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Snowy’s Visit Ch. 03
“Just to go over it again – what you’re saying is that you…” Swan pointed at Snowy “…had sex with her…” he pointed at Lydia “…and him…” he pointed at me “…one night when you got drunk and played strip poker?” he finally finished.

“Yep,” Snowy replied casually as if the question was about the weather.

Well, it turned out to be a peculiar last few hours in our little apartment in Zuljana, in southern Croatia. After an incredible morning, topped off by brazen displays of sexual affection between Lydia and me, and between Snowy and Swan, right there on the beach, things got a little – awkward, which means that the backstory to that question should be discussed.

Back on the beach, I was still not sure whether Snowy was suffering from a severe post-orgasmic bliss, or if she made a conscious choice when she decided to tell Swan everything about the night she, Lydia, and I had a while back in Lydia’s and my apartment. However, she went through with it.

Once our hormone levels subsided a bit, and we all crashed into the shallow sea – partly to cool off, partly to wash off – Swan naturally became very inquisitive about Snowy’s claim that she, Lydia and I were friends that shared everything imaginable. Since that statement was a reply to Swan’s wonder about the fact that he just witnessed Lydia and me having oral sex right there in front of Snowy and him, while Snowy sucked his cock off and received a proper oral satisfaction from him, he connected the dots pretty quickly. After all, Swan was a pretty smart guy, and now the whole storyline of the morning started to seem not-so-random to him.

Snowy managed to ward him off for the next fifteen minutes or so while we were still on the beach – Lydia and me cuddling and playing with each other independently from Snowy and Swan, immensely satisfied that more of our fantasies were becoming real. Once we realized it was almost noon, we decided to pack up and go back into the shade of our apartment and its lovely terrace. On the way back, Snowy gave Swan full disclosure of the night she spent with Lydia and me – playing strip-poker, getting naked, getting aroused and, finally, having all sorts of great sex with us.

Lydia mentioned to Swan that Snowy and she had sex, and he was rather pleased with that information. However, now he learned that I was also included in that combo, and he took it – well, unsurely. He was genuinely thrown back and had no idea how to react. He was not throwing a fit, showing any jealousy, or getting emotional in any standard way. What he did, basically, once we got back to our lodging, was that he said he needed to think for some time and went straight inside. Then he picked up some book and sat down on the sofa-turned-bed, while the rest of us went about our way.

Lydia and I went to our room to change (even though there was nothing to change from or into, since our current attire was completely dry and unworn), and Snowy sat on the terrace, logged into the wi-fi and browsed something on her phone. As it appeared, there were limits to Swan’s open-mindedness, and Snowy just crossed them spectacularly, killing all the positive buzz we managed to create on the beach.

“Fuck,” I said to Lydia as we both undressed and stretched naked on our bed, “you think there will be problems now?”

“I don’t have a clue,” Lydia replied. “I mean, things were going perfectly. I don’t get her sometimes.”

“Yeah,” I sighed, feeling the recently awoken fantasy of having sex with Snowy vanishing into impossibility. “I can’t tell if she just blurted out or-“

“Probably,” Lydia said, turning to face me. “I mean, she came like an a****l just seconds before. She probably felt so on top of the World that it seemed like an excellent idea at the moment.”

“Fucking brainfarts,” I said and made a farting sound with my mouth, making Lydia chuckle.

“You think they might leave after this?” Lydia asked me, genuinely worried about the prospect.

“Maybe,” I said. “As long as he doesn’t beat the shit out of me, I’ll live with it.”

Lydia smiled, but realized I wasn’t just joking about it: “So, what now?”

“Like, right now?”

“Yeah, like, do we just go out of our room and act like it’s all cool?” Lydia wondered, both asking herself and me in the process.

“Um, I guess,” I said unsurely. “I mean, it would be kind of stupid if we locked ourselves in until Swan decides how to react. Also, I’m hungry.”

“I could make some pasta or something,” Lydia said. “You know what? This is our vacation. Yeah, we did try and impose our sexual beliefs on him a bit too quickly, but it’s not as if he was complaining. So, I suggest we stop worrying and let him sulk as long as he wants, and then Snowy and he should work it out one way or another. We should behave just as we wanted to.”

“What? Walk around naked casually as he contemplates the fact that my cock was once balls-deep inside his girlfriend?” I asked.

“Why not?” Lydia asked. “We went way past just being naked in front of each other. Also, it’s not as if you fucked her yesterday – it was way back before they even knew each other. If that is too big of a problem for him, maybe he should track down all of the guys she ever had sex with.”

“OK. You’ve got the point,” I said. “I’m just trying to put myself in his shoes, you know. He’s the odd one out now. And maybe he feels a bit played by Snowy – he has probably figured out by now that a lot of what we did was staged.”

“So?” Lydia asked. “We weren’t trying to take his money. We wanted to make him feel comfortable and work him into our joint fantasy.”

“Yeah, but…” I stopped, trying to form a sentence that would make any sense. It was actually funny, how I was much better at understanding Swan’s current state of mind, and actually trying to protect him. “OK. Let’s put it this way – I don’t think he has any problems with the sex part of the story, both the old one and the one we had on the beach just a few hours ago – but I do think he has a problem with Snowy hiding the fact that we were more than just friends.”

“But she didn’t lie to him,” Lydia said. “She just didn’t tell him everything immediately.”

“And therein lies the problem,” I concluded. “The way I see it, he’s a lot like me. I mean, Snowy got him to come here, but she conveniently forgot to tell him one of the most important things about our history. And he feels a bit hurt.”

“OK, sure, I can understand that,” Lydia said. “But why is me having sex with Snowy not a problem, and you having sex with Snowy is a problem?”

“Because, from a standard male perspective, you are not a competition,” I explained to her. “Come on, you know most men dream about lesbian sex. But me… I’m a guy. I do everything he does, and I can even – on some primal level of understanding – take her away from him. It’s not rational, it’s instinctive.”

“And they say women are complicated,” Lydia smirked. “So, why aren’t you having the same problem – you know, with me wanting to have sex with other men?”

“Because I’m anything but the standard male framework,” I said proudly. “I don’t consider every guy to be a competition. Also, if you’d left me for a guy just because he fucked you once or twice, then this whole thing between you and me is not real. I don’t equal emotions and sex.”

“And Swan does?” Lydia asked.

“I don’t know,” I said. “But if he is like most guys, he’s protective and… Ah, shit, I’m tired of pondering about it. Let’s just go out and be ourselves, and if Swan has his problems – fuck him! Maybe he’s not the one for Snowy after all.”

Lydia kissed me and smiled at me lovingly. Then she got up and headed out of the room without bothering to even think about putting anything on. Also, she wiggled her ass at me as she passed the door, stirring my groin a little bit.

I stayed in the room for a little while – just to see if the guy was going to react to Lydia’s nakedness in the wrong way. You may call me a coward, and yeah, he seemed like a great guy overall, but the fact was that we didn’t know him at all – hell, even Snowy didn’t know a lot of things about him. For one, he didn’t seem to be an aggressive type, so I was sufficiently convinced that there was no risk of him doing anything stupid and wrong to Lydia. But, as the minutes past and Lydia was not returning, I decided it was safe to exit the room and to see what the afternoon was going to bring us.

I got into the living room and found only Swan there. He looked up at me and gave me his trademark smile. Also, he gave all of naked me a proper scan without showing any non-verbal uncomfortableness.

“Hey, dude,” he said. “So, I see you go clothes-optional all the time, not just on the beach?”

“Lyd and I decided we wanted that kind of vacation, yeah,” I said, smiling back at him, but still feeling cautious about any potential change in his mood.

“I’m amazed with you two,” Swan said, his voice toned with appreciation rather than any negative feeling. “I’ve never met a couple like you. Hell, I’ve never met people like you, period.”

“Well, you actually met us in our high-point,” I replied sincerely. For some reason, I found that giving him anything but truthful answers was practically mission impossible. His smile and evident sincerity were having the gravity of their own. It was probably the reason why even Snowy couldn’t contain the secret anymore.

“Yeah, I can understand that,” he said. “But still, dude…”


“Hey… Look, I know this is…” he stammered a bit, trying to find the right combination of words. “Go outside with the girls if that’s where you wanted to go. I’ll come out in a couple of minutes. I think I almost figured myself out, and I’ll tell you all about it. You OK with that?”

“Um… Sure,” I replied, a small pang of guilt hitting me for some reason. “I’ll be outside,” I said awkwardly, pointing in that direction with my thumb and continuing my walk towards the terrace.

The outside terrace was perfectly positioned. There was no upper floor, it was surrounded by thick growth from both sides, and since it was overlooking the small pine formation stretching down to the shore, no one could see us from anywhere but from the inside of the apartment. The only place where anyone could surprise us from was by arriving down the stairs from the street level – and we would be able to hear that enough in advance, as the place was so silent and serene that any vehicle or person approaching our location was clearly discernable from any other traffic. Lydia was sitting at the table, opposite to Snowy. As I opened the balcony door, they both looked my way.

“Wow!” Snowy exclaimed as she saw me coming out in the buff. “You two decided that clothes were out of fashion or something?”

“We have proudly declared this place a clothing-optional zone,” I said. “And our option is no clothes.”

“Well, I’d say something really nice about that, but I’ll wait some more until I’m in the clear,” Snowy whispered as I sat down next to Lydia.

“Anyway, Snowy was just telling me that this is sort of normal for Swan,” Lydia said to me, and then turned to Snowy: “Tell him what you told me. He was worried that Swan might go berserk or something.”

Snowy laughed at me. “Wha… God no! He’s the kindest, gentlest guy I’ve ever met. I’ve never even seen him react in a mildly aggressive way to anything.”

“Does he know any martial arts?” I asked.

“He’s a regional champion in some type of kickboxing or something,” Snowy replied, and I flinched. “But don’t ask me more about it, it’s not as if he brags about it. Also, I couldn’t care less. I mean, I didn’t even know about it until I first came to his dorm room and saw the trophies.”

“So, he could kick my ass if he wanted to?” I asked, worried a bit that he just might decide to stop being calm and relaxed.

“He could beat you up senselessly,” Snowy chuckled. “But he never would. I think they are forbidden to use their skills outside the ring unless it’s justified self-defense. He’d get kicked out of the sport for good or something.”

“So, I just have to be careful not to provoke him in any way,” I concluded, remembering to look him up online.

“Oh, stop it,” Snowy dismissed me with a wave of her hand. “This is normal for him. Like, when there is something he needs to contemplate, he just retreats for a while and holds a book in his hand until he figures out what he needs to figure out. And then he just comes back and tells me his conclusions. If there’s something to talk about, we talk about it some more, and that’s it.”

“What if he’s thinking about leaving or something like that?” Lydia asked.

“Well, he might, or he might not. I’ve learned to accept his ways and not to bother myself with it until he decides,” Snowy said.

“If he says he wants to leave, what will you say?” I asked.

“I’ll try to talk him out of it, of course,” Snowy replied. “Guys, he’s not a Buddhist monk or some stubborn-headed donkey – his mind can be changed, you know. This is just his way of introspection – it might be cultural or not, I don’t know, but it is as it is.”

“So, if any of us went in there now and tried-“ Lydia began to ask the obvious, yet a clearly redundant question.

“Don’t. He’ll just politely tell you to leave until he’s done,” Snowy replied to her without any doubt, and I nodded, remembering how he just did that to me. Lydia also nodded in understanding.

“OK, on a related subject – how did you like the beach?” I asked, accompanying the question with a devilish grin.

Snowy’s eyes closed and she took in a deep breath, releasing a soft ‘Mmm’ sound through her closed mouth. Then she looked at us and whispered: “I don’t know what you guys have, and how it works on me, but I can barely think about anything else besides sex ever since we got here.”

“So, you wouldn’t mind-“

“Doing it again? And again, and again? What do you think?” Snowy asked rhetorically.

Just as I was about to form another sentence, the glass door to the apartment opened and Swan stepped onto the terrace, smiling as ever. We all quieted down, and Snowy bit her lip in expectation. Swan sat down next to her, leaned at her and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

The seconds seemed to drag in suspense as Swan looked at each of us separately, baring his white teeth behind his widening smile in the process. Both Lydia and I held our breaths as if he was about to pronounce the lottery winners and we had fifty percent winning chance. Maybe he did that on purpose, perhaps not, but I wanted to shout out: ‘Man, you’re killing us, spit it out!’ Finally, he spoke: “Just to go over it again – what you’re saying is that you…” he pointed at Snowy “…had sex with her…” he pointed at Lydia “…and him…” he pointed at me “…one night when you got drunk and played strip poker?” he finally finished.

“Yep,” Snowy replied casually as if the question was about the weather.

“Man…” he said, chuckling. “I can’t say I wasn’t concerned a bit – you know, on account that I’ve never been in a similar situation. But, as things go, I can’t say I have anything negative to say about that. However…”

As he made a dramatic pause, three hearts skipped a beat.

“However, I needed to see if it hurt me that Snowy never told me about it,” Swan continued, and I sighed quietly – both feeling good with myself for reading him properly and feeling bad because I hoped I was wrong. “And you know what? It would be selfish of me to be hurt about it. I came into the picture much later, and my emotions shouldn’t be affected by that. Even worse would be the hypocrisy of me being OK with Lydia and Snowy fucking, and not being OK with Mark and Snowy fucking.” He spoke in a professorial, precise tone of voice – one where it seemed he was both practicing the speech in his mind and just speaking his mind as it went. What he did achieve was that we were all staring at him like he was delivering a long-awaited prophecy. I had no idea what he was studying – or even if he had any higher education – but he definitely had immense capabilities and he was going to be a rock-star of whatever job he was going to take on. If he was to be a lawyer, his closing arguments would probably win over even the most biased juries.

“I mean, what happened down on the beach was out of this world for me,” Swan kept on talking, this time looking at Lydia and me. “You two are one of those couples that majority of people only hear about, but almost no one knows if they actually exist. People that take sexual freedoms as their natural right and enjoy sex to the max. And…” he paused again, allowing Lydia and me to smile at each other and grab our hands under the table. “I fucking love it!” he finally exclaimed.

“Thank you for the compliment,” Lydia said. “But what does all that mean?”

“It means he’s totally cool with everything,” Snowy interjected, smiling wide at Swan.

“Yeah, I’m cool with it,” Swan said. “And I wouldn’t mind… You know, to try out how it will work while we’re here.”

“Wow!” Lydia said, grinning so hard she was unable to properly form the words. She gave him the most suggestive of all looks, and asked: “So, how… Um, how do you propose we continue from here?”

Instead of replying, Swan got up from the bench, walked over to the small clothes rack that was currently sporting wet stuff from the beach, and pulled down his shorts, leaving them on the said rack. Then he casually got back and sat down at the bench.

“I will follow your lead,” Swan said. “By you I also mean Snowy. I am open for just about anything, and whatever you decide should be the limit, I’ll comply.”

Snowy turned to him, grabbed his head and swiftly turned it towards her, giving him the biggest, wettest kiss imaginable, which lasted almost a minute. In that time, Lydia and I fist-bumped, kissed and gave each other the naughtiest looks. Once Snowy finally decided to release Swan from her grip, she got up from the bench, and asked almost in the form of a proclamation: “Beers or something stronger?”

“There’s homemade grappa in the freezer,” Lydia quickly replied. “Bring the bottle and glasses.”

“I’m on it!” Snowy cheerfully hopped inside.

“Guys,” Swan turned to us as soon as Snowy disappeared behind the door, “I have to ask you this, and please be honest: did the three of you plan this thing in the morning, or?”

“Most of it – OK, not really. We planned to make you comfortable getting nude. What happened after that was completely spontaneous.”

“So, you have no other ‘plans’ regarding me?” Swan asked, this time very, very suggestively.

Lydia extended her hand across the table and grabbed his hand. She looked him in the eyes and, using the most seductive voice she could produce, replied: “Well, how about we wing it from here, and just see where it takes us?”

Swan’s eyes focused on Lydia, as it was clearly visible what went through his head as she said it and, more importantly, how she said it. I couldn’t see below his waist, but I was sure his dick was not entirely relaxed anymore. Mine wasn’t, that was for sure.
Before the conversation was continued, Snowy exited onto the terrace. She was holding a small, frozen bottle of clear liquid with some herbs inside, and four small shot-glasses. Most importantly, she was completely naked, causing my eyes to bulge out of their sockets and my cock keep on rising. From what I could notice, both Lydia and Swan were also giving her more than interested looks.

“You know, before I had that night with them, I couldn’t imagine being naked like that,” Snowy said. “But now, I just love it! I feel so free – I could do this all day, every day. Well, with you guys, anyway.”

“Alright, Snowy!” Lydia said. “Bare that pretty ass!”

Snowy did a little dance, jiggling her behind as she lowered the glasses, and blew a kiss to Lydia. She poured four shots and sat down. Swan distributed the shots between us, and we all raised our glasses high.

“To whatever comes next,” Swan gave a toast with a wide grin, and we all cheered, clinked our glasses and downed their content. And immediately began to gasp from the sharpness of the drink. Swan quickly got up and ran inside the apartment, bringing a pitcher of water and a couple of big glasses with him. We all gulped water greedily to extinguish the fire in our throats.

“Jesus! This is powerful stuff!” I finally managed to speak out.

“But it tastes great, once you go past the unbelievable amount of alcohol,” Swan concluded.

“Another one?” I asked, already holding the bottle in my hand. Swan nodded immediately, but the girls took some consideration before meekly agreeing with him. I poured four more shots, and quickly filled up the glasses with water to clear out the aftertaste.

“To being naked and free,” I toasted this time.

“Naked and free!” they replied in unison as the glasses clinked again and we downed them as fast as possible, girls going for the water even before they released the small glasses. As we cleared the second shot, we began laughing at nothing. The stuff was strong and it went directly into the head.

“Oh my god! I’m already feeling a bit buzzed,” Snowy said, giggling like some little girl.

“Snowy, want to play some poker?” I asked, making everyone laugh. I was eyeing Swan’s reaction, and it seemed he made complete peace with the fact.

“Really?” she asked. “And what are you going to strip off?”

“Well, there’s the second part of the game…” I implied.

“Oh, no. No, no, no. Not right now,” Snowy replied. “Also, I distinctly remember you saying we were going to play Scrabble the next time around, so…”

“Shit!” Lydia said, focusing all attention to her as she put her head in her hands.

“What happened?” I asked, worried about her reaction.

“We forgot Scrabble at home,” Lydia replied and initiated a burst of laughter from everyone.

“Well, that’s it,” I said, feigning disappointment. “No next time, I guess.”

“Heeey,” Snowy said, but failed to continue her sentence. I couldn’t tell exactly why she was unable to say what she obviously wanted to say, but I guessed that she most probably wanted to contain her open desire to impale on my cock for the moment. She waited for Swan to say anything, but he was content on observing us.

“Guys, I’m gonna make us some lunch,” Lydia spoke out, changing the subject. “Feel free to help me if you want.”

“I’ll help,” Swan immediately offered. “I love to cook.”

“OK,” Lydia said, getting up and stretching her naked body right in front of him for good measure of time, before finally moving away from the bench and heading inside. “Are you coming?” she said to Swan, who was again mesmerized by her beauty. Seeing him react to her, it made me think how we were funny creatures. I mean, he had a gorgeous girlfriend, who I found to be sexy as hell, but when he looked at Lydia his face was almost contorted with enthusiasm – the same way I probably acted when Snowy would walk in front of me, her tits and ass swaying and jiggling as she moved. If Snowy was my girl, and Lydia his, it would almost certainly be vice-versa. Anyway, Swan got up, and I noticed how his member was visibly more substantial than at the moment he sat down.

I smiled at Snowy, and she smiled at me, also noticing the enlargement. Once our significant others disappeared inside, behind the tinted glass, she turned to me and whispered loudly: “Oh my god! I think it’s gonna happen!”

“Well, I see he’s totally into Lydia, and Lydia is into him – sexually, I mean,” I said to her. “Are you OK with it?”

“Um… I think I am,” Snowy said. “I see him staring at her and I don’t feel jealous. I don’t know what would happen if… Shit, when things begin to – you know.”

“And you and me?” I asked. “You still interested-“

“Fuck, yes!” Snowy replied as I felt her foot touching my inner thigh. She wiggled a bit until it reached my junk. I twitched, and Snowy grinned. “There it is, my good friend,” she said as she gently rubbed her foot up and down my already semi-engorged shaft.

“Mhmm…” I grunted and looked down, noticing her toes trying unsuccessfully to grab hold of my member. “And what do you think Swan will say when things begin?”

“Oh, trust me… if he gets his freedom, I don’t think he will complain,” Snowy said. “Also, he said he’ll follow our lead. So, we just need to lead him properly.”

I gave her high-five in response. “You want another shot?” I asked her.

“Oh, Jesus,” she said. “If I drink another one of these, I won’t be able to control myself anymore. Let’s leave losing control for later. How about a beer instead?”

“Sure,” I said and got up. “Two beers, coming up!”

“Ahem,” Snowy coughed, looking at my crotch.

“So?” I asked, looking down at my almost fully hard cock. “I don’t see the need to hide it, for any reason.”

“Oh, I wasn’t implying that you should hide it,” Snowy replied, looking into my eyes and biting hard on her lower lip.

I smiled at her, picked up the grappa bottle and shot glasses and headed inside.

As I opened the door, I heard the music playing – some local radio, nothing I recognized, and saw Lydia and Swan, cramped behind the small kitchen counter. They were chopping some vegetables, giggling, bumping each other with hips in the rhythm of music – all in all, they were both in full flirtation mode. As they noticed me, they instinctively stopped and began to act professionally.

“Hey, hey, no need to stop on account of me,” I said, dropping a pretty straight hint that I was OK with what they were doing.

“Um… Yeah, the music took over for a second,” Swan apologized.

“Hey, dude, this is the house of naked and free, remember?” I asked with a smile. “So, feel free to be free – whether naked or not. Tell him, Lyd.”

Lydia looked at him and slapped his ass hard. And then she kissed his shoulder, not releasing the firm buttock from her hand.

“There you go, Swan,” I told him, hoping this would convince him he has the permission. I strolled by them, opening the fridge and exchanging the grappa bottle for two cold beers. “How long until lunch?”

“I dunno – half an hour, maybe?” Lydia said. “Probably even less – Swan is an excellent assistant.”

“Really?” he asked, acting insulted. “I’m suis-chef, not an assistant!”

“Oh, dear Swan,” Lydia said, again grabbing his ass, “you must prove worthy to be my equal.” She was working him incredibly. In all honesty, I never saw her seducing anyone before, and it appears she had some talent.

“And how do I prove my worthiness, my lady?” Swan asked, giving me a glance. I was just smiling and observing the situation with full appreciation.

“Oh, I have a few ideas,” Lydia said to him. “But we’ll get there.” Then she looked at me, scanning for any signs of my possible disapproval. I winked at her and nodded significantly, to which she pointed towards the terrace with her eyes. Obviously, Swan was much more relaxed when I wasn’t around. Even though I wanted to watch their interplay, I concluded that Lydia had a point. They were leaving tomorrow, so it was essential that we played our cards perfectly today.

I scurried out, only this time I sat down next to Snowy. I gave her the beer, which she opened immediately and took a few big gulps.

“Hey, let me see the photos,” I said, remembering the shoot that took place this morning on the beach.

“Hmm,” Snowy contemplated. “I think we should first see the pics from your phone. Let’s do it chronologically.”

“Damn,” I grunted. “My phone is inside.”

“So? Go and get it. It’s, like, three and a half steps.”

“But I just got back-“

“Don’t be a whiner, Mark,” Snowy interrupted my attempt at proclaiming how lazy I felt.

“It’s not that,” I went for the obvious excuse. “Lydia is working on Swan’s… Spirit level, so to say. And it appears it works much better when I’m not around.”

“What?” Snowy asked, immediately trying to see inside through the tinted glass. “What exactly is she doing?”

“Whoa! Do I hear some jealousy there?” I asked, surprised at her brisk reaction.

“Um… OK, yeah. A little bit, maybe,” she confessed.

“Do I tell Lydia to stop?” I asked.

Snowy sighed. Then she looked down at my crotch and lowered her hand gently on my cock, leaving it there for some time as my member began to stiffen under it. As I got to semi-hard level, she grabbed it and pulled my foreskin over the knob. I took a deep, loud breath, making her raise her sights back to my face. Again, there was that distinctive gleam in her eyes, which I saw only when she was aroused. She sighed again, slowly releasing her grip and putting her hand on my shoulder.

“No. I want to play with you… And her,” she finally said. “Which means he gets to play as well. I need to deal with it slowly.”

“How can I help you?” I asked.

She leaned slowly towards me and kissed my cheek with a wet kiss, moving slowly with her tongue towards my ear. Then she nibbled at my earlobe for a few seconds, until she whispered: “By fucking me into oblivion.”

I smiled and released a satisfied grunt. “I’d be most happy to oblige,” I replied to that proposal. “But that would have to come later when Swan is certain he’d be doing the same to Lydia. It’s kind of a ‘chicken and egg’ issue, but I guess you’d have to budge first to come first.”

“Go inside and get your phone before I start making you cum first,” Snowy whispered into my ear, gripping my cock in her hand again and squeezing hard on my semi-erect member.

“On my way,” I said and began to get up slowly, allowing her to release my dick with care.

I slowly entered the apartment again, just in time to see Lydia playing with a piece of some vegetable on Swan’s chest. Swan had his back turned to me, so he hadn’t noticed me entering as the frying pan was on the stove, releasing the simmering sounds. However, it was hot inside, and both of them were visibly sweaty. Lydia slowly moved the piece of food upwards, until it came to the level of his mouth, and she slowly fed him with it. She noticed me at that moment but didn’t react. I saw her see me and shrugged. Then I proceeded towards the bathroom/bedroom part of the apartment to pick up my phone. As I was passing by them, I acted all casually, but took a glance at what was happening behind the counter. And Swan was more than visibly aroused, his cock practically horizontal and pointing directly at Lydia. I smiled at both of them.

“I see lunch is going to be soon,” I said innocently.

“Uh-huh… Soon,” Swan replied, though I would bet he had no real idea what I said.

“Great! Keep it up,” I said as I trotted by, not being able to neglect the chance for dropping a huge hint. I managed to get both of them laughing, which was enough for me.

It took me some time to find my phone since Lydia emptied out her beach bag when we got back from the beach and put the contents here and there. When I finally located it, I went back out and found the things getting even more heated in the kitchen. Lydia was stirring the pan, and Swan was, not subtly at all, leaning tight against her from behind, rubbing his erect cock against Lydia’s ass. Needless to say, she was actively teasing him by gently swaying her ass in all directions, making his member slide up, down, left and right across her tight, sporty butt cheeks. As it appeared, Swan was now completely relaxed and didn’t care about my presence one bit. Also, the fact that they were on the brink of playing with each other’s genitals made me think more freely about what Snowy and I would be allowed to do on our own. At that moment, I mostly resigned to the fact that we were going to have dry sandwiches for lunch.

As I finally got out of the apartment, Snowy was eagerly staring at me. The fact was that, from the terrace table, it was almost impossible to see inside the apartment when the doors were closed – one would have to practically lean on the glass door to get a good glimpse inside.

“So, what’s going on inside?” Snowy asked, her curiosity obviously at a boiling point.

“You want details?” I asked.

“Hell yeah!”

“OK. Get up,” I told her.

“Wh… Why?” She asked.

“I want to show you the details,” I said.

She got up and automatically headed for the apartment door, but I stopped her. Instead, I led her left of the door. She was baffled: “What are you doing?”

“Just trust me,” I said. “Now turn towards the wall here and stand straight.”

“Huh?” she asked again.

“Please, just do it,” I said to her. “You won’t regret it.”

“Oookay,” she stretched the word, clearly not getting my point. But she did as I said. Once she set herself up, I leaned close to her from behind. I wasn’t fully aroused, but there was enough blood filling my cock that it was the first part of my body reaching her skin. Since she was much shorter than Lydia, it was basically leaning against the top of her ass – practically her lower back. I wrapped my hands around her waist (one still holding the phone, but what the hell) and she moaned.

“Now move your hips around,” I told her, and her buttocks began to form waves as her muscles clenched and released in sequence. Needless to say, canlı bahis I got hard in a few seconds.

“What are we doing?” Snowy asked once she caught the rhythm and my cock was sliding across her small back and, from time to time, across her butt crack.

“Exactly the same thing they are doing,” I said, and leaned forward to kiss and lick the back of her neck.

She shuddered. “Oh, Jesus! This feels good.” She pushed her head down, exposing her sensitive skin to me even more. “Are they touching each other?”

“Not with hands – well, not yet,” I said, moving my hand that was not holding the phone up and grabbing her tit. “I haven’t seen them do this, but they might be doing it.”

“Oooh…. Mhmphhh,” Snowy moaned. “I bet they are.”

“Want to see the photos?” I asked her.

“Yes!” she exclaimed, her excitement not really that related to the pictures.

I opened the photo app and found the first pic, and then positioned the phone so that both of us can watch the screen without breaking our current stride. My precum already dripped onto her back, and I was now sliding effortlessly across her skin.

“Oh, this one is sexy as hell,” Snowy said, examining the photo on which she and Lydia were in a tight grip, kissing each other. “I was already so wet when you took these.”

“Who wouldn’t be,” I said to her. “So much beauty and sex appeal in one photo.” I pinched Snowy’s nipple as I said that, making her moan loudly. I had no idea how sound-proof were the doors – but we haven’t heard anything from inside, so I decided to believe we were also not heard.

I swiped on, now getting to the set of pics where Lydia, Swan and Snowy were posing together, with each picture showing Swan getting harder and harder.

“Oh my god, his beautiful cock,” Snowy said in complete infatuation.

“Yeah, the man has handsome junk,” I said sincerely. Snowy chuckled at that and pressed her ass even harder against me.

“Yours is also gorgeous, just so you know,” she said, thinking I need leveling of some sort. “Swan also thinks you got a great one.”

That last remark stopped me for a second, but since he said the same thing before, I quickly brushed it off as irrelevant at the moment. “On account of sexes, have I ever told you that you have the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen?” I asked her.

“Aaaaaw, thank you, sweetie,” Snowy said, turning around towards my head just at the moment I turned my head towards her. By pure accident, our lips stopped directly in line. We both tensed up for a brief moment, and then just let our bodies take control. We kissed deeply, our tongues intertwining, connecting on that deepest level for the moment. It didn’t last long, as we both decided not to push it too far. We parted our heads, both giggling, and then turned back towards the phones.

I swiped some more until I got to the photo on which both girls were crouching, their legs spread apart giving a full view of their wet pussies, and their heads turned towards Swan’s completely rigid cock.

“God, you two were wet here,” I told her.

“Not as nearly as I am wet now,” she said, grabbing my free hand and guiding it down from her breast to her cunt. And indeed, she was wetter than the sea lapping the rocky shore below the terrace. I run up and down her tight slit with my middle finger, making her entire body twist, but decided not to go further. Instead, I swiped the photos forward, passing a few until I got to one where I simply focused on Lydia’s wet, opened cunt.

“Would you like to play with that again, Snowy?” I asked her gently.

“You know I would,” she replied, now rubbing herself against my still hand resting on her outer lips.

I swiped further, getting to the photo of Snowy’s magnificent pussy zoomed in to the max.

“Look how wet you were there,” I told her as I pressed my cock in between her buttocks. “God, it’s beautiful.”

“You really think it’s that pretty?” Snowy asked. “It’s just a snatch.”

“It’s perfect,” I told her, allowing myself to run my finger up and down her slit, getting a loud ‘Ooooh’ from her.

“Play with my perfect pussy, please,” she begged. This was the first time I heard her plead.

“Patience, Snowy,” I told her and moved my hand up to her belly. “We can’t go further than they will.”

“Oh, God, I know,” she said impatiently, moving her ass up and down, so my dick was sliding in between those big, firm ass cheeks. “I want you now, darling.”

I was seriously aroused, and my mind raced as fast as lightning, fighting my urge to just shove the cock deep into Snowy. But I knew I needed to stop the action right now, or else Swan or Lydia – or both, for that matter – might come out and find us amid some really serious action. With a heavy heart and steel-hard cock, I backed away from Snowy. “Come on, girl. We need to cool down before lunch.”

“Oh, fuck! You can’t…” she hissed, and then continued in a whisper: “You can’t make me that wet and then quit!”

“I’m not quitting, love,” I said calmly. “I just don’t think it would be wise to fuck here at this moment. We will fuck before the clock chimes midnight, but not right now.”

Snowy shuddered visibly at my promise and gave me a piercing look, her eyes gleaming with an intensity I hadn’t seen even when Lydia explicitly permitted her to fuck me. “We better keep up to that schedule,” she said, visibly determined to do whatever necessary to follow up on this foreplay event.

We sat down at the table, this time opposite to one another, and slowly sipped our beers, staring down each other. I was only able to think about finishing what we started a few minutes ago – or, better said, on the beach early in the morning – and I had no idea how to change my train of thought to go anywhere else. My dick was still hard as a diamond drill when the apartment door suddenly opened, and out came Swan and Lydia, both grinning like two teenagers. He was carrying four plates and utensils, and Lydia was carrying a big pan full of what appeared to be delicious food.

“Hope you two are hungry,” Swan said, looking at Snowy and me in short intervals, before checking Lydia. Two of them caught each other’s eye and smiled. I noticed Swan’s dick was not hard anymore, which got me thinking that it took him an enormous power of will to forget about what two of them were doing inside.

Swan distributed the plates around and Lydia set the pan in the middle of the table. It was full of spaghetti in a sauce that smelled divinely. Not only that, it tasted amazing. We were all hungry, and we ate like maniacs, enjoying the delicious meal which, contrary to my predictions, was prepared even though the cooks were dry-humping in the process.

“Wow, this is delicious,” Snowy praised the meal as she wound up the pasta around her fork. “Cudos to the cooks!” she raised her beer and saluted them.

“Well, guess it turned out pretty well, all things considered,” Swan said meekly. “Lydia was the boss, I just assisted and got some quality advice on how to end such meal to give it a special flavor.”

“Lyd, girl!” Snowy said. “I had no idea you had it in you.”

To be honest, neither did I. She was not a stranger to cooking, but she never ever made something that delicious. I turned to look at her, and she just shrugged.

“Oh, come on. Swan is just modest. He added the spices,” Lydia said. “I simply did the rough part – you know, manual labor.”

I wasn’t paying much attention to the conversation, to be honest, but as Lydia sad that, I noticed Snowy stopped chewing for a few seconds, not lifting her gaze up from the plate. Then she continued eating. It was apparent she was still fighting the big ‘J’ demon.

“It’s the ingredients,” Swan concluded. “They are much better than those we have back home. This is all fresh, organic food – and I mean really fresh & organic. Also, knowing how to handle the bigger parts is more important than just spraying the stuff on it in the end.”

And, again, Snowy halted in place, almost like frozen, for a brief period of time. Since Swan and Lydia were basically talking to each other, it seemed only I noticed it.

We cleaned out the pan, taking seconds and even thirds. In the end, we were all sitting there, leaning back and holding our stomachs in an ‘Oh God, why did I eat so much’ pose.

“I’m full to the brink,” I stated. “And, by God, you two just might consider opening a restaurant?”

“Stop it, dude, you’re making me blush,” Swan said, visibly overstuffed with food. “Right now, I need something to open my stomach and make a bit more room in there.”

“Anyone want a beer? Oh, you two already have one, so – Swan, you want a beer?” Lydia asked.

“Nah, I’m good,” he replied.

“Just me then, I guess,” Lydia concluded. “Honey, could you please take in the dishes and bring me a beer?”

It took me a few moments to realize she was talking to me. “Um, sure.”

The gang helped me collect everything from the table, and I took it to the kitchen. The kitchen was, for lack of a better word – spotless. I knew Lydia, and whenever she cooked, the place looked like someone threw a bomb afterwards. This place looked like a five-star hotel kitchen. Not even a microscopic piece of onion peel was left behind. Good man, that Swan. Neat and clean. Once I finished admiring his cleanliness, I quickly grabbed a beer from the fridge and went back out.

Just as I was about to sit down at the table, my eyes wandered for a second to Lydia – and stopped there. I tried to contain my expression and retain poker-face, but I wasn’t sure that I made it. Because, when I looked better at the center of her back, I saw the unmistakable smear of semen. It wasn’t a drop of precum or sweat stain. Also, it was way too high for Swan to be able to reach the location directly with his dick and leave a spot where he rested it. No, it was the genuine jizz fleck, made by a substantial amount of dried sperm hitting there and left uncleaned. Which meant only one thing – those two went a step further than Snowy and me up against the wall. Hell, they went as far, if not farther than we went alone on the beach in the morning. Swan came. And, as soon as I realized it, my cock began to rise up violently.

To prevent being seen and, consequently, being figured out that I figured them out, I sat down quickly and leaned my elbows on the table, making everything below my waist invisible to Lydia and Swan. That light banter between them while we ate, the fact that he was limp despite their games inside, it was all coming to place now. Swan got a handjob from Lydia. My cock was rock-hard again.

We sat at the table, chit-chatting and sipping our beers for a while, visibly overstuffed.

“Oh man, I need to go and lay down for a while,” Lydia said after a few minutes, stretching out her arms high and presenting her boobs on display. However, this time, Swan wasn’t ogling like some teenager. He gave her a quick glance and continued to stare in the distance, digesting his lunch.

It was amazing how quickly we got used to being naked around each other. OK, yes, we have done much more than just being nude, but still. I was actually starting to completely forget about it. I was even able to look Snowy in the eyes without constantly looking down at her tits. And it actually felt good. It felt natural and amazing. At that precise moment, I decided I was going to pursue and practice nudism whenever and wherever possible.

“Yeah, I could use some shut-eye too,” said Snowy, looking extremely low-energy, both from the amount of food she ate and, to some extent, from getting halfway to the orgasm and then having to cool down.

“I’m in,” I said.

“You guys just go,” Swan said. “I’ll stay and enjoy the view for a while.”

Lydia and I got up and went directly to our bedroom, while Snowy was still talking gently to Swan, giving him a kiss every now and then. As soon as I closed the bedroom door, Lydia collapsed on the bed, giving me another view of her cum-decorated back.

“So, honey, I have to say you made an amazing lunch,” I said to her.

“I have no idea how we did it,” she said, her voice muffled by the pillow.

“Well, I guess you two were mutually inspired,” I collapsed on the bed next to her.

“Oh, god, yeah…” she said dreamily. “I gave him so much inspiration he couldn’t handle it.”

“Um, yeah… He didn’t wipe it all off, you know,” I told her.

“Wha…” Lydia quickly moved her hand across her back, and then saw me laughing. “You idiot,” she said, lovingly as possible. “How did you know?”

“Like I said, he didn’t clean you up. You have a stain on your back,” I pressed my finger on it.

“Oh, man… I… I just couldn’t help it,“ she said with a mildly apologetic tone. “He was pressing on me with that hard dick of his and rubbing it up and down, left and right, and I just… I grabbed it and started to jerk him off. Did I do the wrong thing?”

“Of course not,” I said. “Well, not in my book.”

“His cock is so different from yours – you know, no foreskin and all. I had to lube it up so I could work it properly.”

“With what?”

She rounded her arm behind her ass and pushed it between her legs, then pulled it out, two fingers wet from her own juices.

“Oh, you naughty girl,” I smiled at her. “How long did it take him?”

“Not long,” she said with pride in her eyes. “I wasn’t taking it slow – we had food on the stove, you know.”

“Did he also touch you?” I asked, my boner back up in full scale.

“No – well, only tits, but he went too rough, so I asked him to be gentler. I’m still so fucking horny. But he wasn’t complaining when I played with him,” she said dreamily, and then looked down. “Whoa, I see someone’s waking up!”

I started telling Lydia about Snowy and me, and she listened, licked her lips, and slowly touched both herself and me in the process. Also, she fully expected me to tell her how Snowy and I finished off each other, so it shocked her when I told her how we stopped halfway.

“Oh, honey, that means we’re both in need for some relief,” Lydia said. As I nodded, she pushed me to set my back on the bed, and simply climbed up and sat down on my cock. She was incredibly wet, so I glided into her with almost no resistance, bar that last inch that always needed an extra push. Once she settled and began riding me slowly, moaning sweetly in the process, she started talking – which was not so common during sex.

“Mhmmm… It felt so amazing, touching his dick,” she said softly as she moved up and down in gentle motion.

“You like his dick, don’t you,” I said, not even trying to ask.

“Oh yeah… Oooh… It’s smooth and pretty,” she said, upping her tempo. “And he was so hard when I touched him, uh…”

“You want to play some more with it?”

“Uh-huh. I want to suck it and lick it and… Aaaah!” she moaned loudly. For a split second, I had the urge to tell her to quiet down because there were people in the next room, but then practically laughed it off inside. Moreover, it got me even hornier thinking about how Snowy and Swan are listening.

“I want to fuck you while you suck his cock,” I confessed, pushing my ass up to ram my cock harder into her.

“Aaaah, fuck! Yes! I want to play with both of your hard cocks at the same time…. Mmmmgphhh!”

“And then we fuck you without pause. We make you come, and come, and come until you collapse.”

“Oh, GOOOD! AAAAAH!” Just like that, probably with a vivid picture of what we talked about while fucking, Lydia started to climax wildly and loudly. She impaled herself on my dick with frantic speed as she yelled out whatever made it from her brain to her mouth. It was obvious she was close to an orgasm for a while now, probably ever since she got Swan to come to the kitchen with her.

And, as if Lydia cued her release, another familiar scream broke through the doors and the walls of the apartment – the recognizable ‘Ohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuck!’ of one Snoween, giving public notice of her impending climax. Obviously, she and Swan were also going at it properly. Whether they started because of us or just at the same time as us was, for all intents and purposes, completely irrelevant.

I was still pumping hard, and even though I was properly horny, the fact that I already came twice before had its effect on my ability to endure even that extensive amount of internal and external stimulus.

Lydia’s orgasm was intense, but not very long, and she slowed down to almost crawling tempo, hardly moving herself up and down my steel-hard shaft.

“I’m all tingly,” she said, leaning forward and finally landing on me. “You’re not done yet?”

‘Oh, yesssss! That’s iiiiiiiit! Aaaaaah!’ was heard from the living room at that moment. Snowy was climaxing.

“Nope,” I said, smiling in bliss from everything. “Came twice already today.” As soon as I said it, I realized what I blurted out. Lydia was aware of only one time.

“Wha…? When did you come the second time?” she asked.

I looked at her for a second, realizing I had my own brainfart and trying to come up with some crazy story, but then I decided that the truth would be the best solution. It wasn’t as if she had any grounds for jealousy. “Well, when Snowy and I went to the beach this morning…”

“Oh my god! You two had sex?” she said, almost too loudly, but without breaking her slow ride on my cock.

“No, no. We got off watching each other, no touching – well, almost none, Snowy grabbed my dick for a moment when she was cumming.”

“You dirty things… So, you did that even before you knew what would Swan think?”

I shrugged impishly and grinned. “Yeah, I know, it was a really grey area – that’s why I avoided any touching. But we started talking about that night, and I got hard, and she got wet and…”

“Man, Snowy’s a proper slut,” Lydia concluded.

“Only when you and I are around,” I smirked. “Now, are you going to ride me like that until the evening, or?”

“My pussy’s a bit sore,” Lydia said. She thought for a second, then quickly got up and pulled something out of her suitcase. It was a tube of lube. “But maybe you’d be interested-“

“Aw, hell yeah,” I sprung up from the bed, reaching for the tube.

Lydia quickly settled on all fours, pushing her ass high up. “Well, come on in,” she said with audible delight. We both loved having anal sex and practiced it very often before, but the last few months it was actually a sporadic event, so I was extremely eager to give her back door a proper workout.

I squeezed an ample amount of lubricant on my hand and began to apply it on her ass. It was still moist from all the juices that spread around her cunt as she rode me, but it needed to be slick as ice. I pushed a finger into her, making her twitch and moan lightly as it entered and went past her sphincter practically without resistance. After giving her a few light prods, I decided to introduce the second finger, simply to prepare her for what was to come next. This time she moaned a lot louder and clenched a bit, even though I was trying to go as gently as possible. Still, she worked hard to loosen herself up, since she loved what came after her ass settled in and accepted me.

“You ready for the real thing?” I asked her. I usually wasn’t the type to ask too many questions, but this was one of those moments where she was the one who needed to dictate the tempo.

“Uh-huh,” came muffled Lydia’s reply, her face immersed into the soft pillow.

Given the green light, I slowly pulled out my fingers, applied a generous amount of lube on my cock, and adjusted it onto her slightly gaping entrance. I gave the first push, making it past the initial barrier. I pulled somewhat out, and then back in, this time allowing my throbbing purple knob to enter her past the second pressure point. She released another muffled grunt but did nothing else to show discomfort.

Inch by inch, I got settled inside her ass, feeling her releasing the pressure and accepting my cock. As I began to pump slowly, her moaning frequency distinctly changed from painful to enjoyable. I loved the view of my cock entering her tight ass, her butt crack spread to the limits by the position of her hips to give me complete access. I was fucking her with significant power and tempo already, and she was producing constant moans and grunts of pleasure, her hand already slowly circling her recovering cunt, when the door to our room suddenly opened, Snowy entering with a determined look in her eyes.

“Lyd, baby, did you… Oh my God, I’m sorry!” she put her hand on her mouth – the old, shy Snowy suddenly emerging from the depths of her persona.

I had no desire to stop, but the suddenness of Snowy’s entrance startled me a bit. Fortunately, I was focused enough not to pull out of Lydia, who also showed no intention of ceasing with our activity. She raised her head and looked at Snowy.

“Hey, no problem, come in,” Lydia said casually as if we were just drinking our morning coffee at the table. “You said something?”

“Um, yeah…” Snowy stuttered, still taking in the fact that she found us mid-action. “I can come back later if-“

“Nah,” I said. “We have no problem with you watching us.” I began to pump slowly again, half-expecting Lydia to stop me, but she also decided to keep on going.

“Yeah, I mean, we’re that kind of friends, aren’t we,” Lydia said, making a soft ‘mhmm’ sound to give me a license to continue fucking her.

“Oh, sure we are, just…” Snowy stopped for a second, standing two feet from the bed. “I kind of heard Lyd’s moans, so I thought you two also finished.”

I smiled at her and winked, pushing my cock deep into Lydia’s ass. “I came twice already, remember.”

“Yeah… Wait a minute! You told her?” Snowy asked.

“Sure he did, what’s to it?” Lydia said dismissively, grunting with each of my thrusts. “Sit here, darling. I can’t – aaaah – look up at you with Mark’s cock in my ass.”

“You’re doing anal?” Snowy exclaimed, her eyes going wide. “Let me see!” She quickly jumped on the bed, positioning her head directly over Lydia’s ass and staring in amazement as I pumped into Lydia using all of my cock.

“Oh my god, this feels sooo good!” Lydia moaned loudly.

“And it looks so hot,” Snowy said finally. She moved her hand down Lydia’s stretched crevice until her fingers made contact with my cock, all the time gazing directly at it. “I want to try that!” she said, to no one in particular.

“Uh-huh,” I said, now slowly feeling the tension building in my groin. As much as I really wanted to be the one to introduce Snowy to the joys of ass-fucking, I thought it was Swan’s privilege to go there before I do. And, as much as I hated it at the moment, I decided to change the subject. “You wanted to ask Lydia something?”

“What? Oh, yeah, I did,” Snowy replied distractedly. “Honey, did you, um, finish off Swan while you two were making lunch?”

Lydia was already far down the road to another orgasm, and her hands were clutching the bed sheets. So, her reply sounded something like this: “Mmmrgh! Aaaaah! Fuck yeah! Yeah, I did – ooooh!”

“Oh my god!” Snowy exclaimed. “You slut.”

I stopped dead at that moment. I knew about Snowy’s internal issues with Lydia crossing the lines with Swan, and I was unable to determine whether Snowy’s comment was a good-natured observation or an insult. I felt Lydia also tense up, as her ass clenched around my cock.

“Snowy, I mean-” Lydia started to speak, but she got interrupted by a deep, wet kiss on her lips, courtesy of Snoween. In a second, Lydia’s ass was relaxed again, and I pushed back into her.

“I knew it!” Snowy said proudly. “He just ate me out and actually prevented me from returning the favor – which was the first ever. He loves when I suck his dick, but he was all like ‘Hey, don’t worry about me’ and it could only happen if he came really recently.”

“So, you’re OK with it?” Lydia asked, definitely sounding like she lost some momentum.

“Yeah. Yes, I am. Except…” Snowy stopped for a second. “I want to be there the next time you two play.”

“Mmhmm,“ Lydia half moaned, half-confirmed her friend’s wish, then continued to talk as I pounded her. “You want me to suck him off, don’t you? Aaaah.”

“Oh, yeah. You get to suck Swan off, and I get…” Snowy confirmed Lydia’s desire, and then looked at me. “I get him, all the way.”

“Oh, YES!” Lydia now moaned louder, her mind most likely filling up with images of Swan’s cock in her mouth and my dick buried deep inside Snowy. “Oh, God, YEEEEEES!”

I smacked Lydia’s ass hard with my open palm and upped my tempo. Lydia was now furiously rubbing her clit and staring dead into Snowy’s eyes.

“And if you… Aaaah! If you get Mark all the way, then I get… Oh yes, baby, harder, DO IT!” Lydia was now struggling to form a sentence – hell, to let anything else than screams of pure pleasure out of her mouth. I slowed down just a bit, simply to enable her to talk. So she tried for the third time: “If you get Mark, I get Swan?”

“Well, good to know you’re trading us,” a voice came from the doorway. We looked up and noticed Swan, leaning against the doorframe, his face in a wide grin and his cock at the three-quarter mast. Snowy gave him a sheepish smile and then decided to apologize the best way she could – by grabbing his fast-growing manhood.

“Honey,” Snowy started talking to Swan gently as she rubbed his dick into the full hard-on, “I hope you won’t have any objections to our little plan?”

Swan slowly closed his eyes and inhaled with pleasure as Snowy’s expertly guided hands turned his cock into a shaft of steel.

“Oh, yes! Aaaaargh! Fuck yeeeah!” Lydia began screaming as she was approaching her climax. Taken all into account, I was also coming really close to exploding. I looked at Swan, who was now intensely staring at Lydia and me.

“Bro, you wouldn’t have problems with me having fun with your girl?” Swan asked me as if everything he witnessed up until now hadn’t told him exactly that.

“She would love nothing more than to have us all fuck her brains out, and I’m totally cool with that,” I told him.

Snowy took that exact moment to wrap her lips around his cock, so his wide grin was even more widened almost to the stretching limit of his mouth. He said, with no little satisfaction: “Then I won’t mind either. I’d love to give Lydia my personal service.”

And that sentence was all Lydia needed. Knowing full well that she was going to be fucked by Swan in the immediate future, her orgasm came in a flash of concentrated fury. “JESUS CHRIST!” she yelled out and began to shudder violently. This one was much more intense than the last one, the entire scene making her bite the sheets. I pulled on her hair, making her watch Swan getting a blowjob as she climaxed, and it made her scream in ecstasy again and again. I was not able to see her eyes, but the mere fact that she was ramming two of her fingers into her pussy with the speed I rarely experienced from her was telling me all that I needed to know.

I was withholding myself for quite a while now, and the bubbling pressure in my groin became unrelenting as I felt her fingers through the thin layer of tissue dividing her pussy from her ass. I groaned loudly, closed my eyes, I released my load deep into her ass. We were both shaking now, jointly cumming in bliss as another of our fantasies was slowly unraveling. In front of us, shuddering from pleasure, was Swan, clearly only seconds from blowing up as the combination of watching Lydia and me fuck and Snowy sucking his cock most magnificently. Snowy was obviously sensing her man was coming to a brink and decided to finish him off, swallowing and releasing his pride in ever faster motion, using both of her hands on various parts of his groin.

Both Lydia and I were starting to feel completely spent. Her orgasm subsiding, she was slowly buckling under the weight of herself, and I felt the last drops of my cum trickle out of my softening prick into her. We both lay down, Lydia’s ass slowly pushing me out of her, while the scene in front of us quickly unfolded.

“Oh, god, I’m gonna cum again!” Swan yelped, and Snowy decided she was not going to swallow this one, but rather let him spray it all over her. She released the tight seal she held with her mouth and grabbed his cock into her hands, tugging at it at a ferocious speed. He gave out two ‘Ughs’, twitched with his stomach, and started to release his cum. It was not a huge amount – Lydia drained him not an hour ago, but the small jets that came out of him went far and up, hitting Snowy’s hair, face and tits. He was unable to focus on anything else, so Snowy was the one targeting as much as possible.

“Oh yes, baby, you are incredible,” Swan finally said softly, as Snowy squeezed the last few drops out of him. He bowed down to kiss her forehead, licking off his own semen in the process. Then they kissed on the mouth, sharing the bitter-salty taste between them.

Lydia and I looked at each other and smiled. When we departed from home, we couldn’t even imagine that this was going to be our vacation. It was becoming the stuff beyond our wildest dreams and fantasies.

“Guys…” Swan said to all of us in general. “This is… Oh man…”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” I replied to his unspoken description, feeling the drowsiness overcoming me.

“Are we going down to the beach?” asked Snowy, getting up and turning to us to reveal her left cheek and neck glistening from Swan’s diluted and almost transparent cum.

“Mfrghhh,” Lydia replied, laying with her face down and not moving a muscle. She was visibly not in the mood to move anywhere in the near future.

“Yeah, I think we’ll skip this one and get some shut-eye,” I said, translating Lydia’s statement.

“No problem,” Snowy chirped. “Swan?”

“Fuck yeah!” he replied. “I’m not wasting any time while we’re here. Guys, get some rest – you know, needing the strength and all that…”

I chuckled at him. He winked at me, shining his trademark smile at me, and followed Snowy out of the room, closing our door gently.

It was actually kind of weird and funny, knowing full well that you are going to have a full-on foursome before the day ended – well, unless something dramatically changed our plans. I always expected it was going to happen somewhat spontaneous – from nothing, just like our first threesome with Snowy. But this was also exhilarating. It was kind of similar to being on a team that knew they had a big final game coming up – with all the thrills, shakes and expectations of the inevitable event that was going to be written down in history, whatever the outcome. Lydia was already breathing deeply and gently, and it made me doze off in a matter of minutes, barely moving away from her. As Swan said, we would need all the strength we could muster for tonight.

* * *

I woke up to the constant sound of a universe of crickets cheerfully chirping away outside, mingled with the running shower from the bathroom and faint voices emanating from somewhere on the other end of the apartment. From what I was able to see outside, it was just around the time when late summer afternoon was transitioning into the evening. Lydia was not on the bed, so I presumed it was her showering. I slowly got up, rubbed my eyes and headed for the toilet. This time I had no problems with morning wood, but my dick was still so sticky from the crusted lube that it took some time and energy before I managed to finally unroll my foreskin and begin to relieve the pressure.

“Hey baby,” I said towards the curtained shower stall. “Feeling energized?”

“Well, I really like that you decided to call me baby so quickly,” a man’s voice – Swan’s, to be precise – replied from inside the shower stall, “and yeah, I’m ready for anything – if we eat something first.”

“Oh, shit,” I exclaimed, laughing out loud. “Sorry, Swan, I thought Lydia was-“

“Yeah, I know,” he replied. “Just when you got my hopes up, it turns out you love someone else.”

We both laughed, making me almost pee outside the bowl.

“Lydia was in the shower before me,” Swan informed me dutifully. “I think she and Snowy are outside on the terrace, having some girl talk – you know, how to split the cock usage, who likes what kind of perverse interplay, and all that.”

I laughed again. God, this guy was funny. I quickly shook off my dick and flushed the toilet, just as Swan turned off the shower and moved the curtain away.

“Mind if I go next?” I asked, feeling the need to clean myself up before anything else.

“Not at all. Hop in!” He said as he stepped outside. As we switched positions, we brushed against each other, but I gave no significance to the moment, quickly mumbling ‘sorry’ and entering the stall.

“No need to apologize,” Swan replied to my muttering and gently slapped my ass with his hand. I raised my eyebrows but managed to not turn my head at him. It seemed there was a bit more than a coincidence in his communication regarding my exposed body parts, but I put it down to his general character.

I pulled the curtain and let the mildly warm water stream envelop me. It felt great, cleaning off all the sweat, salt and body juices that were perabet beginning to itch in this heat. It was also enjoyable because I knew this was purposeful – we all knew what was coming, and we all worked on making ourselves as presentable as possible – especially in the scent department.

In mere seconds from opening the tap, I was thinking about everything that might happen later in the evening. I had visions of Lydia riding Swan, of Snowy bending over for me to ram her from behind, of… And just like that, I was rock-hard, and it took me a lot of will power not to begin rubbing myself off.

“Hey, did I leave… Whoa, dude, your gun is cocked!” Swan opened the curtain, apparently searching for something he left in the stall.

“Heeey,” I said, actually feeling somewhat violated from his intrusion. Then I remembered he’s seen it all and will be seeing a lot more of it. “Yeah, got lost in thoughts.”

“Doesn’t seem like you’re lost,” Swan chuckled. “Down, boy. You’ll be needed, don’t spend yourself too early.” And then he smacked my shaft gently.

“Dude?” I asked, completely surprised by his act.

“What?” he asked back as if he had no idea what was I complaining about.

“You smacked my dick,” I said, pointing out the obvious.

“Oh,” he looked down at it, then back at me, as if he was enjoying lingering inside the curtain. “Sorry, didn’t know it would bother you.”

But, actually, I don’t know why I reacted. I didn’t feel anything wrong with what he did, it was simply unexpected.

“No, no…” I stammered. “It doesn’t bother me as such, just… You surprised me, that’s all.”

“Oh, ok. Cool,” he concluded, took the shaving cream he was obviously searching for from the stall and disappeared, leaving me in all sorts of confusion. As it seemed, we opened a pipe which was now losing all containment. Maybe that was not such a bad thing, I thought to myself as I thoroughly rinsed every inch of myself.

After drying off, and with no more weird moments between me and Swan, who was shaving his beard, I exited the apartment and hung the towel on the dryer. Lydia and Snowy were chatting off into oblivion, both of them appropriately naked and lying on two unfolded deck chairs which they pulled out from god knows where.

“Hey there, you two lovelies,” I said, greeting them. They both smiled at me, not at all shyly looking at my junk more than at my face. “What’s up.”

“Hey. Did you get all the rest you needed?” Snowy asked, winking at me.

“I’m ready to take over the World!” I exclaimed, spreading my hands towards the sea.

“That’s the spirit. Though, you’ll need to take over much less and much more enjoyable,” Lydia replied, sending me a kiss, which I caught and sent mine back at her.

“We were just discussing how the landlady is totally cool,” Snowy said, interrupting.

“Oh, how so?” I asked, not understanding where did that topic come from.

Snowy chuckled and showed me to sit down next to her hip and starts her story: “Anyway – I already told this to Lyd, so I’ll give the shortened version – Swan and I went down to the beach when the two of you faltered. And we’re like, you know, lying there in the nude, as expected, enjoying ourselves, dozing off in the heat, when suddenly we hear someone coming down the path. Of course, we presume it was one of you, so we don’t give it a second thought. Until I look up and see it’s no other than our landlady Anna. So, I’m immediately thinking of covering myself up, but I have nothing to do that quickly since Swan and I went to the beach only d****d in our towels, no swimwear underneath. All that I can do is sit up and cover my tits with my knees and put my legs tight together. Swan decides he doesn’t give a shit.”

“Isn’t that something an old Snowy would do?” I asked, chuckling at the thought of Snowy scrambling to protect her nudity from the prying eye of our host.

“Heey,” she slapped me on my thigh, “it’s one thing with you. I’m still shy around other people, you know. And I’m not finished with the story, this is just the beginning.” she pulled a glass of beer from somewhere under the chair, took a sip, and continued. “Of course, as soon as she looks at us, she recognizes us – you know, ‘Oh my god, you found the beach, that’s great, how are you, how’s the apartment,’ and so on – like, she doesn’t care one bit we’re naked there. So, I talk to her politely, squeezing myself into a ball, thinking she might notice I’m kind of shy and leave. But then she asks if it’s OK if she just takes a quick swim here. I’m thinking how I’d love to say that it’s not OK, but I can’t be rude to her since she owns the place we sleep in, and I say ‘sure you can.’ As I say it, she drops the towel and just pulls her dress over her head. And she has nothing underneath – naked just as we are. I mean, she doesn’t give it a second thought.”

“See, I told you everyone around here goes nude on the beach,” I commented. “It’s us that are weird, with all those concerns about who might see us and all that.”

“Yeah, it seems so. Well, she’s a fox. I mean, she’s probably in her mid-thirties or something like that, but her body is totally tight and sporty – I could only tell that she’s older than us by her face wrinkles and the fact that her boobs – which are still amazing, so you know – are hanging a bit lower. And she has no tan lines – at all. So, anyway, she jumps into the sea and takes a long swim – goes out far towards the open sea and then back, swimming really fast and all. We almost forget about her, she was gone for so long. But, of course, she does come back. And she starts chatting with us, you know, casually, standing almost over us. I finally relax a bit and stop worrying about me being naked since she has no problem with it. I mean, at one moment she sits down in lotus position, facing us, putting her pussy on full display, but she doesn’t care. It’s not as if she is showing off or anything – she really doesn’t think about the fact that she’s naked, we’re naked and all that.”

“Did Swan get a hard-on?” I asked, laughing at the thought.

“Fuck yeah he did,” Snowy laughed out. “But he turned on his stomach – you know, it’d be a bit awkward. OK, so we talk away there, she’s totally cool, inviting us to dinner and all, and the time flies by. We even go for another swim all together, she and Swan went far out, and Swan was barely keeping up with her. Then we dry off, and she says it’s getting late and she should be going, so we also notice we should be going. And so, we all pack up and head back. And I swear she did scan both of us for good measure every time when we got up from our towels – you know, the way I’d scan you if I saw you naked for the first time, only she did it without any shame or hiding.”

“OK, that sounds cool,” I said, not all that impressed, but genuinely happy to find out that beach nudity is the prevalent rule in these parts. “Where did you get those deck chairs?”

“Oh, yeah, when we got to here, she asks if we pulled out the deck chairs. I ask what deck chairs she’s talking about, and she goes down with us and pulls them out from that shed over there,” Snowy pointed at the small shed to the left of the stairs leading down to the terrace. “So now we have deck chairs. And then she hugs both of us for a long time and says we have to come over for dinner tomorrow – all of us, I mean. And she also says that she enjoyed the beach time with us and hopes to do it again.”

“Interesting,” I said, nodding my head in approval. “We have ourselves a homemade dinner tomorrow. Good work, Snowy and Swan!”

“Wait, that is the most interesting thing you heard from everything I said?” Snowy asked.

“Well, I don’t know. Did she say something interesting while you talked on the beach?” I asked.

“She talked a lot about the beaches around here – about one beach that is only accessible by boat, somewhere there on the other side of the bay, and how it’s the most beautiful beach in the world. She said she and her husband love to go there because there’s almost no one there, even in high season.”

“Yeah, I remember her saying her hubby could take us with his boat on some beach if we wanted to,” Lydia interrupted. “She really seems to be a really nice person.”

“So, she’s hot, you say,” I asked Snowy casually.

“Yeah, definitely,” Snowy replied.

“Would you do her?” I kept teasing.

“Heeey… What kind of question is that?” Snowy blushed a bit immediately.

“What’s wrong with the question?” Lydia sided up with me. “Would you?”

“What am I, some… Shit! Yes, I would do her, OK?” Snowy replied, accentuating ‘do’ as if that was the dirty word.

“Great, that settles it then,” I said, snickering at now puzzled Snowy. “On the more important issues, how about we go out and have something nice for dinner?”

“That settles… God, Mark. You really enjoy pulling my leg, don’t you?” Snowy slapped my thigh jokingly. “Oh, hey, I just remembered. Anna told us that Peljesac is famous for fresh seafood. You can have fresh oysters here, just pulled out of the sea, for a bargain.”

“Oooh, oysters!” Lydia said. “Where can we get those?”

“I think she said we should take the road back towards Dubrovnik, some 20 or so minutes. The place is called Dracha or something like that.”

“All right!” I exclaimed. “Good news is that we’re having oysters tonight. The bad news is that we’ll have to get dressed to go out for dinner. Or did she maybe mention a place where we can go and eat naked?”

Girls both laughed at my last remark. It became so normal for all of us to be naked all the time, and not even a day has passed.

“Do you think they have a taxi around here?” Lydia asked.

“Why?” I asked. “We can take the car.”

“Yeah, but I’d guess we’ll all be drinking, and…”

“Good point,” I said. I was never comfortable driving even when I had one drink, and I was in familiar territory. Having more than one drink and driving on these unfamiliar roads in the dark would be absolutely stupid and insanely dangerous.

Just as we were pondering on how to get to the oyster place, Swan exited the apartment. “What’s up, people?” he asked, seeing all of us in thought.

“Oh, hey,” Lydia broke the silence. “Anyway, we decided to go and have fresh oysters for dinner tonight, probably topped with some wine, but the place is twenty minutes away, and none of us really feels like driving there and back.”

Swan beamed with joy after hearing the proposal: “Nice! Oysters! Love the idea! Snowy, we should ask Anna if they have a taxi around here.”

“Right!” I said. “I’ll get my phone and call her.”

I dialed Anna’s number, and she replied within seconds, all cheerful and chirpy: “Hello, Mark! How are you! Is everything OK in the apartment?”

“Hi, Anna. Yeah, everything is great, thanks for asking. Listen, our friends just mentioned you told them about an excellent oyster place some twenty minutes from here-“

“Oh, yes. I met your friends down on the beach. They are so lovely and beautiful, we had a great time on the beach” Anna said, her voice gleaming with delight as if they had an adventure together. “And yes, there are few great places to eat oysters and mussels, you just have to take the road back to Dubrovnik for some twenty minutes-“

“Hey, sorry to interrupt you, Anna, but I wanted to ask if there’s a chance for us to get a taxi to go there and back? You know, if we decide to have a few drinks?”

“Oh… Yes, there is a taxi!” she exclaimed. “Well, it’s not a real taxi, just my cousin driving people around on demand. Don’t worry, I’ll call him and get you a special price.”

“Wow, that would be great!” I said, exhilarated at the notion that all of us could relax and enjoy dinner without thinking about driving later.

“No problem. Anything for such beautiful guests. What time do you want him to pick you up?”

“Well, in half an hour…” I looked at the others, and they all nodded. “Yeah, in half an hour would be OK.”

“Sure, sure. I’ll call him right away,” Anna said. “Also, don’t forget to take his number so you can call him to take you back to Zuljana, OK.”

“Right, of course,” I replied. “Thank you, Anna, you’re the best.”

“Oh, come on, no problem at all,” she repeated. “Hey, you’re all coming for dinner tomorrow,” Anna stated, not asked.

“Oh… Yes, of course. We wouldn’t miss it for the world,” I replied, thinking if everyone here was so friendly, or we just got lucky.

“Amazing!” Anna said with a level of cheerfulness that practically painted the picture of her jumping up and down in my head. “Well, see you tomorrow. Maybe I’ll come to the beach in the afternoon, my husband will be out of town until evening. If not, then the dinner is at eight in the evening.”

“Great. Bye!” I said and hung up, feeling her contagious cheerfulness rubbing on me.

A bit more than half an hour later, we were all ready to go. Lydia put the shortest, least covering summer dress on her, obviously not wearing a bra, while Snowy went for the tank top and something not as short as hot pants, but not much longer either. Both Swan and I exchanged significant glances between ogling the girls intensely. A small, wiry guy picked us up with his minivan to take us to Draca, the village on the north coast of the peninsula. As he explained, the northern coast was facing the mainland and created a narrow and shallow bay protected from big waves and high winds, with the sea bottom covered in muddy sand constantly shifted by tidal currents raising and lowering the sea in the bay. This, in combination with a warm climate and high sea temperatures, made it ideal for growing seashells. He claimed that the mussels and the oysters grown there were the best in the world, and the most famous Parisian restaurants regularly ordered fresh batches to be delivered – still alive, in tanks filled with fresh seawater and nutrients. He also gave us a few tips on how to recognize spoiled shells. In the end, he charged us a surprisingly low fee and gave us his cell number so we could call him when we’re ready to head back to our apartment.

The dinner was awesome. We ordered a couple of plates of oysters – both raw and baked variety – and they were all delicious. Of course, sucking the tender, juicy meat from the shells quickly became an inevitable sexual innuendo.

“You know, it’s great how you have to gently push your tongue underneath the soft part before gently pulling it off with your teeth and lips,” Swan said, demonstrating the technique expressively. “It’s a great exercise. If you miss, you might easily get cut with the hard shell.”

“I can see you can do it just right,” Lydia said, staring directly at Swan with the nastiest of intents.

“Well, practice makes perfect,” Swan replied, winking at her at and taking a sip of the excellent local red wine.

“Oh yes, a lot of practice,” Snowy interjected, smiling mischievously.

“So, I guess I’d need a lot more practice,” I said, laughing at the fact that I needed a knife to cut the meat out of the shell.

“Only in eating oysters, trust me,” Snowy quickly replied, obviously worried I might get concerned about my skills.

“Well, it’s clear why they say oysters are aphrodisiac,” I said. “It’s not about what you eat, but how you’re supposed to eat it.”

“That’s all great. How about we order a couple of bananas for the desert?” Lydia said, making everyone laugh.

“Oh, oh… I read somewhere that the local name for the mussels means ‘pussies,’” Snowy said, producing another laugh from the group.

“What, like, you go to a restaurant and order a plate of pussies?” I asked.

“No, really, it came up on Google when I read about them. I can’t pronounce how they call it exactly, but I’m sure that’s what it means,” Snowy said.

“Excuse me, waiter!” Swan suddenly called out, and a young girl, hardly older than eighteen, approached our table.

“Everything OK?” she asked in pleasantly good English.

“Oh, everything is perfect,” Swan said. “We were just talking about how you call the mussels here, and…”

“Oh, you mean pizdice,” she replied with a smile, giving us the Croatian name for mussels. “Yes, a lot of people ask about it.”

“What did you call them? Pee-sdee-say?” Swan tried to awkwardly repeat the girl’s pronunciation.

“Almost, but very good! And yes, it means lady organs,” she said, slightly blushing.

“See! I told you so!” Snowy glowered at us.

“It’s not impolite to ask for a plate of pussies?” I asked impolitely.

The girl laughed at me. “Well, if you say it in English, it sounds rude. But say it in Croatian and it’s normal. Here people swear all the time. They say ‘dick,’ ‘pussy’ and ‘motherfucker’ in Croatian in every other sentence.”

We all laughed at her remark. Swan was the first to decide to put his mouth where his intent was: “OK, can we have some peezdehsee?

“Of course,” the girl said. “How do you want them prepared? Grilled or in wine sauce?”

“What do you recommend?” I asked.

“I would recommend the wine sauce. We call it buzara, and it’s my favorite,” the girl sincerely replied.

“We’ll take it! Please bring enough for four of us. And another bottle of wine, please,” Swan concluded the order.

“No problem,” the girl politely wrote down the order. “Anything else. Would you like some grappa?”

We all looked at each other, remembering the potent potion we drank before lunch, and nodded to each other.

“Sure thing, bring four,” I said.

“Which one? We have plum, herb, walnut, honey, carob-“

“Oh my god!” Swan exclaimed. “This is grappa central. We can start with… Walnut?” he looked at us, and we all nodded, mostly having no idea about any of the flavors we were offered. “OK, four walnuts.”

“Good choice,” said the girl. “I’ll be right back with the drinks.”

And so, we drank wine and grappa, ate some pussies, and the uplift in our mood caused by the excellent food and even better alcohol was reaching its peak as we barely stopped the continuous laughing just to inhale some air or to avoid snorting our drinks straight out of our noses. Time passed so quickly that we haven’t noticed the restaurant emptied out, with us as the last guests on the terrace. Only when the waitress came around to ask if she could give us the bill did we become aware of the silence around us.

“Yeez,” I said quietly as I glanced at my phone to check the time. “It’s almost 11PM.” Everyone raised their eyebrows when they heard the information.

“We better be home before midnight,” Snowy exclaimed all-importantly, giving me a significant glance.

“What’s the problem, Snowy? Is your dress going to turn into rags if we’re late?” Swan teased her, apparently not noticing non-verbal communication between his girlfriend and me.

“No, it’s just…” Snowy stammered slightly, just before remembering there was absolutely no reason to hide anything. “Well, Mark here promised me he’ll be inside me before midnight.”

That information made both Lydia and Swan start cheering and laughing. “Well, we better hurry then,” Lydia said. “I’d hate to see my man come late.”

I called our driver guy, and he answered immediately. He said he’d be there to pick us up in less than two minutes, so we paid for the dinner (leaving a generous tip to the waitress) and packed up to meet him at the spot where he dropped us off earlier.

As he arrived, he said he’d need to pick two more people up and asked us to sit in the back rows of the van. Lydia and I took the backmost row of seats, while Snowy and Swan occupied the middle row. Swan paid him for the ride in advance, including the tip – probably to avoid the man trying to raise the fare post-factum. We took off, heading out of the village and back onto the road that would take us to Zuljana. However, after a few minutes, instead of heading straight down the main road, we took a right turn. After a couple of minutes, we ended up in front of some solitary restaurant on the beach, where a middle-aged and rather big-boned couple was obviously expecting the ride to pick them up. The driver pulled up next to them. Unfortunately for them, there was no room in the van where they could sit together. Thus, the lady of significant size and weight sat in the front passenger seat, and the plump man sat next to Snowy and Swan. They politely greeted us in bad English, and we were back on our way.

Lydia and I were constantly giggling and chatting up Snowy and Swan, trying like hell to keep it down since the couple didn’t seem to be in the mood for conversation.

“Hey,” I said to Lydia after some ten or fifteen minutes of driving, having an idea. “Do you think the driver sees us in his rearview mirror?”

“Um…” she stretched out to see. She sat in the middle seat, so she had the best perspective. “Probably not, it’s centered above us.”

“Great!” I said, grinning from ear to ear. “I dare you to take your top off.”

Lydia looked at me and smirked, giving me a clear ‘That’s all?’ look just before she pulled her straps down, exposing her breasts. She grabbed them both and jiggled them lightly. I laughed out quietly and quickly lowered my head to kiss one of her nipples. At that moment, Swan, who was sitting in the leftmost seat just in front of me, turned to ask something and immediately forgot what he was about to ask as his eyes went wide. He quickly tapped Snowy to point out the development. As Snowy turned, she almost gasped but managed to stop herself by slapping her own mouth.

“They’ll see you,” she whispered at Lydia.

“So?” Lydia shrugged. That, in combination with a healthy amount of alcohol in my system, made me decide to push her even further.

“OK. How about the bottom?” I said, winking at Swan and Snowy.

Lydia took a second examining the remaining people in the van, and I was already preparing to call her a chicken when she pulled her dress further down and across her legs, remaining completely naked. She had no underwear to begin with, and I was amazed I haven’t noticed it before. Bot Swan and Snowy were now barely containing their gasps – Snowy especially, mouthing ‘Oh my God!’ so intensely one could understand what she was saying by just listening to her lips smack. I, on the other hand, was delighted. And Lydia, in a show that even I couldn’t predict, decided to stretch her arms up and out as far as they would go. Once she was done doing that, she threw her left leg, as long as it was, over my lap, put her dress under her ass and grabbed the adjacent headrest with her right hand, spreading herself as far as it was possible in the space available. If the guy sitting next to Snowy decided to even throw a quick glance behind him, he’d get a direct view of my girl’s spread pussy.

“What?” Lydia asked us while we were still recovering from the initial shock of her care-free undressing.

“You are so fucking hot,” I whispered, moving my hand across her thigh and stomach, still uncertain whether I should begin to play with her there and then.

“And this…” she started saying loudly, then decided to lower her voice to a whisper. “This is making me so fucking horny you wouldn’t believe.”

Right. Should I even mention I was so hard I could break diamonds with my cock?

Snowy tried to point out to Lydia the man sitting next to her with her eyes, but Lydia just made the ‘couldn’t care less’ face. She grabbed my hand, which was moving between her waist and her crotch and pulled it down, almost smacking it against her pussy. Her very, very wet pussy. I immediately stuck a finger inside her, staring her directly into her eyes as she took in a very sharp breath. Instead of going at it and starting to finger her, I simply hang in there, pulling it very slowly across her G-spot and out of her, then across her clit and up, all the way through her cleavage and into her mouth. She bit into my finger, then licked it all over, and then slowly sucked off all the juices.

Just as I was moving my hand back down to her cunt, the van began slowing down, obviously turning onto a secondary road. And not just any road – the path that would bring us to our apartment in less than twenty seconds. Snowy and Swan froze, turning around to see that our exit from the vehicle was approaching very, very fast, and there was no chance in hell Lydia would be able to put her dress back on.

I gave Lydia a questioning look, mouthing ‘We’re here!’, to which I got back the ‘oh, well’ shrug. She knew she was about to be busted, and instead of panicking, she decided to calmly accept her fate. I knew her for more than a few years now, but I never, ever saw this side of her. She was utterly throwing off all shackles of culturally dictated ‘decent behavior’ and has decided she was not going to care one bit if this situation turns into a scandal.

The van stopped just in front of our parked rental cars. The street lights were very dim and very far apart, so I was fairly confident Lydia’s stunt might even go unnoticed if we time it well. However, I forgot one tiny detail. As soon as we stopped, the man – who was amazingly sitting there looking straight and not even moving a muscle – opened the sliding door by pushing them backwards, causing all the cabin lights to turn on. He jumped out of the vehicle to give room for Snowy and Swan to get out and then turned to politely show them out. It took about two seconds for him to face the back row of seats, and a further couple of seconds for his brain to register what his eyes just saw.

A smiling, completely naked Lydia looking at him as if it was the most common situation in the world. In those few seconds where he had to weigh his reaction options, it was clear that all alarms went off in his head. If he reacted audibly, it was surely going to attract his spouse’s attention, and I somehow didn’t think she would approve her husband enjoying the live view of a thin, blonde, nude fox in any way. Also, he had no idea what my reaction would be. For all he knew, I could have been some jealous idiot who’d go all nuts on a guy staring at his naked woman.

He handled the first issue masterfully, not releasing a sound – which was in complete disarray with his bulging eyes and suddenly sweat-covered forehead – except mumbling ‘please’ and showing us the way out in a polite manner. The second issue was resolved for him at the moment he looked at me, and I gave him a friendly shrug and a wink.

Swan and Snowy got out, and as soon as they cleared the door and took a few steps toward the house, they burst out laughing like two stoned teenagers. Even though this didn’t make the lady in the front seat turn to look at us in the back, it did make the driver check the mirror. I had no idea if Lydia noticed that or not, but I definitely did. If Lydia was correct, he wasn’t able to see far below her collar bone while she was properly sitting down.

However, she decided to make a show of her exit. First, she casually extended her hand towards the bewildered man, asking for assistance with her exiting the van. Then, as he gave her his hand, she pulled her ass up, raising her whole body so that her head was almost touching the cabin roof, making everything down to her waist completely visible to everyone. Now, this definitely brought her into view range of the driver. I was barely holding myself from exploding – both with laughter and arousal. Still, I was glancing at the front row of seats, waiting for a reaction. What I noticed was the driver, staring at the rearview mirror with his mouth wide open.

Lydia picked up her dress slowly and pulled herself towards the door. Then she put her right leg down on the ground, leaving her left leg in the van and spreading her snatch so the man could get a good look. She remained in that position a couple of seconds, staring intensely at the guy whose stare was wildly moving up and down her exposed body. When she finally climbed out in the open, she stopped directly in front of the guy.

“Thank you,” Lydia said to the man in her most seductive voice, gently putting her hand on his chest. He mumbled something incoherently, and she headed off toward Snowy and Swan who were now laughing hysterically. She moved with visible joy, swaying her hips left to right as her tight ass gently vibrated with every step she took. The man gulped loudly.

I followed out, smiling the devilish smile at the man and saying goodnight to the driver. At that moment, the lady in front finally turned her head to see what the ruckus was all about. I was maybe two or three steps away from the van when the woman began yelling at god knows who in god knows what language. That produced even more laughter from Snowy and Swan, who were seconds away from rolling on the floor. Lydia, on the other hand, stood there proudly, entirely in the buff and holding her dress in one hand while waving at the man and his angry wife. And then she blew them a kiss.

This made the woman go into a complete meltdown. She opened the door and screamed something at our merry group, then turned to her man and practically slapped him until he got back into the van. I wasn’t entirely sure, but I think the driver was suppressing his own laughing fit. As soon as the van doors closed, the pulled away, though I could swear I could hear that woman’s voice even over the roar of the van’s accelerating diesel engine.

Once they were finally out of sight, I turned to Snowy and Swan, who were still on the verge of losing their bladder control due to the intensity of their laughing.

“Guys, come on,” I said, barely containing myself. “You’re gonna pee yourself.” That accomplished nothing.

However, if there was nothing I was able to do, Lydia was. She turned and walked to me first, grabbing my cock through my shorts. “I need to fuck. Right. Now.” she said to my face, and I could see the gleam in her eyes. Then she turned to our friends and came up to them. She grabbed Swan’s crotch and put her other hand around Snowy’s ass, and said: “So, would you rather stay out here and laugh, or go inside and play with Mark and me until we all drop down from exhaustion?”

Both of them stopped laughing instantly. Swan released a moan of instant arousal. Snowy first looked at her naked girlfriend, then at Lydia’s hand on her boyfriend’s dick, and finally at me.

“Is it midnight yet?” Snowy asked, her eyes still fighting hard not to put any significance on the fact that her boyfriend’s cock was being touched by Lydia right there in front of her.

“Half past eleven,” I checked my phone.

“Let’s go, dammit,” she said quickly. “Wouldn’t want to be late.”

I walked over to Snowy’s left, put my hand around her shoulders, nodded at her, and we all headed down into the apartment to finally get it on.

* * *

The moment we got inside, we decide not to waste any time. Well, Lydia decided not to waste any time, as she went down on her knees next to the Snowy and Swan’s bed and swiftly pulled my shorts and boxers down, releasing my already engorged member from them. It went up like it was on a spring, already throbbing. She grabbed my shaft in one hand and slowly pulled my foreskin back, freeing the gleaming head from its confines. I groaned as soon as I felt her lips enveloping the tip. In no time, almost the full length of my cock was in Lydia’s mouth, and my balls were firmly in her hand. She was hungry for me as if this was the first, and not the thousandth time she handled my dick, and it felt incredible. I gave myself completely to her a****l lust and just closed my eyes, letting all my other senses prevail at the moment.

A second or two passed with my visual senses shut down. Or maybe it was a few minutes, I couldn’t tell. I even managed to ignore all sounds around me, entirely focusing on the pure sensation of touch. Being buzzed certainly helped me in that respect, but the sheer joy of having an open and non-committal relationship with the woman I loved was hitting my jackpot. And when I did finally open my eyes, I had to close them and open them again, just to check back what I see. I distinctly remembered Lydia sucking me off. And yet, there in front of me, with my cock in her hand and her mouth and her eyes loaded with the lust of epic proportions, was Snowy. Completely naked and grinning even with half of my shaft down her throat. I had no idea how the girls managed to switch without me noticing.

“Welcome back,” Snowy said, staring into my eyes as if I was her prey just about to be taken.

I didn’t reply immediately, instead slowly turning my head to my left, where the sounds of wet mouth on firm flesh caught my attention. And, indeed, the mouth was Lydia’s, the meat was Swan’s. She worked him like a charm, and there was absolutely no sense of any tension in the air – all potential barriers dropped and perpetually eliminated by Lyd’s crazy stunt. Which meant that we were all about to have a proper fuck fest.

“Hey, you,” I said in halftone, smiling at Snowy as she gently licked my swollen knob.

“See them?” Snowy inquired, pointing at Lydia and Swan with her eyes.

“Can’t miss them,” I replied, my cock twitching in Snowy’s hand. “You OK?”

“Better than perabet giriş OK,” Snowy said with her grin even widening, to my surprise. “Actually, it’s kinda hot seeing Lyd doing him. If it were any other girl, I’d probably freak out, but this…” she quickly pointed at all of us, her hands mimicking intertwining. “This feels natural.”

“I can hear you!” Swan interrupted, making us all laugh.

“Well, good!” Snowy exaggerated her tone. “Now get over here. I want to try something.” She quickly turned to Lydia. “Sorry, love, can I just borrow him for a minute? I really want to do this thing, and I need Swan for that.”

Lydia slowly released Swan’s engorged member and, with a fake frown, nodded in agreement. “Just give him back before he explodes.”

“I’ll try, can’t promise anything!”

Swan took a step towards Snowy. She winked at him, and he winked back at her. From what I saw, he knew exactly what she was planning. He settled standing directly in front of me, his cock no more than six or seven inches from the tip of mine. Usually, I’d feel like this was overstepping into my personal space, but this time I couldn’t care less. Snowy kneeled directly in between us, two steel-hard dicks touching each of her cheeks. She grabbed each of us into one of her hands and started to slowly pump.

“Oh, you slut!” exclaimed Lydia, rubbing her pussy in front of us and devouring the view. “I’m next!” We all laughed again at her enthusiasm.

“This is so cool,“ Snowy admired her current position of handjob central. She moved her head from left to right, giving each dick a proper, wet lick. She was in no hurry, each of the turns of her head resulting in more cock in her mouth. If there was heaven, I wasn’t planning on going there because this felt infinitely better. Also, I was kind of convinced that heaven didn’t include having one girl sucking you off while your girlfriend masturbated to that scene, waiting for her turn to play with two cocks at the same time.

Besides sucking Swan and me off in turns, Snowy was slowly pulling us closer and closer together, until we were no more than an inch apart. I looked up and saw Swan’s grinning face so close to mine that it felt a tad weird.

“Oh my god,” moaned Lydia, obviously mesmerized by the scene. “Put them both in that big mouth of yours.”

“Mhmm,” Snowy replied with only her tongue separating Swan and me now. And then she moved her tongue away, and the tip of my cock touched Swan’s dick. It was a strange feeling, which I pondered for a fraction of a second, even thinking about pulling away from the combo. And then Snowy’s mouth was over both of us, and I forgot all about any inner discomfort.

She slowly spread her mouth, trying to fit both of us inside at once. She did have a large mouth, but this was definitely above her punching weight. She quickly realized it, instead slurping on both of our dicks and rubbing them against each other. When I glanced at Swan, I noticed he had his eyes closed and was enjoying this setup a lot. And I couldn’t blame him. The combination of Snowy’s soft, moist lips and Swan’s hard, somewhat rubbery knob stimulating my cock felt extremely satisfying, which meant it must have been the same for him.

“Mind if I join?” The question came from Lydia, who was now standing next to us. “I can’t just watch this, I need to get in on the action.” She first kissed me – deeply, gently, holding my head with both of her hands as if she was afraid I might back out for some reason and deny her craving. Once she broke contact with me, she repeated the same action with Swan. When it happened, I sensed Snowy’s tongue slowing down the tempo on our dicks, and looked down immediately. Snowy appraised the situation for a few seconds, obviously processing the fact that her boyfriend was involved in such an intimate act with another woman. Whatever went through her mind at that moment, the decision she reached was that it was not something to feel intimidated by, as she got back to regular motions without showing any other sign of worry.

Once Lydia was done with kissing Swan, she went down on her knees directly opposite to Snowy. She started by kissing the root of my cock, and slowly licking her way towards the tip, currently residing between Snowy’s ample lips. As she reached the point where Snowy’s mouth and the two cocks joined in unity, she slowly kissed Snowy on the lips and put each of her hands on one set of balls. I felt gently being pulled even closer towards Swan, with my hips now pressing on both of the girls’ shoulders and my cock sliding along Swan’s shaft, up until the tip touched Swan’s shaved groin. I looked down to see two meats of practically equal length and girth (with mine being a tad shorter and thicker in the mid-shaft area – and uncut, of course) being rubbed against and rolled over each other by Lydia’s hands.

“Wow! This is too much fun!” Lydia said as she tried to firmly grip double-dick in her hands. I looked up, knowing that I just might find myself nose to nose and eye-to-eye with Swan. I had no idea how to react if…

Swan spared me the awkwardness. He leaned his head sideways, examining what was happening in our groin region with a massive grin on his face.

Lydia separated our members by grabbing each in one hand, deciding to use them as batons on Snowy’s face. Snowy started to laugh out loud as two hard cocks slapped her gently across her face, pushing her tongue out to brush it against her objects of desire. Suddenly, Lydia moved the dicks away from Snowy’s face and dove in to kiss her. For the first few seconds, the girls remained in their position, but as the kiss became more and more intensive, their heads dove down, and Lydia’s hands released both cocks so she could use them on Snowy. The more the kiss lasted, the more both of them parted with the reality and forgot about what they were doing just seconds ago.

However, Swan didn’t seem to forget. As our dicks returned to their position, and with neither of us moving away from each other, he simply grabbed both of them in his hand and started to rub them against each other. For the lack of a better word, I was receiving my first ever handjob (of sorts) from another guy.

“Do you mind?” he asked me, pointing at what he was doing with his eyes and not losing his grin for a millisecond.

“What? Uh… No, not at all,” I heard myself saying as I stared directly at him. If something like this happened in any other situation, with anyone else, I had no idea how I would react. I might even become unpleasant. But there and then, it all felt perfectly normal. And every reaction Swan had towards me became clear. He was not just into girls, that was evident.

“Amazing,” he responded, now giving us both a harder tug. Well, he knew how to handle a cock, but that was no wonder at all. “Look at them,” he nodded at the girls, “I think they forgot we exist.”

Swan’s description of Lydia and Snowy was perfectly accurate. In the narrow space between Swan’s legs and my legs where there was barely room for someone’s head, they actually managed to swallow each other faces. They looked like two long-lost lovers who finally came to be together, whose universe consisted of two of them and nothing or no one else. This made both Swan and me slowly back up from each other to give the girls some space, even though Swan was quite reluctant to release my dick from his grip – as if holding it was the fulfillment of his life-long desire and this was his last and only chance of ever doing it.

As soon as we moved away, the newly formed space made the girls immediately latch onto each other with extreme passion. Before I could even take two steps away, they were rolling on the floor, their hands all over their bodies, each grabbing whatever part of the other one was the closest. All the while their lips haven’t parted, glued with the adhesive of lust, passion and love between best ever girlfriends. Soon they established a position where Snowy was on top of Lydia, their tits pressed tightly in between them and one of their thighs rubbing the other one’s groin, all accompanied by soft, feminine moans of pleasure.

Swan and I slowly lowered ourselves onto the bed, our eyes not leaving the girls’ act out of sight for a second. Without even thinking, I started to play with myself while enjoying the view of Snowy slowly moving down Lydia’s body and currently sucking on one of her erected nipples. A quick glance to the left convinced me that Swan was copying me in every respect.

“Oh, Lyd, I missed that beautiful body of yours so much! I’m gonna eat you up until you scream,” Snowy confessed as she gently squeezed both of Lydia’s breasts with her hands.

“Darling, you better finish me off because I’m so horny I’ll explode,” Lydia replied in between moans. On that cue, Snowy decided to end the build-up and dived head-on between Lydia’s legs, snatching Lydia’s wet pussy between her lips with a loud slurp.

“God, you’re wet!”

“Mhrmmmph,” was all that Lydia managed to groan.

I was mesmerized by the sight, half-laying on the bed with my steel-hard cock in my hand. Last time I saw this sight was back home, on that magical night that felt centuries ago, and the timespan hadn’t changed my feelings about it one bit. Entranced as I was, I haven’t even consciously noticed a hand approaching my groin and grabbing my member until it started to move up and down my shaft in unison with my own hand. Without thinking, I removed my own hand and kept watching the beautiful sight of Lydia twisting and turning her torso in all directions while Snowy firmly held her in position to have her wet, aroused cunt worked on without interruption. Only after a few seconds I registered what was happening and turned my gaze at my dick, currently being handled by Swan’s obviously skilled hand, my foreskin going just the right amount up the glans before being pulled down to stretch it. I turned to look at him and got greeted with his winning smile. He was moving both of his hands in the same rhythm, one on his own cock, one on mine.

“You can do me if you want,” he said, casually as if he offered me a beer. He noticed my confusion and quickly added: “I mean, no hard feelings if you’re not cool with that.”

The inner fight in me, even though it lasted maybe a second or two in real time, seemed to go for an eternity. Do I go there? Do I want to go there? Was I ever wanting to go there? In all of my imaginary group sex sessions, it never happened that I was having any kind of physical contact with other male participants. OK, yeah, I had some independent “chick with a dick” fantasies played out in my head a few times, but they were always beautiful women with cocks, not six-feet-four male athletes in their twenties offering me their cocks for a grab. And yet, I found no reason not to go there. Girls were going at each other like crazy, with Snowy working Lydia’s clit so furiously that Lydia didn’t have time to inhale before moaning – so what difference would this be? I definitely didn’t feel like that would be the unmanly thing to do, or whatever similar. As I said, at that moment, it all just felt normal, and there was no reason to decline an offer of consensual sexual pleasure. Thus, after pondering on all that, without a word coming out of my mouth or even any sort of non-verbal acknowledgment of Swan’s second part of the offer, I extended my left hand and wrapped my fingers around Swan’s hard cock.

It felt ultimately strange, having another dick in my hand. All my life, I was used to my uncut member, knowing the feeling of foreskin sliding up and down as I jerked it off. My dick was the only one I ever touched in my life up until that moment. This cock was different. There was nothing to pull up or down as the skin on his cock was stretched completely. I could only slide my hand up and down, rubbing from the root of his shaft up to the tip. His knob was rougher than mine, adapting to all those years of direct exposure to the world. It was… Well, it was fun, I couldn’t say anything less. I felt no passion or even any kind of attraction to Swan – it simply felt good and appropriate to do something that he clearly wanted. I went slow and steady, the same as he did and the same as I’d do to myself, with neither of us wanting to make the other one cum.

As both of us guys adapted to our mutual handling, camp girls was far into the wild and pre-orgasmic. Snowy had two fingers up Lydia’s pussy and was taking my girl to heaven without any hesitation. Lydia had her eyes firmly shut, obviously unaware of anything but the sensation she felt from Snowy’s expert touch.

“Come on, baby, you’re gonna cum for me, come on!” Snowy yelled at Lydia, pushing her even more into the state ecstasy with rubbing of the G-spot and the clit in perfect sync with what Lydia needed and wanted.

“Aaaaaah… Oh yeah! Oh! Yeah! I am….” Lydia yelled out semi-coherently as her body began to shake faster and faster, her breath wheezing and her hands groping her own tits like they never felt them before.

Snowy took a quick glance at Swan and me. As she noticed the arrangement, her eyes went wide, but not even close to what I would have expected. She looked at me, then at Swan, and winked at him. Without any doubt, she knew her man was into what was happening and was obviously not at all surprised that he got it. She then nodded at me, asking if I like it without actually using any words. When I nodded, she blew me a kiss and went to focus back on Lydia.

“Oh, God, I’m cuuuuuuuuuumiiiiing! AAAAARGH!” Lydia erupted suddenly, as the inevitable orgasm came bursting inward and outward. She twisted, arched and shook like a woman possessed, and the screams of ultimate pleasure were flying out of her mouth at the incredible rate.

“Oh, yes, love, that’s it. You just cum for me!” Snowy cheered Lydia as her hands were still furiously working Lydia’s twitching, leaking pussy. I u*********sly upped the tempo on Swan’s cock, his hand quickly calming me down. There was a lot more to come, and he wasn’t planning on missing it out by being drained too soon.

Lydia’s screams quickly subsided, another of her orgasms being short and powerful, and she started to giggle. “Stop, Snowy, you’re tickling me,” she said, gently pushing Snowy’s hands away from her drenched and sensitive cunt.

Snowy removed her hands and slowly leaned forward to give Lydia another deep, passionate kiss. As soon as they parted, both of them looked up at us. From Lydia’s perspective, lying flat on the floor with her head just next to the bed, she could only see our legs dangling from the edge of the mattress. Yet, something in Snowy’s eyes told her she really should take a look. As she raised her head up to the level and the intertwined arms came into her view, the disbelief took over, and she suddenly jerked up, barely giving Snowy time to move away.

“Oh. My. God,” Lydia punctuated each word, her eyes shifting rapidly from my face to my cock, then to Swan’s cock, then back to me. Even though I knew anything could happen now, including Lydia going completely bonkers, neither Swan nor I stopped with what we were doing for a split-second.

“You… You saw them?” Lydia finally asked Snowy as she slowly regained composure.


“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Honey, you were so close to cumming, it would be a shame to take your concentration elsewhere.”

Lydia turned back to Swan and me. Well, to me. Her eyes still painted a picture of complete lack of comprehension, but there was something else lurking out from behind her pupils.

“This is… This is sooo hot!” she finally exclaimed. “Mark, you never…” she was unable to form a proper sentence, but I knew what she was about to say.

“Yeah, neither did I. But this is a strange vacation, isn’t it?” I replied with a question and a shrug. “You like it?”

“I love it!” Lydia yelled out. “Do you?” she immediately asked, worried that I might be doing it just to please Swan.

“Yeah, it’s way cooler than I thought it might be,” I said honestly. “Who’d refuse such a nice-looking cock?” I half-joked.

“Swan, would you suck his dick?” Lydia asked hastily. “I mean, if Mark wants you to, you know. I’d really want to see-“

“Wait, wait,” Snowy interrupted Lydia’s rambling, not letting Swan (or me, for that matter) say anything in response. “Yeah, he’d suck a dick, no worries, but what’s the time?”

Rest of us looked at each other, not really understanding why she was asking that.

“It’s crucial. Is it midnight yet?” Snowy hurried us up.

I looked around to find a clock. As there was none visible, I visually searched for the nearest phone. Not waiting for us to reply, Snowy went into the pockets of Swan’s discarded shorts and pulled one out.

“Phew!” she exhaled. “It’s five minutes to. OK, I don’t care what any of you had in mind to do, but right now, Mark is going to fuck me, and there will be no discussion about that.” Well, well. The assertive, horny Snowy was fully engaged.

“Why like that?” Swan asked. “I mean, what’s the hurry?”

“Because there is a mutual promise to keep, that’s why,” Snowy replied, clearly giving away the aura of this matter not being up for discussion.

Swan chuckled at her conviction and raised his hands in mock surrender, releasing my dick. “OK, OK. I mean, go at it. Lyd and I will surely find something to do around here.” He winked at Lydia who blew him a kiss and sat on the bed next to him.

“Come on then, Mark. You can’t disappoint a lady,” Lydia ushered me, extending her hand towards Snowy and grabbing Swan’s dick as she pulled it back. “After all, she just gave me a wonderful service.”

“Oh, well,” I said. “No point in arguing.” I leaned back, leaning on my arms and exposing my crotch to Snowy. She grinned and quickly climbed into my lap.

“Don’t worry, I don’t need any foreplay,” she said as her hand already grabbed my member and guided it slowly to her hot, wet opening. She took me in, inch by inch, into her beautiful pussy, until she was firmly sitting on me, all of my shaft buried into her. She looked at Swan for confirmation, which he clearly gave in advance as half of his dick was inside Lydia’s mouth and he only shortly grinned at her before giving all power over him to my still horny girlfriend.

“Oh, man. This is long overdue,” I said as Snowy started to ride me slowly.

“Uh-huh, yeah.” Snowy moaned out. “Oh, god, how I wanted this.”

She rode me in long, slow moves, lifting herself up almost to the point of my dick falling out, and then slowly down and in a circular motion until her clit was rubbing on my pubic area. Every time I tried to speed thing up, she’d slow me down and waggle her finger at me. “No, no. This is just an intro to make the promise come true. You guys need to hold firm for a lot of other things.”

In response, I pinched her nipples hard and tugged on them, just as she liked it. This made her moan loudly: “Oh yes, baby. Pull on them, that’s it!”

I threw a glance at Swan and Lydia, and there was a sight to behold. Swan’s legs were high up in the air, and Lydia’s tongue was pushing into his clean-shaven asshole while jerking him slowly. Swan moaned and gasped, clearly enjoying it immensely. Again, without thinking, I extended my hand and slapped Swan’s exposed butt cheek, squeezing it after contact. He let out a loud “Oh God, Yes!” as I did it. So, I did it again, with the same results. This time, I extended my hand a bit further and gently cupped his big balls. Lydia looked up from her position, centered a bit lower and chuckled.

“Don’t do that,” Snowy said without breaking her rhythm, making me jerk my hand back. “You’ll make him cum.”

“Oh,” I said, a bit confused by Snowy’s reaction. “I was just copping a feel. Never touched another man’s balls, and this seems like a rare opportunity.”

Snowy leaned forward, pressing her mouth to my ear as her ass and hips did the work independently from the rest of her body. “I’m glad you’re so open-minded. Swan was worried that it might be a bit too much for you.”

“I can hear you!” Swan interrupted Snowy before I could reply, him managing to speak between moans. It caused all-around laughter.

“I know you can, honey,” Snowy said, gently moaning as she slid her clit over my shaved skin. I was amazed she was able to ride me and talk so casually, especially knowing how she usually went berserk once adequately aroused.

“Less talking, more fucking,” Lydia commanded to all of us, moving up to suck on Swan’s ballsack before getting up. “OK. I recovered from the last one, now is the time for you to give me a new one.”

“New what?” Swan asked, apparently lost to the meaning of Lydia’s words.

“Orgasm, darling,” She said, bemused by his ignorance, while turning her back to him and stepping around his lower body with her long, slender legs. Once she was set up, she slowly lowered herself down onto his meat, taking him in inch by inch and moaning louder and louder as he was deeper inside her.

“Look at us, cowgirls!” Snowy exclaimed in joy, giving high-five to Lydia once they both settled their pace of impaling on the cocks. “Actually, you know what?” Snowy said to no one in particular. “I want it from behind now. Mark hadn’t fucked me from behind the last time.”

“You sure?” I asked her as she climbed off of me, and we switched positions.

“Honey, I remember every second of that night, even though we were pretty drunk and high,” Snowy replied, positioning herself on all fours and pushing her magnificent ass up in the air. Her tight slit was now slightly parted, showing just enough of pink for me to see how dripping wet she was. “Come here and fuck me hard, please. No more talking.”

I adored Snowy in this confident state of mind. Ever since her shy cocoon was removed again by our encounter, she turned out to be magnificent in every aspect. She’d probably make me horny as hell even in the middle of winter and wearing Christmas sweater over long johns.

I climbed on the bed behind her and slowly set the tip of my cock onto her wet entrance. I slid it up and down her slit a few times, slapping her ass at the same time. This made her moan out loud and push herself back. Finally, after teasing her some more, I went into her – hard and deep, without reservations.

“Oh, fuck yes! Ouaaaah!” Snowy yelled out as I started to pound her, stretching every part of her tight snatch. She pushed her ass back into my groin with my every thrust, clearly showing that slowing down was not an option anymore.

To our right, Lydia was now riding Swan in her chosen reverse cowgirl position with ever more enthusiasm. Swan was holding her tight butt cheeks firmly in his hands, and her tits were bouncing up and down in tune with her riding rhythm. The whole scene was surreal – my girl fucking another man while I fucked her best friend. If I hadn’t came three times already that day, and if we hadn’t drunk enough to feel buzzed at the dinner, I’d probably be spurting my load already. But everything little thing that happened that day, from the moment I got up from the bed in the morning until the present time, was a perfect introduction to this grand finale.

“Ooooh! Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me!” Snowy gave out her trademark shout as she was quickly approaching her climax, and I’d be damned if I didn’t obey. Upping my tempo, I grabbed her hip with one hand and pulled on her hair with the other, getting a very loud “Aaargh!” in return. I kept ramming into her with all the power and speed I could muster, making each contact of my hips with her ass sound like a whip hitting the sonic barrier. Her hand was on her clit, rubbing it furiously. Both of us got utterly lost in the act, entering some parallel dimension consisting only of our two bodies conjoined by our sexes. Our moans, groans and puffs were probably the loudest sounds in the universe at that moment until suddenly Snowy went silent. That meant only one thing.

“OOOOOH YESSSSSS! I’M CUMMMIIING! AAAAAAAARGH!” she exploded viciously, her cunt squeezing my cock violently, her whole body shivering randomly. If there was any unit of measurement for orgasm strength, Snowy would probably go into cosmic values at that moment. In every other normal situation, I would be exploding with her. Yet somehow, I found composure and kept on going without even a hint of approaching climax. I navigated her expertly from the start to the end of her explosion, adjusting us both so I could rub directly against her g-spot, going full power until I felt she was losing stability, and then slowing down gradually in sync with her dwindling moans. Finally, after what seemed like a minute or so of climaxing, Snowy fell down onto the bed, panting and giggling.

“That was award-winning,” Swan complimented, startling me back to reality. We haven’t even noticed that the two of them switched positions, Lydia now lying on her back with her legs spread-eagled and Swan pounding her from above. Lydia was moaning each time Swan thrust into her, but her eyes were locked onto me.

“Come here, my love,” Lydia said. “And bring your mighty sword with you.”

Even though I was feeling a bit exhausted, I dutifully obeyed my lady’s wish, climbing further on the bed to position my dick directly above her head. The moment I got there, Lydia grabbed my junk and began playing with it.

“This is what I dreamed about,” she confessed. “I love you so much, Mark.”

“I love you too,” I replied, feeling all warm inside suddenly, both from this exchange of romance and Lydia’s skillful handwork. I looked at Swan, who slowed down to allow us to adjust, and winked at him. Snowy was still away on the cloud of bliss, all of us giving her a glance and then smiling.

“Hey, Swan baby,” Lydia said, slowly rubbing my member. “Would you like to taste my guy’s dick?” I blinked twice, looking down at Lydia, who looked back at me. “Oh, yeah. Mark, can he?” she asked casually.

I looked up at Swan, who gave me a ‘whatever, dude’ look, right before his eyes went down and examined my meat. Again, I felt that inner struggle happening inside me, knowing that the outcome was not at all questionable. Not this night, not in this situation. So I said: “Sure.”

Lydia held my cock straight and a bit upwards, pulling me a bit, so I was now directly above her face, and Swan leaned forward until his face was half an inch from the tip of my unbelievably hard member. He extended his tongue and licked it slowly as if he was giving me another chance to back out. I didn’t. As soon as he was sure I was letting him go all the way, his lips engulfed my knob. I groaned involuntarily.

“That’s it,” Lydia said in her most sensual voice. “Ooh, that’s so fucking hot!” After a few seconds, she added, her voice assertive to the point of being commanding: “Swan, I didn’t say you should stop fucking me.”

Swan dutifully obeyed her command and began thrusting into her, making her moan with every contact of his pubic bone and her groin. With both of them being slim and wiry, he could really drill deep into her. His coordination was exceptional, as he managed to fuck her and suck me off without breaking rhythm.

And, oh God – he really knew how to work a dick with his mouth (as much as I was fighting myself to admit it). His lips and tongue were twisting, turning and enveloping my meat perfectly and effortlessly, in a way I rarely felt any girl doing it. Guess it was true what was said – each of the sexes knows best how to handle its own. I relaxed completely, enjoying the feeling and knowing that the time, the place and the occasion were simply too perfect to spoil them by holding back at anything that was done.

Lydia, as much as she was getting pounded harder and harder by Swan, managed to find enough focus to put a dot onto my ‘i’. She gently spread my ass cheeks and pulled me down a few inches, just enough so she can ram her tongue into my asshole. This was another thing we haven’t done for ages – her rimming me – but that immense feeling of pleasure I felt every time she went down on me that way was back in an instant. I felt her tongue gently spreading my pucker, moving in circles and stabbing into it, just the way she knew I loved.

I managed to hold out for a long time since we got into the room and began our joint dance, but this was throwing me over the limit. Having my ass licked and cock sucked at the same time, while my girl was being fucked senseless underneath me, and her best friend (who came back to her senses in the meantime) was watching the scene with her eyes transfixed to us – that was where my body and my mind drew the line. I wanted to last more, I wanted to continue until we all spent every last ounce of our energy, but it was impossible. I began to moan harder and harder, unable to hold myself back. Everything was starting to spin in my head, and I was able to maintain focus only in the range of my own personal bubble universe, becoming more and more unaware of anything that was happening. I no longer felt that I was being touched, licked or sucked by other people, it all became an intangible mesh of cross-wired senses. I barely noticed the moment when Snowy jumped in for Swan and gripping my cock firmly in her hand and mouth. Maybe I did hear Lydia screaming her lungs out as her orgasm threatened to send her into another dimension, and I probably felt that she bit hard into my ass cheek to stop herself from piercing our eardrums. I also might have registered Swan saying that he was about to cum while he was pounding into Lydia with a force of a jackhammer. But all of that was absolutely irrelevant, because the tsunami of pure bliss trashed through me, throwing my consciousness somewhere it never went before. I barely managed to hold myself from buckling as sperm shot out of me, wave after wave, jet after jet of… I honestly couldn’t say how much cum I released and how far it went, knowing how many times I came that day – and yet, I felt there was more and more of it lining up to be ejected.

I had no idea how long it lasted – the whole maelstrom seemed almost unnatural. At one moment, I lost my ability to be upright and collapsed on a bed next to Lydia. Everything went silent at that moment, a complete contrast to what was happening just seconds ago. One by one, Lydia, Swan and I started breathing again – deep, overwhelming breaths. Then Snowy said, in that tone of absolute amazement: “Oh. My. God!” – and we all started to laugh.

It took as some time to regain some sort of composure, and it was obvious I wasn’t the only one who was lost in time and space. Again, Snowy (who was obviously recuperated enough) came to the rescue.

“Guys,” she started, giving each of us a significant eye, “And lady… Well, after this I can hardly call you a lady,” Snowy chuckled while saying that, provoking all of us to laugh and cough as our lungs were still fighting for the intake of enough oxygen. “I’ve seen a lot of things. But I’ve never seen three people cum at the same moment. Wait… No, you didn’t cum, you blasted the roof off this place.”

I opened one eye and looked at her. She had sperm on her hands. And on her face. And in her hair. And she couldn’t care less about it. “Oooh, I wish I came with you!” she said mockingly as if we left her standing on the driveway. Again, we chuckled as much as our bodies allowed us to.

“Did I pull out?” It was Swan’s voice, coming somewhere from below my position. “I don’t remember if I…”

“You did, honey,” Snowy interrupted him, “My hair is full of your semen.”

Swan slowly got up from the floor where he was apparently lying and sat next to me on the bed. “You OK, dude?” he asked me. He wasn’t asking if I was OK, he was definitely asking if I was ‘OK’. And I was. Yeah, I crossed some lines I never saw myself crossing, but it didn’t bother me at all. Actually, it felt really liberating – not in an ‘I’m out of the closet’ sense, since I had no illusion on this event shifting my preferences, but more of a ‘that’s also fun to do, so why not’ sense. I nodded and winked at him.

“I feel absolutely fabulous,” I replied, using the queerest voice I could produce and exaggeratedly waving my hands. That initiated another round of laughing.

“Well, that was something I never thought I’d see,” Lydia suddenly joined in. “Mark, I never thought you had it in you to let Swan play with you.”

“Yeah, Mark,” Swan interjected, “Girls actually had a bet on you backing out.”

That made me get up from the bed. “You had a bet on me? Who won?”

“Um… No one,” Snowy replied. “Lyd said you wouldn’t be for any of it. I said you’d let your dicks touch, but nothing more.”

“Swan?” I asked pleadingly. “You knew about them betting on us?”

“Umm, yeah,” he nodded apologetically. “I was with Lyd on this one. Guess we were all dead wrong.”

“And thank God we were,” Lydia got up and hugged me around my waist. I nodded in agreement. “This was an experience of a lifetime. Do you agree, guys?”

“Hell yeah!” Snowy exclaimed, throwing herself onto us. Swan joined in, and we quickly all crumpled into a pile of laughing, cheering, caressing, intertwined bodies, all feeling ecstatic about what we just shared.

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