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Sister Paying Off Her Brother’s Debts – Part 1

My brother and I live in the same city but in different houses. He used to work for an IT major but for a couple of months, he has been without a job and I have been dead worried about him. He has always been my little brother and I would do anything for him.

So, I walked into the café and there I spot him in the corner but he was not alone. There are two men also there sitting with him. Zoheb (my brother) looked very tired, scared and his shoulders were slumped and his entire persona seems defeatist.

I stood still and take a closer look at the two men. The first one seemed to be very tall, maybe a little over 6 feet. He had the biggest shoulders and biceps I have ever seen. His face and jawline were very angular and all in all, he had a very menacing look.

The second one was a bit taller and he too was very muscular and his skin was the darkest black I have ever seen. Zoheb saw me and stood up with a start. He seemed to tell me without saying anything to run from there. I swallowed, calmed myself and moved ahead. He was clearly in some sort of trouble and I needed to get him out of it.

Now before I move on, a bit about me. I am small-built, a little over 5 feet. I have dusky skin, long straight silky hair that falls just over my bums. My breasts are a bit too big for my small frame (36D) and I am always very conscious about what I wear. I am slim with a nice rounded ass. Many people call me sexy and hot, but I am very shy by nature.

I have only ever slept with one man (my boyfriend, some years back) and I have a very little sexual experience.

I walk towards my brother Zoheb with dread knowing something was terribly wrong. And yes, my worst nightmare came true. Zoheb had run up a huge debt gambling and drinking at the lounge bar in the central business district.

The two men, Varun and Neil were part owners in this upscale lounge bar and were here to recover the huge amount of money Zoheb owed. I looked at Varun and Neil and told them that we did not have this kind of money to pay canlı kaçak iddaa back.

Neil told me that then that the only option for them was to report this to the cops and let the law take its course. I was terrified!! I couldn’t imagine my brother going to jail. I begged them to rethink and give me a chance to pay them back.

Varun looked at me strangely. His eyes were burning as if on fire. Neil placed his thick hairy hands on my thigh and said, Yes! There was a way to pay them back and it was up to me now.

I looked at my brother Zoheb, but his eyes are lowered as if he knew already what they required from me. I swallowed my fear and with my heart thumping, I said,”Yes, I am willing to do anything to get my brother out of this situation”.

Varun quickly noted down my house number and told me to wait for further instructions from them. I slowly got up and Varun and Neil’s dark eyes followed my every move. I walked out from the café knowing very well that my nightmare had just begun.

The next day I received a parcel at home with a note saying – “Wear this and be ready at 6 pm sharp. Friday evening”.

My fingers shook. I opened the parcel and gasped. I found a midnight blue sheer sari with a thin gold beaded embroidered border inside. There was also a blue bikini blouse. It was a bikini but can be worn like a blouse. The bikini cups were shimmering with diamonds and there was a think gold string to tie it at the back.

There was no petticoat but just a shimmering thong. There were a shimmering blue belt and a note that said to use it around my waist to d**** the sari. In a small box was a pair of gold chandbali’s to wear on my ears. And also a pair of gold stilettos.

A handwritten note was found that said – Shave your pussy clean, make sure you are waxed all over, your eyes should have heavy kajal and eyeliner and use bright red lipstick. Be ready at sharp 6 and the car will pick you up.

My heart skipped a beat. With shaking legs, I sunk into the bed and cried my heart out. After an hour of intense sobbing, I got up and decided canlı casino what needed to be done must be done. But little did I know what I had to do.

As Friday approached, so did my dread. At 5:30, I was ready just as asked. I stood in front of my full-length mirror for one final time to look at myself before the events that would unfold in front of me would change me forever. What I saw was a scared girl who looked so small and petite.

I could say I looked very hot and sexy. The bikini hardly contained my boobs which were spilling out. The shimmering cups only barely covered my nipples.

My nipples were hard and almost poking out through the sheer fabric. The sari exposed my slender and small waist and one could see clearly each and every curve and dip of my nicely-shaped rounded ass.

As I moved, the thongs shimmered and glowed through the sheer sari. My hair was falling like a waterfall behind my back. My face looked heavily made up and my lips looked like red cherries waiting to be nipped, tucked, pulled and bitten.

My boobs looked like two heavy, soft juicy mangoes with nipples that were ripe and to be sucked. I looked like a sexy porn star but I felt like a small girl waiting to run away and hide.

I composed myself and told myself that I can do this. I knew what my evening had in store for me. I just didn’t know who it would be. Neil or Varun?

As written, at sharp 6, a sleek white Audi A5 parked itself near my building. I was worried about how to step out in my barely-there attire. I wrapped a long coat that covered my small frame from neck to toe.

I walked towards the Audi and sat in the empty backseat. It was a 45-minute drive. I was twitching and shifting uncomfortably in my seat. The heavy, congested traffic gave way to the old town. The roads suddenly became wider and the houses bigger and posher as we drove along.

After 45 minutes, the Audi stopped in front of a huge bungalow. It was heavily tree-lined and looked menacing, dark and mysterious. At the end of the driveway, the chauffeur hopped out and opened kaçak casino my side of the door quickly. I slowly slid out.

He quickly walked up the dark steps and rang the doorbell. I waited behind him. After around 2 minutes, the door opened. Neil stood there wearing a light blue Henley shirt and khaki shorts. He looked even darker and scarier now. I shivered.

He quickly took away my coat. His eyes seemed to pop out as he looked at me in my sexy attire. He licked his thick black lips and slowly smiled at me and then winked. I lowered my eyes to my feet. I was so scared.

Slowly, I moved my eyes upwards and as they passed his crotch, I swallowed. He looked to be bulging out of his shorts. I shivered again.

He gestured for me to follow him. So, it was going to be Neil that I had to please. I looked at his huge frame and wondered how it would be. I was so small in front of him. I barely reached his chest. His one arm was as thick as my waist.

My legs shook as I walked with him along a dark corridor and down a flight of steps. It seemed to lead to a basement of sorts. He flung the door open and my heart stopped beating and my body froze.

There was a huge room. It was dimly lit yet I could see clearly. There were 2 other men apart from Varun in there.

Neil introduced the other two men as Rahul and Alex. They were all over 6 feet, bulky and muscular. Four pair of eyes looked lustfully at me and seemed to undress me just with their eyes.

I started shaking and shivering and Neil laughed at me. He said, “Baby, don’t shiver right now. We will make you not only shiver but also shake, sweat and ask for more before the night is over!!”

There was a huge king-size bed in one corner with black satin sheets and a very comfy looking sofa on one side. Next to it, there was a table and my eyes popped when I saw the things laid out on it.

There were some cucumbers that were really thick. There were also different kinds of lubes and gels, nipple clamps, anal butt plugs and dildos in different shapes and sizes laid on it.

My legs finally gave way and I sank down on the floor. The air already thick with cigarette smoke and alcohol now also became thick as the evil and lustful laughter of four thick, muscular, hairy men filled the air with the promise of unthinkable things to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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