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She just loves playacting 3
Old Tricia and young Simon were well into their sexy role playing and they started to explore their bladders and shit

However, before they started playacting, they both really enjoyed kissing and very heavy petting. Usually Tricia started it by playing the upset granny.

Simon would be invited around and found her sobbing on the sofa and would sit next to her and putting one arm around her would comfort her.

‘There, there, Gran. Don’t upset yourself, let me kiss those tears away’ She would look up at him and reply ‘Oh Simon, you can always make me feel good let me give a nice granny kiss’.

Tricia leaned in to him and shoving her tongue down his throat gently placed her hand on his engorged cock. That was his move to put his hand up her skirt and finger fuck her to orgasm.

‘Oh, Simon you can always make your old gran feel better. What would you like to do today? Don’t be shy’. Simon didn’t say a word. ‘All right then we shall play a favourite of mine called pissy but first we have to get our bladders really full and ready to burst’.

After drinking a couple of pints of orange juice the pressure on Simon’s bladder was getting stronger. ‘Granny, I need to go to the toilet to pee’.
‘Well, why don’t you let me help you’.

In the bathroom, Tricia took out his cock and started to get him hard, knowing he would have to hold his piss in. She made him undress and she did the same and they started to caress each other. Simon really, really loved stroking her saggy belly illegal bahis siteleri and nice fat vulva and she in turn, loved playing with his big balls and today, sticking her finger up his shit hole.
‘Oh, Granny this is lovely, but please let me fuck you so I can pee – it really hurts.’ Turning around, and presenting her saggy wrinkled arse to him. ‘Stick it up and cum in my nice hairy cunt’.

He had barely got it up when he shot his load. Just about to pull out Tricia said, ‘steady on young man, you’ve got to make me cum too. Then we can both have a lovely piss.’

With his fingers her worked his magic on her clit. Soon she was bucking her arse against him – Oh god yes! yes … yes … fuck I am cumming you sweet dirty boy! Now, you can piss’.

With his flaccid dick still in her hole, Simon didn’t hold back as he gushed out pints of piss into her old cunt. Mixed with his cum juice it ran down her fat thighs and legs.

‘Oh, look what you did young man. Fuck, now it’s my turn’. Grabbing his hand, she made him finger her clit and as she started to cum again, he felt her tense up and piss what seemed like gallons all over he cock and fingers.

The next day, young Simon duly turned up. Under his coat he wore, as granny has asked him, a pair of very baggy shorts no pants, a boy scout type shirt and long socks completed the innocent boy look.

Tricia was wearing a simple dress with nothing underneath as she knew that Simon loved seeing her fat droopy tits resting on her protruding belly.

‘Now perabet güvenilir mi Simon I understand you are one of the youngest in your scout group and are working on gaining your care in the community badge, that’s right isn’t it?’
Confirming it was, she went on ‘ I found some old photos of myself as I progressed though my career as a model from when I was a young girl – not much old than you are now – until twenty years ago and I would like your help in putting them in order in this album. I must warn you that some of them are of me without any clothes on. If you get excited in any way, I won’t be upset at all and might even be able to help you. Now come and stand next to me and we’ll start’
To Simon’s surprise, the first years of her career were quite innocent, then she bought out another bundle which were pornographic as they showed bent over pulling her arse cheeks wide apart. As he started to get a hard on, she said, ‘Oh Simon, you like looking at my bum’.
Nodding in answer, she started working her hand up his shorts and fondling his shit hole and added: ‘Did you know the bottom it is one of the most erotic parts of a man or woman’s body there is. I used to adore men playing with mine’.

As she was talking, she was gently pushing her finger all the way up his arse hole. When it reached his prostrate, his cock got harder than he had ever experienced. ‘I can see you do, as well.’
‘Oh, Miss Graham, this is lovely’.

Unable to wait any longer he took out his tipobet throbbing member and started to wank. Tricia, by now really ramming his arse placed her mouth ready to catch all of his thick cum. Within two or three violent strokes, he shot his load down her throat.
By now, she was so fucking randy she got up and without warning took off her dress, bent over the table and pulled her big ass cheeks apart – just like the photo of all those years ago.

‘Simon I want that lovely cock of yours up my bum now. Be a dear and lick it for me sweetie?’
Simon was like a rat up a drainpipe putting his face between her massive cheeks and sliding his tongue over her puckered anus and started prying her hole open with his wet tongue.
Tricia started moaning and thrusting back into his face and started trembling and swearing like there was no tomorrow.
‘Holy fuck Simon, you are a lovely little boy’
In the filthiest way and with her dirtiest voice he had ever heard, ‘Oh this so fucking good. Now, as you are nice and hard again, shove that dick right up my shit hole!’

Tricia didn’t even wait for Simon to take his time, she just thrust her hips back and the tight opening swallowed his fat dick to the base. Taking her actions and encouragement, he fucked her old flabby but tight arse faster and faster.

‘Yes Simon my boy, fuck my old ass. Split me open with your big young cock! Cum in me baby … yes cum right up my shithole. I want to feel your hot juice deep in my shitter! Yes, I am going to cum too … yesssssssssssssssss!!’ she howled. Hearing her words took him over the top and was instantly shooting his young cum deep in her bowels.
‘Oh, my goodness’ she groaned as she felt his spunk seeping out of the still gaping shit hole, ‘That my boy, was the anal sex I have had in ages’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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