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For this story I am going back to the early 1980’s when I was just a slip of a lad living at home with my parents and my sister, an annoying little shit that was a couple of years my junior.
Mum and Dad has to work so it was left up to my sis and me to make our own entertainment when school was out, we were trusted and how we got away with what we did beats me even to this day.

My sister was starting to change, she was going through puberty and was starting to develop and I was just a lad, learning about the birds and the bees I was horny and seeing my sister develop didn’t help.

We had always been close although we did have our moments, fights would usually end up in play fights, but in general we were close siblings.

In the warm weather I always wore shorts around the house, short ones and without underwear and often caught my sisters eyes wandering although nothing had ever happened. Admittedly there was the odd occasion where we saw each other naked but it was never taken in a sexual way as neither of us knew much about sex.
I had seen her in her panties more times than I can remember which is probably where I got my panty fetish that is still evident today.

Holidays could be tough as the parents were not there to keep the peace and we were about to embark on six weeks of pure hell, something that I wasn’t particularly looking forward too, we didn’t have phones and internet back then so had to make our own entertainment, sometimes she would have friends round and sometimes I would plus we would go out with our respective friends too, it was just a case of survival back then.

Val had taken an interest in wrestling of all things and we would often play fight where she could practice her moves, nothing wrong in that I hear you ask, there is EVERYTHING wrong in that, she was developing and having her body close and in some compromising positions was making me horny and it was becoming noticeable, I am sure some of the positions we got in were made up but who is going to complain at having your sister sit on your face with their knees pinning your shoulders down or having her sit across your hips arms out stretched pinning you down, I would always let her win, enough said.

We were about a week into the holidays and things had been pretty normal, we had both been out with friends and had fun enjoying the hot weather but today it was raining and neither of us had made plans apart from having a lazy day, suited me fine.

Although it was raining it was still hot so when I got up I slipped my shorts on and headed down for coffee, I seem to remember Val commenting on my chest and liking me topless so it had become a thing being just in shorts when home alone. The parents had gone to work and Val was still in bed so I made her a coffee and took it up to her and as I walked into her room my eyes widened.

Laying on top of her bed was my sister in just a baggy tee shirt and rather small panties sleeping soundly, her canlı kaçak iddaa shirt had ridden up and I had the perfect view of her developing arse clad in white panties which had ridden up her crack in her sleep. I stood there and just looked and admired the beautiful sight that was before me. She must have sense that I was there because she stirred and turned over giving me an even better view of the front and seeing me looking quickly pulled her shirt down.

“Morning Sis” I said handing her the coffee not realizing that I was getting aroused which she must have seen but I made my excuses and left. Sitting back in the kitchen drinking my coffee I could take my mind off my sister’s arse in those little panties, hell I could even see the top of her crack. It was an awesome sight to be so close yet so far, admittedly she had sat on my face while wrestling but she had shorts on so it wasn’t quite the same, ‘Hmm’ now that gave me an idea.

It wasn’t long before Val came bundling down the stairs and entered the kitchen
“Morning Bro, Thanks for the coffee” she said in a chirpy voice giving me a peck on the cheek.
She looked good in her tee shirt which only just covered her arse and as she was developing she was looking better; she knew it and she knew that I knew it too.

I decided to strike while the iron was hot and she was in a good mood,
“Fancy practicing some moves this morning?” I asked in a helpful voice as if doing her a favour, she looked at me with a smile on her face,
“Really, Awesome Bro, thank you” she said with a beaming smile giving me a hug,
“Let me go change” she said and was about to turn around when I grabbed her arm,
“No need, your fine as you are” I said reassuringly and she looked at me and smiled.

There were no real rules except to win a point you had to hold the persons shoulders down for 30 seconds and a bonus point if you can hold it for a minute plus, she made the rules not me!
We always start off with a warmup play fight which is fun as it allows me to grab her little titties while pulling her to the ground on top of me and today was more interesting as her shirt often rode up exposing her sweet panties but it was all in the spirit of the sport.

There was always a great deal of bodily contact with hands grabbing at various parts and it became commonplace and it became accepted between us that it was in the spirit of the sport, that was a joint decision.
So as we grappled to the floor with my hands on Val’s boobs she managed to struggle free and I remembered a move where I spun her round onto her back which would allow me to sit on her chest with my legs holding her shoulders down, I tried my luck and apart from a slight struggle I got into position pinning her shoulder down with my legs while I sat on her chest, the interesting thing about this position is that not only did I have her head between my legs but due to the aroused state I was in there was a huge gap between my shorts and thigh canlı kaçak bahis and one of my balls was clearly visible, my cock being the tent pole.

Val tried to wriggle free which only extended the time I was there as the timer starts again every time I pin her down I soon found myself slipping down and ended up basically tea-bagging the poor girl but in the spirit of the sport I ended up getting bonus points for the amount of time held in position.

Now Val is a fighter and she wanted those points back but she had a problem, her shirt was getting in her way and after a very brief discussion it was agreed to remove it, seeing her now topless in just a small pair of panties which had ridden up her arse cheeks was not helping the erection problems but in the spirit of the sport I decided to carry on the best I could.
The next move caught me by surprise and I soon ended up on my back, I took my eye off the game for just a second and now I had my sister sitting on my face with her knees pinning my arms down, I couldn’t move I was helpless. I tried to struggle and about every 20 seconds or so I was able to get the timer restarted as Val pressed down with my nose pressed firmly against her butthole, I found what in order to breath in this position you have to extend your tongue out as far as it goes in order to allow the oxygen in, the only downside was that with her sitting like that my tongue kept hitting her panty clad pussy however in the spirit of the sport I persevered. Val won back her points.

Val was giggly but I think this was largely down to the fact that my cock was solid under my shorts and there was no hiding the fact and she couldn’t understand how wrestling had done that, I told her its in the spirit of the sport.
We wrestled more and somehow the elastic in Val’s panties snapped and they ended up around her ankles, I was amazed at the amount of hair she had, it looked awesome.
We both giggled and I asked her if she wanted to carry on, she looked at me pointing at my shorts, she was giggling too much to speak which soon stopped when my shorts came off and my erect cock sprung out.
“Wow!” she said looking at my throbbing member. I looked back at her, “Behave” I said in a convincing voice, “Just because we are naked doesn’t mean we lose the spirit of the sport”, I was beginning to believe it myself now but Val nodded her agreement and we started to wrestle again, I couldn’t believe I was now wresting naked with my sister.

The more we grappled the harder I got but I had to keep it in the spirit of the game, my mind was working overtime and I didn’t see her next move, she got me down and before I knew it we were in the 69 position with her legs wide holding my arms down and her head in my groin holding my legs down,
“This is the double pin” she said with a slight giggle, pin the shoulders and hips down and a bonus point for lying flat.
I was gobsmacked, she got me again and I could feel my cock was pressed bahis siteleri canlı firmly against her face and at the other end her pussy was firmly against my face, I decided to use the extended tongue breathing technique but all that happened there was it caused her to try and wiggle free, the more I tried extending my tongue the more she tried to wriggle free but I had to persevere.

All this wriggling must have softened her grip on my hips as her position had changed and my cock had rested against her lips but she had to maintain her position. Each time she wriggled her head moved against my cock and added to that I would thrust up which started the timer again, she was going to have to work for these points.
I could not believe I was laying on my back with my sister’s pussy on my face and my cock pressed against her face, I could feel her breathing getting heavier against my cock as I used the tongue breathing technique and with my tongue flicking her labia lips I was beginning to taste her juices.

My body shook as I felt her lips around the swollen head and with the next thrust I felt my cock slip into her mouth and as it did I felt her wriggling getting more intense, we had been in this position for a while now and with her lower body weight on my face I found my mouth was firmly pressed against her hairy mound.
I struggled to breath as my nose was lodged between the cheeks of her arse but I managed to open my mouth and by flicking my tongue I was able to get a supply of air however my efforts were hampered by the wetness appearing between her legs but I did my best in the spirit of the sport.

At the other end I felt that my cock was now firmly in her mouth as she tried to hold my hips down but my gentle thrusting was making it difficult but she was doing her best until all of a sudden I felt her body shaking and my mouth started to fill with a sweet tasting liquid, what was that all about but I managed to get my hands up around her arse to steady her but in doing so only managed to force her body tighter to my face.

As my hands grabbed her arse I was able to steady her but could tell she was struggling at the other end as she started to gag as my cock hit the back of her throat but bless her courage as she didn’t give up as she tried to win the points. I was getting very close now and had that feeling in the pit of my stomach which told me I was cumming. My legs started to shake and I let out a muffled cry as my cock exploded in her mouth, Val wasn’t giving up as my ejaculate filled her mouth and she held her position swallowing everything that shot out.

My body went limp which gave her the opportunity to shout out “YESS! I did it, I won the points” and I have to say this was a fight I was happy to lose.
Val was so sweet, as she got herself up she was thanking me for helping her practice her moves, I told her I was happy to help and would happily continue helping so she could perfect her routine.
As I got to my feet she came close and we hugged, feeling her naked body against mine was such a wonderful experience as her nipples pressed hard against my chest and my semi hard cock pressing hard against her belly, the things we do in the spirit of the sport.

To Be Continued……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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