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Olga & Ram pt2
Olga found Ram to be a very conscientious employee.
He was hired as a help around the house, but his main job was to clean the house. After the first encounter, olga observed that Ram tended to avoid her. He rarely made eye contact with her while he was about his work. She attributed this to his natural shyness, and thought nothing of it. It was only after she caught him staring at her on several occasions did she her suspicion grow that perhaps Ram was attracted to her! She decided to test this out one day.She knew exactly what his cleaning schedule was in the house. She decided to lay in wait for him in a bathroom. At the moment he opened the bathroom door, she was bending down the sink, appearing to put on her makeup. She had a small skirt, a skimpy blouse, and nothing else! She could see in the mirror his reaction. He was staring at her naked butt, his eyes agog. Her legs were spread wide, and she knew her clean shaven pussy was clearly güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri visible between her thighs. She said to him, `Come in. I am almost done.’ As he stepped in, shutting the door, she turned around and sat on the bathroom counter top, spreading her legs wide open.
He was staring at her naked pussy with unblinking eyes! He sank down slowly to his knees, needing no further invitation. He licked her pubes gently, as his tongue traced a path to her clitoris. Her clitoris had engorged with blood, and was throbbing with excitement. His tongue rapidly flicked her clitoris, strumming it as one would a guitar string. She felt a wave of pleasure sweeping in her loins, as his tongue wound its way down to her soft nether lips. He was gently sucking her lips, pulling them with suction. His tongue went in, lapping her juice which was now flowing freely. She suddenly shuddered to her first orgasm, coming uncontrollably. makrobet As she came slowly out of her orgasm, she felt his tongue mopping the wetness off. He then slid his finger in her pussy, as he started sliding it in and out of her.He then slowly got up, and slid down his pants. She could see his raging hardon.He then spread her legs and gently rubbed the massive cock head against her pussy lips.
She found this very exciting. He then slowly squeezed the head into her pussy. She moaned as he took it out, and then tried again. This time the head was almost in when he took it out again. The third time, he slid it in and kept it in. She could feel the stretch in her pussy. She had never had anything so big in it before. Just as she relaxed, he slid it all the way in! She gasped with a mixture of pleasure and pain. It was almost too much for her. Soon, she was clenching her muscles, as she was wracked with another orgasm.He was rhythmically makrobet giriş thrusting his pelvis, and his cock head was sliding along her pussy.
As the head slid, she could feel waves of pleasure washing over her. There was a squelching sound accompanying his thrusts. She had never had such a fat cock head in her life. She could see the fat dark cock sliding in and out of her stretched pussy lips in the reflection. She had never seen them stretched so much. She found the sight oddly exciting. She lost track of the number of orgasms she must have had. She had lost track of time. At some point, he must have carried her into her bedroom, and she found herself in her bed. He was kneeling between her thighs, thrusting his enormous head in and out of her tight pussy.
She heard herself whimpering, as his thick cock slid in and out. Finally, she heard the man groan, and realized he was about to explode. He tried to slip his cock out, but she held him at the waist tightly. He was already coming. She felt a warm wetness, as if she was flooding inside. After what seemed ages, he finally stopped shuddering, and as he pulled out, she could hear a distinct plop.
She could feel her dress and the sheets below her soggy with cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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