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Oh How I love the Humilation
When I first started with guys it used to embarrass me when I guy called me a cocksucker or a faggot and I would feel my little dick start to harden ,now I realize that it is just the way some of us are wired ,I love being humiliated .
I guess Mr. Evan was the 1st to see that I liked being used and every once in a while when he would contact me he would give me orders to do something . One day I was home playing on my computer when a message popped up ,it said ” hey you want some blk. cock now ?
I typed back ” yes please ”
He said “this time when you strip at my door I want to see you wearing a bra and panties”,I told him I didn’t have any and he told me if I wasn’t wearing them don’t come over . I went into the laundry hamper and found a dirty pair of my wife’s panties and a bra and all though it was a tight fit I put them on and wore sweat pants and a sweat shirt over them and drove to Mr. Evan ‘s. When I got there he opened the door let me in then went and sat on the couch and I got undressed ‘ I followed him into the living room and stood before him , he kind of smirked and told me spin around ,then he told me to dance for him .So I tried do to do a sexy pump and grind but I had to look laughable ,being a chubby man wearing a blk. panties and a red bra that both were way to tight on him ,While I danced he was playing with his cock though his shorts . He had me stop dancing pull my panties down but leave the bra on then suck his cock while he pushed on the back of me head .After a bit he told me stop and go onto the bathroom and get the lube and bring it back .Then he had me lube both of us up then lay on my back so he could fuck me like a girl .Most time I don’t really care for that position but for some reason it turned me on it felt so natural to have him between my legs and feeling his hard cock spread my ass cheeks and enter my hole .I moaned as it slid in and I wrapped my legs around him as he fucked me .He was looking down at me as he fucked his cock in and out ,then he reached up and started to grab my tits and pinch my nipples ,I could not believe how good that felt . my dick was leaking like crazy .After about 15 min. he started to fuck me hard then he jammed his cock deep me and came. We both just laid there a bit then he pulled out and rubbed his cock on my stomach . I started to get up ,I could feel his cum start to drip out of my hole .I asked him ” Do you want me to get bra and panties canlı kaçak iddaa that fit ?
He smiled at me and said ” No I just wanted to see if you would do as you were told ,I like me bitches naked most of the time ”
I got dressed and left on the way home I stopped at a dumpster and threw the bar and panties out I has stretched them all out of shape.
One night while my wife and family were away I was on the computer about 8 at night already had a few drinks in me when Mr. Evan contacted me and asked if I was looking to play.I told him I was . He told me to meet him at a local cruising spot and to park under a street lamp and be naked .Right away this turned me on so I just put on shorts and tee shirt got in my car and drove to the place ,Not even thinking what might happen I took off my clothes and threw them in the back seat and sat there naked .Once I was naked I started to think maybe this wasn’t such a good idea ,being a member of law enforcement sitting naked in my car at a gay cruising area ,maybe the booze started to wear off . I was just about to reach over the seat and get my clothes when 2 guys walked by looked down and saw me naked ,they reached in started to feel me up and all of a sudden I stopped thinking about what a bad idea this was ‘ They asked me if I wanted to go in the woods with them but I told them I couldn’t I was waiting for somebody .They just smiled and left. About 5 min. later Mr. Evan Pulled up and parked about 3 spaces away from me and told me open my door so he could see that I was naked ,when I did he said he couldn’t see and that I should stand up .When I did that he told me come over to his car ,when I got there the door was still locked and I had to stand naked in the parking lot for a few moments before he let me in . When he let me in he didn’t say anything just pushed his shorts down and grabbed his cock , I knew what to do and I started sucking him his cock felt so good in my mouth as it started to get hard as I sucked him .He started pushing down on my head making me take more and more of his cock down my throat . I was starting to gag and stuff was coming out of my nose as he fucked my mouth faster ,then he stopped thrusting in to my mouth and I felt him start to cum .He held my head on his cock til it started to get soft then he pulled my head up by my hair told me get out he had to go .I got out of his car he backed out leaving mem standing naked with a hard on in the parking canlı poker oyna lot. I got back in my car and before I got dressed I jerked off .After I came I got dressed and drove home all the time checking my mirrors making sure I wasn’t followed .
When I moved to N.C. I hooked up with several hot guys one was a named Quami he lived in the back of a trailer park that was mostly blk. I had to drive though it every time I would visit him .I felt like everybody looking at me knew I was there to please a , but that never stopped me from going when he contacted me . Quami was very dark about 6’1 maybe 260 had an 8 in cut cock that felt so good in me . I always left my clothes on the floor at his front door then would go where ever he told me and do whatever he wanted . One day I was over there .I left my clothes by the door went in to his bedroom and after I sucked him hard he bent me over his bed and was fucking me so good .All of sudden I hear the front door open up and a woman’s voice call his name .He never missed a stroke just kept slamming into my hole He call out and tell the woman he would be out in a few moments . After he came in me and pulled out he started to get dressed ,I looked at him and told him my clothes were in the living room could he get them for me ,he just smiled said I should get them myself . He stayed in his bedroom and I had to walk into the living room naked ,I look up and see a younger blk. woman sitting in the kitchen smoking .She looked up at me smiled and said ” I guess you are my brother’s new fag ”
I didn’t even look up , “I said yes I am ” I just pulled my shorts on grabbed the rest of my clothes and ran to my car .I didn’t even dress I drove out of the trailer park in just my shorts ,On the way home I started to think about how I must have looked to her ,a chubby naked white man leaving he brother’s bed room. I had to pull on to a dirt road and jerk off thinking how I must have looked .
Another blk. man I used to see lived about 20 min. from me ,he was the hottest man I ever was with,just his touch drove me crazy .I started out just going over there to suck his cock .He was a big maybe 6′ 4 240 9 in cut cock that was the perfect width wide enough to spread my hole open but thin enough that he didn’t rip up my hole .I would go over there and would suck him while he was watching tv or on his computer ,it didn’t matter to me that he was ignoring me I was just happy internet casino to be pleasing him .At 1st I stayed dressed while I sucked him then he had me take my shirt off so he could play with my tits soon I naked for him .About my 5th or 6th time there he fucked me oh baby I was in love it felt so good my dick was spaying pre cum allover the place as he fucked me , I would be begging him to fuck me harder and when he came it was the best feeling .Twice I came while he was fucking me on my stomach after the 1st time I thought he would be pissed that I came on his rug but he just kind of smirked at me . I could wait for him to contact me so I could get his cock . We saw each other for almost a yr no matter what I was doing I would drop everything and go to him when he said .Then one day I went over in the winter ,got to his house ,got naked at the side door ,we went into his bedroom he got naked laid back on the bed and I started to suck him while he watched the ball game ,after a bit he told me turn around he lubed up my hole and I felt him slide his cock into me as always I let out a little moan as he went in then he started fucking me hard my dick was swinging around like crazy , I was in heaven ,I could tell he was getting ready to cum and he pulled out turned me around and came on my face ,I was ready for it ,his cum got in my hair and in my eyes it burned like a bitch ,I tried to pull away but he held my head had me finish cleaning his cock. He let me go I felt my way into his bathroom to clean out my eyes . I just about cleaned my eyes out when I heard him going though my pants when I got there he had my wallet out and my cash in his hand .I asked what was he doing he told me he was taking what I owed him for such a great fuck. He was dressed and I was still naked plus he was a whole lot bigger then me so I let him take my money .He threw me my pants told me get dressed fast and leave all he let me put on was my shirt and pants ,no under ware or shoes ,I just ran to my car and drove away scared .I swore that was the last time I would go over there and for about 2 weeks I meant it .Then I started thinking about what happened and I started to get turned on and when I saw him online later that day I contacted him and told him I’d give him $10.00 to fuck me he said 20 and I agreed , he told me I had to be naked when I paid him . The whole way over there I went from being scare to very turned on ,he let me in ,I got naked paid him he fucked even better then before then told me leave . We did this for almost a yr. then I couldn’t contact him anymore or I’d still be paying him to fuck me . I have been thinking of looking around for a gut or trannie I could pay tom fuck me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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