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Photo Shoot
It was just another day. It started with a nice hot shower and I just let the water run down my body and I stood under the water until the it started to cool down. I went out onto the deck with my morning coffee and I was looking out over the back yard pool. I had a great view of the valley from where my houses situated at the top of the hill. I loved my house and my life. I was early retired due to some great tips and some well thought out stock purchases and sales. I was not the ultra wealthy but I and my k**s never had to think about to much. All my k**s were in the world already and I was just living the single life since my wife left me for someone else. I get it I worked all the time and I was not home much and I was not a great family guy. But in the end it all worked out I was comfortable and retired and just doing what I wanted to do. I vacationed several times a year and I rode my bike (Harley that is ) I had my 60’s muscle car in the garage and my day to day driver was also a pretty sweet next years model vette. So I was pretty good. I maintained my year to perfections and there was never a long blade of grass or a stray leaf on the ground. The flowers along the trim were always perfect no this was not due to me I had a great gardener. So life was pretty good.

So like I say this morning was typical and I was sitting enjoying my coffee on the deck. I heard one of the neighbours sliding door open and out stepped Debbie onto their deck. Now Debbie was what you would call a hot milf. She was early thirties had one c***d that must have been born when she was in her teens as the k** finished high school let year and was already out of the house in Uni somewhere. Debbie was fucking hot she had red hair and a great body her eyes were the deepest blue and she had a great set of pouty lips that always seemed to scream “I suck cock.” She was well endowed in the great department and due to many hours at a gym and in her back yard pool she had a great ass and perfect legs. Now Debbie and Frank I would not consider friends but I had ran into them on different occasions and we were always polite to one another. Debbie lifter her arms above her head and gave a great stretch lifting her short little nightie just above her ass. I was not able to see any panty bands along her hips but I was not sure if she had them on or not. She was a great picture to look at in the morning and today was a great day. She moved back inside her house with not even a glance in my direction so I am not sure if she knew I was there or not. I finished my coffee and went to get my day started.

I pulled the Vette out of the garage and parked it in the drive way and was giving it. Good wash and wax. I loved doing it may self I always felt I did a better job than a detail shop. I was almost finished when Debbie and Franks garage door opened and Frank backed his SUV out and pulled onto the street he gave me a wave and drove done the street heading off to work. I was just putting the finishing touches on the car when Debbie came out of their house and came over to me. She was wearing the shortest pair of pink denim shorts that were split up the sides and two very thin pieces of elastic was holding the sides together. This time I new for a fact she did not have on any panties. She was wearing a crop top that barley covered the bottom of her tits and as she bounced across the drive way I also noticed no bra. Her nipples were hard and erect rubbing against the thin material of her top. We said good morning to each other and made some small talk. Debbie asked if I knew someone who took pictures but just for a hobby not a professional studio she did not want to open that kind of money. I mentioned that I actually did amateur photography and asked what she was looking for. She kind of turned red in the face and was shy to tell me but finally she said.

“Hey I am not going to have this body for ever I know that and I want to get some sexy pictures taken so I will have them for ever.”

I grinned and said “I can do that what are you thinking about.”

She really did not have any set ideas and was open for some suggestions. I said well lets go into the house and have a coffee and talk about it.

Debbie lead the way into my garage and through the door into the kitchen and I walked behind her ogling her tight ass and well tanned firm legs. We sat at the table and we talked about what she was looking for and she was saying

“you know she sexy bikini shots maybe some work out gear shots nothing to risqué but still very sexy.”

My mind was already reeling with ideas. My cock even stirred a bit as I was thinking of some of the poses and outfits I fantasied about her in.

I asked “When do you want to do this and where.”

She said “well I would love a beach setting but I am too shy to expose myself in the public like that.”

I said “Well let me think about it and I will see what I can come up with how about this Friday.”

That would be great Frank is going on a hunting fishing trip for the week starting on Friday.”

My mind was again thinking of all the great shot and that we actually had some time to do it also. For the rest of the week I drove around looking for some spots on a beach but never really came up with anything. I was in the bar with a buddy and I mentioned I was looking for a private beach to do some model shots but it had to be really private and if he knew of any. To my surprise he said he had a cabin on a lake with a great sandy beach just out of town and he was the only cabin in that bay so privacy was guaranteed. He gave me the directions and the next day I drove out to the cabin to check it out. It was perfect he even told me where the hidden key was and that I could use the cabin also. fThis was a great situation and I had some great ideas to even take some nice shots of my car also.

Friday rolled around and I was again just wiping down my car when Frank left for his week long trip. It was not long after that that Debbie came bouncing over to my drive. She was very excited looking and was caring a large gym bag that I assumed had her wardrobe in that she was going to want to take the pictures with. Again she had on a pair of blue denim shorts this time but they were the same design and I again knew bahis siteleri canlı immediately that she was not wearing any panties or bra. Her nipples were erect and she had her hair pulled back in a bun to travel. I told her of what I had found and that the location was perfect for what she was looking for. She gave me a sly little grin and I took her bag tossed it behind the front seats and we both slid down into the car. I had removed the tops of the car and we were flying down the highway in no time. Debbie was definitely a free spirit as she raised her hands above her head and let the wind blow through her arms. Then she slipped the safety belt off and lifted her ass up against the back of the seat and the whole top half of her body was now outside the car. The wind blew her crop top up and on several chances I caught great flashes of her bare tits and erect nipples. Soon we were on the little side road that lead down to the lake and was pulling into my buddies cabin. I pulled the car down around to the front of the cabin just off the beach on a grassy area where I though I could get some good shots. Debbie and I got out and both of us walked down to the beach and she was very happy with the location. She was jumping with giddiness and I was again watching her great tits bounce around under her top. We went up to the cabin and I opened the door and explained to her that she could get ready in here . I in the mean time told some lawn lounge chairs down to the beach and I took some test shots to find good locations. It took Debbie some time to get ready but I knew she wanted to be perfect for the shots so I was in not hurry. Finally I heard the cabin door open. Debbie was amazing looking her hair was all curled and perfecter makeup was perfect and she had on her first outfit which was a very small pink bikini. I whistled as she approached and told her she looked stunning. She smiled and thanked me and right away we started taking shots. She was a natural. She struck pose after pose and she how to look away from the camera and into the camera and I just gave a few pointers here and there and the pictures where turning out great. Debbie make a few wardrobe changes until she came out with what was the absolute hottest out fit yet. She was wearing a pair of thong panties the were open crotch with a small jewel hanging infant of her shaved perfect pussy. Her bra was also very tiny and completely see through. Her pink nipples were in full display and they were erect. . As she approached she said

I hope this is not too much”

I laughed and said “Babe it was just perfect”

My cock started to move as I felt the blood rush from my brain to my cock. She was striking pose after pose careful not to completely expose her bare pussy to me. Then she asked if she could pose with my car, of course I agreed immediately and she was striking some very sexy poses on and in the car.

I had her sit on the hood with the Corvette insignia between her legs and she lowered her pussy down until it was just above the badge. I took some great close ups of her pussy and the insignia. Wow these were some hot shots. Debbie was moving around like a cat but always just the front of her towards the camera. I moved her to the back of the car and asked her to bend over the rear spoiler and spread her legs a bit. She smiled and when she did that pose that is when I saw that she had inserted a jewelled headed butt plug into her ass. The very tiny little strips of cloth split the plug exactly in half and it was a perfect shot. I was taking some great shots and I even got down on my knees and got some super close ups of her ass and the butt plug. When I stood up Debbie had removed what little bra she was wearing and she jumped up onto the back of the car lifted her legs wide up into the air and she started to slide her fingers in and out of her very wet pussy. My cock was now rock hard in my shorts and I was taking some very explicit pictures . Some full body and some very close ups of her fingers in her pussy. Debbie then slid her fingers out still keeping her legs spread wide open exposing her blood engorged pussy flaps to me. She looked right at me and then she dropped head back bending her neck to an almost breaking point. I took the hint and dropped my camera and I lowered my head down between her thighs and I licked her pussy. I heard her groan and I continued to lick and suck her pussy from the bottom to the top and flicked my tongue tip over her clit. I looked up and Debbie was now looking down at me with a huge grin on her face as she was still using her wash board abs to hold her legs up in the air she cupped the back of my head and pulled my face right down into her pussy as I started to devour her. fHer juices were now running freely from her pussy as I sucked and licked her.

Neither one of us heard the car noise and for sure we never seen it. I lifted my head and then I heard the stereo from another vehicle an I looked around. There parked off to the side was my buddies son and a few of his friends. They were all just coming to the cabin guess for a bit of a runaway. I could see that they were shocked and staring at Debbie and I well mostly at the near naked Debbie. The young twenty something guys all came towards us on my car and to my surprise Debbie said “ I guess you should get your camera” I laughed and I stood up and picked up my camera. Debbie lowered her legs slipped off the back of the car and singled for the young men to come over. Well I barely had time to take any pictures of the guys with their clothes on as they started to strip off their shirts and jeans. All of these young men had very hard chiseled bodies and they were already sporting raging hard on’s as they reached Debbie. Debbie giggles and I started to click away. I wanted to make sure I had some great memories of what I knew was about to happen. Debbie reached for the first guy’s cock and gripped it and pulled him close. He reached up to her bare tits and grabbed them roughly in his hand. The second guy reached Debbie and was behind her and he reached around and also was man handling her tits. The third and final guy was at her side and his hand was already on her pussy and from the look on her face he had his fingers bonus veren siteler inter already. Soon Debbie was being lifted up off the ground by these guys and carried to the beach one guy ran to the car and grabbed a blanket and he ran back to catch up to his buddies before they laid her down. He spread the blanket a and they laid Debbie right in the middle of it. The three of them stood around her with raging hard on’s and I have to admit these guys had some Alpha male cocks on them. Debbie spread her legs and the guys ripped what little bikini she had left on and tossed it to the side. The first guy kneeled down by her head and she gripped his hard cock and started to lick and kiss the shaft and head, the second guy knelt down between her legs and he bowed his head down to her pussy. Now I now what this pussy tastes like and he was devouring her pussy with the inexperience of a young horny guy who was about to fuck this hot milf. The third guy was bent over Debbies chest and sucking and biting her nipples and massaging her other tit with his hand. I was moving around the group on the blanket taking click after click and never missing a beat. My hard cock was just going to have to wait but I was for sure going to fuck Frank’s wife today also. Debbie was now deep throating the cock in her face and I was impressed at her skill of taking the young guy to the root. The guy eating her out had now moved to position between her legs he lifted her ass onto his thighs and n one motion slid his rock hard cock into her. Debbie took the whole length in one motion and he grabbed her thighs and started to fuck her good. Debbie pulled the guys cock out oh her mouth and let out a moan as she looked at the fucking stud between her legs and grinned. I kept snapping pictures and rubbing my cock every so often to keep myself comfortable. I was getting some great shots of her face with a cock buried to the base in her mouth and throat and of her face turned to the side as the guy was fucking slamming his cock into her pussy. I new I was getting some great blackmail shots and I was going to be fucking Frank’s wife for a long to come after today. fThe young stud in her mouth gripped her by the hair and pushed his cock into her throat and I watched as his balls started to spasm and he unloaded his cum deep into her throat. He spurted shot after shot down her throat and the other guy was fucking her pussy hard. #1 guy pulled out of her mouth just as #2 guy gripped her thighs and slammed his cock into her and he shot off deep in her pussy. He held her tight as he squirted pump after pump of his man juice into her. When he finished he pulled out and the #3 guy just smiled. He placed himself at Debbies legs and he rolled her over onto her stomach. He and his friend laughed when then say the butt plug and I was taking all this action in on the camera. #3 grabbed the plug and with out too much style he literally ripped the plug from her ass. Debbie howled with the shock of it and in a beat he spit on his cock and rubbed the head against her pulsing ass hole. He grippe her hips and pushed his head easily past the ring of muscle and slid his entire length into her ass. Debbie cribbed the blanket in her fists and she bowed her head and bit the blanket in her mouth to keep from yelling. This guy with our mercy started to anally assault her. He was slamming his cock in and out of Debbie as she was gripping and releasing the blanket in her fists. The other two guys were cheering on #3 and he was enjoying his ride. It was not to long and he grabbed her held her steady and he slammed his cock deep into her ass and he pumped his jism into her bowls. When he finished he slid his cock out of her and she was lying on the blanket almost whimpering. Debbie had just taken on three hard cocks and all of her holes had been used. The guys looked at me and I gave them all the thumbs up and smiled. They helped Debbie to her feet and half walked half carried her to the lake. They took her into the water where was was able to clean her self up. I watched as I could tell she was cleaning all of her holes. And she was splashing the water on the guys also as she was started to get revived. After about a half hour of playing in the water and all the guys and Debbie were rubbing one another parts again it was obvious that the guys were ready for another round. Debbie was rubbing cocks and kissing the guys on the mouths and I could see she was wrenching the guys also getting them all riled up again.

Two of the guys were in from and back of her and she was in a sandwich between the guys rippling muscles and hard cocks. The third guy came out of the water went to his clothes grabbed something and went to the cabin and un locked the front door. He called to everyone to come on in one of the guys picked Debbie up over his shoulder and with her bare ass exposed he walked her out of the water and up to the cabin and inside. Soon all of us were in the cabin and Debbie was tossed onto the couch. She barely stopped bouncing and one of the young studs had her mouth on his hard cock. These guys were quick to recover and she was going to get a royal fucking again. This time it was a little more civil. The guys took her into the bedroom and two came back out. The three of us popped some beer and the other guy stayed in the room and we all could hear Debbie moaning as she was getting well and truly fucked again. After some time she came out with a huge smile on his face and the next stud went in. Soon Debbie was moaning again and it was obvious he was fucking her hard with the squeaking of the bed swings and moans and groans coming from Debbie. Finally the third guys turn came and he entered the room of all the cock on display he was the largest but I kept my monster under wraps as I was by far larger than any of these guys. The guys were dressed and we all were talking and it turned out one of the young guys was my buddies son and my buddy told him he should drop by the cabin today. So my buddy had set me and Debbie up. The third guy came out of the bedroom and soon after Debbie emerged looking a little worse for wear she headed to the shower and while she was showering the three studs shook my hand and said their deneme bonusu farewells and left. When Debbie came out of the shower she was looking quite a bit better and I had already retrieved her bag so that she could get dressed. Debbie disappeared into the washroom again and it took some time but Shen she came back out I was surprised at how fucking hot she had fixed herself up. We did a final look around the cabin to make sure all was in order and I locked it up and we went to the car. When we pulled out onto the highway to head back to town Debbie was not talking to much and I had a mile wide grin on my face and she knew I was enjoying her uncomfortableness. It was not long and I noticed Debbie unfasten her belt. She got up on her knees on the seat and faced towards me and she reached over and rubbed my cock. I could hardly belief it she was still horny as all hell and she unzipped my shorts and pulled my placid but hardening master out. Debbie looked at my cock and looked up at me and she grinned as she started to suck on my head and shaft barely able to get it into her mouth. I drove at the speed limit or even a little below it also I was sure that I was not going to get pulled over because for sure my driving was not a straight as it should have been. On more than one occasion while Debbie was sucking me off a big truck or even some pick up trucks and cars that were driving beside me were able to see her head bobbing up and down on my hard cock. Some tooted their horns some took quick pictures and I just smiled a and leaned back in my seat and took it all in. In no time I was pulling into my drive way I had opened the garage door and pulled the Vette into the building the door closed behind and I lifted Debbie up off my cock. She looked around smiled and we both got out f the car she grabbed me by the cock and lead me into my house and into my bedroom. I had pulled off my shirt on the way and had unfastened my shorts and dropped them also as we walked. By the time we were in the room I was nude and she was gripping my massive hard on. Debbie pushed my back onto the bed and she bent over and sucked my cock as far as she could into her mouth. She was quite the pro and giving head and she worked me over until I was very very hard. With a flick oh her hair she was kneeling up on the bed and she took off her top and shorts and there was that beautiful naked body that I had watched get ravished by those young men just a few hours before. Sh straddled my hips and reached behind her as she rubbed the head of my cock up and down her pussy to get the head wet and slipper to be able to take me in. She was started to slid the head of my cock into her and finally I felt the head slip past her opening I was surprised at how tight she felt even after the fucking she had endured earlier. But as I mentioned I was by far the biggest cock she had in her today. Debbie worked back and forth slowly until finally she had worked my whole mammoth unit into her pussy and she was rocking back and forth on me. I was rubbing her tits and playing with her nipples as she fucked herself on my cock. Debbie was a machine as she started to moan and groan. She wiggled around until she was squatting over my dick and now she was bouncing herself up and down slamming my cock deep into her pussy. I placed my hands on her hips and was helping pull her down hard onto my unit as she was moaning and groaning. Soon I felt her pussy start to grip and spasm on my cook as her juices squirted out around my shaft as she experienced a strong orgasm. I hugged her tight and in one motion I flipped her over with me now on top and I started to slam my cock in and out fucking her pussy through the orgasm. She reached up above her head and placed her hands flat against the head board of the bed as I was jack hammering her pussy. I placed my hands on each side of her head and I slammed my cock hard and Depp into her as I started to pump my load into her womb. I could feel her spasm as I felt shot after shot of cum ejaculate from my cock. Debbie arched her back and accepted the full length of my cock as she writhed through her orgasm again. Finally I was empty and I slid out from her twitching pussy and collapses on the bed beside her. I could hear Debbie breathing heavily beside me and I lay on my back catching my breath.

In the morning when I woke Debbie was already out of the bed and I found her in the kitchen on the phone with the coffee already on. I kissed her on the cheek and I could not help but hear her explaining to who ever was on the other end about her fucking awesome day yesterday getting fucked stupid by everyone. Then she invited who ever over to literally suck on her pussy because it was to sore to fuck today but that I would be there and who ever that was should fuck me. After she hung up she looked at me and she told me that I was in for a great day. My cock was already stirring and she noticed the bulge in my shorts. She would not tell me who was coming over but as she bounced around the house making herself at home I did not mind as I was getting some great views of her side boobs and even some pussy flashes. At about 11:00 the door bell rang and she flew to the door to open. I could her that she was whispering to some one and then Debbie came back into the living she was nude and she was leading a just as naked little red head . This chick had an amazing body and her long red hair was beautiful the way it framed her perfect made up face. Her pussy had a little tuff of red hair just above her slit and her ass was perfect. Debbie paraded her right over to me and she then introduced the red head as Angel and that she was here for fun. I went to stand but Debbie pushed me back down on the couch and she dropped to her knees in front of me and unzipped my shorts. She pulled my already hard cock out of my shorts and started to worship me as Angel was down behind her suck on Debbies pussy and ass from behind. As soon as Debbie had me at my fully erect she switched placed with angle and I was equally amazed at her skill. Debbie made sure that I was truly engrossed with the BJ I was getting when she dropped the bomb and told me that Angel was her lover ever since she had married her brother Frank. I rolled my head back in laughter as I thought about my new best friend Frank and how I was going to be fucking his wife and sister for a very long time to come. Angel looked up from my cock and said welcome to the family. As I was still laughing and gently pushing her mouth back onto my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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