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Sex at work
Years back I was in charge of hiring the new workers. This real big strong looking black man came in and filled out an application. Taking a quick look I noticed he did not fill out the entire application. I asked him if he needed help or to bring it back filled out. He said no. So I took a closer look and noticed the work history and other parts were blank. I looked him in the eyes and asked why he had not worked for a couple of years. After more questions he informed me he had spent some time in jail. I did not have a problem with that until he informed me it was for ****. This was a problem due to us having women working there. I told him he seemed like a nice guy and I would give him a chance to work around the warehouse. I informed him of all the rules, one of the most important being. Do not put yourself in a bad situation by being alone with one of the female workers. He thanked me for trusting him, Shook my hand and left.

Next morning Mike shows up early for work. Puts in a full day of work and goes home. This went on for a week or so. Mike is a model worker. The warehouse is just a few of us. At times it is just Mike and I. At the end of the day I usually use the shower to clean up then I go into the office and do some paperwork. This is usually after the others have gone home for the day. Mike and I by now have spent many hours together. At first Mike was Quiet and seemed very shy. After a few days he started to open up some and would talk about more than just the weather. Mike one day asked if anyone could use the shower. I said sure, bring a towel and soap. Just like you would at the Gym. Next day as canlı bahis siteleri I am getting ready to shower I notice Mike is right behind me. The small locker room does not have curtains or privacy areas other than the shower. Everyone had gone home except the two of us. I start to strip off my clothes as does Mike. As I am picking up my towel I notice Mike is naked and staring at me. Being used to the Gym and naked guys this is not shock. But Mike did not advert his stare. I had made eye contact with him after I looked up. Mike was not looking me in the eyes. Mike was looking at my D***. This caused me to look down at his D*** and notice how large Mike was. As I looked back up at mikes eyes I was met with a Smile. I had my towel in one hand and my soap in the other. Mike stepped towards me and I noticed his D*** was getting hard. I was not sure what to do at the moment so I did not move. Mike is a very big Guy. Both of us are naked. My mind is going 200 mile an hour. This is a big guy with a D*** that is getting harder as I look at it. I am sure it is 8″ and very Fat. It seems like time has frozen. I can feel my Heart pounding. 

I do not have to worry Mike tells me. Mike then starts to tell me how much he likes me. I have not looked down at his D*** since he started to talk to me. My eye have been locked into his eyes. Mike is well over 6′ tall so I am looking up at this huge mountain of a Man. Mike is standing so close to me now I am within arms reach. Never breaking eye contact I feel Mike put his Huge hand behind me and grabs my A**. His hand is so large it covers my whole crack from top to bottom. Mike bahis firmaları now has his face next to mine. I feel mike put his other arm around me. With his one hand still under my A**, his other hand is now behind my head. Never blinking Mike tells me to close my eyes and relax, as he presses his lips to mine. I feel Mike pushing his tongue against my lips. I feel myself being lifted up by my A**. With his hand on the back of my head I feel like a rag doll. Mike now has total control of my body. Mike has his tongue still trying to enter my mouth. My heart is pounding. As I open my mouth to take in a breath. I feel mike forcing his tongue  as far into my mouth as he can. With his grip on the back of my head I am at his mercy. Mike is working his fingers up and down my A**. I can feel him rubbing circles around my hole.

I feel my feet back on the floor. Mike takes my towel from my hand setting it down. I am in the shower now. Mike had his tongue in my mouth all the time he carried me into the shower. Mike is still playing with my A** while he turns on the shower. Moving his mouth from mine, I feel his lips sucking and kissing down my neck. Soon I feel warm water on my body. Mike has taken the soap and started to rub it all over me. All this time not a word was spoken. My mind is racing. Mike is getting me horny as hell. His soapy fingers have been working their way into my A**. Pulling my b**** and D***. Mike is rubbing his body against mine. I feel his huge D*** up and down my crack. As mike turns me to face him I grab his D***. His D*** fills my hand. His Balls are Huge and hanging low. Our bodies are pressed kaçak iddaa against each other slippery with soap. Mike is kissing me again. His tongue exploring my mouth as I suck his tongue deep into my mouth. Mike breaks our kiss long enough to ask me if I have been with a Man before.. Yes I say. I am met with a smile. Then he asks.. A Big Black Man?? Yes I say.. His smile gets larger while he starts to laugh. .. Mike tells me he wanted me from the first day he met me.

During this conversation Mike has been working his Soapy finger in and around my hole. Mike turns me towards the wall. Pressing my head forward and pulling my A** back towards him. I am now bent over at the waist. Mike adds more soap to my hole and his fingers. I reach back with one hand grabbing his Huge D***. Mike gets my hole more and more opened up. By now Mike is getting more and more vocal. Telling me what he has planned for my A**. I feel his D*** pressing against my crack. Mike tells me to use both my hands to open my A** wide for him. Mike is pulling me back onto his D***. Telling me to relax and push my A** onto that Fat D***. Telling mike I like it when he talks Dirty has him getting more and more verbal. After I feel his thighs against my A** Mike starts to grind into me more and more. I reach my hand back and grab his A**. Pulling him into me tighter. Mike has both arms around me in a bear hug. Humping into me while he keeps the verbal attack going.

Mike pulls out of me. Turns me around while he uses both his hands to lift me up. While kissing me again, tongue deep into my mouth. My arms around his neck. My legs wrapped around his waist. Mike presses my back against the wall. Breaking our kiss he asks me if I have plans for the weekend. Not yet I tell him. Good.. Plan on getting my D*** all weekend. I have been saving all my Juice for a week now. Lets finish cleaning up and start the weekend. 

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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