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The Bosses Daughter p2
It was late in the afternoon and everyone was heading home, when I realised I hadn’t seen Julia for a while.
So I headed to the office in the corner of the warehouse, to see if she was there and say goodbye for the evening.
As I stepped towards the office I found the door closed which wasn’t all that unusual, so I pushed it open and stepped inside and then stopped, because Julia was sat at the desk with her back to the door staring at the computer in front of her, and on the screen was a video of a hot blonde girl getting a good hard fucking from a well hung stud.
For a moment I wasn’t to sure what to do or say, and then I heard soft moaning coming from Julia, and carefully peering over the back of the big leather office chair, I saw Julia had undone her jeans, and had her hand down the front of them, happily playing with her pussy while she watched the film.
I stared at her for several moments, watching that hot blonde college girl fingering herself as she watched that stud on the screen pounding into another hot blonde and making her groan and beg for more.
Then I guess I made a noise or something, because Julia suddenly glanced my way and then smiled “Oh, hello Kevin, like what you see?”
Before I could answer she then glanced at my crotch area and said “I see that you do!”
I quickly glanced down and saw I had a fairly big bulge in the front of my jeans, and it was clearly obvious that I was pretty excited right then.
“Why don’t you show me, how much you like it!” Julia then said with a grin.
So, I quickly began undoing my jeans, and as I pulled apart the zipper, my hard ready cock popped out and Julia’s eyes lit up excitedly.
“Oh wow!” she exclaimed reaching out and wrapping her hand around it “You really did like what you saw!”
Then she began jerking my cock, and I groaned at her touch as she repeatedly pumped it like she was trying to get the last drops of ketchup out.
After a minute of stroking it, Julia then leant forward, opened her mouth and sunk her sweet little mouth onto it, and I groaned louder and happier as this hot college girl began sucking me off.
For the next couple of minutes Julia jerked and sucked my cock, her little head with it’s short kaçak bahis blonde hair bounced up and down my length, coating it in her saliva, as she happily drooled all over my length.
Then she lifted her head back up, and looking up at me with a smile she said “Kevin, sit down here!”
And then got up out of her seat and let me sit down.
As I sat down in that big leather chair, with my hard wet cock sticking up ready for action, she stood up in front of me, and then began stripping off.
Firstly her jeans went down to the floor, and then her polo t-shirt was pulled upwards and off, and in seconds that hot blonde girl was naked, except for her trainers, and I stared in amazement at her trim fit teen body, with her small perky tits and hard pink nipples, flat toned stomach, and a perfectly bald smooth pussy.
She then grinned at me excitedly, before she then climbed up onto the chair, straddling my lap, before she began to lower herself down towards me, and then her little smooth pussy touched my big hard cock, and we both groaned excitedly.
Julia then carried on lowering herself, and in seconds her little moist pussy parted open and sunk down onto my hard tool, and suddenly I was deep inside the bosses daughter.
For a moment she sat on me smiling, enjoying the feeling of my hard length inside her cunt, before she then began lifting and falling, moving up and down on top of me, and fairly quickly we were fucking.
“Oh fuck! oh fuck!” I heard her groan as she rode my length.
She then held onto my shoulders, and crouched on top of me, bouncing happily on my cock and for several amazing minutes this hot young blonde rode my middle aged hard cock.
“Fuck! fuck! fuck!” she moaned over and over as she continued to ride me.
Then after several more minutes she fell heavily into my lap, and then began grinding her little wet pussy into me.
“Oh fuck! oh fuck!” she mumbled as enjoyed the feeling of my whole length slowly moving around inside of her.
After a moment more, she then lifted up off my still hard cock, and climbing down off the chair, she moved over to the desk, turned and bent over it, before glancing back at me and saying “Come on Kevin! I need you to fuck my pussy hard!”
I quickly tipobet güvenilir mi got up out of the chair, moved up behind her, and placing my hard cock up against her wet bald pussy, pushed it back in, and once I was deep inside of her again, I quickly grabbed her slim trimmed hips and began pumping my cock into her.
“Yes! yes! yes! like that! just like that!” groaned Julia as I fucked her over the desk “Yes Kevin, give me that cock! give me that cock!”
I eagerly carried out her request, and pumped a little harder and faster, and that hot little blonde groaned louder as I fucked her more.
“Oh fuck, that feels good!” she then groaned.
For a good few minutes I continued to pump her full of my hard cock, shuttling back and forth in her sweet little wet pussy, as she bent over the desk in front of her urging for more.
Then after a bit she wanted to try a different position, and so rolling over onto her back, so she was facing up at me, she then lifted her trim fit little legs up, and held them right over head, so she was practically folded in two, before she grinned at me and said “Come on Kevin, give me that cock again!”
I quickly moved up to her once more, and pushed my hard thick length back into that wet spread open pussy, and placing my hands on the back of her slim thighs began pumping my cock into her again.
“Oh shit yes! oh shit yes!” she groaned loudly as I fucked her hard and quick, as she stared up at me through her open legs.
For another few minutes I continued to pump that little college pussy, pounding my hard cock into her warm wet hole, while she continued to hold her little legs over her head, and fairly quickly I began to feel my excitement build.
“Oh god this feels so good!” I groaned happily.
“You nearly ready to cum?” she asked
“Yes! yes I am!” I replied as I continued to pump her pussy.
“Quick then, I want to ride your cock again before you do!” she then said urgently.
So I reluctantly pulled my hard pulsing cock from her wet pussy, and she made me lay down on the desk, before she climbed up onto it, straddled my waist again, and then once more lowered herself onto my length.
As soon her sweet little pussy wrapped around my hard tipobet pole, she began riding me excitedly, her little bubble butt rose and fell rapidly slapping into my balls, and her juicy little pussy slid up and down my hard length with ease.
“Oh god!” I groaned after a minute or so of this hot exciting fucking.
“You nearly there?” she asked as she continued to ride me.
“Yes! yes!” I groaned feeling my excitement build rapidly and knowing I was moments away from bursting.
“You sure? You really sure?” she asked as she continued to ride me hard and faster.
“Yes! god yes! I’m ready to blow!” I groaned loudly, desperate to hold on and enjoy this hot little blonde bouncing up and down on top of me for a little longer, but also desperate to finally be relieved at the same time.
Then Julia suddenly lifted right up, and my hard ready to blow cock flopped out of her little wet pussy and slapped down against my belly, before she then dropped down onto it, and squashing my hard pulsing shaft between my stomach and her wet hot pussy, she began urgently grinding herself against.
“Come on Kevin! Cum for me! cum for me!” she then cried as she rubbed my hard cock with her little bald pussy rapidly “Cum for me!” she then cried again, and it was then I felt my balls tighten and churn, and with a mighty groan I began to cum.
“OH FUCK! HERE IT COMES! HERE IT COMES!” I cried and then I exploded and big wads of wet sticky white goo shot out of my hard cock and sprayed out all over my hairy stomach.
“OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” I cried again as Julia continued to grind herself against me, forcing more and more cum to shoot out.
“Yeah Kevin! Shoot that load! shoot that load!” she cried excitedly still grinding herself against me until suddenly she then tensed and with a cry of “YES!” she orgasmed as well, and I watched that hot young blonde cum on my cock, as her head tilted back wards and her perky little tits thrust forwards, as her back arched under the tension.
Then after several hot amazing seconds, she finally relaxed and then sat on top of me catching her breath, while I lay beneath her catching mine.
Finally after a minute or so, she climbed off me, and began to get dress again, before she smiled at my half naked cum covered body and said “Once your ready, turn every thing before you leave!” and then swiftly turned and walked out of the office, leaving me to wonder how the hell was I going to clean myself up, with out dripping cum every where?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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