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Surprise Nooner
It was mid summer when Vince decided to step our game up a notch. A married mother of 2, early 40s, back in shape with a petite 5’1″ body, and feeling hot again. We started playing about 2 years ago, when Vince set me up in a St Louis hotel. I met my first BBC at the bar and sat down and talked over drinks. That was the beginning of our sexy adventures. 

It was a Thursday morning, house was empty and I was on my tablet drinking coffee. I get a text from Vince about nine, asking if I wanted a nooner. Hell yeah I replied. From there while at work he continued texting me on and off. 

About 10:30 he sent to me a text, telling me to clean up nice, shave real smooth, that he wanted me in perfect condition to get naughty for our nooner. So as the time moved on, I sent snap shots of my progress. First my robe and panties on the floor, the shower going, up to me shaved clean and smooth. After i dried off I fixed my hair real quick like. Sent another pic. He replied that I looked fucking hot, but I need my super sexy red lipstick on as well. What was a girl to do but comply. 

It was getting close to noon, and my thinking was what goes good with sex, but maybe some wine. I poured a glass and sat on the patio. Sipping my wind and texting Vince asking where he was. 

Vince finally text back, asking what I was wearing. I told him my robe and lipstick. vince then told me to lose the robe, mix him a captain and diet coke. I let him know when it was ready and that’s when he told me to go to the back door with his drink and wait. 

About a minute later a knock at the door, which is our garage door and solid. I opened the door and there was this hot tall black guy standing there, without hesitation he stepped in and grabbed the drink from my hand and said that it was for him. Dumbfounded, naked I asked who the hell he was. Sean he said, we chatted online a couple times and Vince sent me here for your nooner.

I was already hot, but things just got hotter. Sean, was tall fit black guy Vince was talking with and set me up to chat with him. From what I could remember he had a really nice cock. But my mind was spinning, here I am naked, heels and lipstick standing in my kitchen with him. 

My phone went off, it was Vince, texting me that I should really enjoy my nooner canlı bahis and to check in how things go. He told me to text him no, if i wanted out, and Sean would leave without question. Knowing he could be home in less than 10 minutes, I looked at Sean and texted back, it will be great.

Sean asked me if it was okay, and if he should leave, I told him to give me what he bragged about online. He stepped closer leaned over kissing my cheek and grabbed my ass. By this point I was wet, beyond normal. He stepped back complimenting my looks and sexy bod, sipped his drink. I gulped down my wine and dropped to my knees, I had to see his nice big black cock. 

I ran my hands down his chest, unbuttoned his shorts and they fell to the floor. Biting my lip I hooked on to his underwear, seeing the long bulge, and slowly pulled them down. This beautiful long thick black cock sprang out in front of my face. Without pulling any further, I looked up taking his cock into my mouth.

I put both hands around his cock, stroking its full length and sucking his thick cock head. I never noticed he finished removing his clothes, the he grabbed me by the arm getting me to stand. He looked at me in this seductive look, kissed me again and asked where we can go. 

Stunned, loss of words, I turned and started walking to the living room. I plopped down on our couch, prime position to suck on his beautiful cock some more. Both hands end to end, I could still stroke his cock and suck it. 

I had enough, and told him to fuck me. He squared me up to the back of the couch, grabbed my legs and dove his face into my aching wet pussy. I could barely keep my eyes open as he expertly licked my pussy, drove his tongue into me and you name it he did it till I almost came.

Sean stood up, stroking his cock and asked me if I was ready. I can only imagine my expression when I told him Fuck yes. Naked on my couch, legs spread for this magnificent man to have his way with me.

He kneeled down rubbed his cock against my pussy, slapping it even. Just as he found my pussy lips and started pushing his cock head in, i paused him, telling him slow, let me get used to him. His slowly pushed in, and pulled back, and again a little deeper. He felt amazing. After a couple minutes he leaned over me slowly pushing deeper. perabet I could feel him pushing on my cervix which was intense. 

He kept this slow long strokes and when he pushed this last time, I knew his magnificent cock was completely in me. I grabbed his hips pulling him into me and came my first time.  As I slightly came down, he started taking long strokes in and out of me, I could feel his cock head slightly pop out, then deep back into me. I moaned yes baby, fuck me good.

Sean didn’t hesitate then. He began a faster harder pace pounding me fucking good. Our body slapping, in rythem, I was building another orgasm quickly. Then he paused, pulled back, looking at me as i looked at him. He told me to tell him how I liked his black cock. Ohhhhh I said, yes I love your black cock fucking my married pussy. Again he drove his cock deep and hard. 

I could go on, but everything got fuzzy for a while. He was tossing and turning me like a rag doll, fucking me every way possible for over an hour. His stamina was crazy, his cock perfect and fucked soo good. I must have came a half dozen times before he pulled out and came all over my face. I lapped him up sucking him dry. 

Catching our breath, he grabbed his drink, i grabbed my wine and cleaned up. Still naked, wobbly knees, I topped off our drinks and asked him to follow me. I took him to out patio, opened the hot tub and asked him to join me. We had some sexy talk sipping our drinks. 

I texted Vince telling him all was good, and fucking amazing. He sent back a smiley face, with I knew you would enjoy. I noticed at that point i set my phone down, Sean was stroking his cock hard again in the hot tub. Wanna go again I asked, he stood up rock hard, and said what do you think. 

I hopped out of the hot tub, he followed. As we stepped in the house I stopped, and told him to get on the floor. I straddled him, sat down on his hard cock. As I settled down with him deep in me, I looked at him, telling him I was ready to make this quick. 

As I road his cock, I ground my clit into his body, rocking hard on him. I tried fucking him as hard as he did me. I couldn’t keep it going at that pace, so I tried just grinding hard, and though it was working for me, he wasn’t getting close.  

When I came on him, I collapsed on perabet giriş his chest. He gripped my body still thrusting in me. I looked back at him, out of breath, and told him to cum for me… he leaned up, picked me up, not sure how, and planted me on my back. He hooked my legs under his arms, pressed them up and drove his cock relentless into me. 

He kept a hard fast pace, his cock pounding me he hard. I wasn’t sure how much more i could handle, I yelled cum for me, please cum… He said fuck yes, I’m gonna cum, them several hard thrust and he shoved his cock hardened even more, deeper and he started cumming in me. I could feel his cock throbbing planted in me as he unloaded all he had left.  With gentle moves he emptied his cock, and catching his breath his slowly pulled out. 

Breathless, feeling fulfilled, used, weak kneed and like I just had the best fuck from a black guy of my life. Sean helped me up, grabbed my wine for me, and headed to the bathroom. I gathered my cloudy thoughts, and headed to the bathroom as well. I started the shower and Sean was grabbing his clothes. 

Sean came to me, thanked me, I tugged on his cock and said we will meet again right.. he laughed and said for sure…. I slipped into the shower, and he left. I took a long cool shower, as I lathered up, my worn pussy oozed with Seans cum. Something I had never done… But it was was so intense.

I dried off, got dressed and a snack. Another glass of wine to chill out from the action that I never imagined. Vince got home soon after i settled down. A glowing smile he asked how things went. Fucking awesome I said, and thanking him as well. We kissed, and he said we needed to straighten up some before everyone gets home. 

I questioned him on it, we have time…that’s when I noticed it was almost 5. So sean was gone only a half hour, several hours, multiple orgasms, and my husband who set it up is now telling me we need to straighten up the house…. then he pointed out the couch, about a foot from where it normally is, one high heel by it the other across the room. 

To close this day, and this story, it wasn’t until we went to bed, Vince told me to fill him in on the day. I mustard up the energy  and climbed on him. Vince’s cock now in me, I slow grinded him telling him all the details I could until he was ready and we came together. He last comment was write it out, as a story so we can share… so here it is…..

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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