magazines from the table and it was only then that I realized that they were fifties fashion magazines.
After twenty minutes of browsing through the lovely petticoats and ladies dressed in my favourite fashion style I felt it a pity that the dryer was removed. Yvette removed all the perm rods and started to comb-out and tease my hair. For a minute it looked like I was electrocuted but after a few minutes Yvette started to shape may hair in the most beautiful bouffant hairstyle I had ever seen. She covered my eyes when spraying it with plenty of hairspray. As soon as I could see myself in the mirror I couldn’t help to moan a little.
Yvette was concerned I didn’t like my hairdo, but I told her it was OK. I couldn’t tell her that I had just experienced the best orgasm in my life by just looking in the mirror. It was a completely different feeling from all my earlier orgasms and I now realized the difference between a male or a female orgasm. I was still breathing rather heavily when I complimented Yvette on her work. She asked me if I would like to have her paint my nails as well.
“No thank you Yvette, I am quiet happy as it is.”
Monsieur, monsieur, I heard a swelling voice behind me and when I opened my eyes I realized that I really had dozed of at the lathering and that my body was completely as it was before although covered in a beautiful lilac smock.
The rest of my haircut went very smoothly and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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