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Night shift fun
John didn’t have much time for women. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, but working as a surgeon in one of the busiest hospitals downtown didn’t give him much time for that sort of thing. He was an ok looking guy, and liked to flirt with girls- usually the pretty nurses at work- but it never seemed to lead anywhere. Never had the time to. It was a shame that the only person to experience his big curved cock was his own right hand usually. He had a great sex life at college, and knew his way round a woman’s body, but since starting this career work had taken its toll.

One unusually quiet nightshift he was sat in the resident’s room with the door open- flicking through facebook, TV on in the background. Jessica, a particularly pretty young nurse walked past and smiled at him. He had a soft spot for Jessica- her caramel skin, pretty brown eyes, long dark hair and gorgeous smile. He smiled back. Didn’t think much of it. A couple minutes later, she walked past again in the other direction. He looked up- the outline of her tits just visible through her pale blue scrubs. B cup, maybe a C he thought. Nice. Bet they’re pert! He realised Jessica was looking at him. Shit, he thought, she must think I’m a total pervert. But she looked him in the eye, licked her lips and winked at him. John had to cross his legs- feeling something swelling in his scrub pants. Hard to hide a boner in scrubs. “Err, hi Jessica” he said. “Hi Dr Peters” she replied. “Please, call me John. Busy night?” “Aww thanks John. No, weirdly quiet as it happens”. “Yeah, same here”. “OK, well, have a good night John”- and with that she turned around and walked off down the corridor- giving him a great view of her perfectly curved ass. “You too Jessica- see you round” he called after her.

Fuck. Did she know I was getting a boner? Did she see me looking at her tits? Thought John. Did I imagine her winking and licking her lips? Must not think about fucking her he thought. At work. Can’t think about fucking. But he couldn’t think of anything else. He tried to distract himself with the TV- olf Friends reruns. Standard night time shit.

Half an hour later, he heard footsteps on the corridor. Looking up, he could see her sexy figure walking towards him. Oh fuck, he thought. If only she knew what I had been thinking. “Hi again John” she said. “Hi Jessica” “Jess is fine” “Ah ok, thanks”. “You still bored?” “Haha yeah til I started talking to you” “Oh yeah? What a charmer” she said with a wink. He could feel his boner growing again and shifted on the chair to try and hide it. She was looking at his crotch. He felt really kaçak bahis uncomfortable. “Shit” he thought “she totally noticed my boner before and she’s come back to see if she was imagining it or not”. “I’m on my hour break” said Jessica- still looking towards John’s crotch. Then, she did something he would never have dreamed of. She looked down and put a thumb into the elastic of her scrub pants, then pulled them down to reveal a pale pink cotton thong with a small, but definitely growing, wet patch visible at the front. She looked him in the eye. “Think you could help with this?” she said.

John couldn’t keep his boner hidden any longer. It was way too fucking painful for a start. He uncrossed his legs and, after bringing his jaw back off the floor, said “sure, I’m pretty sure I’m ready to help with that”. He stood up, closed and locked the door. Then turned round to Jessica- now smiling- and grabbed her towards him, kissing those pretty smiling lips. She reached down to grab his boner through the scrubs “fuck John, it’s big!” she exclaimed. “You made it that way!” he said, as he lifted her scrub top over her head. She had a pretty matching bralette on- no wires or padding. Her firm nipples were jutting through the soft fabric, and he could feel the precum seeping down his cock. He knelt down and started to lick her nipples through the bra, circling gently with his tongue and leaving wet patches behind. Jessica moaned. “Take it off John, take it all off. I want you inside me”. “What, are you ready? Don’t you want your pussy eaten first?” “No John, I want you to fuck me. I’ve been wet for the last hour just thinking about coming in here and hoping you were going to put your cock inside me”. John didn’t need any further persuasion. He lifted the bralette over her head- her firm boobs barely moved. Her scrub pants were on the floor already. “I want to ride you” she said. John took off his scrub pants and pulled down his boxer shorts. His cock was rigid and almost pinged out as the elastic released it. Jessica had an eyeful of the thick shaft. It came out horizontally about an inch then started to curve up so that, 7 inches later, it was vertical. The wide bell end was firm and purple- all traces of foreskin shrunk away by his firm erection. “Fuck, John. I love it” she said “that is going to hit my g spot so good”. John laid naked on the resident’s room sofa. Jessica stood next to him and slipped down her thong- silky strands of her pussy juice sticking to it and glistening as she pulled the soft fabric away from her swollen pussy. Joh loved what he saw. Smooth waxed pussy with a little tipobet güvenilir mi bit of dark hair carefully trimmed at the top. As she opened her legs to straddle him, her outer labia parted and he could see her pretty clit- just poking out beneath the gently sloping hood. Her inner lips running down either side of her opening pussy hole- he could see how wet it was. She positioned herself hovering over his rock hard cock, and with the aid of a hand, gently guided the swollen bell end into her ravenous pussy. John watched in excitement as his cock head parted her lips and stretched them round it. Jessica let out a moan. Fuck she was tight. But so wet that he slipped in easily. It helped that his cock was literally dribbling precum. Jessica let her whole body weight lower onto his shaft. She was only 5ft tall and he couldn’t believe how readily her little pussy gobbled up the length of his entire shaft. She started riding and John positioned his body at such an angle that her swollen clit would get a little rub of his smooth shaved skin every time she sank down onto him. It seemed to do the trick as she started bucking and squealing- her tight pussy lips like suction cups on his shaft, activating every nerve ending in her vagina as she rode him. It felt amazing. John started rocking his hips in rhythm, and shortly after Jessica squealed “I’m cummmminnng!” She didn’t need to say it because he could feel her pussy contracting on him- squeezing his cock so tightly. He mustn’t cum, he thought to himself. “This girl is amazing and she deserves more orgasms before I spray my load”.

Jessica’s eyes were rolling back in her head. But she didn’t seem to be finished. She looked like she was just getting into her stride. She hopped off his rock hard cock. “Fuck that was good. Now do something else to me John”. John didn’t need persuading. He lifted her up and bent her over the sofa. Pushed her head down onto the sofa cushions. And entered her. Jessica let out a yelp. “You ok Jess?” “Fuck yes John- you’re right on my g spot!”. The curve of his cock and the hardness of his erection were stimulating that little soft swelling in her vagina with every movement. John slowly sank himself inside her, appreciating the view of her perfect ass as he did. He thought he had been deep when she was riding him, but he was somehow in the perfect position to get even deeper inside her now. Jessica was squealing and moaning and he was loving the sounds she was making, and how wet she still was even though they had been fucking for a while now. he watched her inner pussy lips slide tipobet back and forth over his shaft as he gradually increased the tempo. It felt amazing. Her pussy was the perfect fit for him and he had never felt anything that good wrapped around his cock before. “harder John” gasped Jess, and he really started to pump her. Rhythmic, using every last bit of his shaft, he pumped her deep and hard. One hand on her shoulder to pull her into him, the other providing extra stimulation- first on her clit, then, covered in her pussy juices, rubbing it in circular motions on her nipple. “fuuuuuuck” gasped Jess- and he felt her starting to shake. He also started to feel something warm on his balls. He looked down- she was squirting! He plunged in and out of her as her body started convulsing- massive shakes now, and he could feel her juices dripping on his feet. They were in heaven.

“Cum for me baby” panted Jess. “Where?” said John. “I’m on the pill- fill me” she gasped shakily. “You sure?” “Fuck yes”. John couldn’t hold it any longer and was pretty relieved. To be honest, he was amazed he’d managed to hold onto his load that long. He started to cum. Legs shaking, he could feel the huge load pulsing out of his cock into her perfect pussy- thick white cum mixing with her pussy and squirt juices. He groaned in satisfaction. After they finished cumming, Jessica stood up and looked him in the eye. “Now you can go down on me” she said.

They both laughed. John lay down on the sofa. Jessica climbed onto him, but then worked her way up til her pussy was right in his face. “You’re serious?!” He said. “Sure I am”. Looking at Jess’s pussy, John didn’t need any more persuasion. It was puffy and swollen now, and still so beautiful. Her clit was even more prominent, busting out from underneath the folds of her clit hood. He could feel his cock start to grow again. He took her pussy into his mouth and started to go down on her. She tasted so good- sweet and salty. Suppose some must be his cum still dripping from her, but her juices were unmistakably sexy and delicious. He teased her clit with his tongue- circling the hood and very occasionally directly touching it- her body shivering when he did. He placed his tongue inside her pussy hole and licked and pulled on her inner labia while his nose rubbed her clit. She grabbed his cock and started wanking it. It grew again, and precum was still leaking out of it giving plenty of lube. She moaned as he ate her and he became more enthusiastic the more she was wanking him. a few minutes later, a ribbon of white cum squirted onto Jess’s hand as she convulsed in her third orgasm. No squirting this time, but both were thoroughly satisfied. She slid down onto his naked body and he grabbed a blanket to put over them. Surely the other nurses wouldn’t miss her for the rest of her shift on a quiet night like this…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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