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Taboo Road Trip
Word came around that my grandfather wasn’t doing real well and I also caught wind that my cousin was going to drive out to visit him. Now this particular cousin I’ve had a crush on for as long as I can remember but being four years younger he never looked at me that way which is understandable. But now in my young twenties and he in his mid I figured if nothing else now he’d stop calling me little Cuz.

It’s been about five years since we were in the same room as each other but photos back and forth between our moms proved to me my attachment is still there. As for him I’m sure he still thinks of me as that bratty teenager. Getting his number from my aunt I gave him a call explaining my interest to go along as I’m about to start spring break from college so I have the time. His first words were shock I was in college and asking who’s phone was I on. I had to remind him I’m twenty two now and insured him the phone was my own, proving the theory all along.

I told him I couldn’t help much with gas and that I knew I’m a couple hundred miles out of the way but we could take turns driving and go straight through. Again he showed shock that I drove but after getting over that he agreed and we worked everything out. A few days later he came by and we were off.

Because I paid attention I’d know him anywhere but it seemed when he got here he was looking through me to find that teenage Tomboy. When he finally caught on his jaw hung open, for little Cuz was all grown up now. Hips, a round tight ass and and full and very firm C cups. I asked him if that was druel forming then I gave him a big hug smashing my breasts into him. He stuttered a bit then acknowledged that I’ve illegal bahis siteleri grown. I told him yes, I was all woman with all the working parts. With that and after loading my bag we were off.

The trip was going well and we were catching up along the way. I kept my sundress hiked up enough to keep his attention. Finally I said I was going to try to get some sleep so when it’s my turn to drive. Crawling to the back I hesitated asking for a push as if I was stuck, he got a nice handful of ass helping me out and I could feel his eyes upon me.

When he called to awaken me it was pitch dark and only the oncoming headlights and a bright spot off in the distance. He said that’s a gas station up ahead, wed fuel up and switch driving. I told him that’s fine and my relief as I needed a pee. We filled that tank and emptied our bladders and off we went again. He sat up in the backseat until he felt comfortable with my driving then he laid down. I was making good time on the empty highway, that was until we got a blowout. I made my way across the lane and to the right shoulder making note of the last mile marker we pasted. Sadly and surprisingly finding the spare was also flat we called for assistance.

It took some time coming so I did my best to tease him both visually and mentally. When the guy did show up all he had to offer was a toe to the next jerk water town where we could get the tire fixed in the morning. The only luck was the motel that had only four room had one available. We left the car across the street at the gas station and made our way to the motel. Squared away now on to our room.

My cousin was a bit shocked that there was only one bed and spoke canlı bahis siteleri of changing it. That was until I reminded him it was the only room available and that it’s fine, we’re both adult and very tired adding odds our we will fall asleep before our heads hit the pillows. I then yelled dibs on taking the first shower. After doing so I told him that it gets real steamy in there and he might want to leave the door ajar when he showers. That was said from the confines of the bathroom, when I came out in nothing but my towel I don’t think anything else I might of said would of stuck. Taking the lotion from my bag he was all eyes as my hands guided over my long legs, I was sure to give him a good glimpse of my shaved pussy.

With a bit of red to his face he said he better get in there as it’s late. As quick as he went in quicker came his way out asking why were my bra and panties on a towel in there. I told him that we left the bag in the trunk and that I wasn’t going to put in dirty underwear on in the morning. Besides I left room for his too. He said that’s right, we don’t have any PJ’s. I confirmed I always sleep naked anyways. His last words before the shower was to ask what was he to use to dry off now that his towel is under my panties. I told him to use the hand towel hanging on the rail and with that I clicked off the light giving him a good visual of my breasts as I reached out.

Taking my suggestion he left the door cracked and when he put his head back to wash his hair I raced up and pushed it open more. It was my little pervy window was I watched my cousin wash his cock and balls. Doing so sent it sticking straight out, I hoped I had a little to do bahis firmaları with it. As feverishly as he soaped up I rubbed myself as I watched on, I was nearing a climax by the time he rinsed off.

I matched the shutting off of the water with the closing of my eyes, pretending to have already fallen asleep. I could feel him get in bed with me but doing everything to keep his distance. Slow but sure I inched my way toward him until finally our bodies touched. It was just my back to his chest but with his head so close I could hear his breath quicken. The hand I placed on my hip slowly fell off landing behind me and directly on his stiff cock. I shuffled around a bit as if I might wake, he froze in position. Coming to a stop I had a grip of his manhood and it’s head landing between my butt cheeks.

After a moment like that I slowly began to stroke him slowly, giving in or unable to take any more he reached over me cupping my left breast. I moaned with pleasure pushing my hips into him and his cock in my wet pussy. With each word to the contrary he inched his cock in more and more. Running out of works and cock he but the better half to work fucking me. As I mentioned I was close so after just a few minutes I had a nice orgasm. Hungry for cock made all the better covered in nectar I pulled away, flipping the covers back I took his cock in my mouth. Cousins aside now it was all about sucking and fucking now.

I brought him just to the edge then stopped to extend play, he used his time well eating my pussy. Finally both wanting to cum I got on all fours where he entered me from behind. He fucked me awhile the an abrupt stop, I asked what was wrong? After taking a deep breath he confessed wanting to fuck my ass. I told him it’s about time as I spread my cheeks wide for him. As my pussy dripped cum I felt the warmth of his seed deep inside of me. I quickly fell asleep with his half hard and sticky cock laid over the crack of my butt, a need fulfilled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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