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Sex holiday 1 – Lust in the Sand Dunes
This is purely fantasy.

My wife and I had finally been able to arrange a holiday to Maspalomas whilst our son was looked after at home by his grandparents. My wife had just gone through the menopause and was flitting between a depressed state as she had gone through the change, and feeling more randy. In recent weeks my wife’s sexual desire had returned with a vengeance and as there was no chance of becoming pregnant we had decided that all sex would now be bareback. Away had gone the condoms and we now had lovely creampies.

The hotel was a few minutes walk from the main beach and we had a balcony overlooking the sea and beach but was not overlooked itself. It took us a few days to relax and it was on the first day when we walked along the beach that my wife realised there was a large part for naturist. I had known this, and the stories of what happened in the dunes, but it was clear my wife didn’t. She asked me if I knew and I acted all innocent. I suggested we give it a try but my wife refused.

In the first week we split our time from sightseeing on the island and sunbathing on the no naturist part of the beach. We also walked the whole length of the beach and my commented on how many of the women were mature and BBW like her … she was expecting them all to be young and thin. When we had gotten back to the hotel we fucked like a****ls and afterwards I asked her what had been such a turn on …. And she said seeing all those cocks on the naturist beach.

We ended our first week there fucking on the balcony and my wife having a very noisy orgasm which I am sure lots of people heard. We then sat on the balcony with our drinks as my cum slowly dripped from her pussy onto the tiled floor. When we went to bed we forgot about the dried cum on the floor until we were out the next day and my wife remembered with shock. When we got back the cleaner had cleaned up everything but again my wife was feeling really randy and she stripped off, got on all fours on the bed and told me to fuck her doggy style. My cock was soon pounding her pussy and my balls hitting her ass and i didn’t last long before I pumped my seed into her. As my cock fell out she rolled over and I licked my cum from her pussy and gave her an orgasm. As we laid there I said I had imagined that I had just licked another man’s cum from her and she laughed.

On several occasions I suggested we went to spend time on the naturist beach but she wasn’t sure. What I noticed though was that as the holiday went on she became very comfortable walking around the hotel room naked and venturing out onto the balcony to sunbath there naked.

Midway during our last week we took a taxi to a nearby restaurant. We enjoyed our meal I suggested we took a walk back to our hotel through the sand dunes. The moon was up and it was very bright. My wife agreed and we started on our way. About half way back we heard some noises … a woman laughing and a man saying ‘go on’. We went round a bush and there was a naked couple with a small audience. The woman lowered herself onto the guy’s cock and rode him as the group looked on. They were probably the same age as us and as the wife moved along his cock her large tits were bouncing.

My wife noticed some of the men were also naked and were openly wanking. I thought my wife would quickly move away but instead she held my hand and watched. Some of the wanking guys shot their loads before the woman screamed out her orgasm and the guy pumped his seed into his wife. Within a few minutes they had stood up and she had slipped on her dress and disappeared. We made our way back to the hotel and had one of the greatest fucks of our lives.

The next day we spent initially around the pool at the hotel. Mid morning we went back to our room to get some stuff before going for lunch. My wife stripped out of her wet bathing costume and went into the bathroom. Unknown to her the male cleaner entered the room to start tidying it up. My wife emerged from the bathroom naked, saw him and without flinching walked across the room as he watched her naked body. She got her towel and went back to the bathroom, emerging a few minutes later dressed. In the restaurant as we waited for lunch to arrive I told my wife I was a little surprised she had shown no problems about being naked in front of the stranger in our room. She confessed she had heard him come in and had dared herself to walk across the room in türkçe bahis front of him. She said she had gotten a big buzz from this stranger seeing her naked.

As we left the restaurant after lunch my wife suggested we walk along the beach. As we entered the naturist area my wife looked around, and in about the middle of it she spied two empty loungers and walked over to them. Without saying a word she stripped naked put her towel on the lounger and laid down. I stripped off and laid on the next lounger. The man came over to get our money for the loungers and umbrella and as my wife paid him he was clearly taking in her naked form. We laid there in silence for a while as my wife came to terms with being naked and on view to everyone else. Then she turned to me and said she was enjoying this and it felt so natural. She commented on the fact that every so often single naked guys walked by very slowly and looked at her. I said they would probably think of her tonight as they wanked. She laughed. As she got more relaxed her legs opened and I was sure any guy passing would have a good view of her naked pussy lips.

After a few hours she suggested we walk naked back through the dunes as far as we could to the hotel. We packed our bags and walked over the first dune. Soon there were secluded areas with low trees and scrubs. Every so often we could hear people and stumbled over men or couples taking in the sun in these hidden areas. We then turned round a bush to find a guy on his knees giving another guy a blow job. We stopped as my wife wanted to watch. It was clear that it would be over soon from the guys groans and then he groaned loudly and pushed his hips forward as his cum flowed into the guys mouth.

As we walked away I asked my wife if that had turned her on and she said it had. She took my hand. A few minutes later we came across a secluded spot and my wife stopped and got the towels out. She said she wanted to take in a bit more sun. She laid down on her back and rested with her legs bent and open pointing towards the path. Before I laid down I looked at her and it was clear that anyone walking along the path would have a good view of her pussy, in that position with her pussy lips slightly open. I think she deliberately put herself in a position where she couldn’t see if anyone passed along the path but I noticed her knees getting further apart clearly to give a passer by a better view. We lay in silence for some time and then I felt her hand stroking my cock. In quickly hardened and she used some of my pre cum to lubricate my knob. She slowly stroked me and then she sat up. She said quietly we had an audience and I saw two guys stood there wanking.

I was expecting my wife to get ready to leave but instead she bent forward and starting to suck my cock. She wasn’t making any eye contact with the guys who were watching. She stopped and stood up, I noticed she now looked at the guys as they looked at her beautiful body. She smiled. Then lowered herself onto my cock. The guys crouched down to get a better view of my wife riding my cock. In the heat and situation I wasn’t going to last long and was soon flooding her pussy with my cum. Instead of rolling off me she leant back wards holding my cum in her pussy. The two guys moved closer and my wife told them to cum on her tits. They didn’t last very long and I watched as these two strange cocks were jerked over my wife’s bare tits. As soon as they had cum they left us to tidy ourselves up.

We walked back to our hotel room in silence but as soon as we got into the room she told me to fuck her again. Even though she had put on a dress in the dunes to walk back, when she took it off there was still signs of the strangers cum on her tits and my cum dripping from her pussy. She got into the doggy position and I fucked her hard while playing with her clit. As she orgasmed I pumped my cum into her and we collapsed onto the bed. We then chatted about what happened and my wife hoped I had been OK with what happened. I said of course but my fantasy had always been to watch other guys fuck her. She laughed and said ‘in your dreams’. She said that having those guys watch us had been a real turn on. I said ‘It is a shame it is now nearly the end of our holiday … imagine if we had done that everyday we were here’

With only a few nights to go I didn’t want to waste any opportunity. That evening we went out for dinner and afterwards I suggested we perabet walk back via the dunes. We stopped off at a small shop and brought some of the local rum. In the dunes I suggested we stop to drink some of the rum but my wife suggested we continue back to hotel. Very soon after though we came across a group of people. In the middle were a couple fucking and as the woman rode her partner she was taking turns in stroking or sucking the cocks of the guys watching. In the moonlight we could easily see some guys had already cum over her tits. My wife suggested we might stop to watch. I gave her the rum and she took a swig from the bottle. The crowd grew as another couple arrived, stark naked. There was no pretence about this new woman. She was soon into the crowd and sucking any cock she could find, as her partner watched on. She then got on all fours and opened her pussy for any guy who wanted to fuck her, as the guy she was with watched on. My wife was transfixed by this bold woman who had taken charge of her own pleasure. My wife took of her dress to get naked and knelt in front of me to suck my cock. Other guys saw this and thought this was an invitation from my wife to suck any guys cock so some moved towards us. My wife made it clear she was only sucking her husband. One guy knelt down next to her, and I couldn’t make out what it was doing until my wife moved forward swallowing more of my cock. I asked if everything was OK and she looked at me and smiled. I assumed that the guy was playing with her pussy and then I saw another guy started to play with her nipple. She carried on sucking me but was clearly being turned on by the attention her pussy and tit was getting. I then noticed she was stroking the guy’s cock who was playing with her nipple. He moved forward and my wife jerked his cock until he shot on her tit and then she orgasmed as the other guy fingered her pussy. I shot my load into her mouth.

My wife then stood up and turned to watch what was going on. We watched the first woman finish fucking her husband and then leave and the second woman take on all the cocks she could get. It finished with her partner fucking her well used pussy. We then made our way back to the hotel. My wife kept apologising for playing with a stranger’s cock and allowing a stranger to play with her pussy. I told her it had turned me on. We had an incredible fuck and fell asleep.

The following day was our last full day. I told my wife that whatever we did on holiday stayed on holiday so if she wanted a wild last day she could whatever she wanted. She smiled. We went down to the naturist beach and spent most of the morning there. My wife enjoyed any attention paid to her naked body by strangers. We walked back through the dunes and came across a single guy lying on a towel, sporting a hard on. My wife looked at me with a twinkle in her eye. She went over to him and asked him what had turned him on so much. He said he had been on the main beach but had become too excited by all the naked women so had come to hide in the dunes. He then added that he had seen my wife on the beach and hers was one of the bodies he had liked. My wife looked at me and said ‘so I can do anything and you won’t mind?’. I said yes. She knelt beside the man and started to stroke his cock. He started to finger my wife’s pussy and I moved to get a closer view of this stranger’s fingers in my wife. She then started to suck his cock and moved her bottom so he could lick her pussy. I watched in amazement and my wife reached up to stroke my cock. His expert tongue had my wife orgasm soon after. My wife then positioned herself and told me to kneel down and look between her legs. She had rested her pussy on his cock and when I was watching she slide her pussy down onto him. As she rode him she told me to stand and she sucked on my cock. We all came together. My cock in her mouth, his cock in her pussy and my wife resting on his cock. We had gained a small audience by now. My wife raised herself off him and I moved over to lick the strangers cum from her pussy.

We held hands as we walked silently back to our hotel. At the last moment possible she slid her dress over her head and I put my shorts on. Back in the room she showered and then we sat and talked. She asked how I was feeling and I told her it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. She asked if I was upset that another guy had fucked her and I said it was the exact opposite perabet giriş … I was so proud of her and that watching another guy fuck her made me love her even more .. it showed that other guys fancied her. We ordered room service for lunch and my wife remained naked on the bed as the guy delivered it and brought it into the room. After eating we laid on the bed naked cuddling for an hour or so and then returned to the naturist beach. This time when we finished we made our way straight back to the hotel room and packed our bags ready for the departure tomorrow back to the UK.

I thought that was going to be all the excitement for this holiday and we went to a nearby restaurant for our evening meal. When we finished there was no reason to walk in the dunes, but my wife suggested one last romantic walk in the dunes before an early night so we could get up early to catch our flight. We took the tarmacked pavement for a while to the dunes and then stepped of it to follow a well worn path through the bushes. We could hear noises that suggested there was some action in the dunes and my wife lead the way, easily seeing the path in the bright moon light. She stopped, pulled her dress over her head revealing that she had come out without any underwear (I had noticed she was braless when we left hotel). She told me to strip as well.

We continued to walk on through the dunes and came to a small group of people. The men were in a line watching a couple, who had clearly given instructions that people could watch but needed to keep their distance. We stood at end of the line of men watching the couple fuck in the missionary position. The guys quickly realised that my wife was there and naked. Without asking one guy reached over and squeezed her breast. My wife smiled and as he hadn’t been rejected he turned and started to play with both her tits and then sucked her nipples in turn. My wife looked at me and asked if I minded and I said I didn’t. I added she could do whatever she wanted. She knelt and was soon surrounded by the guys all wanting their cocks sucked and she gave as many blow jobs as possible, and in some cases swallowing their cum.

It was clear the noises were attracting more people. My wife stood up, came over to me and kissed me. I could taste the cum on her lips. She told me she loved me but wanted to try something if I didn’t mind. I didn’t. She moved to the centre of the clearing got on all fours and said loudly, ‘my pussy needs filling’. It didn’t take long before a guy was pushing his cock into her pussy and another was kneeling at her head getting a blow job. When she had swallowed the guys cum from the blowjob another guy took his place, and then when the guy fucking her had pumped his cum into her and pulled away another guy took his place. My wife acted the full slut and took on any guy who wanted to play with her.

Her pussy was being well used and after the 10th guy had fucked her I decided it was my turn. My cock slid into her so easily. I don’t think she realised it was me fucking her. Her pussy was well lubricated and I fingered her clit bringing her to orgasm and as her pussy muscles clamped onto my cock I started to shoot my cum deep into her adding to all the cum. We stayed for another hour, her pussy staying open for all takers. Eventually she was too sore to continue. She threw her dress on and we made it back to the hotel. She got a few odd looks in the hotel lobby as her hair was matted and there were large wet patches on her dress from where it had dried up the cum on her body. Back in the bedroom I pulled her dress off, got her to lie on the bed and she opened her legs to show off what had been the centre of attraction in the dunes. It was well used, puffy and red and cum all over her lips and pubic hair I moved forward breathing in the smell of cum from her pussy. I darted my tongue over her pussy lips and then sank it into her pussy, tasting the mix of her juices and the numerous men’s cum. I swallowed as much as I could and then used my tongue on her clit to bring her to orgasm.

We cuddled and she asked me if I was OK with what had happened. I kissed her and told her as long as she had enjoyed it then I had as well. I told her that about 30 guys had fucked her and they had clearly enjoyed it. We fell asleep in each others arms and were woken next morning by our wake up call. My wife quickly showered, threw her cum stained dress into her suitcase and we made our way to the waiting bus to take us to the airport.

Back home we talked about our adventures. My wife was adamant it was something she wouldn’t do in the UK, but maybe a wild annual holiday would be something she would consider.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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