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Nude for a delivery man
By Dina Petro

This story is about Sawsan, a 30 years old housewife who is married to a husband who works as an airline crew member, her husband is always traveling, he would come home for about a week or less each month, the rest of the time he is flying from one country to another as he worked for an international airline.
Sawsan Is a gorgeous woman with great and sexy looks, the sexiest, curvy body ever, true she has some extra weight on the tits, and the ass is a little bigger than average but both on the very sexy and attractive side, Being a bisexual woman had made her build a few intimate relations with some of her neighbors and girlfriends making the emptiness in her life due to the absence of her husband, feel much better

(The rest of the story will be narrated as if directly told by Sawsan herself)
I was all alone at home once, feeling very horny, I tried masturbating and playing with myself till I had an orgasm, but It did not do the job, my whole body was still boiling and I felt I was in need for some actual sex, I was hungry too, but I did not feel like going out alone or cooking at home, too lazy at that time.
I called my best friend Lina, offering her a meal if she joins me to dinner at a restaurant, then offering her a nice time at my house in bed, she said it sounded great to her, but she was sorry as she had a date and the bitch seemed to prefer the cock she was getting on her date over my offered pussy, she suggested I call for food delivery if I did not want to go out alone or cook, I liked the idea.
I called for a meal and was told it would be there after one hour or so, then as of a sudden a very naughty idea came to my mind, I decided to play dump and easy and try to seduce the delivery person who ever he or she would be, I was so embarrassed to be so direct about it, but I decided to play a game, which wasn’t far from being direct forward.
I knew I had a very sexy and attractive body, although I was 30 by then, but I had a firm large pair of tits, with round areolas light brownish color, my skin is white, my ass is bigger than average which was stuck out a little, fully round and attractive too, I have nice pair of long legs as well, my pussy is silky soft and always fully bold, clean of hair, forming a hemisphere between my thighs with attractive looks.
Delivery time was getting close, I took all of my clothes off, wore a satin blue robe, the robe was short, barely covering my bottom ass line, the robe was lose with no buttons, only a middle rope as belt, to tie it over my waist, the soft satin material would make the robe drop down from frontal side, also the satin is so soft, so are my tits, once placed over my tits to cover them partially, it would easily slip off of them, revealing them on any sudden move I make, it needed to be tied up around me to cover my body.
I knew it was a dangerous game I was playing, it was a pure seductive game that would turn any man on and make him act beyond his control, but I planned on playing easy to get, and if I was willing to give the delivery person whatever he wanted, I believe the danger would be slipped out of my game, he would not have to use force or being rough to get anywhere.
As time of delivery was getting much closer, I stood by the mirror, let the sides of the robe very loose, barely covering my hard nipples, but it would drop and reveal my tits upon any move I would make, an intentional move of course, I wrapped it around me, leaving kaçak bahis a spacing in the middle showing my belly, and part of my crotch was showing clearly, all I had to do is a sudden shake or move it would drop loose and I would be showing a full frontal nakedness.
The doorbell rang, I looked through the photocell and I could see the delivery man holding the box, he was a young man, much younger than me, barely in his late teens or early twenties, a very good looking one, someone that made my whole body tremble, and I was eager to get him in any way I could.
I decided to act partially drunk, just so I could have an excuse to act loose, I asked “who is it”
He answered “it is your delivery order mam” I partially opened the door to allow only my tilted head to peek outside, I looked right and left to make sure nobody else was there
I looked at him and smiled saying “please come in, I cannot step out as I am in my light house clothes”
He smiled saying “sure” he stepped inside, and I closed the door behind him.
I took the box from his hand, I walked a meter away from him, placed the box on the stand, facing him, I took my time inspecting the order piece by piece, making some jerking moves while picking the stuff off the box, which allowed my robe to move aside, revealing both my tits and nipples to his eyesight, I ignored that as I wanted them out anyway.
I went further, checking and making sounds, naming anything I hold in hand, not looking at him at all, trying to give him a chance to stare at my body as he liked, the jerks I was making also let loose of the robe which wasn’t securely tied up, its ends were only placed next to each other without a knot, which put my naked pussy in full display for him as well.
I was talking a little slow as if I was partially drunk, but not enough to lose control, I also was talking real slutty with many smiles and high laughter’s, shaking my whole body especially my ass as I walked, while checking the box, I was stealing looks by the corner of my eyes over him and his crotch without him noticing me, I noticed he was trying to look downward, he seemed shy, but he was staring at my naked body whenever he got the chance.
Although he was shy, but I noticed his crotch was building up, as if he was losing control over a ‘hard on’ he was having, he tried to make sure I was not looking when he straightened his cock under his pants, to hide the out of control hard on he was having, I guess he was too young to make any passes, that was why I had to make the first move myself, which I planned on doing it anyway.
I looked at him walking towards him, smiled then acted as if I had just noticed my robe was all open, I held it covering part of my tits and pussy saying “I am sorry, I seem to be losing control, although they were only two drinks I had”
He smiled saying “it is ok mam, you have the right to feel comfortable at your own house”
I let the robe alone smiling and saying “right you are boy”
I asked him “what is the amount I have to pay please?”
He said “the receipt is stabled to the box mam”
I said “I am sorry, I did not notice, but how much is it anyway?” he told me the amount, I turned around walking half way of my living room, to a coffee table in the middle, my back was to him when I bent over, purposely overdoing it till I made sure my whole ass and pussy where in full display for his own eyes to look and enjoy as I was not looking at him.
I took my time searching in my purse, looking for my wallet tipobet inside, just to allow him to enjoy the scene, then I got the wallet, got up and walked to him, fully facing him and this time my robe was wide open with my bare pussy and tits in full display, I did not bother to cover them up this time.
I got so close to him, making my body almost rub to his, handed him the money, looking him in the eyes naughtily with my tongue rubbing my lip with a sexy smile, he tried to give me back the change, I said “no, it is yours” but I noticed his cock was fully hard by then making a huge tint under his tight jeans.
He turned around quickly as he seemed embarrassed of his hard on, tried to hold the door handle to open it up, when I held his hand pulling him till he faced me saying “wait, I think you deserve a better tip than just the change, for the extra things I noticed you added to my box” I got closer and gave him a little kiss on the cheek, looked him in the eyes, then wrapped my arms around him and gave him a longer kiss on the lips, he kissed me back and I pushed my body closer to his’ till I felt his hard on rubbing to my pussy, we were kissing passionately on the lips till I felt his hand rubbing my bare ass, that was when I knew I got him.
He pushed me back a little bit, placed both of his hands over my tits, started rubbing them and pinching my hard nipples, then he started sucking on one while his hand fell to my pussy and he was rubbing my pussy, I started moaning loud like a real slut who was enjoying his act, instead of stopping him as any other woman would.
He softly pushed my body further till my back was against the wall, my legs were spread, he got on his knees in front of me and started licking my pussy, I held his head in both hands and started pushing it to my pussy asking for more till his tongue was circling into my slit with his lips sucking on my clit till I was moaning louder.
He got up, turned me around without giving me a chance to see or touch his cock, he was behind me, spreading my legs wider, he seemed to have pulled his cock out of his zipper only, he held it in hand and started rubbing it to my leaking wet, and swollen pussy lips.
His cock did not seem to find any resistance in sliding into my hot, wet cunt, it was sliding down easily, although it was much of a filling one, I felt it stretching my pussy inner walls, I could easily feel it was a very long and thick cock, and of a gorgeous young man, I have expected lots of fucking to full satisfaction.
He was deep inside my pussy in no time, although his cock was so long and very thick, but I took it in with no efforts, he was balls deep in me, he froze for a minute or two, till he placed both of his hands around my body, over my tits and started rubbing them while pulling out of me, then he was slamming it in me again so fast.
The boy started fucking me the way I deserved to be fucked, like the real slut I was as I was asking for it obviously, and he got the hint clearly, I pushed my legs further back, spreading them wider and leaning on the wall allowing him better access to my horny pussy, and he was slamming his dick into me and out like a hammer.
Soon enough I was screaming of joy and my orgasm was hitting so hard, I came like hell, and he kept at it like a machine fucking me with the full thrust, I asked him to stop, he pulled out and I got on all four, over the carpeted floor, he got behind me and started pushing his cock back into my tipobet güvenilir mi pussy, grabbing my ass cheeks tight with both of his hands and slamming his rock hard cock in and out of my pussy like a jackhammer.
By that time I have come again, I was shaking and screaming while he continued fucking me, he seemed to be going endless which was making me fly to heaven of joy, I loved the way he was fucking me like a strong, fresh young man, once my second orgasm subsided, I told him to stop, he did, then I asked him to pull out of me, he said “but I did not cum yet, do you want to suck it till I come in your mouth?”
I smiled saying “I would love to, nothing would ever taste better than your cum in my mouth, but I have a better place for you to cum in”
He asked “where?”
I said “in my ass, I want you to fuck me in the ass till you cum in me” he did not seem to hesitate for a second, seemed to love anal sex, Just like most men do, as I lowered my face to the floor, lifting my ass up higher, facing him, he held his lovely cock in hand and started rubbing it to my ass hole, it was very wet of my flowing pussy juices and fully lubricated for my ass.
He put some force to it and started rubbing it and pushing it in me, being an anal sex lover, I had no problem receiving his lovely cock into my ass, it was sliding into me again with no problems, he was very careful, pushing it in me slowly till he was balls deep, he pulled out again slowly till only his cock head was inside my ass, pushed it back in me balls deep, so fast then he started speeding up in and out.
It seemed the process of switching his dick from my pussy to my ass and the slow fucking in the beginning was delaying his cum, which was pleasure to me as I wanted him to take his time and fuck me as much as he could, and he sure did, till he started hammering my ass same way he was doing my pussy.
A good 10 minutes of continuous hammering and ass fucking by a hung, young and strong stud which gave me the utmost pleasure making me rise to heaven of joy and pleasure till he was breathing hard and moaning loud, announcing he was ready to cum, and I screamed “in me, baby, all in my ass please, don’t you waste a single drop of it”
Soon enough I felt his cock getting warmer and thicker, till I felt its first load thrust in my back canal as if he was filling me, then another, then the third load till he emptied his strong, cum filled balls in my back fuck hole, he froze and stopped moving, leaving it in my ass for a few minutes, I was hoping to experience its softening inside of me as I love this phenomenon, but it did not seem to suit him as he started pulling it out of me as hard as it entered me, what a strong boy he was, full of energy.
As soon as his dick slipped out of me, like crazy he used some paper towels from a box which was placed on the side, he cleaned his cock, shoved it into his pants and zipped up, got up and left the house as if he was followed by an armed husband, he did not even say a word, it seemed that he felt guilty fucking a housewife in her own house during the absence of her husband,
It was ok with me, as I knew where to get him if I wanted to experience that extraordinary pleasure again, it was one of the most enjoyable fuck I have ever experienced, although it was a quickie by the main entrance, either standing up or over the floor, no bed or bedrooms for luxury.
I was laying on the floor, flat over my stomach, my legs and hands wide spread, I did not move, I was fully relaxing, did not want to forget a single minute of the extraordinary fuck I have just had, it was a great record to remember for the rest of my life.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro

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