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“What’s going on in there?” I stopped at Marjorie’s office to say good morning when I saw Jake and Mark together with Mr. Franklin in his office.

She came out to the door and joined me in a fruitless attempt to garner any information by staring at them through the open door. They were involved in some heavy discussion.

“I have no idea. They were in their when I arrived about 10 minutes ago. It looks serious, though.” She turned from them to appraise my appearance. She stepped back and looked me up and down. “I like it.”

“You think it’ll be okay?” This morning I decided I would try something different from the norm for my undressing for the office. I had adhered to the written word of the contract section, NAKED LEGAL, which stated: I was to remain naked, except for stocking, heels, and jewelry while in the offices. I thought it might be fun to throw some variety into it. Today, aside from my leather briefcase, I included a sheer white baby doll negligee. The gown tied in front just below my ample breasts, which allowed the bodice to gap open as I moved and the rest of the gown opened to the bottom hem. The gap in front was about six inches at the bottom and the hem barely reached the bottom of my ass when I stood erect. Without the sheer panties, my pussy was clearly exposed, not that the sheer material did much to cover my breasts and nipples.

I did a poor pirouette by spinning slowly on one foot. She laughed, “I like the bare feet, too. It’s wonderful, very playful and still fulfilling the intention of being naked.” She stepped up to me and I kissed her on the lips. The entire office had become very intimate beyond the overt sex play.

I admitted to myself to being a bit nervous for making the change on my own and I was relieved that Marjorie like it. It was our norm to greet each other first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. I debated about interrupting whatever the guys were discussing as I approached Mr. Franklin’s office on the way to my own. As I came to the doorway I could see inside clearly and they were in a concentrated discussion of some kind, but I decided to just stop and greet them.

I stuck my body into the doorway without entering, “Morning, guys. I don’t want to interrupt, I’ll catch up with you later.” I turned, but Mr. Franklin’s voice stopped me.

“Grace, wait … good morning, dear.” The others gave me similar greetings and turned to make eye contact. It was Mr. Franklin who continued, “Sorry to push that case motion on you, but did you make progress on it last night?”

“Yes, Sir. I finished it. We can review it whenever you are free.”

“Excellent! Sorry, again, for disrupting your evening.”

“Not at all, Sir. Just part of the job.”

He smiled. He had expressed concern several times about my hours, which were in not small part because of the sexual activities I would be asked to perform for any of them during the day. I saw his eyes, and those of Mark and Jake, travel up and down my body taking in my choice of outfit.

“I like your outfit, Grace. What do you guys think?” The agreed enthusiastically. “You’re still visible and very much easily available to touch or more.” I giggled. “Excellent. Just for the fun of it, let’s sit down and figure out some revision to your contract.” I giggled, again. The idea of a contract that restricted my clothing and stipulated my sexual services still seemed crazy. A craziness, though, that still turned my pussy into a glistening sexual organ anticipating use. I turned with a saucy sway to my hips in line with the door to tease them as I headed to my own office.

* * * * *

“Damn, I love that woman!” It was Jakes exclamation and caused Mr. Franklin to consider his rough and tumble associate. “Oh, you know what I mean … I think we all, including Marjorie, feel the same way.” They all nodded.

Mark continued the expression of feeling, “Her every action with us is a representation of something that has fulfilled a dream for her. I mean, what she is expected to do here should be crazy … impossible … but she seems to revel in it.”

“I agree,” Mr. Franklin continued, “I had a feeling about her from the start, but she is all-in. She is as dedicated to the legal work as her reputation indicated.”

“And, she genuinely is excited about the other stuff,” Jake added.

Mark laughed, “Yeah … and she’s sweet in the process.”

Jake gazed through the door as the naked vision turned into the office, “Which is all the more reason I’d like to crucify those three on the front plaza of the courthouse.”

Mr. Franklin chuckled, “No crucifying. If for no other reason, the courthouse would have cameras recording it all.”

Mark looked at each and was instantly very serious, “What if I hacked into the CCTV system and created a loop …”

Mr. Franklin, sensing the conversation taking a dangerous turn, pulled them back to task. “No crucifying. I have a better, more lasting idea.” The other three waited. The meeting so far had been a summary of what Jake’s guys had found about the men who had turned in the evidence for the disbarment charges. That they turned out to be attorneys from the same firm started Mr. Franklin thinking.

“Excellent work, Jake! So, we’re agreed that the leaked video was edited and that alone is tampering with evidence. And, you two are convinced they would still have the original version?”

Jake laughed in a very nasty way, “They wouldn’t be able to help themselves. They’d want to be able to go back and relive it, again and again. They’d want to see themselves to it to her. Remember, she was the rising star, the presumed next Partner, and they were just attorneys meeting expectation, nothing significant about them. I’m betting each one saved a copy on their laptop or phone.”

Mr. Franklin turned to Mark, “Do you have enough to perform your wizardry?”

“Yes. Jake got their names, phone numbers, workplace, and home addresses. All I have to do is be nearby when they connect to a WIFI and have them connected long enough that I can …”

Mr. Franklin laughed and held up his hand, “I think it best that Grace and I don’t know in case we are ever asked.” The group laughed. Although the laugh might have been mirthful, the looks on the three faces were similar to if they had just laid out plans for proceeding with the crucifixion idea.

* * * * *

“What’s gotten into you two today?” I was lying on top of Jake whose cock was softening inside my pussy. They had removed my baby doll earlier and we were all naked. I lay on Jake who was spread on the couch in my office. Mark had just pulled out of my ass and was sitting cross-legged on the plush rug. They had just finished with a truly inspired double-penetration.

“What do you mean?” Jake asked the question with an innocence that belied his facial reaction. I sat up on his hips to look back and forth at the two of them. We no longer showed any concern for being fully exposed to the rest of the office through my glass-enclosed office and we comfortably lounged. Jake looked at Mark and he shrugged his shoulders, also with a show of innocence.

“That was like making love to me. Don’t get me wrong, it felt REALLY good, but it lacked the hurried fuck we usually engage in here.”

Jake continued to try to deflect my question, “A DP that felt like being made love to?”

I laughed and playfully swatted the flat slabs of black muscle on his chest. “Yes! It’s always wonderful and I am hooked on this life with you all. But, yes, it was wonder … explosive …” I leaned down to kiss Jake, then to the side to kiss Mark. “But, yes, it was gentle and loving … even as a DP.”

Jake and Mark exchanged glances and I was surprised it was Mark who ultimately responded. “Maybe we just realize how important you are to us.”

I melted. I leaned further over to pull Mark into my arms and in the process Jake’s softening cock slipped from the grasp of my pussy. I then hugged Jake. I was overwhelmed. What a crazy way to find a place where belonging was real.

* * * * *

Days later, I sat at the conference table with everyone else but I was fidgeting awkwardly while we waited for Mr. Franklin to end his phone call. It was his meeting. My fidgeting, though, was due to a very strange sense of discomfort … I was fully dressed in the office. Mr. Franklin had made a point of instructing me to put on all my clothes for this meeting. It seemed too strange as I retreated to the small isolated reception space to pull up my panties, clip my bra in place, and pull on my skirt and blouse, then not leave but return to the office. The others seemed to be just as taken by my appearance among them, too. Although we spent enough time away from the office when I was dressed, this was different.

He finally broke away from the phone and joined us, apologizing for the delay. He explained the reason for the meeting as the most effective way for the team to come to an understanding of a situation and to arrive at a mutually acceptable agreement. As I was completely in the dark, I assumed the others would be, too. But, looking around the table, Marjorie was the only one also looking around confused. She and I settled our gaze on each other and shrugged our shoulders.

Mr. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Franklin then launched into a presentation he had clearly spent some effort preparing. He explained how Jake had come to him with a proposal that would be off the books: making a determination of how what happened to me with the Bar had occurred. I straightened up and focused my gaze on Jake.

“It didn’t make any sense to me, Grace. It just bothered the hell out of me. We all saw the video. There are heavy shadows, bad lighting, and grainy. How did someone make the connection to you? The only way any of us recognized you was because we already knew it was you.”

Mr. Franklin explained what Jake and his associates had found. So that was the job they were helping Jake with. He detailed the events and actions that led to having sufficient information for Mark to assist in the investigation. I looked at Mark.

“You mean, hack? You hacked into their computers and phones? That’s not legal evidence.” Mark looked nervous, not used to having me appear unhappy with him so I apologized and turned my attention to Mr. Franklin.

“We don’t need to worry about the legality of it. For one thing, they didn’t worry about it and, for another thing, I don’t think it will be used in court.” He described the video Mark found, then cued Mark and it appeared on the large flat-screen at the end of the table. “I don’t suggest that we need to see this again, but there are some differences between this copy and what was leaked to the Bar.”

He cued Mark and it fast-forwarded. Mark did it several times and each time he was stopping at a scene that was not in the other version and these scenes showed faces of men.

“I know those guys. We were at the same firm. Are you saying …”

Mr. Franklin, “We are. These three were at that last gangbang. Not only that, but they took this video. It’s not surprising you didn’t notice them at the event, either. What was learned is that when you marked on the agreement form that you didn’t want your face shown, it was missed by the organizer. To use the video he took, he had to go through it and blur your face from each frame. It was weeks AFTER you were disbarred that the official video was released after correction. This grainy one was taken with a phone and those three passed the phone back and forth to capture it.”

Mark jumped in, “You can see, Grace, how pleased they were of themselves at how they were screwing you literally and anticipating it figuratively later.”

Mr. Franklin added, “Jealousy of a successful woman passing them by. They had all been in the firm well before you, right?” I nodded.

Marjorie softly added, “The wounded ego of hapless males. Obviously, present company excluded.” Everybody smiled at that.

I looked around the table. “Thanks, guys, but after all this … what?”

“That’s up to you, dear.”

Mark jumped in, “Jake suggested three crucifixions on the courthouse grounds.”

I laughed. It was a good tension breaker until I looked at Jake and saw that it was probably true. “v******e has its appeal. So does giving them a taste of their own medicine.” I shook my head more. “I don’t want to go to the Bar Association with this and have everyone know I was that petty.”

Mr. Franklin said, “Good, because I have a much better and satisfying idea.” He laid his idea out for everyone. They all watched me because I would have a starring role in his game and it would have to be a good performance. The last time they screwed me in multiple ways; this time I could have my chance in multiple ways. I agreed.

Then, if I thought we were past the serious part, I was wrong. “I wanted Grace to be dressed in the office for this meeting for two reasons. One, I wanted her to possibly feel like the old Grace before all this happened to make her decision of how to proceed. I have to say, dear, I am proud of you. Then, two, I want to suggest something to her and you all. Because of what happened but what I knew of her as an attorney, I presented an absurd employment option to you, Grace. And, you have made the time here the most unique, professional, and satisfying as a result.” He looked around the table. “Grace, you’ve done everything asked of you with professionalism in the legal work and complete charm and willingness in the other.” There were smirks and chuckles around the table. But, I waited intently. “I am proposing that we rewrite your contract to delete the section on NAKED LEGAL.” He asked for a show of hands of agreement and the others slowly raised their hands.

Jake’s voice broke the ensuing quiet, “Wait a minute. That’s fine. I always thought of it as consensual. But, boss, are you saying you WANT to make this change or it’s up to Grace?”

He looked at me, “Up to Grace. You’ve been through plenty, dear, enough to send most attorneys into a long depression to lose what they strove for. I thought you might be tired of all this and maybe desire something more normal.”

I looked everyone in the eyes. I could see they were all just projecting support and understanding. I stood up, my fingers beginning to work the buttons on my blouse. “Who among you has any interest in my arrangement in the firm to be changed?” Smiles formed on their faces, including Mr. Franklin. Nobody raised their hand. I slid the blouse off, dropping it on the table. I began unhooking my bra. “Who among you has no desire to see my body naked every day?” I held the loosened bra in place as I scanned the faces. Still nobody. I let the bra fall down my arms and dropped it on top of the blouse. I reached behind my waist and loosen and unzip my short skirt and began pushing it down over my hips. “Who among you doesn’t want me to give you oral pleasure?” I didn’t even scan the faces as my hands pushed my panties off my hips and I stepped out of them. “Anyone not interested in fucking me?”

I leaned over the table and Jake appeared at my butt with his pants loosened. I looked up at Mr. Franklin. He had his answer and I truly believed he was finally satisfied this was what I wanted. And, what I wanted was all four of them fucking me, which was possible since Marjorie bought a strap-on to be used at the office.

* * * * *

It was about two weeks later and a lot had transpired, not the least of which was that I was gangbanged, again, though, this time I was not as enthusiastic and excited about it. I was again told to be dressed in the office and I chose a business dress I often used for courtroom appearances. This was going to be the day. I waited in my office going over a current case, just as I had been requested. I was trying really hard not to peer around the office wondering what was happening.

* * * * *

“Everything ready?” Mr. Franklin was stressing over the minor details now as he sat with Mark and Jake in his office. They assured him all was functioning properly.

Marjorie came into the office from the reception room and went directly to his office. “They have all arrived. They are quite curious why they were each invited.”

Mr. Franklin nodded to Mark and he cued up video and audio feed from the small reception room. With Jake’s knowledge of surveillance, the use of audio and video feeds had already come in handy. Mr. Franklin’s monitor popped with a view of the room from the corner of the door frame. The three attorneys were occupying the only threes chairs in the room lined up along the opposite wall.

“You guys received an invitation, too?” “He said he had a proposition to discuss that could possibly change my life.” “So, he’s still very active?” “From what I heard, he’s got about six cases he has other attorneys chasing their tails over with motions and depositions.” “He’s only one guy, right? How can he do that?” “Maybe that’s what this about, wanting to expand his office.” “I heard he already hired someone, but he’s the only one to submit motions or appear in court.” “It doesn’t make any sense, does it? Bringing us all here at the same time? Why would he hire three attorneys from the same firm?” “Because we’re good. Don’t over think this.”

Marjorie laughed, “Pieces of work, they are. Grace was right about them. Egos gone amok.”

Mr. Franklin took charge, “Okay, it’s time. We don’t want that discussion to wander too much into considering if being here makes any sense at all. Marjorie, I want you to sit on Grace. You two have work to do on the Harrison case, right?” She nodded. “Keep her busy with that. Nothing says busy like being busy.”

She giggled, “You come up with that all by yourself?”

He stared her down and she left.

Jake leaned forward and stared his boss in the eyes, “Take a deep breath, boss. You almost jumped all over Marjorie for crying out loud.”

He looked embarrassed, “Okay, you’re right. I’ll apologize to her later. I’m just feeling really lousy about everything Grace went through and then this last stuff to get this nailed down.”

“We all feel the same way. She’s a saint … a really sexy saint.” That broke the three of them into chuckles and they filed out to greet the sheep waiting their turn for the slaughter.

Jake brought the three into the room and introduced Mr. Franklin and Mark. The attorneys introduced themselves and the small talk began, a kind of business ritual güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri before the real issues were engaged. As they milled around the conference table, one of them was caught looking back at the two women huddled in a glass office.

“I heard you hired someone, but …” He stopped and whispered to the others, “I think that’s McBride.” Their eyes nearly exploded. “Just be cool. Nobody knows anything.”

“I’ll have her come out later. Please excuse the accommodations, gentlemen, we are a small firm, but we are very agile and efficient.” He looked closely at the three, “Excuse me, but … are you okay? You look like …”

“Oh, sorry, we were mugged recently.” Their story was that they were attacked, k**napped, roughed up in the back of a van, robbed, and dumped outside one of the seediest strip clubs known for prostitution and d**gs. Before they could gain their feet, they were surrounded by customers who were calling the police to report it.

Mr. Franklin gave Jake a stern look but Jake mouthed, ‘not me’. But a smile crept across his face.

“So, I suppose you are wondering why I asked you come here?”

“You said something about a proposition that could possibly change our lives. Are you looking to expand your firm? I can tell you we are just …”

Mr. Franklin laughed, “Expand the firm with you three? Oh God, no. But, I do have something that could change your lives. Pay attention, gentlemen.”

They all sat down around the table, the three on one side. Mark cued his laptop and a video appeared on the screen. The three attorneys were confused why this esteemed attorney was showing a porn video of a gangbang, until … it sunk in. They all looked at each other with a bit of panic, then they collectively gathered themselves.

“Do you recognize this video, gentlemen?” They claimed ignorance. He motioned to Mark, again. The video sped up and stopped. “As I said before, pay attention.” When the video started up, again, there were their faces one after another as the video sped up and slowed to the appropriate times.

“Where did you …” Another interrupted, “The video isn’t very good, shadowy, grainy.”

* * * * *

Marjorie poked my arm as we went through the motion on the monitor. She indicated out into the open area. “It’s time, dear. You okay?” I nodded and stood, following her out to the conference table.

“Gentlemen, I would like to introduce my newest associate, Grace McBride. She worked at your firm with you, I believe.” They nodded with a bit more fear in their expressions. “Miss McBride, we were just looking at this video. Tell me, please, if you were presented this in court as a piece of evidence against your client, what would your response be?”

I stepped up the table, put my hands on the table and leaned forward, gazing at the video for a solid couple minutes. I was being banged fiercely by one of them and someone else had his cock in my mouth while other hands were grasping breast tissue and nipples. I looked down at them with my best courtroom blank face. I stood upright.

“I would object, first. Then, I would argue the video lack the clarity to be effective in identifying anyone.”

“What about the woman involved?”

“The same.” I turned to the three attorneys, “In fact, that was my argument, but the Bar Associate hearing members said they had been given a positive identification.”

“Interesting. Now, how about this one?” He signaled Mark. The screen went black for a moment, then a new video started. I leaned forward, again. I hadn’t yet seen this one. They all suggested it might be better if I didn’t until the right time. This video was nearly professional quality. It picked up in mid-action. I was naked on my back, one of them was fucking me, another was in my mouth. I was wearing a blindfold that covered half my face but left my mouth available. Everyone was naked. I watched for a long time and I sensed fidgeting next to me, but I refrained from looking. Then, I saw what I remembered. I had been having a very hard time controlling my emotions knowing who it was fucking me but it was the only way to get them on video. I struggled when the cock in my mouth went deeper than I wanted it. I had deepthroated all the guys in the office, but I didn’t want to give these guys that. When I resisted, I was slapped on the face and several times across the breasts.

Now I turned my head, “With this video, my client would be screwed.” I smiled and stood up.

Jake stood and came up behind me. “You didn’t recognize her, did you?” He put the same blindfold over my upper face. “How about now?” I couldn’t see anything, but I unmistakably heard gasps coming from all three.

As the blindfold came off, Mr. Franklin continued. “We could have used only the complete original video and finished you. This other was insurance.”

“Where did you get …”

“You edited the video before sending it to the Bar Association. That’s tampering. But, you couldn’t resist keeping the original. In fact, you each wanted your own copy.”

“You hacked us?”

He laughed, “It is way too late to be talking ethical behavior. The second was clearly staged with Miss McBride’s participation, though this time she can’t be identified, but you certainly can. Even your k**s could identify you in that one.” That brought a look of horror to their faces. “Now you see what I meant by ‘change your life’.”

Mr. Franklin laid out several options for them. The videos could always go to the Bar Association and I might win leniency as a result; the videos could just be released online and the fallout could be more devastating to career, family, and friends; or, and the way they wisely chose, the videos would be kept under his control as long as they assisted with cases periodically. The cases would never be getting a guilty man freed but would assist in cases where the power of a large firm could otherwise overwhelm a smaller firm and the guilty party winning. The videos would be used as leverage.

After the men left, defeated and shell-shocked, I heard the story of the mugging. Jake had called his guys to quiz them. He apologized to Mr. Franklin for v******e coming into it.

To me, though, “Once Tim and Blake met you, they were so mad they were blind to the ramifications. To their credit, they protected their faces. They were the ones to notify someone inside the strip joint who called the cops before they could leave. Their wives are not happy they spend time at a strip joint and were wondering about prostitutes.” He looked shyly at me and Mr. Franklin, “They said not to worry about the money. They left the credit cards and wallets to be found by the police. The cash found its way to the St. Francis Mission. They were very grateful for the large anonymous donation.”

We all laughed and I made a commitment to myself to revisit those two soon. It would be a convenient excuse for another wonderful mini-gangbang.

* * * * *

“Everyone … I want to thank all of you with all my heart, my trust, my dedication, my love, and … my body.” They all laughed and held up their wine glasses in salute. We were gathered at Mr. Franklin’s home for a group dinner to celebrate the conclusion of putting down ‘the three’, as they had become known. We all came from work on a Friday night for the celebration, but I had brought with me something special to change into. I was wearing a floor-length, white sheer negligee made of four panels of material attached at the bodice level. Standing still, it looked like a single gown hinting my body underneath, any movement allowed the separate panels to move independently and exposed my body in tantalizing bare glimpses. Under it, I wore matching sheer stockings and white heels.

I stood at the table while they sat. “Truly, I cannot thank all of you enough. I am not just talking about what just happened, though, now that they are identified, I can confess how much the mystery had bothered me.” I moved behind Mr. Franklin, bent and kissed him on the cheek. “Mostly, I have to thank you, Sir. You gave me the chance at satisfying work nobody else would.”

He chuckled, his eyes sparkling, “At a cost, my dear.”

I laughed with the others at the obvious reference. “Yes, Sir. But, the cost turned out to be a fulfillment of a part of me I hadn’t recognized until you showed it to me.” I moved around the table, kissing each on the cheek as I went. “All of you … you so unselfishly assisted me in my journey to the discovery of that new fulfillment.” They laughed. “I am serious, though … okay, not about the unselfish part … but you all accepted me, accepted my professional contribution, and … accepted the slut in your midst.” With my hands on Mr. Franklin’s shoulders, “Mr. Franklin was right about knowing me. At the time, he probably knew me better than I knew myself or accepted about myself. I think, in retrospect, what all the stuff about NAKED LEGAL was to release me from my long-time efforts at maintaining my mask that hid the personality I was. I think it was his way of pushing me to consider, forcing me to accept, to experience giving up control of myself in order to experience the submissive nature he saw within me. It was an effort to show me a way to be happy. He was right and we’ve all been rewarded.” They güvenilir bahis şirketleri smiled at me. “Maybe for the first time, I truly feel happy, content, accepted, valued, included, and loved. Thank you.”

I looked down at the top of Mr. Franklin’s head and smiled. “If Mr. Franklin has no objections, I propose we move this party to the other room … if … anyone’s interested.” I released the tie and the gown sank in a puddle at my feet leaving me as I often am in the office … stockings and heels. They quickly got to their feet and followed me out of the dining room with glasses and another bottle of wine.

In the room I considered the family room, I kicked off my heels and held my foot up to Mark who obediently rolled one stocking down my leg and off my foot. I held the other foot to Jake and shivered when his fingers probed my wet pussy ‘accidentally’ as he began rolling that stocking down.

I undressed both of them article by article with kissing and fondling in-between. When they were both naked, I was on my knees in front of them and began a back and forth worship of their cocks. There was no rush to this evening. In the office, we are often subject to time considerations of case-loads, pending meetings, and conversations. After-hours became very different, whether together or one-on-one. The others would leave whenever it was appropriate. I was asked to spend the night and I fully expected it might be the weekend, though I brought no other clothing for the extra days.

Once the guys were hard, I devoted some time to deepthroating each while stroking the other. It was partially for them and partially for the viewing interest of Marjorie and Mr. Franklin who were sitting closely on the couch watching intently. Marjorie may be lesbian with a partner, but she still had a close relationship with him born from their close association over the years.

I stood up between the men, pressing my body against theirs and kissing each. Jake was usually the aggressor in these situations and he, again, took charge. He moved the heavy coffee table from in front of the couch to keep all of us close. He assisted me to the floor and his mouth quickly covered my pussy as my legs wrapped around his head with the first rush of arousal as his tongue pressed into my primed hole. I felt fingertips on the side of my face and I blindly allowed them to turn my head, my mouth opening in anticipation. Mark’s cock slipped between my lips and I moved my head back and forth to coat it with saliva for more comfortable fucking into my mouth.

Jake knew I was ready for fucking and didn’t delay too long before kissing his way up my body and his wonderful cock bumping into my pussy. I smiled around Mark’s cock as Jake bumped his cock against me. It was a thing he did. If it somehow slipped into my hole, fine. If it didn’t, he waited for me to insert his cock into my pussy. It was a dominant play; if I wanted his cock, and I always did, I needed to do it. He wasn’t being passive, just the opposite, it was a non-verbal equivalent to making me ask to be fucked, and that small action was tremendously arousing, as was the power and strength his body exuded against me but could be so gentle and caring.

Jake fucked me for minutes with strong and controlling strokes as I fucked Mark’s cock with my mouth and taking him to the entrance of my throat. Then, in mid mouth-stroke, my pussy was frustratingly empty. My body cried out in frustration and want before my mind could appease its need. Mark’s cock slipped out of my mouth and Jake’s filled it fuller and deeper. Mark’s cock took its place at my pussy and drove deep into me with a different feel and motion, one of far more caring and excitement. The stark difference between the men: one dominant in all ways; the other more used to appreciating what comes his way. The back and forth switching between the two was always exciting, like a fine lover who could deliberately and expertly change his approach and effort.

When they both came in my body, it was close to the same time as my own with one in my pussy and the other down my throat. I found it hard to be in the midst of an orgasm with a cock in my throat. Breathing was hard even when I could concentrate so I always pulled back a bit for the cum to fill my mouth, but be quickly swallowed. For their part, there was never a concern about holding off to cum in one hole or another of my body. I was there for them to give and receive pleasure. The night would be as long as it would be with the four of them enjoying my efforts.

After they pulled out of my body, I collapse with a contented sigh to the rug, but quickly sat up and looked at Mr. Franklin. The rug was plush and surely expensive. He chuckled and pointed to a nearby chair where I saw a large, folded towel waiting. We’d fucked there before and he was very aware of how my pussy leaked. I crawled to the chair which I was sure they all enjoyed watching, took the towel, and spread it out on the rug before taking up my position again with legs spread and looking to the couch for my next lover.

Marjorie stood and to my surprise completely stripped, then stepped into the strap-on she had brought in anticipation. Though the men would never presume to touch her uninvited, she had not been comfortable in the past and kept her bra and panties on. To see her strip completely seemed to indicate she was also accepting the safety of the group, though it took this long to achieve.

I watched her approach with the dildo obscenely bobbing up and down in front of her soft but curvy body. I remained where I was but lifted my knees and splayed them out to open my body to her more. She smiled down at me as she stood between my legs, my gaping pussy in clear view. She knelt and guided the end of the dildo to the entrance of my pussy and pressed forward. As she pressed it in, she leaned forward to bring our mouths together. As she kissed me, the dildo penetrated me further and I moaned into her mouth.

She pulled back and gazed into my eyes, “You are such a hot woman.” Her hips were slowly fucking me. “I’m fucking you, but I don’t really know what it feels like when your pussy squeezes around the cock driving into you.”

I groaned at her words and pulled her face into mine. When I separated us, I whispered into her ear, “You and your partner fuck with dildos, but how long has it been since you felt a real one? A dildo might be a substitute but it lacks in all the real feelings, the feeling of warm flesh sliding inside you, the feeling of its tension when it swells and pulses, and the feeling of cum spurt after spurt going into you. Wouldn’t you like to feel that?”

She pulled up and looked questioningly at me. “What are you … not them …”

“No … but Mr. Franklin … you trust him … you’ve trusted him for so long. You don’t have to love the man, marry the man attached to the cock … just enjoy it.”

She looked at me, a smile spreading across her face with recognition of the potential. She looked over her shoulder at him and he looked back puzzled. I called him over with one hand. She looked at me and the smile showed her decision. They quietly talked as her hips continued the slow motion of fucking the rubber cock into my pussy. He quickly finished stripping and went behind her. I heard the murmur of Jake and Mark as they watched what was about to happen. She wanted him to fuck her as she fucked me. It was going to be crazy. It was going to be amazing.

* * * * *

“That was a hell of a closing argument you gave us after dinner tonight.” I was curled into Mr. Franklin’s side in his bed. The others had left at some ungodly hour. I was fucked several more times by Jake and Mark and I sucked Mr. Franklin and ate Marjorie’s pussy before it was called an evening. I saw everyone out, standing outside the front door naked until they were gone. I was spending the night with Mr. Franklin, possibly more.

My head was resting on his left shoulder, my arm spread across his chest, my left leg wrapped around his, and my body pressed tightly against him. We had just finished making love. It was that, too. So much of this is fucking, but there are moments when isolated with one of them that it shifts from frantic, wild fucking and is allowed to be slow but still intense loving. This had been that.

“I hope you meant what you said because that little speech would be taken as encouragement to continue with what has been.”

I turned my head slightly to kiss his shoulder. “Closing Argument … hell.” He lifted his head and looked at me. I chuckled, my body shaking into his. “That was my Opening Argument, Sir. I wasn’t encouraging them and you to continue with what has been.” I snuggled closer even though closer wasn’t possible. “I was encouraging them, and you, to go forward, leap forward, boldly and with confidence and assuredness that what would come of the future can only be known if we reach out and grab onto it.”

He wrapped me tightly in his arms. “You are a hell of a woman, Miss McBride.” He kissed the top of my head. “No offense, my dear, but out of your misfortune has come our great providence.”

“No offense taken, Sir. In my way of thinking, Sir, my misfortune was my own providence.” I kissed his skin as I settle my face against his body. “Do you desire for me to be your naked servant this weekend, Sir?”

“I desire that very much if that is okay with you.”

I giggled, “Sir, if you desire it, it is all I need.”

* * This story concludes the events tied together, but there will be other individual stories with the same characters * *

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