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Runner’s dilemma
Why? I can’t say. I don’t know why. But I what I did and I don’t regret it a bit.

I run with a co-ed club. It’s a fun bunch, some fast, some less so.

We finished our run and everyone was standing around chatting, stretching and cooling off. And it was hot. Too hot. My shorts and tank top were soaked with perspiration. I tried toweling off to no avail.

The idea of getting into my car, literally dripping with sweat, saturating my leather seats, was not appealing.

I parked in the far corner of the lot because I was running late, typical for me, and the last available spots were the farthest away.

I said my farewells and headed toward my car.

Beads of sweat were rolling down my arms, from hairline down the bridge of my nose, even my fingers were dripping with perspiration.

As I approached my car, and unlocked the trunk remotely, I decided, rather impulsively, to peel off my tank top and toss the soggy ball of Dri-fit fabric into the trunk. Standing there in a sports bra and shorts, I was instantly cooler.

I didn’t hesitate. I peeled off my sports bra and tossed it in the trunk too. Facing my trunk, my back to the parking lot, an almost imperceptible breeze brought my exposed nipples to rigid attention. So much cooler now.

Standing there top-less. Now I debated my next decision. If I pulled off my shorts with integrated panties, I would be completely naked, except for my running shoes. If I moved quickly, it was unlikely anyone would notice.

As if my head was on swivel, I scanned to the parking lot from my vantage point in the corner. People were coming and going but too focused on what were to doing to notice or care what someone was doing in the far corner of the parking lot.

Decision made. I quickly pulled off my shorts and added them to the wet pile in the trunk, and slammed the lid down, before dashing around my car to the driver side door, my unrestrained boobs bouncing as I went.

OMG!!! My car keys were in my shorts’ pocket, now locked in the trunk. No car key. No cell phone because it was in the locked car. And no clothing on.

Instinctively, I wanted to make myself smaller, so simultaneously I wrapped my forearm around my breasts, pulling them in to my chest, and with my other hand, I clamped it over my neatly trimmed pussy, like a clam shell, cupping it, as I slowly lowered myself to a squat behind my car.

My mind was racing, sorting through alternatives, and my heart was racing even faster, fearing my discovery. My heart rate monitor watch recording every beat. Despite the heat, I began to shiver and goosebumps rose on my skin.

This had been a sunset run so now it was twilight and beginning to get dark. And the parking was emptying fast as people started leaving the park.

If I didn’t do something soon, I would find myself in an empty parking lot at night, illegal bahis siteleri completely naked. And out of options.

Despite my predicament, or maybe because of my predicament, I was so aroused that my pussy began to ache and dribble self-lube. I must be a complete nut-job to react this way, I thought to myself.

With my hand cupping my pussy, I could feel my internal heat increasing and radiating in waves from my parted pussy lips. Inexplicably, I began rubbing myself and tracing the outline of my puffy lips, as a squatted behind my car.

This is crazy.

I peeked over the fender and scanned the parking lot, hoping to see someone I knew. No luck.

I slid back down into hiding and resumed my ministrations, working first one, then two fingers, into my steaming hole.

The car next to mine clicked loudly as the owner unlocked it remotely. I prayed for the owner to be a woman but karma was against me. I popped up so just my eyes were above the fender and tried to identify the owner.

My luck was getting worse by the minute. Two college-age boys approached the unlocked car.

No matter what I did now, it would likely not end without humiliation. But I was out of options.

I covered myself with my hands the best that I could, and called out to them.

At first, they seemed to ignore me until they noticed that I was naked. Then they eagerly offered their assistance. I found myself standing between these two boys, both of whom attentively inspected every curve of my body, trying to imagine what my boobs and pussy looked like, except for my forearm and hands covering them.

Both enjoyed an unobstructed view of my bare runner’s ass, tight and toned. I thought I noticed a growing bulge tenting the shorts of one of them.

I explained my predicament and solicited their help. I asked them to call my husband and he would come with a spare set of keys.

They countered with an offer to drive me home, to assure that I arrive safely home, of course. I declined immediately.

No deal then and they started moving back toward their car.

Panicked, I begged them to stay. What would be a fair trade for the use of their cell phone?

Boldly, one unzipped his shorts and fished out his swelling cock. Suck me. It was fully erect, oozing its lubricating pre-cum before I could utter a response.

I dropped to a squat in front of him and started stroking his cock in a long purposeful motion trying to heighten his arousal and hopefully shorten the duration of my obligatory cock sucking.

His friend pulled out his cell phone and began recording me, urging me to make it worthy of streaming live.

In the darkening twilight, I rationalized that the image quality would be so low that no one recognize me, accepting of the terms of our deal, I sucked his pulsing wand into my mouth, tickling its shaft with canlı bahis siteleri my tongue as I pumped its length with one hand, and caressed his full balls with the other.

His orgasm came quickly, surprising me with it unexpected brevity (boys these days) and choking me with its volume, as he erupted, spurting several thick ropes of viscous cum in my mouth and down my throat. But in fairness to me, I have skills in this area.

Gathering cum from the corners of my mouth with my index finger, I turned to his friend, expecting the same arrangement for his cooperation.

He reached for my hand and pulled me to my feet and began leading me to the backseat of his car. I hesitated, resisting momentarily by pulling away from him. Then he dug his cell phone out of his pocket, wagging it in my face, informing that it was my call to make.

I laid back in the seat and spread my legs, revealing my already glistening pussy slit. My nipples hard atop my firm boobs, my rock hard abs on full display. I reached out for him with open hands, beckoning him to join me with my curling fingertips. He smiled broadly.

As he lowered himself into the backseat, hovering above my body, appraising my assets, he leaned down as if to kiss me, averting my mouth at the last moment, instead biting down hard on my nipples, sucking half of my b-cup boobs into his mouth.

He continued chewing on my nipples, as he shimmied into the back seat, mounting me roughly, intent on taming me, shaming me, reminding me of my predicament, and expecting me to be grateful to him, even worship him for his generosity.

His strokes were slow and deep, he took his time at the depth of his stroke, impaling me, trying to push himself ever deeper into my hungry hole, more than my small frame was physically able to accept. With each stroke, I struggled to accept his girth and his length, until his cock could descend no further, finding my absolute depth. He relished my tightness but was intent on penetrating me completely.

Repositioning himself and me so that he could drop his full weight on his boring tool, he jammed the last of his shaft into me. Our pubic hair meeting, entwining at the root of his massive cock. I gasped for air with shallow breaths. Tears streamed down my face.

He held me there, pinned under him, stretching me to my absolute limits, smiling wryly.

He continued ream me, twisting and tweaking my nipples as he rode me. Occasionally slapping my flopping boobs with his open hand. His cadence quickening, began thrusting into me in earnest now, intent on emptying himself completely, deeply within me.

His friend watched, with growing excitement, evident in his pants, as bahis firmaları he joined us in the backseat from the other door.

My own orgasm was building as bored into me. I had never felt so full of cock in my life. I found myself grabbing his ass cheeks, trying to pull him completely into me. Desperate for his cock and my impending release, my humiliation was complete, now I begged him for release, for orgasm. I bucked up into his descending hips, driving his cock into me completely, urgently trying to trigger orgasm.

Seated next to my head, in the backseat, his friend removed his shorts, and started furiously jerking himself to hardness, watching me receive a thorough reaming from only inches away, my head bumping into the side of his thigh with each thrust.

He twisted my nipples mercilessly, tugging at my distended nipples, and slapping my boobs and my face indiscriminately as he masterbated, cheering on his friend as all three of us neared orgasm.

I was delirious with pleasure and pain. I lost track of time. My sole focus became the increasing heat between my legs and the rhythmic thrusts driving me closer to orgasm. In my mind’s eye, I could see my blood surging through my veins to my loins, increasing pressure, until it burst with pleasure.

Masturbation ceased to satisfy the other boy in backseat and he shifted around until his cock found my mouth.

Now both boys thrusted wildly into me with the instinctual urgency of procreation. What were once controlled and rhythmic thrusts suddenly became erratic and spastic as we approached the precipice, overridden by the subconscious mind, instinctively they both slowed their cadence, ending with a final urgent push as deeply into my pussy and throat as their cocks could go, before erupting in spewing streams of sticky goo, deeply with me.

I shuddered, my pussy clamping down on the cock in pussy, in successive contractions, release and pleasure, milking him for every drop of cum. My legs entwining behind him, locking him in place with my ankles, as his own contractions continued emptying his balls of their load.

Distracted by the pleasure emanating from my pussy, the cock in my throat was an afterthought until it sprayed its contents into me. Choking on it at first, I just gobbled and guzzled until I could breath again.

Both boys pulled out of me at once, leaving me a crumpled, satisfied lump of flesh, filled with cum, quivering in the back seat.

From either side of the backseat, through open doors, they pushed and pulled my arms and legs until I was completely inside the car and then closed both back doors with a slam.

The front doors slammed simultaneously and the engine started, shocking me into awareness, my head popped between them, leaning forward from the backseat.

WTF!!! Where are we going?

Back to the fraternity house, I could use the house phone to make a call.

As if on que, my new iWatch started to ring, it’s the upgraded version that has its own cell number. My hubby wanted to know when I’d be home.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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