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Storyline Pt2
Weekend came and I was meant to be there for 18:30
I arrived early a little excited at the thought of what could happen,
I pressed the bell and heard the little ones, I remembered a conversation about them going away the weekend and thought they haven’t gone yet, il get to say goodbye to them.
The door opened and it was the eldest one letting me in.
I walk in to the kitchen where everyone was and said “Hi”
They was too busy chatting and almost completely ignored me when his wife grabbed my hand and took me out to the garden, “Now I need the c***dren to be in bed early” she began, I felt my heart sink and all my dreams fade as it was just going to be work. “Listening, we are away all night if that’s ok with you and we will make sure your very well paid for your time, if you have friends over, make them respectable” she then let my hand go and walked off back in the house. I slowly followed.
As I got inside they was all getting their coats and said goodbye before rushing out the door. “GREAT” I shouted to myself as the k**s ran about screaming.
My phone went off and it was a text from his wife telling me to make sure the k**s go to bed early before playing on my Facebook “ I thought, BITCH”
I got the k**s bathed and in bed so I had the rest of the evening to myself.
I walked into the living room and saw a message on the laptop that said open and play the file. I was confused but opened the laptop to see another sticker that said This One with an arrow. I saw the file and thought I’d probably need a cup of tea as I get a feeling this is going to be a cleaning list again.
I sat down with my tea biscuits on a little plate ready to read some big list or be told Maybe I’m fired, I pressed play.
Instead of a list it was a video of his wife who was smiling in a strange way, she grabbed the camera, went to the laptop and opened the trash can. “Oh fuck” came out of my mouth as I realised she was showing me the date that I watched it, then came on another video and it was of me watching it, I hit pause & jumped up to find the camera in the room watching me.
I found it and it is still watching me. I walked out the room immediately & I walked into the kitchen, I pressed play feeling like I’m in some Saw movie.
She moved the camera so she could be seen in it and she sat down then come the most chilling words I’ve ever heard. “I know you fucked my husband because every room has cameras” I hit pause again and ran to their room and found the camera that caught me having güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri sex with her husband, I almost pissed myself, I can’t go nowhere the little ones are in bed, all I could do was hit play again thinking she has probably called the police on me. I sat on the kitchen stole and hit play. “If you think you getting away with fucking my husband, you’re not” I hit pause again “FUCK”, I shouted now not wanting to hit play. I walked to the cupboard and got a large Scotch, it Burnt going down but I went and hit play. “We are home tonight so me and you will be speaking about why you went for him and not me, I’d have fucked you” the video went dead. “What the fuck was that” is all I could manage and I said it a few times before grabbing the scotch and doing the same again & restarted the video.
I watched it about 5times & Now I’m sure she wants to fuck me.
I sat in the living room totally confused and forgetting about the camera
At 20:30 there was a knock at the door, it was the little ones grand parents and her sister. “Are they in bed as planned”, they said, as I opened the door
“Erm Yeah” I replied, they walked passed and went to get the little ones, I just stood at the bottom of the stairs as they came back down with them and walked out. I rang immediately and they was on speaker phone in the car. “Your mum & dad just took the k**s” I said, waiting for them to say that’s fine, instead her husband asked if I called the police and did I try to stop them.
I felt sick, his wife then said they are going on holiday, (I wanted to kill him) and didn’t I see the book on the side with the stick note on it. I had but ignored it so I got the sticky note and asked what it was about, she said I was to chose an outfit, I look at the sticky note and it said p24. A or B.
I found the page then I saw a sexy outfit and underwear which is the same as what I had on. “What’s that for” I asked. She said when she came home which will be soon she wanted to have mind blowing sex with me alone, the phone went dead. “Holy shit” I hadn’t been with a woman before and I don’t know what to do, I’m not a lesbian. The reality had hit me and now I was physically shaking in fear of it happening. A car pulled up outside and I got worse and curled up on the sofa. As they walked in she came straight to me and told her husband to get me a drink. “What’s a matter Jenny” she said as she hugged me. Once again like an arse my mouth went off, “I’m not a lesbian” she just casino firmalari hugged me and said “silly girl, neither am I”. I felt myself smile because of the stupid thing I just said. “Sit up”, she said taking a drink from her husband to give to me, “have you never been with a woman then” she asked just straight out, I almost chocked on my drink. I composed myself and just shook my head. She got up and walked out the room telling her husband to follow her. I knew my chances was slipping and I wanted to try, but I just couldn’t bring myself to tell them so I ended up just sitting there. She came back in and asked if I’d help her put some washing away, of course I said yes. We went up to her room and began folding clothes and still drinking. I just picked up the last shirt when she came up with another awkward question. “Is your sister a lesbian”. I told her “no, she is pregnant now”.
She smiled and then said “you know I’ve had sex with your sister” it all suddenly fell in place, I’m in her room talking about sex getting drunk, we must of been on our 2nd bottle because we was pouring it down our throats. I stood up and said in my biggest power voice “I AM NOT A LESBIAN” she stood up and said “Nor was You Sister” she walked over & began kissing me, we sat on the bed still kissing, I was loving this and it didn’t feel wrong at all. She pushed me on my back on the bed and got my boobs out to suck them, I felt her hand go in my knickers and her fingers enter me, I moved my body to her hand rhythm, I could feel I was soaking her fingers. She came up and kissed me then stopped to pull my clothes off, we was both naked and I felt her fingers enter me, it being my first time I tried to reach for her but she stopped me. “Come lay here” she said pointing to the end of the bed, I got in position she wanted with my head over the edge. I was so turned on as she climbed on my face and lent over me to lick me, as i put my head up to taste her I could see he had come in and his cock was just about to go in her, I held her lips for him and he pushed inside, I felt her bite a little on me and it sent a shock through me, i loved seeing it that close up, I put one of his balls in my mouth and sucked it before licking his shaft of her cream, he took it out and pushed it down my throat almost choking me, he pumped it a few times before pulling it out and pushing it back in her, I sucked her clit and heard her orgasm as I’m sure anyone within a mile did. She rolled off and lay güvenilir casino on her back as her husband spun me round and stuck his cock in me fucking me till he was about to cum and then pulling out and cuming on my belly, his wife came over and licked it off before kissing Him, it looked so hot, she came and kissed me and told me they had the whole weekend off if I wanted to stay. I just looked at her and said “I’m not a lesbian” she laughed and said neither am I babe. I cuddled into her and we feel asleep.

I remember waking in the morning with her still holding me and him with his morning wood pressed against me and his arm over us both, I felt so loved especially when she opened her eyes and kissed me. Her smile was just what I needed and we hugged again this time she whispered in my ear, “wanna go to the spare bedroom and play lesbian” I giggled got close to her and said “I don’t want to wait that long” she went straight down on me, I felt bloody amazing with her husband over me and her servicing me, she soon had me on the edge on an orgasm and I just grabbed him kissing him even tho he was still asleep, he woke immediately with me down his throat orgasming because his wife is amazing with her mouth. She stopped and sat in the chair in the corner and lit a cigarette, you 2 fuck and let me watch. I got on his cock and rode him feeling him slide in and out of me, “grind hard on his cock” she said, like a director of a film. I pushed myself down hard onto him and could feel him really deep as I ground my clit against his pubes, I felt myself losing control as I began to orgasm again and that’s when I felt him spunk up me and my eyes rolled in my head causing me to fall back and off his cock, she came and began sucking his cum out of me. I held her head as my body shook to her exploring tongue, he came up and tried to push his cock back in my mouth but I screamed in absolute sexual desire and they both stopped immediately which cause me to double over in an enormous orgasm, she smacked my bum and I felt them get off the bed and leave the room for the bathroom. I lay where I was till I could move and I felt like jelly. I grabbed my clothes and went to go to the downstairs bathroom. I got dressed and walked out to see them smiling at me. She walked over and kissed me saying “morning, don’t panic, you’re still not a lesbian” I giggled and he handed me a coffee. “So you. Want to stay again tonight. The k**s are away”, I just smiled too knackered to say anything. She then answered for me “Of course she is staying” before leaning in and telling me again “I’m not a lesbian”. I drunk my coffee and could feel myself getting wet again. “I can’t wait for tonight” I said, letting them know I’m going nowhere yet. The rest il tell you later if you want to know

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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