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Submission a Family Game continued
Jennifer walked to the front door in her high heels. Standing by the window was a man in a pilots uniform. He rang the door bell again. She opened the door.

” Hello Jenny. Turn the porch light on please and stand here please. ” the young pilot instructed.

“Yes Sir” Jenny obeyed his instructions. Standing under the porchlight her mature naked body could be seen by the guy walking the dog across the road, a young woman running, and a car cruising down the street. She liked exhibiting herself to others.

“A brief update. Remind me who lives here. ” he smiled knowing perfectly well. He handed her his briefcase. She felt the weight of the contents. Her pussy was leaking she could feel juices trickling down the inside of her thigh.

“My sister Angela 36 average build and her son James 16 likes sperm and has a big cock. Sir”

“Interesting. ” he took a pierced nipple in his thumb and finger and squeezed firmly, pain flashed through her body.

The young pilot walked inside to the foyer and stood while Jennifer removed his jacket and shoes.

“I wish to relieve the stress from my flight…. ” Jennifer moved forward. “Not you send the boy in. Instruct him to my requirements any failure on his part will result in both of you being punished. ”

Jennifer walked down the hallway to the wing to James’ bedroom. Angela was on her knees her head back as James was still fucking her doggy style.

“James stop that Angela is enjoying you fucking her far too much. You are requested by Sir to relieve his stress. Suck his cock until you taste his precum then sit on his cock straddle him facing away when he tells you he is coming turn around and put his cock in your mouth. Swallow all his cum without spilling any. If you fail we both will be punished.”

“No please let me” begged Angela ” I know how he ..”

“I can do it! Said James confidently.

“Okay on your hands and knees” Jennifer opened the briefcase on the dresser.The briefcase was overflowing with shiny gold and silver metal devices and primary colour rubber objects.

She selected a collar and the biggest butt plug. James watched as she put the collar around her neck and then applied some lube to the butt plug and worked it in her butthole. She grimaced as the canlı bahis widest part stretched her sphincter three inches wide before reducing to the narrower handle. James watched as she selected a studded collar and fitted it around his neck. She pondered over the next problem the two inch butt plug or the steel hook with nasal hooks at the other end. She chose the latter.

“This will hurt at first.” Fuck who was she k**ding what was going to happen would hurt. She pushed two fingers in his butt hole roughly working her lubricated fingers in and out as she twisted her wrist. Her other hand squeezed his balls firmly. Painfully.

“FUCKKK?” He screamed

“Shut up. Cock sucker. ” Jennifer instructed as her other hand grabbed a handful of hair and yanked his head back. “Stay still” She held his head firmly as she pushed the cold steel ball of the hook in his stretched butt hole then inserted the nasal plugs up his nose. Released his head and the movement of his head forward pulled the chain tight then the hook came forward working the steel ball deep in his arse.

“Ohhhh” James moaned. Jennifer pulled on the leash. “Come on. Sir awaits !”

Jennifer lead James to her master.

Sir stood in the middle of the room. He watched as the young man crawled on his hands and knees led by his aunty.

“You are here of your own free will. If you want to leave just use your safe word. ”

“Yes. Mommy”

“Mommy? Ok. Stand and remove my pants and shirt.” he watched James rise of his knees to his feet the steel hook moved in his butt pulling his head back. A groan escaped his lips. He undid the man’s belt, unzipped the trousers then pulled them down. The hook moved the chain pulled on his nostrils making him look like a pig. His mouth opened wide. A nice big mouth long tongue.

“On your knees pull down my underwear…. with your teeth” as James nuzzled the man’s torso to get the waist band in his mouth his cock throbbed against James face. When he moved his head down the hook moved in his butt, the mans semi erect penis hit him in the face. James ejaculated on Sirs legs and feet.

“Clean the mess up Jenny. You suck my cock.” James watched as his aunty dropped to her knees and lapped up his cum. The man grabbed his head and with his other hand slapped bahis siteleri his big black cock on James face. James swirled his tongue around the head. Sirs cock grew in his mouth, longer and thicker, throbbing as pumped his hips thrusting in and out of the boys mouth. Her tongue on his toes lapping up the boys cum her ass in the air. He could see she had chosen the biggest butt plug. Precum trickled in to James mouth he stopped as instructed turned around and wiggled his butt as he put his face on the floor.

Sir moved in to position as Jennifer removed the hook and put it in her mouth. He squatted guiding the head of his prick in the young man’s asshole. He was not gentle he was in a hurry this was to please his wife who watched the action on her laptop in Sydney. The poor boy screamed in pain as the foot long big black prick rammed in to his bowels. Balls deep in one stroke. His wife had been briefed of who would be here she wanted to watch him aggressively fuck the white boy then discipline the mature women for the boys failure to comply.

The black man was fit from competing in triathlons over the summer. He pounded the young man hard and fast, spanking the firm butt hard, reached between the boys legs and squeezed his balls.

“Uh… Uh… Fuck… Fuck … me… ” the boy ejaculated on the floor as the man filled his bowels with cum.

“Good boy. Sit in the corner with Jenny”

Sir walked down the hall to where Angela sat on the edge of the bed waiting for her turn. She had fitted the spreader bar above her knees, nipple clamps, hand cuffs dangled from one wrist. She had put on a big summer hat, sunglasses and a black fishnet body suit with thigh high leather boots as per his email. She had laid out the dildos from small to huge. Others were stuck to the wall so she could mount them as he fucked her mouth. Her ex husband knew how depraved she could be but could not handle it.

“Jamie is a good sissy cock sucker with a tight boi pussy. Dress her in very feminine dresses give her hormone pills ..

“No he’s a boy!”

“No she sucked this big black cock until I was ready to cum. She assumed the position and I pounded her cute firm asshole balls deep. She never cried for mommy once, however she came twice squirting on me bahis şirketleri and all over the floor just like her mother.” Sir said firmly.


“No he’s my boy”

” … this morning I have some studs coming over too fill you and your sister with cum. You will breed for me.” He closed the open handcuff to the brass bed head. Found a ball gag for her mouth. Picked up a wooden spoon that been left on the floor.

He could hear his wife talking to Jenny. They had worked in the same crew for 3 months before Jenny had been seduced on a overnight stop in London at the hotel. Three months later he had “discovered” his wife having an affair and joined in. Of course this had been schemed and plotted from day one. Orphaned submissive type stewardesses had been few and far between. Experimental broadminded women played but would not submit not like Jenny and Angela had. Completely. They were sluts who would do anything for fun. Money only helped to pay the bills.

“You were a naughty girl last week” he raised the wooden spoon and hit her between the legs. The ball gag muffled her screams. A huge rubber dildo of extreme proportions was in his hand he rubbed the head up and down her slit. She shook her head from side to side. He pushed his fingers in to her wet slit. She was wet despite the threat of the big toy. He soon had his hand in her cunt up to the palm he pushed his fingers in and out working more of his hand in her mature cunt. Her pelvis humped his hand he now had his whole hand up to his wrist inside the whore. He was getting hard. Again.

Angela moaned loudly. This big black man had fucked her little man confirming her thoughts that he liked cock and sperm more than he liked her tits and pussy. She would do as Sir asked and take the little cock sucker to the shops that cater to transsexuals, crossdressers. She had noticed her son wearing her panties, bras, stockings, as he grew up.

Her son had grown up with two very feminine women always in dresses , skirts, blouses, always submissive to men. Doing whatever men with big black cocks wanted. Sucking, fucking cocks. One or more at a time. Gangbangs in the park while he sat in the car seat. Watching his mother or aunt sandwiched between two black men fucking their pussy and ass as another offered his hard prick to their mouth.

She watched the man’s black hand fist fuck her pussy her hips humping as he pushed his hand in. What a slut she had become. Now she was to be a white cow for the black man to breed for him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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