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The Doctor is In – Part 3
I apologise to my readers. I incorrectly referred to a cervix as a hymen in my last missive. My mind doesn’t work so good these days that’s why I’m writing this down. When I have an erection I have even more trouble…. So please forgive me. Anyway I hope no one is reading this as prep for their medical exams !

Talking about hymens reminds me of this story…

I had been at the Sanatorium a few weeks when I was summoned to appear before the Headmistress at Miss Belfree’s School for Young Ladies which was the other side of town. I was quickly ushered into her office .

“Doctor,” She said. ” I trust I can rely on your discretion, I should hate for this to leak out. It would ruin our reputation.”

“Madam.” I replied. “I can assure you as medical professional my lips are sealed. How can I help ?”

“Well,” She whispered, “last night some boys were discovered, after lights out, in one of the dorms. I need you to check that all the girls are still ‘intact’. So to speak.”

“You mean virgins ?” I queried.

“Exactly.” She explained, ” These young ladies are all from wealthy homes. Their parents sent us young virgins. They are expected to be virgins when they canlı bahis return.”

“So you have them all inspected before graduation ?” I asked with incredulity.

“Of course not.” She said with indignation. “We have never had need to doubt our young ladies before….. It’s just that after this incident we need to be sure. You do understand ?”

“Of course.” I lied, “How many girls do I need to check ?”

“Twenty-five.” She replied, “All between the ages of sixteen to eighteen.”

“How will we do this?” I asked.

“You can use this office I will send the girls in one at a time.” She said, handing me a piece of paper with the numbers 1 – 25 written down the page. “You will put a check if they are a virgin or put an ‘x’ next to their number if they are not.”

“You will not be in here with me as I examine the girls ?” I asked.

“Certainly not !” she exclaimed.

“OK. Send in the first girl.” I was keen to start.

All the young ladies at “Miss Belfree’s” were required to wear a very attractive black and white school uniform. It started at the bottom with lace up shoe/boot that was calf high with a 2 inch heel. Then they wore black stockings of which only a couple of inches could bahis siteleri be seen before obstructed by the hem of a white lace petticoat over which they wore a black smock with a white shirt and black tie. The variety of under garments they wore was an eye opener as I was about to find out.

Number 1 walked in. She was a pretty girl of no more than sixteen.

“Come in and close the door.” I said. “Do you know why I am here ?”
She nodded yes.

“Don’t be afraid, I will not touch you but I do need to see your …err … what do you call it?” I uttered.

“My koochie?” she replied.

What a wonderful word for it, I will keep it in my arsenal for future use. “Yes…koochie.”

I had her lay on the headmistresses desk. She pulled her skirt up and revealed her white silk pantiloons. The crotch was split so the wearer could use the bathroom without having to remove them.

“Show me .” I instructed.

She opened her legs wide and spread open her knickers revealing her little near hairless cunt… err Koochie.

“Open it wider please.” I asked.

She pulled open her pussy lips revealing that sweet, sweet pink flesh. There was no sign a hymen, not that I could recognize one if she bahis şirketleri had one. I was looking at a normal, pretty, delicate, totally fuck-able tight twat.

“How did you loose you virginity ? Was it riding horses?” I asked.

She looked up at me with fear in her eye’s.

“Don’t worry.” I said smiling, ” I won’t tell… but you should warn all the girls about riding….. horses I mean.”

She smiled at me and relaxed.

“Since I have you here I may as well test you for vaginal infections. Is that ok ?” I asked.

She nodded ok.

I had her put her finger into her koochie and get it wet. Then when she pulled it out I had her put it in my mouth. Ohh the taste… it was so delicate, no saltiness, no fishy tang, just sweetness.

I had to be sure so I asked her to put her finger back in and let me taste some more. Ohh… It was true nectar, someone should bottle this stuff and sell it !

I also had her taste it (I don’t know why I do this there, is no medical reason for it that I know of. I do get a kick out of watching women taste themselves though).

“You are in fine condition young lady.” I said with a big smile. “Send in number 2.”

What a day that was!

Twenty-five sweet young ladies showed me their koochies and let me taste them all. Not a virgin in the bunch! I think there was more going on in that dorm than just sleeping at night.

I handed in my report with 25 check marks to a very relieved Headmistress!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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