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Remembering My First Time with A Guy
Although I had been with a number of boys in heavy kissing and petting I really had never gone further than second base. This night changed all of that.

I drove up to visit my older sister in college for the weekend. My sister, Meaghan, was a sophomore at University of Georgia and this was the first time I had visited her on my own. I got up there around noon spent the time hanging out, walking around campus and “seeing the sites,” which meant people and guy watching. We went to a dining hall to get a bite to eat then watched a little TV in lobby of her dorm room with her and her friends.

“Christy, “ Meagan said getting my attention, “let’s go back and get ready for the party at Marty’s house.” I was filled with youthful excitement as this was my first college party. We got back to the room and Meaghan looked me up and down, “we need to get you into something a little sexier than that.” She continued, Mommy and Daddy are not here,” implying that we did not have to dress conservative. Meagan looked through her closet and pulled out a off-white tank top. “Try this on.”

The knit top fit tight around my firm b-cup breasts, covered my bra, and showed a few inches of mid-drift. “Wow, I look hot” I thought. Meagan took her t-shirt and bra both off and slip into a navy blue tube top. I too took off my bra and went braless under my top, as Meaghan realized how she inspired her younger sister. We finished our make-up and hair then headed over to Marty’s for the party.

As we walked up the drive way, Meagan said, “I am not going to tell what to do, but, if a guy asks go to a room, there will be expectations.” She continued, “feel free have fun, your secrets are safe with me. Just be smart, and don’t do anything you will regret.”

We entered the house and I can tell you it felt great seeing the guys heads turn to look at both Meaghan and me. We soon entered the living room where there was dancing going on, then moved to the kitchen and out the back door to the backyard. People were talking and just hanging out. Meagan saw a group of her classmates, and we went over to join them. There were about a dozen of us but it was hard to follow the conversation. Soon, this nice looking and very fit guy started a conversation with me. “Are you Meagan’s sister?” “Yes, my name is Christy” I said being happy just to talk to someone, “ yours?” “Keith, I am a junior here majoring in international business.” We continued to talk and get to know each other as the conversation became a lot less formal. Soon we started giggling and making fun comments about some of things we were seeing at the party. Finally, he asked if I liked dancing and we made our way to the dance floor.

My mind was racing as we danced. This guy was hot and the more we danced the more attracted I was attracted to him. “Genie in a Bottle” came on and we started mouthing the words to each other and at by the end of the song we were suggestively dancing real close. As the song came to an end, he put his arms around me and kissed me. I was in heaven as he led me to the dimly lit hallway. He said I looked canlı bahis awesome and wanted to make out with me. I leaned up against the wall and we started to passionately kiss. His right hand moved from my lower back and slid up to my breast. His firm hand gently caressed my and soon that same hand slid up my tank top and felt my braless bosom. When he rubbed my nipple, I gasped and kissed him even more passionately showing appreciation.

I felt his hand trace down my tummy over my jeans. I jumped as he rubbed between my legs. Although it felt awesome, I quickly grabbed his hand moved it back to my breast where he resumed his gentle caressing. He kissed down the nape of my neck and whispered, “How far have you gone with a guy before.” I said, “As far as this right now.” Keith asked “didn’t it feel good when I rubbed between your legs.” I said, “oh it felt great.” “Just go with it, I will be gentle, you can stop me anytime.” My heart raced and felt a flush come over me as he dropped his hand between my legs again. His fingers even through my jeans felt awesome. As he rubbed my pussy, “you are freaking hot,” he whispered. I murmured something as I was enjoying this new sensation. “How about we go upstairs.” Keith said. . Deep down I wanted to, but did not say anything at first as I had frozen from nervousness. After a very long pause, I looked up at him, nodded, and he led up the stairs to a bed room. As he closed the door behind us he took the tie off of the inside door knob and put it on the outside. “What is that for.” I naively asked. “It lets people know this room is occupied and not to use it.”

It was very dark, and Keith quickly turned on a light on the side table. With that we fell onto the bed making out. We picked up right where we left off, him rubbing the outside of my jeans and us passionately kissing. Soon he sat me up and pulled off my tank top letting my breasts pop out. I was a little self-conscious as this was the first time I was scene topless in light. The smile on his face was all I needed as he then took off his shirt revealing his chiseled sexy upper body. He laid me back and with one hand undid my pants. As he kissed me he gave my pussy its first real fingering that wasn’t from me. I was enjoying things, and then he put my hand on his crotch, saying he would appreciate some increased attention too.

His cock was hard as a rock and I just rubbed it up and down on the outside of his shorts. His moans of pleasure increased my excitement and desire. “Let me see it,” I blurted in a soft but embarrassed voice. He did not have to be asked twice and took off his pants. I thought “Fuck, he looks awesome” as I stared at my first naked friend. As he sat up in bed I kissed him and let my hand rub over his rock hard cock. I then started to jerk it as I had seen in videos. His moaning encouraged me to keep going. After about what seemed like a long time, he put a hand on my head and whispered “I would be honored if you would give me your first BJ.”

His words and gentle hand on my head made me want to do it, but I was so freaking nervous. “Just start out kissing it bets10 and the rest will happen naturally” he reassured me. I slowly succumbed to his desires and with one hand lifted his cock and kissed the big purple tip. I looked at it a bit admiring my first cock. “It would feel good if you licked it”. I took the coaching and I licked the head of his cock taking his breath away. “Oh please suck it!” I knew what a BJ was but was very hesitant. I took the tip in my mouth. “Ohhhhh that is it. That feels fucking great.” With that I took him a bit deeper. It was not more than 30 seconds later he pulled me back up.

I looked confused as thoughts were racing through my head, if I was doing it well. He said I was doing too great of a job, but I wanted to pleasure you as well. He laid me back and pulled my plants off. I thought he was going mount me, “Please, don’t fuck me, im not ready for that.”. He looked at me, and said, no he had something else in mind and lowered his mouth to my pussy. I could tell I was very wet and soon his tongue and mouth were driving me crazy with a whole new pleasurable sensation. I gyrated my hips as the pleasure intensified. I felt an orgasm coming over me and moaned loudly as the I approached the climax. Keith licked trying to take me over the edge but the orgasm was never quite climaxed.

My head was spinning and I pulled Keith up. “Your turn” I said. I got between his legs and pulled his dick to my mouth. I wanted to do this, but was hesitant as not knowing what exactly to do or what to expect. I opened wide and took the tip in my mouth. He pushed up thrusting his cock deeper in my mouth. I was really enjoying the feeling of his hot dick in my mouth and wondered why I waited so long to do this. I took a break for a second to look up at him, “please more, that was feeling awesome.” I returned to sucking his awesome cock. He really moaned approval as I sucked and pushed my tongue against the underside of his dick. I continued I felt a hand on my head that guided the pace. “Awe fuck, Awe fuck, yes keep doing that” he gasped. I kept bobbing up and down while pushing my tongue on the his dick. Keith’s breathing really increased, and I felt the urgency his thrusting, and I knew he was about to orgasm. A second hand now was guiding my head even more. I was nervous not knowing how this was going to end but I was determined to keep my mouth on his dick as long as I could. All of a sudden he let out a muffled scream “oh fuuuuuckkkkk” and I felt his body spasm and a warm liquid fill my mouth. I kept sucking the best I could as he was orgasming in shear pleasure. He calmed down, pulled my head from his cum covered cock, and all the cum in my mouth fell out of my mouth, down my chin and onto his cock and balls. The salty sweet taste of his cum was new to me. I was not sure I liked (I do now) but it was small price to pay for his pleasure. “Christy, that was wonderful”, he said as he grabbed a handful of tissues to clean both of us up.

I laid back enjoying the glow of giving my first BJ, when he went down on me again. It was not long before I was very close bahis siteleri to orgasming again, but this time he moved off of my clit to tongue fuck my vagina. He stopped and backed off a bit looking at me. “Is everything OK”. Yes, it is. I just wanted to see your hymen as I never really took the time to look before. I was a little self-conscious of his request as he pulled my legs and labia a part. Keith then went right back to licking me. The teasing and break increased my arousal. Soon I put a hand on his head and keeping his tongue positioned where it felt best. I inhaled and stop breathing just of a couple of seconds as a red hot flush covered my body. I then exploded gyrating my pussy against Keith’s mouth as I convulsed in the most intense orgasm in my short life. Keith eagerly licked until my orgasm subsided and I could not stand it anymore. I pushed him away saying “That was intense, I never felt anything like that good before.”

Keith was rock hard again and I could tell he wanted to fuck me. “Keith I am not ready for that” He said OK, and then asked if he could slide his cock between my tits. That sounded like fun and I was more than happy to oblige. We were finally relaxed with each other had fun, laughing and giggling as we tried to find a position that would work with my modest b-cub breasts. Finally, I ended up sitting on a few pillows on the floor next to the bed. I was able to lean my head back on the bed as he thrusted his hardon between by tits. I pushed my tits together and had to use my fingers to keep him in my cleavage as he slowly gave me my first titty fuck. I was able to watch his face as the controlled the thrusting and his pleasure. I could feel he was getting close as he started to not only thrust a bit faster but with more force. I could see his whole upper body get red flush as his orgasm approached. With a groan, is orgasm arrived, and he shot his hot cum up my neck and upper chest.

As he backed away he looked down at me with my cum covered upper body. “Geeze you look fucking amazing.” There was a mirror in the room so I got up to take a look to see what he was seeing. I looked at my naked body in a new way with cum on my chest, make up smeared, and dishevel hair. I felt so sexy and satisfied. Keith came up behind me and put his arms around me. “Christy, let me do this,” and took his hands and rubbed his cum all over my chest and tits until it was sticky. “Now you have something of mine you take back with you.”

We were about dressed when we heard a knock on the door. It was Meagan’s voice. “Christy are you in there”. “Yes, I will be out in a minute.” “This was awesome” I said thanking Keith. “I had so much fun, and continued, “I will be around tomorrow night as well.” With that Keith gave me his phone number and I went out the door. Meagan’s jaw dropped when she saw me. “ Are you OK?” she asked. “Just fine Sis.”

On the way home I filled her in on the details. She told me that I strongly smelled of sex and needed to get a shower first thing in the morning. This made me feel very nervous and a bit shameful realizing the two students checking ID to get into the dorm probably smelled what my sister smelled.

I slept good that night, but was awaken by some noises from my sisters bed, then I realized she was taking care of herself. The story of my night must have gotten to Meagan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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