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She didn’t know that I knew – Part 8
tI striped out of my clothes and was unable to take my eyes off of my sexually ravished wife. I partially climbed up on the bed, locking lips with her hot, lipstick-covered lips. We kissed and kissed, moaned and kissed some more, breaking our kiss only to tell her how amazing she was. She used that opportunity to point out and comment on my huge, dripping cock and to tell me how much she loved me.

“I’m not sure where you want to begin” she said, in a very sexed-up tone, “But I can’t hold this in very much longer…”

“I need to taste you” I panted.

“You mean HIM, don’t you baby?” she added with a smile, “You need to taste HIM inside of your slutty wife, don’t you, Baby?”

I moved down her body as she lifted her hips and rolled a bit.

Don’t’ swallow, please” she added. “Feed it too me again.”

I sunk down, my knees on the floor, and pulled her hips to bring her crotch right to the edge of the bed. This also contributed more wet-streaks to the numerous existing wet spots left by them both. Her cunt-drool was even more visible on the black satin sheets and her cunt was now inches from my face. She grabbed two pillows and placed them behind her head to prop herself up.

“I want to watch you lick him from me” she said with a smile, “So put on a show… do it slowly” she added.

I leaned in and as I took several long, slow laps, sucking the syrupy mixture into my mouth, when suddenly she blurted out:

“Oh My God….” She squealed, “Oh My GOD, OOOOH MYYYY GOD!”

This was not her usual ‘I’m gonna cum’ OMG, but sounded more panicked and urgent. I looked up between the ‘V’ formed by her open thighs covered in the lacy black thigh-highs, over her wet matted pubes, past her flat tummy and the valley between her breasts, her hard nipples sticking up proudly, and to her face. Her four fingers of each hand covered both of her eyes and her mouth was open.

“What is it?” I asked with genuine concern.

She slowly lowered her fingers from her eyes, looked over my shoulder toward the bedroom door and then quickly recovered her eyes by sliding her fingers back over her eyes. I spun my head over my shoulder and there, in the illegal bahis siteleri doorway to our bedroom, stood HER LOVER… still bare-chested, his shirt in his one hand and the other outstretched with a “wait” gesture, the top button of his jeans still open and barefoot. I also noticed that his eyes were darting from me, to my wife, back to me and then to my erection, still sticking out proudly.

“I’m so sorry” he stammered.

I jumped to my feet and reached to quickly pull a portion of the covers over my wife’s naked torso, although I’m not sure why? After all, He had just fucked her.

“What the Fuck?” I yelled.

My wife sat up and tried to cover her breasts.

“Was this YOUR idea?” I said accusingly, glaring at my wife.

“NO!” she replied. “Not at ALL!”

“No” he added, “I’m so, so sorry” he repeated. “This has nothing to do with her. I forgot my wristwatch” he added. “It’s there on the nightstand, see?”

I turned around and there it was, right where he left it.

“How dare you?” I bellowed. “Walk into our bedroom unannounced.”

“Were you here the entire time? He asked.

“What if I was?” I replied. “My house, my bed, my wife.”

“Yes, that is true” he softly relied, “but I walked in unaware that you were here, so how dare YOU. I had an expectation of privacy, even here, in your home. If you had just told me….” he said, looking at my wife.”

“Would it have made a difference?” she asked.

“We shall never know” he said, flashing one of his charming smiles. “If I may please get my watch, I’ll be on my way.”

Here I was, naked, sporting a hard-on, my wife was naked, with the exception of her thigh-highs and partially covered with the sheets. He was shirtless and approaching us to try and get his beloved wristwatch. I turned to reach for his watch and my wife used the opportunity to jump to her feet and step between he and I. Her back was to me as she faced him, trying to modestly cover herself with her hands.

“Look” she explained, “we have two choices right now. You can take your watch and leave, and all of this will probably make everything very weird for us all and things will never be the same at work, with our friends, etc.”

“Or?” perabet güvenilir mi he replied.

She placed her hands on his shoulders and guided him closer to her as she stepped back against me. Her buttocks were against my hips and her shoulders were against my chest. I felt her shift her hips just enough so that my cock was pressing against her ass. She was facing him and totally exposed as she wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him into her chest while still grinding her ass against my cock.

“I love my husband VERY much and that will never change” she calmly explained. “And I know that you will never leave your family. What you and I have is only sex. AMAZING sex, yes, but only sex. I also enjoy and want what it is that You do to ME. Yes, He found out about us, so now he knows. He accepts it, for now, so now you know.”

Seeing my naked, slutty wife with her tits against his smooth, muscular chest as she ground her ass against me had me getting more and more aroused. I couldn’t believe it, but I was harder than ever and actually pushing into her butt-cheeks, and she knew it.

“Fun Fact” she said to HIM, “He” nodding her head in my direction, “Is actually really hard right now.”

She then made a step back, between us both and propped herself up on the bed, holding each of our hands as she continued.

“For now” she said with her very beautiful smile, “I want you both… but I need you boys to play nice.”

After a long smile and several hand squeezes from her, she added, “If only there was something that you both had in common here.” Her eyes lighting up. She then released our hands and cupped her incredible breasts.

“I know what…” she said excitedly, “You BOTH seem to enjoy THESE!”

We both looked at her breasts and then each other and then back to her breasts. It’s a though we were seeing who would do what, first.

“Well” HE spoke first, “I’m not sure that I am comfortable with all of this.”

“Your uncomfortable” She smiled and replied, “because you’re the only one here still wearing pants.”

I chuckled and then leaned in to kiss my amazing wife. She leaned back and said:

“Ah, Ah, Ah” she stopped perabet giriş my advances. “You boys need to demonstrate that you can play nice together. Begin here…” she said, nodding down toward her cupped breasts topped with her rock-hard nipples.

I smiled and leaned down to take her right nipple into my mouth. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw HIM hesitate a bit, then strip his pants off, lean down and take my wife’s left nipple into his mouth. There we were, our faces side by side, both suckling my wife’s breasts in our bedroom.

“Easy Boys…. It’s not a competition,” she said playfully, “Take your time with me…”

I then felt her fingers gently caress my cock and balls and I subtly craned my neck to see that she was doing the same, with her other hand, to HIM. My wife had her hand around TWO cocks at the same time as each of her nipples were being suckled!

“Very nice” she complemented, “in ALL areas. Now, as I seem to recall, before we were surprised, I was getting masterfully licked by my husband….”

I lifted my head and she and I made eye contact. She nodded and smiled and I slowly dropped to my knees as she opened her thighs for me. This placed HIS cock a few inches away from my face but on the outside of her thigh. She was still gently stoking HIS cock and his excitement showed with a drop of precum. I also noticed that where HE was VERY hard and sticking straight out, like a bar of steel, HE was also shorter and thinner than my own. But, as I had witnessed earlier in the evening, HE had real staying-power and could fuck like a machine. I moved in between her thighs and resumed licking her very wet, cum filled pussy as HE continued to suckle her nipple. I also noticed that her thighs were now covered with HIS cum, most likely a result of her having to stand for so long as we all discussed the options. I licked at those spots as well. I do have to admit that HIS erection, inches away, did distract me a bit and my wife might have sensed that.

“Hubby LOVES to lick me” she said to HIM, “and most of all, right after I’ve been with another lover” she added seductively. “I’ve asked him NOT to swallow so you may enjoy watching this.”

“I see that” He agreed, “Yes, I noticed that he was enjoying you as I walked in. I had no idea and you’re a very lucky woman.”

“Well” she added, “I certainly feel that way tonight. Why don’t you sit up here with Me” she said to HIM, patting the bed?

To Be Continued….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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