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Rocky Mtn Road Trip – Part Seven
Rocky Mountain Road Trip
Part Seven

We all went up to our room and once the door was
shut Mark pulled open a drawer and took out my leash and
clipped it to my collar and Keith did the same with Angel.
John and Kathy looked on with, I would have to say, great
interest. We were led over to where John & Kathy were
seated on the bed and told to kneel before them.
John said, ” Wow, we’ve had fantasies but never actually
tried any bondage. So what are the rules here?”
Mark said, “We practice consentual Adult Domination and
Submission. Our ladies are submissive and Bi. Keith and I
are Dominant and Straight. Angel & Sherry are trained to
Obey and we enjoy full swap with the only limits being that
nobody is ever forced to do anything. So as long as nobody
says, STOP. Then let the party rock.”
Keith said, “At some point if Kathy would like to experience
two Dominant males we would be happy to give her some
beginner submissive training?”
John & Kathy looked at each other and he said, “I’d love to
watch her doing that.”
Then Kathy smiled and said, “I’d love to. This will be my
first time and the thought excites me.”
Mark said to Kathy, “Ok, enjoy the current situation and we
will tell you when we are ready for your first training to begin. You will get a feel for things simply by watching
Sherry & Angel and how they interact with you & John.
Angel and I were still on our knees waiting to see how this
was going to play out with our newbie friends.
Mark said, “I think we can make this a weekend you’ll both
remember for a long time.”
Keith then said, “Sherry, Angel, offer your leashes up to
John and Kathy. Consider yourselves their casino şirketleri sex slaves.”
I was in front of John and Angel was next to me kneeling
in front of Kathy and we both held up our leashes and
offered them up and our new friends accepted them and
then Mark said, “John, Kathy, they have offered their
leashes and you have taken them. You now own these
slaves and they will do ANYTHING you tell them to do.”
John looked down at me and said, “I want to spank you.”
I said, “Yes Sir, whatever you wish.”
Kathy reached down and removed Angel’s dress and started
squeezing her tits. Then she said, “Kiss my hand slave.”
Angel replied , “Yes Mistress.” Then she Kissed Kathy’s
hand and started sucking her fingers.
Meanwhile Mark and Keith took chairs at the table in the
room and watched the action. John had me stand, he then
removed my dress and pulled my leash down and I ended
up laying across his lap. He started light, slapping my ass
and exploring his new power over me. The slaps got harder
and so did his cock. He continued to slap my ass with his
right hand as his left hand squeezed my tits and pinched my
nipples. I had known this guy for about an hour and now he
could do anything he wanted with me. I was very wet at this
point and loving my submission to my new master.
Kathy pulled up her dress and pulled off her panties and
then pulled Angel’s leash and said, “lick my pussy and lick
it good.” In a very turned on husky voice.
Angel said, “Yes Mistress, I promise I will be your oral
slave for as long as you like.” Then she buried her face
in Kathy’s shaved pussy and Kathy immediately began to
John decided he wanted some oral casino firmalari action too and he just
said to me, “Suck my cock slave.”
I replied, “Yes Sir.” and I unzipped his pants and pulled
out his very hard cock and eagerly started to worship it.
I rubbed it all over my face, sucked it, licked it and went
down deep on it, taking it down into my throat.
Both Angel and I were back on our knees on the floor in
front of John and Kathy and both of us were submissively
performing oral on them. Lot’s of moans and then Kathy
had a strong orgasm. She got loud and was pulling Angel’s
hair as Angel licked, sucked, and lapped her pussy juices
up. Angel continued to work Kathy’s pussy. Not content to
give her just one orgasm she said, “Mistress, I really love
being your slave. I love it when you pull my hair and I just
love licking your pussy. I am all yours Mistress. I want so
badly to please you.” Then Kathy started to moan again and
Angel continued licking and sucking and in no time Kathy
had a strong, second orgasm.
John stood up and pulled me to my feet by my leash and
pushed me down on the bed on my back and said, “I’ve got
to fuck you.”
Then he pulled off his pants and mounted me. He was nicely
hung and was so turned on he just shoved his hard cock into
me and pulled my hands above my head and held them there
as he pumped my pussy deep and hard. I was really getting
turned on and I could feel a climax building. As I was getting
ready to cum I started moaning louder and then louder and
then I started to scream and John swelled up inside me and
let go with a big load of hot cum deep into me. He was also
moaning and it was so so hot… Both güvenilir casino of us cumming
together. He didn’t pull out of me but just kind of laid
down on me still holding my arms securely above my head.
John started kissing me, lots of tongue and wet kissing.
I heard Mark say, “Bravo John. You just fulfilled one of your
fantasies but no doubt you have others too? Now it’s time to
watch your wife get slut trained by two experienced
masters. IF she does well maybe we can all meet again
before the weekends over?”
I cuddled up in John’s arms on the bed and Angel joined us.
John put an arm around each of us and watched to see what
was going to happen with his wife now.
Keith looked at Kathy and said, “you can say stop anytime
you want, and whatever is happening will stop and the
session will be over. You need to take this seriously and
you may discover you enjoy being a submissive? Do you
understand and are you willing to proceed?”
Kathy said, “Yes Sir. This is my very first time and I do
find it exciting. I ‘m just a little nervous.”
Mark said to John, “If you have no issues then we will
John said, “I’m good.”
“Stand before us slut and focus completely on Master Mark
and myself. DO NOT look at your husband. You will listen
and obey only us. You will do whatever you are told to do.
Do you understand?”
Kathy had gotten off the bed and was now standing before
Mark and Keith and she said, “Yes Sir, I understand. I’m
nervous but I want to try.”
Mark said, “Do exactly what you are told to do and do it
with an eager attitude and you will be fine. We understand
that this is your first time. We will not go too hard on you
this time, but you will be tested. Are you ready slut?”
Kathy said, “Yes Sir.”
Keith got up and padlocked a length of chain around Kathy’s
neck. He walked over and handed the key to John then he
said to Kathy, “Kneel before your new owners SLUT.”

To be Continued in Part Eight

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