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New Neighbor Part 2 – Katie and Jill’s Good M
The next morning after showering and getting dressed Jill decided to go and check on Katie. Jill was a bit surprised that she wasn’t awake yet. “Katie, are you awake?” Jill tapped lightly on the bedroom door, pushing it open just enough to see in. She was surprised to see Katie’s pajamas on the floor, and Katie, fully nude, lying on the bed. She was just waking up. Jill could not help but notice how tone and trim Katie’s body was.

Jill watched from the door as Katie sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes, clearly not aware that Jill was watching her. Jill could not take her eyes off of Katie’s firm breasts, which were a little smaller than her own. Jill looked at Katie’s large, rose colored nipples, imaging that they became very puffy when Katie was turned on.

Katie ran her fingers through her long brown hair, shaking it out. “Yeah, I’m up. What time is it?””Almost 10am.” Jill said watching as Katie slid her long tan legs over the side of the bed and stood up, stretched and then bent down to pick up her pajama top and bottoms, and slipped them on.

Jill stepped back as Katie opened the door and smiled. “I must have been very tired, I never sleep this late.” Katie grinned and turned to Jill. “Are you okay? You look a little flushed.”

“Hum? Oh, yeah, I’m fine.” Jill said. Her heart was pounding. Seeing Katie nude had totally aroused her. It had been a couple of years since Jill had seen another woman nude. She’d always found other women attractive but hadn’t been with one sexually since marrying Todd. She’d done a fair amount of experimenting with girls when she was younger and had enjoyed it very much.

“Why don’t you take a shower, and I’ll fix us some coffee and breakfast, I haven’t eaten yet myself.” Jill smiled.

Jill went down to the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee. She could not get the image of Katie’s body out of her mind. She sipped her coffee and closed her eyes. She could feel her nipples which had grown stiff, pressing against her bra and she felt a tingle between her thighs. She desperately wanted to go up to the bedroom and masturbate but knew she didn’t have time. She got up and set out some cereal and cut up fruit for breakfast all the while thinking about Katie.

Katie joined Jill in the kitchen a short while later. Her damp hair was curling slightly around her face. She was wearing a tight white t-shirt and navy blue shorts. She poured herself a cup of coffee and joined Jill at the table.

“Help yourself to anything you’d like to eat.” Jill motioned at the items on the table.

“Thanks.” Katie smiled as she scooped some of the cut fruit into a bowl.

Jill was still very aroused and now that Katie was sitting with illegal bahis siteleri her, she was starting to feel flushed again. “So, um, did you get too hot last night?”

“Huh?” Katie asked puzzled.

Jill smiled. “I um, i just noticed you weren’t wearing your pajamas when I went to wake you up.”

“Oh!” Katie smiled bashfully. “Sorry about that. Actually I heard you and Todd last night and, well I – ”

“You decided to play along at home?” Jill grinned and both girls laughed. “I’m sorry if we were too loud. We’re not used to having guests.”

“That’s okay. It sounded like you were having a good time!”

“Yes, a very good time!” Jill grinned again. “To be honest, I think Todd was a little more turned on than usual last night, he could not keep his eyes off you when we were helping you unload your rental truck and last night while we were out.”

“Yeah, I knew he was.” Katie smiled, she wasn’t sure where Jill was going with this. She’d noticed Todd checking her out a number of times but she hadn’t cared.

“His eyes tend to wander a bit.” Jill continued. “But that’s okay. To tell you the truth, I was checking you out a little too. I hope you don’t mind. I hope you’re not offended.”

Katie suddenly felt flushed and excited. She set her coffee cup down before her hands began to tremble. “I kind of noticed that too and I’m not offended at all.”

Jill set her own coffee cup down on the table and smiled a little. “And finding you upstairs in bed nude really turned me on! I can’t get the sight of your body out of my mind!”
Katie was becoming aroused, she could feel her nipples becoming stiff., pushing against her thin bra and the t-shirt she was wearing.

Jill noticed Katie’s nipples also. She leaned over closer to Katie and kissed her lightly on the lips. She let the back of her right hand gently brush over Katie’s left breast. Jill took Katie’s hand and they both stood up. “C’mon.” She whispered.

Jill lead Katie upstairs to her and Todd’s bedroom. All of the windows and a pair French doors to the deck overlooking the backyard were open, a beautiful, warm summer’s morning breeze was blowing gently through the room.

Jill led Katie to the foot of the bed and kissed her again, more fully this time. Katie responded by wrapping her arms around Jill and pulling her closer as her tongue found its way into Jill’s mouth. After a few moments Jill stepped back. Katie watched as Jill slipped out of her t-shirt and shorts, and walked towards her, in her pink lace bra and matching panties. Katie could just see Jill’s dark nipples through the lace.

Katie reached down to pull off her t-shirt but Jill stopped her. Taking her hand again, Jill spun her around like a ballerina. Katie giggled as tipobet she ended up standing with her back pressed against Jill. Jill wrapped her arms around Katie’s waist and kissed her on the right side of her neck, just below her ear. Katie moaned softly as goose bumps erupted up and down her whole right side. Looking up, Katie realized they were standing in front of the dresser’s mirror. She watched their reflection as Jill’s hands slid over her flat belly and then under the bottom of her shirt. Slowly Jill pushed her shirt up, over her breasts and then over her head and off, tossing it aside. Jill continued to kiss Katie’s neck, as her hands unhooked Katie’s bra and let it fall away.

Katie watched in the mirror as Jill gently cupped her breasts, her hands were incredibly soft and warm. Jill nibbled at Katie’s earlobe as her fingers began to circle Katie’s nipples. Katie could feel Jill’s own nipples, stiff against her back still restrained by the lace of Jill’s bra. Jill began to pinch Katie’s nipples and then slipped her left hand back down over Katie’s belly again to the button on her shorts. With a flick of her fingers Jill had them unbuttoned, letting them slide down around Katie’s ankles. Using her own hands, Katie pushed the white bikini panties she was wearing over her hips and down, and then she turned and faced Jill.

“You’re so fucking beautiful, Katie!.” Jill whispered as the girls again wrapped their arms around each other. As they embraced and kissed, Katie unhooked Jill’s bra. Sliding her hand under Jill’s panties and down between her thighs, Katie could feel the moist heat of Jill’s pussy.

Letting Jill’s bra fall to the floor, she gently put her hands on Jill’s shoulders and pushed Jill back onto the bed. Jill laid back as Katie grabbed the waistband of Jill’s panties and pulled them off her long, tan legs. Climbing onto the bed, Katie pushed Jill’s thighs apart and lowered her mouth to Jill’s hairless pussy. Jill let out a soft sigh as Katie ran the point of her tongue up between her moist lips, over her swollen clit and back down again. Katie did that several times, feeling Jill’s clit stiffen with each stroke of her tongue. Adjusting her mouth upward a little, Katie began to flick Jill’s clit faster with the point of her tongue.

Katie began to flatten her tongue against Jill’s clit, applying more pressure as she did. As she licked, Katie brought her left hand up and slipped her middle finger between Jill’s soft pussy lips. She let her finger glide up and down between Jill’s soft folds as she continued to work Jill’s bud with her tongue. Jill let out a short moan as Katie’s finger slipped into her tight opening. Katie applied even more pressure tipobet giriş with her tongue as her finger slid in and out of Jill’s pussy. Jill placed her right hand on top of Katie’s head, while her other was busy pinching her stiff nipples. As Jill pressed down on her head, Katie responded by licking harder and faster. Knowing Jill was about to cum, Katie pushed her finger faster and deeper into Jill and she continued to work her tongue in short strokes over Jill’s clit.

Jill let out a series of soft, sharp moans and then a louder, longer cry, as she arched her hips up off the bed, pressing her sex hard agains Katie’s mouth. As Jill came, Katie could feel even more of Jill’s wetness flooding out of her. Katie moved back a little, her finger still deep inside Jill, as she bucked her hips up and down. Jill’s hand were tightly squeezing her breasts and her eyes were clamped shut.

As Jill’s pleasure waves subsided, Katie slipped her finger out of Jill and crawled up on the bed beside her, kissing her gently on the lips.

“Holy shit!” Jill whispered, smiling at Katie. “That was, that was just amazing!”

Before Katie could speak Jill rolled over and planted her lips firmly against Katie’s. She could taste herself on Katie’s lips and that turned her on even more. Slowly, she worked her way down Katie’s body leaving a trail of gentle kisses from Katie’s neck, to her breasts, over her flat stomach, her mound, and finally on each thigh. Jill kissed and licked the insides of Katie’s thighs as she pushed her legs open. Sitting between her spread legs and resting her hand on top of Katie’s mound, Jill pressed her thumb gently against Katie’s swollen clit, which was peeking out between her moist, pink lips.

“Mmmm.” Katie whispered as she settled back. Jill began to began to move her thumb slowly up and down over Katie’s throbbing little bud. Jill slipped two fingers between Katie’s plump pussy lips, and then eased them deep into Katie’s slick cunt in one easy movement. Katie groaned with delight as Jill started to use her fingers to fuck her, in and out, in and out, building up to a quick pace.

Jill stopped working her thumb on Katie’s clit, but continued to finger fuck Katie as she lowered her mouth and started to use her tongue between Katie’s pink folds. Katie arched her back a little to increase the contact as Jill’s tongue found her stiff little clit. Jill swirled her tongue against it over and over, as her fingers rammed in and out of Katie’s pussy.

“Yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!” Katie screamed as she arched her hips up off the bed and came, having one of the hardest orgasms she’d ever experienced.

Jill slipped her fingers out of Katie as she felt the contractions of her orgasm fading, and crawled up next to her on the bed. “Feel good?” She whispered, wrapping her arm around Katie, just below her breasts.

“Yes!” Katie sighed and closed her eyes.

Jill hugged her tightly. “I’m really going to love having you as a neighbor!”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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