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Paid per view
by williacj

I met Korena at a bar on Milwaukee east side not too long ago, I went up to her introduced myself Korena told me I wasn’t man enough for her,I wasn’t too happy at her response at first, but I remembered that women often change their minds in these situations. I didn’t get upset and make a big fuss about her opinions Several months down the road after her current Neanderthal dude went back into his cave, I tried again.

Actually I paid her to hang out with me, yes I williacj paid a chick to hang out with me but guys actually pay for sex whenever they take their wives or girlfriends out to dinner or movie so this was no different. We met up at Blu inside the Pfister hotel for drinks, a barrel aged Manhattan for me and a mango mojito for her.After that we went to Taylor’s down the street, it’s an upscale club. We were sipping our drinks and I commented on the dress she was wearing, then the conversation bahis şirketleri about sex began, she told me her favorite sexual position is doggy style, which is also my favorite as well. I told her I’m into full figured women.”so I’m too thin for you?” she asked.

I told her that she’s curvy in all the right places, she smiled, this woman has a pretty smile, caramel skin luscious red dick sucking lips, big brown tits and a plump ass to go with it, she asked me if I had a big dick I told her I was average size in the crotch. I told her I’ve had sex with chubby women and made them orgasm she smiled and wondered if I could do to her what I did to them, I was confident in my sexual abilities, I know I have what it takes to please a woman in bed.

Some men talk about how good they are in bed, others can prove it.soon as we got into my apartment on east kane place we started kissing and tearing at each others perabet güvenilir mi clothes. The sight of her big brown titties was enough to get me hard, but then she pulled off her black thong panties. This chick has a big ass booty! She struck a pose for me and strolled around my apartment the way that ass wiggled and jiggled when she walked was epic. She wrapped her arms around my waist and I grabbed that fat ass and smacked her on her behind.I turned the TV on and we lay on my bed kissing, I put on a Trojans fire and ice condom as she lay there waiting my entrance, I took my cock and slid it deep into her. She ran her fingernails across my bald head and I began pumping myself into her mercilessly”ooh ooh aaaaoohh” she moaned I ran my tongue around her nipples still driving my hard dick into her. I pulled out and told her to bend over.

Korena got on all fours and I plunged my dick into perabet giriş her from behind, her pussy felt moist and wet I closed my eyes and began fucking her doggy style. ”ooohh oooh ooh” she gasped ooh right there then her big brown ass started slapping against my legs uhhhhh korena! I grunted I smacked her on the ass several times as she put her head down I was digging up in her with that dick it sounded like applause when her ass slapped against my legs that pussy gripped my dick like a vise I must have fucked her for a good 45 minutes I didn’t want to bust a nut too early but it felt so good hitting it from the back I grabbed her waist pulled her back against me and erupted into her pussy.

I kissed her on the neck and ears and pulled my limp cock out of her I collapsed on the bed next to her. She reached over and grabbed my dick and started stroking it”mmmm you know you made me cum right?” she asked me we looked at each other and she let go of my dick I grabbed her and we started making out on the bed I squeezed that big brown ass of hers. Surprisingly she asked if she could spend the night I must have owned that pussy and I even fucked her again before she left at noon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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