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Swimming hole
When I was younger we lived in a small town. I was helping a man my family knew clear brush from his land. He asked if I wanted to go swimming. I said I didn’t have my trunks. He smiled and said you don’t need them. Puzzled I asked how. Follow me was all he said. Dav lead me down to a wooded area. We walked a few yards into the woods and I seen a pond. Let’s go, Dav said. I was shocked seeing him strip everything off. Expecting to see tan lines, he was dark all over. He had a little hair on his chest and stomach, but completely shaven below his waist. Still stunned I couldn’t help but look at his body. His head and chest had a little gray, and he had a bit of a gut. His dick hung low and much bigger than mine. After jumping in the water, Dav turned and said hurry up and get undressed.
Embarrassed, I stepped behind some bushes. Stepping out naked, I covered my crotch. Dav laughed and said, it’s canlı bahis siteleri just us here.
The water felt good as I swam. Dav said, you want to jump off my shoulders. Sure, I said quickly. As he dipped down, I climbed up on his back and shoulders. He stood up quickly and launched me a few feet forward. Again, I yelled. Soon I forgot we were naked. After a few more jumps Dav pulled me to him. I need to rest a minute, Dav said. I put my arms around his neck and he supported me with his hands cupping my butt.
Dav walked around slowly with me hanging on in front of him.
As we glided through the water he asked if I was dating anyone. No, I said. I’m to young according to my mom. Smiling Dav said wrap your legs around me. As I did, he pulled my arms from his neck and laid me back. The water felt good as it splashed over me. My butt cheeks wear spread as he held me. The water felt funny as it bahis firmaları flowed between my butt cheeks and over my butt hole. Dav asked what was funny as I giggled. I said the waters tickling my butt hole. He smiled and said what about this, and started bouncing me up and down. As he moved, he spread my butt cheeks wider. I wriggled and laughed. I see something else likes the water to, Dav said softly. Puzzled I looked up and down my stomach. OMG. My heart nearly stopped. My little dick was standing straight up, poking out of the water. Please don’t tell my mom, I begged. Moving a hand up to my crotch, Dav held my dick. Smiling he said, it’s our secret. Holding my dick he asked if I ever played with it. No. I said quickly. Mom said it’s wrong. Moving his hand up and down slowly Dav said, what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. My heart pounded as I watched him move his hand. As he adjusted his hand kaçak iddaa holding me up, his fingers moved between my butt cheeks and one pressed on my hole. As he rubbed my butt hole, Dav said to raise my legs and push down my butt. It felt so good, I did what he said to do. He moved his hand up and down my dick a little faster and rubbed my butt hole. Between the water and his massaging my hole, he pushed his finger in me. I moaned softly as he moved his hand and finger. I said I had to pee. Dav said, relax and let it happen. As the urge built up, I started breathing harder and my body began to shake. As Dav moved his finger in and out of me, I felt my butt hole loosen and tighten around his finger. Suddenly I stiffened up and my butt hole grabbed his finger as my dick started throbbing and stuff shot out of it. Dav kept his finger in me and stroked my dick till it went limp.
After my head cleared I asked what happened. Dav said, you had the best cum I ever seen.
We stayed like that till my butt released his finger.

I asked, can I come back tomorrow. Dav pulled me up and gave me a hug. Whispering in my ear he said, you can come over any time you want.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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