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One late night chat
It was late one night and my bf was away I got chatting to a man (Andrew) very pleasant, we were talking and giving me ideas how to stimulate my relationship with rope. After chatting for a few hours me not sure how to tie ropes and set my self up so when my BF came home he would be suprized, he suggested he teach me.
It was late but I thought it would be great to learn.
I arrived at his door dress in a school uniform as he said to help replay what I was going to do at home, we greeted a hug and kiss as I entered we had a drink to relax and proceeded to the bedroom putting my bag down with spare clothes, I was directed to stand in front of the bed Andy proceeded to walk around me stating this was part of the process feeling my legs and my ass standing behind me pressing his body up close rubbing my tits, I could feel his enormous cock rubbing my ass I canlı bahis was getting nervous but Andy ashore me it was part of the night and needed to do as if I was at home. Then a blindfold was placed over my eyes then wrist cuffs placed on my wrist and ankles I was pushed onto the bed with some force, then my body tingled with excellent both arms were tied tight and stretched out wide then my legs pulled tight and hard now with my loss of control Andy ask me how I feel that I am helpless unable to stop him, I was excited nervous tingling with my body juices flowing nipples hard and firm he proceeded to put a belt around my neck he said it was part of the excitement he pulled it fairly tight and slapped my cunt about 6 times I scream out but it sent waves through my body. Wow I was so excited by now as Andy removed his clothes saying it was all part of the night to bahis siteleri stimulate me. As Andy stood there with his enormous big cock my cunt almost exploded with his touch.

Now I was all tied up I thought that was it he would untie me !! But !! I was wrong he said that now I was tied up I should experience a real master at work first and show what I should receive.
He started by ripping off my school dress leaving on my high heels, I couldn’t stop my juices from oozing out of my cunt, he attach nipple clamps to my very sensitive nipples as he twisted them I nearly cum hard screaming so because I was making to much noise he put his underpants in my mouth and tapped them up ….. mmmmmmmm my mind started to race my body was working against me giving the wrong signals. Andy then proceeded the use a flogger on my tits and cunt continuing to hitting me till I almost bahis şirketleri cum, by now my body was in a frenzy then my cunt was opened up by a dildo vibrating slowly and then my ass as well I was told not to cum or I will be punished very hard, so I forced my self not to cum as the vibrators continued to abuse my young body with his finger every now and then forcing it way into both my holes. This went on for 15 minutes until I felt the dildo come out of my ass as he brutally forced his big cock into my ass and started to fuck me senceless
And then pulling on my belt around my neck I was so close to having a massive orgasm and passing out he said cum my slut cum hard as I squirted and explored every where as he cum so much into my ass. He then pulled out his underpants from my mouth and fucked my mouth hard until he cum again with a large load which I swallowed.

Then with a whisper in my ear your not going anywhere yet slut I still have two days with until your boyfriend comes back as he started to laugh ha ha ha, …….
But was I worried hmmmm you never know ……. dedicated to aussieguy4u2003

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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