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Playful Wrestling becomes FuckFest for Wife
My wife has always played the tough invisible role. Despite her 5’4″ 112 pound size, she never backed away regardless of the gender or size of her opponent. She had confided in me that over the years growing up that this trait had got her ass kicked on more than one occasion. If nothing else, my wife has always been a very competitive person in all regard, whether it was academically, or physically.

Growing up, I had two close friends, both of who joined the army when they reached eighteen. Both Chris and David had been in our wedding party for my wife and me when we got married. Chris moved on to join the Marines for eight years while David became a Ranger. We had all lost contact over the years until about twelve years later, we all got together.

Both Chris and David loved tormenting my wife. They both said she was smoking hot, but she also was feisty, and so they gave her a hard time any way they could. For about three years after both friends returned, they were regulars at our house. They both were ultra respectful of my wife and at the same time protective of her. I always knew when they were around even if I was working that she was safe, while neither of them would ever let anything happen to her, nor would they take advantage of her.

One night during winter, both Chris and David were at our house for several days. We had been snowed in, so we were all suffering from cabin fever. Our Wii game became our sole source of entertainment. My wife’s competitive nature kept both David and Chris in constant battles of bowling, golf, boxing, and tennis. I kept a continuous fire in our wood stove, so the house was warm and cozy. The three of us guys walked around in our boxers and a t-shirt while my wife wore a t-shirt and shorts the entire time.

Then, one evening, as my wife challenged the guys to boxing matches, she was full of herself. Her competitive nature, coupled with being stir crazy had her in rare form. I teased her that someday her ass was going to overload her mouth as she told both Chris and David that she could take both of them and if they ever wanted to take it off the Wii to bring it on.

Later, my wife was picking at both my friends as we all sat around drinking beer. She insisted she wanted to wrestle them both and could beat them. It was in a moment of another whiteout that we decided to give her what she sought. We talked about ground rules, but the conversation quickly plunged into being completely inappropriate. A conversation like that has a way of feeding on itself, and soon, the four of us had talked about our rules and agreed on a set of rules that would be followed with me being the judge and referee.

Our rules were straight forward and simple.
1. No hitting
2. No kaçak bahis biting
3. No marks or bruises
4. All participants start clothed, but clothing was allowed to be removed by other participants.
5. Penetration was permitted
6. Sexual activity was allowed with no rules or limits.
7. There would be four six-minute matches
8. I would be the final judge and referee.
9. The winner would be allowed to set a penalty for the loser of their choice.

My wife was the one to start, and she created the first three rules. However, she openly and fully endorsed and agreed to each of the other regulations suggested by Chris and David. I was unsure as our relationship had always been entirely platonic in the past outside of some very spirited joking around and spirited sexual innuendo.

We cleared an area in our basement that was carpeted and roughly twenty by twenty of cleared floor area. David and Chris both were in boxers with no shirt while my wife wore a pair of small nylon booty shorts and a sports bra. I suggested she remove her belly piercing to keep from getting it pulled out, but she insisted it would be fine. She kept her confidence and trash talking up to the start of the match.

From the beginning, both David and Chris double teamed her and quickly manhandled her. My wife put forward a valiant effort and at several points almost appeared to get some points in. She was giving them a run for their money. For the first round, my wife remained completely clothed despite some light-hearted attempts to get an article of her clothing pulled off. She did manage to get both Chris and David’s boxers pulled down off their hips to their upper thigh. Per the previous conversation, they did not pull them up and allowed themselves to remain exposed. There was no hiding that both guys had a full hard erection at this point with the physical contact. This left no doubt in my mind that my wife would end up naked in the match, and I would witness both of them taking her as a spoil of the game.

During the second match, the guys appeared to take it easy on my wife. They got her top pulled off to allow an open view of her tits but resisted pulling her shorts off of her although they had ample opportunity. The end of the match found both guys naked after losing their boxers with my wife still wearing her shorts and claiming victory.

My wife never stopped trash talking as she told them to give up as the third match began with the start of a timer on the television. This round the guys showed no mercy to her. David got her around the waist as he quickly flipped her upside down while he was still kneeling from the starting position. With my wife’s head and face locked between his thighs, giving her a face full of cock. David held her firmly while my wife tipobet güvenilir mi was putting up a struggle but to no avail. Chris smiled at me and then reached down to the waistband of my wife’s shorts as he pulled them off of her in one motion. My wife was now naked with her pussy and ass fully immobilized from David’s hold on her. It was a turn-on to watch as her legs flailed around trying to get free. The position my wife was being held in kept her legs parted at the height of David’s head. Her pussy and ass were open to anything the guys wanted and she was totally vulnerable to them.

All I could do was to sit back and observe while both my friends took turns tormenting my wife by fingering her pussy while holding her tight. From the sound, I knew my wife was wet and getting more wet as her arousal from her predicament built. Chris held my wife firmly around her hips to keep her in position next as David gripped his hard cock and guided it firmly into her mouth. My wife resisted initially unable to expel David’s immense cock from her mouth, but she finally accepted her fate and began to suck as Chris gave her pussy a rapid finger fucking that she was unable to hide the fact she was immensely enjoying.

The timer on the television went off, and they all separated. My wife took the ninety-second break to tell the guys now they had asked for it and she was not holding back anymore. The guys teased asking her if she was saying she was not holding her climax back anymore.

With very minimal effort, Chris pinned my wife to the floor beneath him before the timer finished sounding. As my wife struggled to free herself with everything she had, Chris separated her legs, placing his cock in contact with her pussy. David grabbed her wrists and pinned them down over her head as he moved, kneeling directly over her face. David gripped her chin and fed her his cock while Chris pressed himself inside her balls deep. My wife squirmed, but I think at this point she was enjoying her place and apparent struggle was all for effect.

The time went quickly on this final match, and the buzzer sounded while Chris was still really giving my wife a deep pounding. Now my wife had her legs around Chris’s waist partially while her hands were holding David’s ass cheeks as she grunted and moaned unable to keep his cock in her mouth due to the force of being fucked so hard. I could not hold back and had my boxers down while I played with myself and watched.

My wife’s body began to shake violently as she climaxed hard. Chris continued his thrusts and began to climax himself. A few minutes later, the guys changed places, and Chris’s slimy dripping cock pressed inside my wife’s hungry mouth. As David pushed inside her pussy, there was a liquid tipobet squishing noise that filled the room. It was the first time I realized we had not thought about protection, but it was too late now. David was deep inside my wife, and she was enjoying herself. David built his rhythm and fucked my wife harder than I ever had and probably much deeper. David began to talk dirty to her, which was an incredible turn-on.

Chris finally moved away from her head as David continued. I moved up to the floor and pushed my cock inside my wife’s mouth as she sucked me and used her finger to press inside my anus. I was in heaven and realized Chris had been watching. Chris knelt behind me and replaced my wife’s finger with his own as he gave me a deep finger fucking while I was being sucked by my wife watching David’s cock thrust in and out of her tight pussy. I was almost starting to cum when David began to climax, causing my wife to lose her contact with my cock as she breathed deep and moaned in extasy.

It took David a full ten minutes to drain his entire load inside my wife. When he moved back out of her, I moved into his place as I raised my wife’s legs straight up in a ninety-degree angle with her body. I could not believe how much cum was leaking from her stretched, gaping pussy. I rubbed my hard cock in the mix, getting myself lubed up and slick before I pressed my wife’s legs back toward her chest to expose her ass. It was also covered in a thick layer of leaked cum, so I pushed inside her with ease.

My wife’s ass was tight and hot as I watched David stick his slimy cock into her mouth in front of me. Chris took me by surprise as I felt his finger once again push deep inside my ass using the collected cum as lube. The feeling was amazing, and I never thought about what or who it was penetrating me.

Once I finished, we all stood around bragging about what we had just done as my wife lay on floor dozing in and out. We all got down and helped pick my wife up from the floor, and we carried her up the steps. We sat her on the toilet to let her pee as her pussy queefed. I then led her to the King size bed in our room as the guys followed us. David lay next to my wife with both of them still naked. Chris and I went to the kitchen to grab us all a bottle of water and then returned. I crawled up in the bed next to my wife, and with the lights out, Chris climbed in at the back of me.

We all woke up the next morning in the same bed. We each were still naked. With the four of us all nude together, we teased about how it had finally happened. We all commented on how high the sexual tension had been for so long, and how much we had suppressed acting out on anything. My wife told all three of us, “All of you or anyone of you can fuck me anytime you want. I don’t care. I am all yours.

David and Chris stayed a few days, sleeping in our bed and remaining naked most the time. Since that night, David and Chris have remained great friends and are now friends-with-benefits as my wife calls them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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