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Pizza Party — Part 1
Pizza Party — Part 1

The knock on my hotel room door wasn’t unexpected, but startled me

I had planned how I wanted to approach this for some time. I just
needed a handy excuse and a hell of a lot of nerve. “I’ll be right
there,” I called.

I checked myself in the mirror. My bra was a black and purple
balconette style. The cups were semi-sheer and the embroidery on them
matched that on the straps. The center was decorated with corsetry
detail and little purple bows. The matching thong was made of black
semi-sheer mesh and the sides were trimmed with the same embroidery as
the bra. The back of the thong had the same lace-up ribbon and bow

I wore the panties over the matching garter belt/torsolette, which had
the same embroidered trim down the front and sides and the bow accents
in the front center and where the garters were stitched to the fabric.
They held up my black seamed stockings that ran down to my black patent
leather ankle-strap pumps. I blew myself a kiss for good luck, admiring
how even just wearing lipstick and a little blush made me look.

I looked through the peephole to be sure the delivery guy was, indeed, a
guy. I paused, took a deep breath, and then opened the door.

“Here’s your pizza. That’ll be eighteen fift… uh… fifty.” He had
been looking down at the receipt at first. He was understandably taken
aback. Most pizza delivery guys aren’t expecting a man dressed in
women’s lingerie to answer the door.

“I have to get my wallet,” I said. “You can step inside if you’d like.”
The butterflies in my stomach were doing loop-the-loops.

“Uhhhh.” He hesitated on the doorstep.

“Suit yourself. It is cooler inside.” I walked away from the door,
leaving him to hold it open.

“I’ll be right back,” I said over my shoulder as I walked to the
credenza in the living room area of my suite. I wanted him to get a
good look at my ass. I heard the door close behind me. Was he in or
out? I pulled $25 from my wallet and turned. He was in the room,
standing nervously by the door. Part 1 of my plan was complete.

He was a white k** in his late teens or early 20’s, probably either a
college student or just out of high school. He wasn’t a scrawny geek,
but he wasn’t a buff jock either. His dark hair was hidden under an
Orlando Magic baseball cap. He was wearing the Polo shirt with his
company’s logo on it and a pair of dark colored basketball shorts. I
smiled inwardly at the bulge slowly growing there.

“Here you go,” I said, extending my hand with the money. My nails were
painted a shade of fuchsia from Revlon called Petal Power. It accented
the purple in the lingerie just right.

“Do… do you need, uh, any change?” he asked, stalling as he clumsily
tried to confirm that I was indeed a guy and not a girl.

“No, hon, I don’t,” I said. I took the pizza from him, bent over, and
set it on the floor. I knelt beside it and turned, on my knees between
him and the door. He looked confused and perhaps a little scared.

“My mistress allows me to splurge on pizza while I travel,” I said, “but
she also requires me to offer the delivery guy a blowjob as a tip.”

“Wait, but aren’t you a dude?”

“If you mean do I have a cock between my legs, the answer is yes.” canlı bahis As I
said this I leaned back to give him a clear look at my panty bulge.
“But when I’m dressed like this I’m nothing more than a cocksucking
slut.” I pursed my lips and then licked them seductively.

He glanced at the money still clutched in his hand, and then looked me
up and down.

“Oh, you get to keep the money, sweetie. This is just a bonus.”

“Ummm… sure,” he said. “What the fuck.” Part 2 of my plan: complete!

As he approached I could see his cock was now really making an
impression on the front of his baggy shorts. I wondered what surprises
lay underneath! I reached up inside the leg of his shorts and grabbed
his hard cock through his underwear.

“Looks like we’re both looking forward to this, baby,” I said. “Have
you ever had a blowjob before?”

“Shit, yeah!” he said, “Lots of times.” I released my grip on his cock
and with my other hand tugged at his waistband. My hand inside of his
shorts grabbed a fistful of material and helped pull down his shorts and
underwear. His cock bobbed free and I massaged his balls. They were
warm, furry and swimming with spunk.

“When’s the last time you unloaded this thing?” I asked. “It feels like
you have a nice load in there.”

“It’s been a few weeks.”

“So with all of your other blowjobs, have the girls always swallowed?”

“Not really,” he said. “Most of them pull off just as I’m about to

“Well you’ll find one of the best things about a sissy cocksucker is
that we don’t like to waste a drop.” As I said that I stroked his shaft
and a large drop of pre-cum leaked from the tip and started running down
the shaft. I quickly caught it with my tongue and licked all the way up
his shaft. His cock was about 6 inches long, not too thick but just
meaty enough.

I wrapped one hand around the base of his cock and tongued up and down
his shaft, turning my mouth sideways so I could give it a really good
coat of saliva. Soon his pre-cum was mixing in and making his cock nice
and slippery.

I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and sucked briefly. I
gave his shaft one more coat and then took his whole cock into my mouth.
He groaned aloud. I bobbed my head up and down his dick, sucking and
making loud slurping noises.

As I pulled off to catch a breath of air I continued massaging his balls
with one hand while I stroked his hard cock with the other.

“Ohhhhh, shit!” was all he could manage.

“You like that, baby?” I asked. I turned my head sideways with just the
head of his cock in my mouth looking up at him.

“No one has ever sucked my dick like this before!”

“Don’t try this at home, k**s, we’re professionals,” I said, winking at
him as I resumed sucking his cock. After a few more minutes of my
sucking, licking, and jacking, I could tell he was on the edge. I
stopped sucking and sat back on my heels.

“What’s…” he started to speak but I interrupted him.

“Any of your little girlfriends ever deep throat you?”

“A few tried and one was able to manage it. The rest, I think, were
really just blowing me to keep me out of their panties.”

I leaned forward, taking a deep breath as I did so. I got his shaft
really wet and then plunged it all the way down my throat. He bahis siteleri bucked
his hips and his hands found their way to my head. I pulled all the way
off his cock and plunged it back down my throat, this time guiding his
hips with my hands. I pulled off of his cock and sat back on my heels

“That was incredible!” he said.

“You need to understand something, sweetie,” I said. “It will help us
both out. This is very important.”


“I’m a sissy cocksucker.”

“Yeah, I got that.”

“There’s one thing I don’t think you’re getting. There’s one deep-
seated thing a sissy craves.”

“A nice hot cock, right?” he said as he waved his hard cock back and
forth in front of my face.

“Well, that’s often the by-product,” I said. “But what a sissy really
craves is to be used.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know I’m a sissy. I’ve told you I’m a sissy.” He nodded. “I’m a
sissy cocksucker. I’m sucking your cock and you’ve let me stop twice
now before getting what you want.”

I sat there waiting for my message to sink in. Then I saw the light
switch come on.

“Get over here and suck my cock,” he said. I crawled closer and opened
my mouth. Instead of waiting for me to start sucking he leaned in,
forcing his cock down my throat. His hands gripped the back of my head
and with his hips bucking wildly he began fucking my mouth. Part 3 of
my plan was complete.

I moaned my appreciation.

“That’s right, sissy. Suck my fucking cock. Take it, you cocksucking
sissy.” I had to fight for air now, but it was exactly what I wanted;
what I had been needing. During my brief gasps for air, I egged him on.

“Fuck me. Fuck my sissy mouth. Make me your cocksucker. Hold my head
and feed me your cum!”

That was enough to finally send him over the edge. He grabbed my head
between his hands and thrust his cock all the way into my mouth.

“Oh, fuck! I’m coming!” When he started spewing he pulled out just
enough to flood my mouth with his load. It was bitter and salty and
just seemed to keep pouring out of his cock.

“Don’t you swallow yet!” he barked. “I want to see my whole load in
your mouth before you swallow it!”

For a young man who had never used a sissy before he sure learned
quickly, I thought. When his orgasm subsided, he pulled his cock from
between my lips.

“Open up,” he said. “Show me.” I opened my mouth as wide as I dared
without letting any of his cum leak out. I looked up at him, trying to
keep his load from sliding down my greedy throat. “Is that what you
wanted, sissy?”

I gurgled an “Mmmm-hmmm” as best I could through a mouthful of tasty hot

“Now swallow it.” I gulped his load, swallowing several times to get it
all, licking my lips and continuing to swallow. I moaned.

“I thought you told me that sissy cocksuckers don’t waste a drop,” he

“Mmmmm. Yes, that’s true.”

He glanced down at his cock, which still had some cum leaking from the
tip. I quickly slurped his dick into my mouth and suckled at his
softening member, getting every last drop from it. When I was sure I
had it all I sat back on my heels once more, looking up at him.

“That was very nice of you to clean my cock,” he said, “but….” He
pointed down. I followed his direction to see a small puddle of cum on
the tile floor bahis şirketleri of the entryway. He didn’t need to say anything else. I
bent over on all fours and licked and lapped up the cum from the floor.
He pulled up his shorts and underwear in one motion and moved to stand
behind me.

“Mmmmm, that’s a nice ass. It looks like you have something in there.
Show me.” I reached behind me and tugged my thong from between my ass
cheeks. “What the hell is that?” he asked.

I was wearing the large Ass-Gasm training plug. It was made of black
silicon and incorporated a cock ring, ball separator and an anal plug
designed with a specific shape to massage the prostate. Even just
moving around the plug massaged my insides, keeping me horny, half-hard
and dripping wet.

“It’s my buttplug, sir,” I said, “and a cock ring.”

“Pull your panties down, I want to see it closer.” I stood up, my face
suddenly flushed with embarrassment, and pulled my panties down. I bent
over in a wide-legged stance and grasped my ankles, giving him a clear
view of my plugged ass and spread balls. My panties were just below my
ass and my half-hard cock was still trapped in the front.

“Hmmmm. You like having things up your ass, sissy?”

“Yes, sir,” I said. I heard the unmistakable faux-shutter sound of a
cell phone camera clicking.

“Stand up and turn around.” I straightened and slowly turned. He took
another picture.

“Maybe next time I’ll have to take advantage of that ass,” he said.
“Ask your mistress.”

“Yes, sir. I will ask her.”

“I have to go. Give me a quick suck before I get out of here.” I bent
over at the waist and pulled down the front of his shorts, slurping his
cock back into my eager mouth. “That’s right, you sissy cocksucker,
suck my cock. Mmmmm.” His camera clicked again. He reached over me
while I sucked his hardening cock and pressed his hand against the

I moaned.

He stood up, pulled up his shorts and walked out the door, giving my ass
a hard slap as he left.

“I’ll be looking forward to delivering your next pizza,” he said. “You
can bet your ass on it.”

I pulled up my panties, picked up my pizza and walked to the
kitchenette, setting the box on the table. I was hungry, but I was so
much more horny than hungry! I left the pizza and headed to the

My 8-inch realistic dildo was stuck to the headboard. I climbed into
bed, pulled my panties to the side, lubed up the dildo and tugged the
plug from my ass. As I moved backwards, guiding the big rubber cock
into my hungry hole, I wondered what a real cock would feel like. I
smiled as I felt the rubber balls push against me, letting me know that
I had taken as much of the rubber dick as I possibly could. While I
rode the dildo I called the pizza place again.

“Who was the nice young man who delivered my pizza?” I asked. “I was so
distracted when he arrived that I forgot to get his name. Yes, he was
very attentive and made sure I had everything I needed. The next time
I’m in town I’d like to know who to request as my delivery driver.”

“Perfect. Thank you.”

“David.” As I said his name aloud my orgasm came very fast. “Mmmmm,
yes, fuck my sissy ass, David!”

I had just sucked my first real cock, and now it was likely that I had
lined up my first ass-fucking as well. I didn’t really have a mistress
to get permission from; I had made the whole thing up as a pretense–a
handy excuse to make myself do what I had only fantasized about for

Part four of my plan was complete.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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